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You Want My Internet? Come And Take It!

All you people who have an opinion should be ashamed of yourselves. Did you stop to think that maybe your shared thoughts might be at odds with the agenda our betters have planned for us? I didn’t think so. Well they showed you, didn’t they? The hand that feeds has now decided that you have had too many treats. So now, if you want more, you’re going to have to beg! Bad dog!
But did you ever try to take a garden hose to two dogs mating in the street? Does that stop them? No! They just move on down the road and look for another spot to hook up. And that may be precisely what we are going to have to do.

Forgive me for making light of the serious threat to our first amendment right of freedom of speech but I have been preparing myself for this eventuality for quite some time and, quite frankly, I’m not too worried about it.