You yanks think you have economic problems. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

You yanks think you have economic problems.

You ain't seen nothing like this...

Zimbabwe has given economic turmoil a whole different meaning:

Their 100,000 percent inflation rate is the world's highest.

The average wage for a farm worker is 30 million dollars per month.
A domestic worker makes about 150 million dollars per month.
A laborer in one of Zimbabwe's decrepit factories can expect to earn as much as 300 million per month.

It sounds good until you consider how much things cost. Four Coca-Colas cost about 20 million. A one-way bus ticket around town will set you back one of those 10 million dollar notes (and that price may go up even as you're on the bus). :-|

If you're a government worker you'll earn a monthly pension of 60,000 (yes, thousand) a month. But an empty potato sack alone costs 2 million, or 33 times your monthly pension.

Click the heading to see a photo of a Zimbabwean boy carrying the equivalent of $0.50 US in Zimbabwean dollars!!