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Geithner Sees Signs That US Economy Is Stabilizing

Geithner told reporters traveling with him Beijing that there are a number of signs the U.S. economy is beginning to stabilize. The U.S. has been mired in its longest recession since World War II.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Signs?!?!? WHAT signs, please?!?

How many actual Americans has he talked to who have lost their higher paying jobs to companies overseas, who are working twice the hours for nearly half the money and can barely make ends meet?!?

Are these signs some sort of heavenly vision (read: psychological disturbance) which enables him to prattle and preen about what a magnificent job he's done as Treasury Secretary?

Hearing this statement from this man just gives me the overwhelming urge to stockpile everything of use and value which might be needed if things here collapse completely.

As a side note, the Titanic finally stabilized ... after it hit the bottom.