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Zionist Bullshit II: The Contest

But now here is your big chance to show that you too can demonstrate how utterly stupid a Zionist argument can be. And we here at Mantiq al-Tayr wish to note that this contest, in part, is due to Zionist slumlord Sam Zell who owns the LA Times and the Baltimore Sun, at least until both go out of business. May God hasten that day. But I digress.

Yes, Slumlord Sam has used the LA Times as a floor mat, er, format, for one Yisrael Medad to do his own Aron Raskas imitation. Yisrael – born in the United States – thinks that he has a right to just take the land of the Palestinians because – well, because Jews just don’t have to obey the same laws that everyone else does. His arguments are so fallacious and easily shot down that he really ought to be embarrassed, but he clearly has no sense of shame. He does have a sense of his own superiority to Arabs though.

So, here’s the contest. Go read his piece of Hasbarah (and please remember the definition of Hasbarah that we use here at Mantiq al-Tayr) and then take one point he makes that you know is full of shit and make fun of it while showing how off-the-mark, misleading or just what a plain lie it is. Whoever submits the most bitingly funny critique of one of his points gets a prize. We haven’t determined what the prize is, but it won’t be a subscription to the LA Times or the Baltimore Sun. Also, if we actually get a bunch of entries, I’ll also put them all together and make post using them in the future.