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My C-SPAN Comment . . . If I Had Gotten My Phone Call Through . . .

Here is my "sound bite" comment that I was going to make if I had been able to get through on the CSPAN "Dial In" Lines:

"I would like to make three points.

First, I find this complete and utter disregard for U.S. Government Protocol an outrage if not out and out "Treason, High Crimes and Misdemeanors" by the organizers of this criminal farce.

Second, as a US Citizen with single citizenship, I find it equally outrageous that Israel, who has an undeclared nuclear, biological and chemical weapons arsenal with advanced delivery systems and has NEVER signed the Nuclear Non--Proliferation Treaty (NPT) continues to get BILLIONS of dollars of US Foreign Aid in direct violation of the Symington and Glen Acts . . especially when we have children, Elderly and Military Vets sleeping on the streets in this country.

Third, the biggest outrage is this "Public Relations" campaign to sell "WE THE PEOPLE" yet another war in the Middle East by lies, fabricated evidence and deceptions, that does not benefit the USA, but instead is just another stepping stone for the World Zionist "Greater Israel" agenda . . . when even the Israeli Mossad admits that Iran has no Nuclear Weapons Program."

That would have been fun . .. but they wouldn't pick up the phone!!!! . . . lol

- bb9