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The Truth Business - Truth, for fun & profit

I've been thinking about this quite a lot lately, and the number of web sites which seem to have sprung up around the same time the oil started springing up in the gulf has only heightened my suspicions that there are a great number of people out there who appear to "spread the word" but who, in reality, are just out to either make a name for themselves on the back of other people's hard work, or they are in it to make money out of it. There's gold in them thar conspiracy hills.

On the web sites I frequent (like this) I've noticed a few more people who appear to have genuinely woken from their slumbers and who are very enthusiastic about things, like we all should (still) be. Then there are an increasing number of web sites which seem to be run by well-meaning individuals but I'm not so sure these aren't people who aren't just in it for the fame and fortune. And there are some links being posted here which link back to the stories on THEIR sites, instead of to the original source.

Surely this is self promotion?

I've noticed that with a few people on here but they pay their subs to WRH for the privilege, as I do, and that helps the Mike keep the site going.

For instance I noticed today a link to an article which was written by Justin Raimondo, who runs, but the link went to someone else's site. Whether he knows about this I'm not sure, because there's a big loud "no reprints without my direct permission" message on, regarding his personal works. I don't think there's anything seriously underhand going on there - but it's self promotion again, making a name for yourself and your site on the back of other people's hard work.

Stuff like that niggles me a little, but here's why I think it's important to always link to the original source. The Justin Raimondo article has a comments section where people are writing in, as if they think he's monitoring the comments and waiting around to respond. Well, MAYBE HE IS and I'm way off base on this, but maybe he doesn't even know his stuff's been posted there. That's why it's important to link to the original articles - so people can challenge the author directly and not have some people thinking that some authors simply don't respond to criticism. This devalues them.

I think this also devalues the truth movement - setting up these "repeater" web sites is easy but it doesn't help the cause when someone gets all their news from a site which seems almost like a commercial venture - but not like WRH, NaturalNews or (dare I say it?) PrisonPlanet where there is a high degree of original content and opinion. I'm talking about sites which seem to have been set up to "get a piece of the action".

I don't know if Mike has any kind of rule about linking back to the original article source, but I'm an old LibertyForum member and that was a hard and fast rule which was strictly applied, and everyone respected. The other rule they had, which is largely adhered to here, was that the post titles should match the original post titles exactly.

If WRH had a similar policy then I think it would be much better here - it'd be more like Liberty Forum was and, even if there was a bit of a war going on there, there was some very clued in people.

The way things are - with people posting links to their own sites - it makes me feel like the site is getting swamped by people who's intentions aren't entirely altruistic, if that's a good choice of word. I saw a link to an article by Don Robertson the other day - I used to enjoy reading his stuff on here and often wondered why he left. Maybe he too felt things were losing their way here a little, like this post :\

P.S. "Truth for fun & profit" is the name of a book - I stole that. Go and look it up on Amazon and buy it if you want.