i am frigin pissed now really pissed | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

i am frigin pissed now really pissed

this is not about Mike not fitting in because he is atheist, or denies chemtrails...if you would take a few minutes and listen to the show that comes after Mike's show in GCN, well, let me tell ya, every time those yuppie pieces of shit talk, makes me go scope in my rifle...sorry, i wont hurt anyone, but just making a point. this is nothing but hurting Mike because he DARES speak out about israel. ok, as a learned individual, I know we have to pick which battle we fight....but fuk..they are bombing us with white phosphorus, and alex is shooting bbguns back at them...no.no..no..time for political correctness is over..they are taking over the world,...it is rothchilds kazaars=zionist= israel= the death of humanity...there are no two fucking ways around this..and alex is now, even tho i supported him up to this point..on my friggin shit list. I disagree with Mike, sure, but I disagree with him about philosophy ideas, which we all should...I dont disagree with him because he caves into the political correction of israhell.
Which is an entire different story..
And what about bob chapman? a friggin idiot in my opinion.
and my favorite love, celente,..He wont even tel the whole truth. Max Keiser? another love of mine, but he wont tell the whole truth either.. Rockon Mike, if everything is taken away from us, it doesnt matter, we will shout the truth gosh friggin cotton pickin darnit!!!!!
israehell and the rothchilds minions are killing humanity. Time to wakeup, fight back with everything the little bit of humanity that is still within us, and kick their asses..
sorry for the novel, just pissed me off that alex would mess with my friend mike..even with disagreements, I am depressed because I thought we were all friends around here.