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blog: our state is voting for a new governor...

My blog on a local newspaper..ignored, but glad I wrote it anyway. : :
I sometimes wonder, if the idea of choice is just an illusion. Do we really get a choice? It seems, the choices are forced upon us, by both mainstream media, and money. Democrats wont vote for the lesser democrat, because they think if they do, they might lose, and their party will be out of power., same with republicans. Cant you see this picture? It is so clear. I have also noticed, that the differences between republican and democrat politicians is very small compared to the overall picture. It seems like some very powerful, and rich people, are bamboozling us.
If we all, were do actually research all candidates, pick one because they are not the same ol, and vote for them whether our particular party wins or not, at least we would be making change. And its change that we need. I hope you get my point here, its kinda hard to explain in a short blog.