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A thought on airport security - blogpost

How about this:
1. Steel door to pilot.
2. Pilot is armed.
3. flight attendants have a bracelet with a button that can
cut off all correspondence to the pilot. The reason for this
is that if the pilot were to hear the terrorists killing
people, he might open the door in hopes it would stop.We are
all human and would think most pilots actually have a heart.
So, the worst that can happen, is the 400+ people would die,
but so would the terrorists after landing.
conclusion; there are hundreds of ways to kill 400+ people, that are not only easier than doing it on a plane, but your chances of getting away with it, are much higher.
If my plan was implemented, terrorists would not use a plane.
Get government out of this. If airlines want body scanners, and other airlines dont, we can choose. We can write airlines, and ask for my plan (or other plans, there are people smarter than me on this). My point is, let airlines implement their own security, and see who flies on which airline. my guess is, the airlines that implemented their direction according to my plan, would make more money than the airlines with body scanners.. voila.