Its friggin 3:00 pm in Washington DC -blogpost | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Its friggin 3:00 pm in Washington DC -blogpost

Tick friggin tock. Unemployment extensions have not been brought up. Ok, I am on unemployment, and it ends in a couple of weeks. 1. I have done all I can to get work. I use to have my own engineering business, but after 10 years of my clients paying me 100% of the time, about 18 months ago, that all changed. Hundreds of hours of work without being paid. I cant get a job as a janitor, because the MSM says the recession is over, so the janitor companies think I will bail as soon as I get back to work in the engineering field. Can you say FUCK? I knew you could.
2. On a better note, because of people such as Mike (WRH), Alex, Peter, Celente etc, I will go thru some lil pain, but have prepared so dont feel too bad for me, I'll be ok. But what about the other 4 million losing their benefits? What the fuck are they gonna do? I tell ya, if they dont pass an extension, I have come to the conclusion that its all over. The extension would cost 12 billion..thats alot but nothing compared to what we SEND FUCKING ISRAEL!!!!! Sorry, calm down coast. I started off with "friggin" and worked my way up to "fuck"...take a breath. Ok, I am better now. In my humble, calm opinion, the only reason that an extension wont happen, is because they already know its all over, so who cares. And, if it were not for alternative news webmasters, as mentioned above, telling the truth many years ago, I would be soooo screwed. Thanks to them all.