Seattle: Protest March and Rally for John T. Williams | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Seattle: Protest March and Rally for John T. Williams

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Here is video of the protest starting at the scene of the execution and ending at Seattle city hall. The rally and march took place on September 16, 2010, starting at 2:00 p.m.

Local Native American carver,John T. Williams was shot four times at close range by Seattle police officer, Ian Birk, on August 30, 2010 at the corner of Boren Ave. and Howell St for carrying a piece of wood and a three inch folding knife.

Article here:

The two better Seattle news stations, KIRO and KING (in my opinion), gave the event minuscule coverage -- no big surprise.

To emphasize that there were not merely a handful of mourners participating, I start this story with video of the protesters entering city hall.

Now the beginning:

Part 1: The event organizer, John's cousin, and friends speak.

Part2: More speakers -- including a man who witnessed the execution

Part 3

Part 4: "Native American beauty to the world is wanted. They've been facinated with us the moment we were were so-called: 'discovered.' If I walk into any person's house and discover their couch, the keys to their Cadillac, and their home, and I kick them out, am I any different than Columbus?"

Part 5: Two VERY POWERFUL speakers. "It wasn't ok to take that life. We are talking about a problem that is systemic. Policy can't change what's systemic. People, grass-roots, changes what is systemic."

Part 6

Part 7: Drumming with some commentary.

Part 8: The march!!!!

Part 9 again. After everyone arrived, my camcorder battery died, so any video beyond this point is Blackberry Storm quality.

I will upload video of the events of the city hall rally ASAP -- including video of a seemingly uncomfortable mayor.