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Government improvement in 2 easy steps

Are you fed up by the daily reports of government abuses? Here's a possible solution: let's add to the laws that from now only dead people may hold public office. (No living representants of any kind allowed, either.)

It's a bottom line initiative. Dead politicians don't take campaign bribes, they don't send your kids to wars, they don't cost much in taxes nor they enact laws like the Patriot Act. A 400% improvement on the main issues over any living representative. Try this with the Political Reform Act! If a politico is unable to quit his cushy DC post, he might try to outsmart the citizenry by shooting himself dead. If he shoots as well as he governed, he will miss anyway. If he shoots better - well, I guess we'll have to put up with him not working for us again.

This simple solution will drastically reduce the number of murder attempts on our statesmen, although not their efficiency. Our administration's international reputation will remain roughly the same, while we can save hundreds of millions on Air Force One costs. Anytime a government delegation is needed around the globe - we can just FedEx it! Or borrow for a quick spin the one the Polish just retired.

A lot of people harp on how the country should follow the example of the Founding Fathers. Fine! Let's elect the whole Continental Congress back! And throw in every dead US president to boot. Luckily, the worst ones are still alive. What's wrong with having a country led by a dead person? The Vatican does it since 2000 years. One could even argue, the US is controlled by a bunch of dead presidents *right now*. I'm referring to the ones printed on bank notes. Why settle for cheap imitations if one can elect back the real deal?

After a period of dead politician rule the US public will start wondering if the country is doing so well with deceased leaders who don't do a thing, perhaps we don't even need any? That may be the next logical step, but let's not rush to hurried conclusions. Rome wasn't burnt in a day, right?