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The 6 stages of a government's life

I'm probably the only WRH reader who lived several years under Capitalism, Fascism, Socialism and Communism alike. I gained an insight I decided to share with you so that you don't have to gain it again. Here's the life cycle of ANY government, regardless of its 'ism':

1. Government is created by a group; beyond a consensus, gov't has 10% power
2. Government grows, economy sags under its increasing cost: 40% power
3. Government starts wars (murder + plunder abroad) to "fix" the sag: 70% power
4. Due to wars, government's power grows beyond citizen's to 100% power
5. Government starts genocide (murder + plunder at home), still trying to fix the sag
6. End.

When people demonstrate against a war, a tax or other injustice, they are trying to counter this governmental death cycle (which can be reversed with an economic boom, as in China) while the police beating them are accelerating it. (Serves them well.) Many economists echo the Keynesian fantasy, how a war will reliably create an economic boom. Two remarks. 1.) Economy is not a science, it's 6 main tenets have no consistent empirical validation. You wouldn't gamble millions of human lives on a reading of tea leaves, yet a Keynesian war gamble is pretty much this 2.) Today's economic "science" doesn't apply to real life anyway. Think of the two biggest expenses you'll ever have: real estate and taxes. Does real estate cost so much, because dirt (what a parcel is) was expensive to produce? Do taxes cost so much because the market demand for them is so high? Of course not. The cause of your biggest expenses is the government's looting, which most modern economists (working in government-funded institutions) blissfully ignore. Looting grows in direct proportion to government power; it is the purpose of government power. You don't need any power to give people gifts.

In this life cycle, the government commits economic blunders throughout stages 1 to 5. The citizens do it at stage 6. They say. "The old government hurt us, but now we'll start a new one with some GREAT people and this one will be different!" No it won't. Not on long term. This is like saying, "I got drunk from a bottle of whiskey 500 times, but this 501st bottle will be different!" We have 4000 years worth of repeating government cycles on historic record to prove: all you get with any government in any circumstance and any geography is this cycle. The duration may differ, but the end result won't. So if you don't want your descendants to be looted, scammed and murdered by a government, there is only one solution. Once the old government collapsed, don't accept a new one.