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Choose: Social Security or Imperial America Under the Military

By Kenneth Dean Troxel (kdtroxel)

How about we keep Social Security and all of the benefits thereof and simply kill the military machine that produces no wealth, only serves to kill people, fills the pockets of the military industrial complex and war profiteers. That’s right people, you will have to choose, Social Security or Imperial America under the military.

Defense from what, who, or how? If you add up all the military spending from all countries on this planet, you will not come close to what the USA spends every year. The economic collapse is good for military induction quotas. The military is the employer of last resort for many of our youth. And when our sons and daughters come back from the wars, they come home broken both physically and mentally. The excessive use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons our military personal become radiated with fine particles of DU, so when they do come home to their families they have the potential for gross deformities of their future children.

And who are we fighting, terrorists? The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are illegal by the fact that terrorism was created by Americans and not by them. How can I say that, it is easy, 9/11 was an inside job and all the proof is there to support that statement, just look it up (Loose Change Final Cut, Zeitgeist, MISSING LINKS: The Definitive Truth About 9/11, Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime).

Terrorism is a state tool to demonize or dehumanize a group of people to gain the support of the root populous to kill on a grand scale. Terrorism is a means for one group (Christians) to kill another group or groups (Islam and Muslims). Terrorism is a warping of our moral fabric of what it means to be a free, just, and honorable society and at the same time it limits our own freedom and liberty in the name of self protection. Fighting terrorism is likened to a modern crusade where the goal is utter destruction of a foreign group of peoples whose ideals differ from our own. But you must remember that they are all human too, they love just like us, they love their families and their children, and by killing them, we kill a small part of ourselves.

“Don’t we deserve a time of peace and prosperity, where we don’t have to spend all of our public funds for defense of imaginary villains?” -- Kenneth Dean Troxel

“The Pentagon produces no wealth, it is a black hole of unaccountability, a relic of old wars past with new enemies to justify itself with the expense of money and lives.” –- Kenneth Dean Troxel

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