From Former Rep. Alan Grayson | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

From Former Rep. Alan Grayson

One thing that I’ve heard a lot from people during the last two years is that I’ve been saying what you’ve been thinking. Well, since the election last night (which I lost), you’ve been saying what I’ve been thinking. So I’m going to turn over the rest of this e-mail to some of my Facebook friends, who wrote to me today:

“This is what happens when someone goes up against big corporations like insurance companies. They make sure that you don’t get reelected. Wake up, America!” - Cathy

“Don’t give up! Continue to fight! People see your passion, and believe in what you stand for.” – Rita

“You must come back! We need people with honesty, integrity and dignity! Thank you so much for all of your work, and especially your compassion!” – Susan

“Thanks for speaking for me so many times in the past, but I know we’ll need your voice more than ever now!” – Ellen

“I will miss someone like you in the House. You speak for everyday people!” – Aljorie

“You speak the truth and you are our hero. You are such an awesome leader. We are here to support you, harder and stronger next time.” – Pamela

“Yours is a rare voice of courage, decency and humor in a dismal swamp of corruption. I trust that you will be back in a role where you can do even more good. You have our great respect.” – Jon

“The future is awaiting you. One door closes, one opens up!” – Carla

“Please take some time for yourself and your family right now. Then regroup, re-energize and re-run!” – Christine

“Please keep the faith that we have faith in you. I have been delighted by your no-nonsense speaking of the truth.” – Angela

“All of us in America welcome your voice. You speak for folks like me, just an old granny with my grandkids trying to make a living and doing the best we can. Don’t stray far . . . America will be calling you back.” – Judi

“You are not done. You will continue to change and inspire the world.” – Tina.

“What do you want to do next? We are behind you 100% of the way!! Thanks for what you have done for us, and please know we progressives support your future endeavors. We need you.” – Renee

“You have a bright future as one of the most articulate and passionate voices on the side of what’s right. Keep up the good work. You have my admiration and gratitude.” – Eddie

“How can we help you come back in 2012?” – Keith.

To every one of you who helped, who spoke, who listened, and who cared, THANK YOU.

As Ted Kennedy said in 1980, after he lost the Presidential Primary, "the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die."

We’re all in this together.


Alan Grayson