All the western nations indulge the Jewish State | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

All the western nations indulge the Jewish State

These people are no longer yammering sociopaths, but have graduated to having the appearance of being overt cackling psychopaths, immersed in a `religion` which, unlike any other death cult before it, has nukes and acquired them with the intent of pushing the envelope to global domination through plainly stating that the world will not be able to take down the Jewish State without itself being brought down as well.

Since no nation in the whole world wants to annihilate or harm the Jewish State it is plain that their hyperdefensive menacing talk is their inverted way of signalling that now that they have these hundreds of nukes and the means of delivery, you goyim out there had better start making all kinds of concessions with respect to allowing us to place our people in all positions of control in all of your nations, and that should our plans for you meet with serious challenge in that our goal of global domination cannot be achieved, we may decide to surprise nuke everyone of you goyim who have nukes - even though it should mean nuclear winter killing off us too, for we simply cannot abide risking being killed but with you goyim surviving us, without us to rule over you.

So when Martin Van Creveld speaks, it is not because he has been in consultation with himself alone, it is because he speaks for the consensus of the hive with which he is attuned, which believes that maximum concessions can in this way be obtained for as long as the world can be frightened into believing that the denizens of the Jewish State are mad enough to risk suicide in pursuit of the goal of global domination.

Yes, it is a risk, but not a big one, this is a psychodrama being played on us goys, the Jews want to scare us into submission with their nukes, but we need not be intimidated, we need only let them know that we have them figured, and we ourselves will not say anything which can be construed as threats to either Jews or the Jewish State, for although a casually murderous lot that they are, they too want to survive.

The key to this is dismantling the Holocaust Myth, and without the oxygen of continuing western financial support engendered by this myth, the `Jerusalem regime will fade from the pages of time`, to borrow a much distorted expression from a person the Jewish State loves to hate.