Hi you guys.. . I am a member of the news repeaters.. Here is how you join this elite group.. Have you ever noticed that the very hottest posters have websites that direct the traffic to their own advertisers?
In this way they reward themselves for their efforts.. And because of their efforts we have high quality and timely posts..

Mike Rivero has a great business model.. To encourage people to post great articles by allowing them to re-direct the traffic to their own sites.. The plan is working great.. White Hot posts from great websites making WRH the very best source of 'Truther News'

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These members along with me, and many others have our own sites that we direct traffic to by repeating the news we think is important.. We sniff the news with the idea of how many eyeballs we will get for posting the article.. Look at the count of how many people are looking at WRH at any time and there are always over two thousand eyeballs.. If a person posts five reasonably good articles a day they could expect to get two thousand hits a day... Looking at their advertisers..

It doesn't really matter too much what the rating of the post is, because the people who are not members can't see the vote rating.. They just click the story if it sounds interesting to them.

I want somebody to straighten me out if I am wrong, but I think what we are doing is illegal.. If I look at the really big sites like WRH, or davidicke. Alex jones. They never post entire articles without explicit permissions from the original publisher… Hell… We news repeaters just make sure to provide a link to the source.

I don't care if it is illegal or not.. It's four thousand eyeballs a day.. The main thing is to make sure all the links in the original article are in the echo, because if somebody else wants to repeat the news, the article will contain all of the original content. The echo should be as loud as the article.

This article got posted to the main page, I linked to it, and Mike got more hits to his site, and me too at my WRH blog... I will post my original stuff here... I am a loyalist.