Dec 18 10:16

Converging Fears - An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

The term “terrorism,” now means the violent actions of extremist Muslims. Yet this is a dangerously restrictive definition. For instance, in the United States, similar and much more frequent violence carried on by non-Muslims is often not labeled terrorism. Muslims have become the scapegoats of our age

Dec 18 08:28

No, BBC, Jerusalem is not “Israel’s capital”

The BBC’s reporting on Jerusalem does not always align with reality or the city’s status under international law.

In October, its diplomatic editor Mark Urban called Jerusalem “Israel’s capital” during a broadcast of the current affairs program Newsnight.

Discussing Israel’s installation of new checkpoints around Palestinian areas in the city, Urban said: “This evening, there were signs of a more permanent setting up of checkpoints around Palestinian villages. A kind of division within Israel’s capital that its leaders have long wanted to avoid, but which this crisis has now prompted.”

As the BBC’s diplomatic editor, Urban must surely be aware that there are no foreign embassies in Jerusalem, either East or West.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 17 21:51

Martin Shkreli, “America’s most hated”, “price gouging” biotech mogul arrested for securities fraud, released on $5M bond

Update: Shkreli was released on a $5 million bond after a hearing Thursday, and had his travel restricted to parts of New York. It was not immediately clear how he pleaded to the charges. Evan Greebel, whom the SEC said was Shkreli’s lawyer, also faces a count of wire fraud conspiracy. He was arrested Thursday and released on a $1 million bail.

Dec 17 16:47

Media Take Diet Advice From Coke-Funded Academics

But mercury-laced, GMO-tainted High Fructose Corn Syrup is part of a healthy diet! And I have some beach-front land in the Mojave to sell you...

Dec 17 13:56

Chaos Ensues As Popular Liberty Discussion Forum (Formerly DailyPaul) Abruptly Announces Permanent Shut-Down Dec 31

Michael Nystrom, owner of the very busy libertarian discussion forum PopularLiberty (formerly has announced that he is closing his site down for good on December 31st. Nystrom had previously posted that he was considering shutting the site down over the past year or two, always to the consternation and upset of his members. In the wake of his latest announcement, which this time is for real, users are scrambling to start new discussion forums so that the users can keep a place to discuss events of the day, share ideas, keep in touch and maintain relationships that they have formed over the years.

Dec 17 12:43

CIA funding of tech companies

Government funding of companies provides a steady stream of support for tech developing innovations. One vehicle for facilitating this relationship can be found in an entity called, In-Q-Tel.

Dec 17 10:35

Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet

This isn’t a game, it’s a fight for survival; Russia’s survival as a sovereign country. That’s what the stakes are. That’s not something Putin takes lightly.

Would you be willing to defend your country against a foreign invasion?

That’s all Putin is doing in Syria. He’s just preempting the tidal wave of jihadis that’ll be coming his way once the current fracas is over. He figures it’s better to exterminate these US-backed maniacs in Syria now than face them in Chechnya, St Petersburg and Moscow sometime in the future. Can you blame him? After all, if Washington’s strategy works in Syria, then you can bet they’ll try the same thing in Beirut, Tehran and Moscow.

So what choice does Putin have?

Dec 17 10:19


Adam Sandler Drops F-Bombs On Boycott Israel Movement

Dec 17 10:18

When Did 9/11 Happen?

Dec 17 09:37

Watch: Donald Trump Takes on MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

Matthews asked Trump if he was “honest when he says that Barack Obama isn’t a legitimate president,” but Trump would not budge.

Trump said he knew that question was coming, and he replied, “I don’t answer that question because once I answer that question, they don’t want to talk about the economy.”

Dec 17 08:11

Florida professor fired for sickening Sandy Hook hoax theory after harassing a victim's family 'over whether their dead son ever existed'

A Florida professor was fired this week after initiating a years-long campaign claiming the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax and harassing the family of a victim he believes never existed.

James Tracy, who teaches Culture of Conspiracy at Florida Atlantic University, launched his own conspiracy theory in the aftermath of Sandy Hook three years ago, based on conflicting media reports from the day of shooting that lead him to question whether it happened at all.

Dec 17 07:23

First ‘crisis actor’: 1990 ‘Nayirah’ claimed Iraq killed 312 hospital incubator infants in Kuwait to criminally incite war

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

2-minute clip from Barrie Zwicker’s The Great Conspiracy:

Edited and amended from a brief I wrote for interested Members of Congress in 2005 (and updated to 2009), War with Afghanistan and Iraq, rhetoric for war with Iran:

Dec 17 07:10

Adelson son-in-law orchestrated family's purchase of Las Vegas Review-Journal

The son-in-law of billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson arranged the $140 million purchase of the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Adelson's behalf, sources confirmed Wednesday.

Patrick Dumont, who is listed on the website of Las Vegas Sands Corp. as the company's senior vice president of finance and strategy, put together the deal at the behest of his father-in-law, the chairman and CEO of the casino operator.

Dumont, a 41-year-old from New York, in 2009 married Sivan Ochshorn, a daughter of Adelson's wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson, from a prior marriage. Sivan Ochshorn Dumont runs the Israel Hayom, which is owned by the casino mogul.

Dec 17 05:49


Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters this week, continuing the cinematic saga of an interplanetary civilization’s struggles with galactic war and tyranny. It will be watched by millions whose own civilization is beset by global warfare driven by a planetary empire on the verge of descending into a militarized police state. So now would be a good time to review the lessons to be found in the first two Star Wars trilogies concerning the road to universal serfdom and how to keep off it.

Dec 16 16:00

CNN’s Debate on ‘Terror’ Omitted the Kind That Kills the Most Americans

CNN’s debate Tuesday night was billed as a debate focusing on national security, foreign policy and terrorism. As CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer said as he introduced the questioning:

Dec 16 07:37

Comcast Orders MSNBC To Remove Anti-TPP Hosts

Dec 16 07:18

German MSM Blacks Out Evidence of Turkey's Ties to ISIS Oil

On December 2nd, the Russian Ministry of Defense gave a comprehensive briefing and provided proof related to the allegations that Turkey has been involved in the oil smuggling operation of the “Islamic State.” There's both photographic and video evidence of this, plus maps. In the main German newscasts of ARD and ZDF, there was no mention of this press conference. It was also not mentioned in the national newspapers. Reader comments making reference to the press conference in Moscow were deleted.

The press conference of the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding the oil smuggling trade involvement of the Erdogan government was the same day on which the German Federal Parliament discussed whether the German army should initiate a military operation with Turkey and in Turkish territory.

Dec 16 07:03

Western Media Shows Russian Airstrikes as US-Led Coalition's

Western Media often rebrand the footage of Russian airstrikes in Syria as the US-led coalition's actions - due to the lack of cooperation, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Dec 16 06:52

Trump Is No Aberration

The Plot Against America: Donald Trump's Rhetoric ... You can't effectively say that Donald Trump is vulgar, sensational, and buffoonish when it's exactly vulgar sensationalism and buffoonery that his audience is buying ... Donald Trump, when he really gets going, hardly speaks in sentences anymore. He doesn't need to .... Whether we call him a Fascist or a right-wing demagogue, Trump's acts and words remain the same. It makes sense that, in America, an insurgent movement would grow out of the media and entertainment, that it would issue from enormous prior celebrity, and not from an obscure rural corner, the world of militias and white nationalists. (Their approval of Trump, nevertheless, has now become evident. A white-supremacist and neo-Nazi group called Stormfront, hanging on to Trump's coattails, has, according to Politico, upgraded "its servers in part to cope with a Trump traffic spike." Politico goes on, "And former Louisiana Rep.

Dec 16 06:06


Sometimes I wonder why anyone bothers to run for office in a long, costly, and exhausting contest which if won means four years of taking directions from the Pentagon and seventeen security agencies. America is not a democracy, and the last president who actually tried to exert some significant influence on affairs left much of the right side of his head in the streets of Dallas. But ego is a mighty powerful motivator, and the gang engaged in national American politics has plenty of it, even if few other redeeming qualities.

Dec 15 14:44

Right Before The Debate Trump Sends This Message To Megyn Kelly That Could Reignite Their Feud

Trump began by first attacking CNN for not using its own poll that shows him in the lead coming onto the debates.

Dec 15 14:20

103 Years Later, Wall Street Turned Out Just As One Man Predicted

As our country burns to the ground: trapped in a post 9/11 (inside job) never ending war on terror that only benefited Israel; impoverished by an economic collapse engineered by an unprosecuted banking cabal; homeless, penniless, jobless; imprisoned in a high-tech DHS police state, spied upon by space-based and weaponized drones; living in an open air toxic waste pit: vaccinated, GMO’ed, chem-trailed, fracked and Fukushima irradiated, remember this: it all started with the formation of private money trust.

Dec 15 13:01

FLASHBACK - Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake!

Dec 15 12:54

It's OK You Can Admit It Proof Of Media Brainwashing

Dec 15 12:46

Sharyl Attkisson: Media Is Giving People a False Reality by Agenda Journalists

Dec 15 11:49

Report: US Pilots in Syria Ordered to Ignore ISIS Oil Convoys

American officials and responsible western news pundits have had a hard time explaining why the U.S.-led “anti-ISIS” coalition, after more than one year, has been unable to stop ISIS' lucrative oil smuggling operation. Maybe because they were never trying to stop it in the first place? Via New Eastern Outlook:

Reports from pilots and sources up and down the Pentagon chain of command tell an interesting story. Considering America’s years of experience at “precision bombing” and the vast intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of the world’s largest military, America’s utter failure in curtailing ISIS and her dozens of “sister organizations” has been inexplicable.

American pilots flying over Iraq and Syria have quietly leaked their story for over a year now but no news agency will carry it. They say they have flown over oil tanker convoys 4 lanes wide at times and been told to stay silent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If, in fact, these reports are true, they give credence to the degree which which the White House is supplying "aid and comfort" to an alleged "enemy", ISIS.

Yes, I'm cynical about geopolitics; but sometimes, I just cannot keep up!!

Dec 15 11:32

Recep Tayyip Erdo?an: Portrait of a Backstabbing Pasha

He increases his personal power, but undermines the interests of the Turkish nation and its people. Erdo?an believes he is the rising regional hegemon, indispensable to the West. He blackmails the EU for billions of Euros to control the flood of refugees fleeing violence in Syria and Iraq with his promises to warehouse desperate refugees in Turkish concentration camps. But Europeans must know that their money can never buy trust and loyalty from the Pasha.

Dec 15 11:19

New Study: Presidents Really Do Age Faster, Die Younger

mocking the lamestream media's deification of world 'leaders'

worship your God-King, serfs!

Dec 15 10:29

The Illusion of Western News

Multi-million-dollar advertising money has long been suspected as an unspoken filter for Western news media coverage. If the news conflicts with advertising interests then it is simply dropped.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We saw that reality on display with the FOX News Synthetic Bovine Growth Hormone story and more recently with California's Proposition 37 calling for mandatory GMO labeling.

Dec 15 09:27

The Decline and Fall of the ‘Mainstream’ Media

The “mainstream” media is a potent issue this election year, and Donald Trump
has surely turned the public’s distrust of the Fourth Estate into electoral

Dec 15 08:10

Did a Republican Megadonor Just Secretly Buy Nevada's Biggest Newspaper?

Conventional wisdom holds that you do not want to buy a newspaper because newspapers are terrible investments. Yet late last week, someone did buy the largest newspaper in Nevada, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and paid a premium for it. Even stranger, nobody knows who it was, and the new owners seem to be actively working to keep it that way.

The sale has created a controversy because, while there is no rule requiring a newspaper to disclose its owners, the Journal-Review will be, by far, the largest newspaper in America whose owners are secret. The intrigue is not just journalistic: For a well-heeled person interested in influencing an election, owning the largest paper in the state that in a few short months will hold one of the first nominating events of the primary season (third for Democrats and fourth for Republicans) is a good place to start.

Dec 15 04:54

Washington Post whines: ‘fringe’ news entering mainstream

Even the Washington Post, center of all that is good and right and true and holy about the news, is under siege. What can be done to protect WaPo from The Fringe? Is it time for Bob Woodward to write a new book? Do they need surgical masks? Hazmat suits? Should they flee underground and turn the whole operation into a level 4 virus lab with steel vaults and air seals?

Well, dear WaPo, I have a piece of fringe for you. I know you need more readers, and this is a killer. Literally. If you set your hounds loose on it for six months or so, you’ll drag out some of the most explosive material you’ve ever seen, and you’ll be able to print two editions a day. Readers’ll fight with each other to grab issues of the paper off the stands. Watergate? Bill and Monica? Sunday picnics compared with what I’m offering you. And it’s definitely fringe, because you and other mainstream outlets have never covered it with any emphasis. Ready?

Dec 14 22:26

Hillary and her Israeli Billionaire Sugar Daddy

Israeli-American Haim Saban is one of America's richest self-made billionaire. He is the owner of numerous media and entertainment outlets — and a big Democratic donor. Born in Egypt and raised in Israel, he has become a generous name in Democratic politics. One would often question the agenda behind the generous monetary flow bestowed by Haim Saban on the Clinton's. what does Haim Saban wants in return of his generosity , to Hillary's campaign.?

Dec 14 17:57

Teacher Invented ISIS Knife Attack Amid French Hysteria: “This Is Daesh. This Is a Warning”

After all, people in France have become so terrified as of late, that perhaps they would believe any story that sounded even possibly credible:

A preschool teacher who claimed to have been attacked by a masked assailant invoking Islamic State (Isis) has admitted he made up the story, French prosecutors have said.

[...] The 45-year old teacher at Jean Perrin nursery school had earlier claimed that a man in overalls and a balaclava had arrived while he was preparing his class on Monday, grabbed a box cutter and scissors that were in the room, and attacked him.


Dec 14 15:19

4 Examples of Mainstream Media Fabricating News to Push for War

As we inch further into the future and evermore closer to the next, and certainly last, world war, it seems proper to give pause and consider the significance of the fact that much of the information provided on world events is dreadfully compromised by corporate and political propagandists.

Mainstream media, with its exceptional reach, is able to mold the public’s first impression of any global event thereby establishing the ‘official story,’ the one that is repeated again and again during the first moments of a crisis. They capitalize on the immediate shock value of an act of extraordinary violence or unrest to mold public perception into conformity with a narrative that will become the abiding fiction by which any further substantive investigation of the event must be measured against.

Dec 14 12:32

MSM Claims Assad Funds ISIS – Evidence Claims Otherwise

By Brandon Turbeville

Just when you think the propaganda coming from the Western mainstream media and Western governments couldn’t get any dumber, they come right along and top themselves. This time, there are no easily disproven claims of chemical weapons usage by the Assad government or new and creative ways to accuse Assad of killing his own people. Instead, major mainstream mouthpieces like the Daily Beast have recently “revealed” who is buying the stolen oil from ISIS and, according to the notoriously misleading outlet, it’s not Erdogan, Turkey, or Israel – it’s Assad...

Dec 14 11:55

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Director Kathryn Bigelow to Develop Jihad Recruitment Series for HBO

Zero Dark Thirty and Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow will co-executive produce a jihadi recruitment drama series for HBO, TheWrap reports.

Dec 14 10:11


As law enforcement and their friendly politicians have used the attacks in San Bernardino to renew a call to undermine and break encryption, the mainstream press has been an easy target for politicians looking to get out whatever message they want.

Dec 14 07:54

Future Prospects for Aqsa-Intifada

Since the beginning of the Intifada early October Palestinian protesters had suffered many casualties on the hands of the Israeli soldiers, who had murdered so far 120 Palestinians, including 25 children and 6 women, many were murdered in cold blood in short range and by Israeli snipers.

Dec 14 07:24

The One Reason Trump Is NOT Going Away Was Just Revealed On Fox News

Luntz appeared Thursday night on Fox News’ Hannity to discuss a recent focus group of 29 Trump supporters. His conclusion was that Trump’s supporters are extremely loyal no matter what anyone says, including Trump.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Luntz is missing the real reason for Trump's popularity. Trump's occasional gaffes, coupled with the obvious media bias against him, signals that he really is a political outsider and that is what Americans want, for the existing (and even hereditary) establishment to be fired, and some new blood (new thinking) to be put into government. Americans are sick of business as usual, wars as usual, pandering to Wall Street as usual, unquestioning support for Israel as usual. Americans want a dramatic change to the nation. Trump is the only candidate promising that.

Dec 14 06:50

The Decline and Fall of the ‘Mainstream’ Media– and good riddance!

Everything must be viewed through the peculiar prism of a New York Times reporter: no direct quotes allowed – unless it’s from an anonymous government official pushing his or her agenda. The rest of the article cites government officials offering lame excuses for why they didn’t bother checking Tashfeen Malik’s social media postings– essentially, it’s too much bother.

Yes, the Old Grey Lady has become quite insufferable of late, what with its front page editorials – although one could argue quite reasonably they’ve been doing that in their “news” department since the 1960s and before.

Dec 13 22:45

In nations with significant Muslim populations, much disdain for ISIS

According to newly released data that the Pew Research Center collected in 11 countries with significant Muslim populations, people from Nigeria to Jordan to Indonesia overwhelmingly expressed negative views of ISIS.

In Lebanon, a victim of one of the most recent attacks, almost every person surveyed who gave an opinion had an unfavorable view of ISIS, including 99% with a very unfavorable opinion. Distaste toward ISIS was shared by Lebanese Sunni Muslims (98% unfavorable) and 100% of Shia Muslims and Lebanese Christians.

Dec 13 22:34

Two Million Syrian Christian Population Being Exterminated by ISIL

Since the terrorists have swept the secularists aside, Christian Syrians–long protected by Assad—are now being “disappeared” by the millions. By the millions! Of the 1.8 million Christians that lived peacefully under Assad before the Arab Spring, only 400,000 Christians still live in intact communities in Syria today. The rest are either dead or fled–we know not where.

Dec 13 17:34

Multiple video evidence of San Bernardino false flag attack: .01% plan for multiple false flags to ‘justify’ martial law, arrest ‘truthers’???

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

hat tips: all the activists making and communicating the following videos!

Put yourself in the shoes of the evil .01% for a few moments. How you roll is with Emperor’s New Clothes obvious crimes:

Unlawful and lie-began wars.
Crimes Against Humanity for ongoing policy of poverty that’s killed over 400 million human beings just since 1995 (~75% children; more deaths than from all wars in Earth’s recorded history).
So-called “money” that is actually debt that creates accelerating and unpayable total debt. The .01% hide ~$30 trillion in tax havens.
Destruction of nearly all rights lawfully guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights within the US Constitution, and in Orwellian inversion of limited government.
“Covering the crimes” with lies by corporate media.

Dec 13 12:06

Was Karen Hudes assigned to attack after I wrote .01% will launch waves of false flag attacks to ‘justify’ martial law, arrest ‘truthers’?

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

This is the last of my four articles responding to Karen Hudes, with background and documentation communicated in the first three’s titles:

Karen Hudes claims I’m a ‘Vatican agent’: here’s her evidence, and my counter-claim of the challenge to know comprehensive facts and allies for victory over .01% empire

Karen Hudes’ lies, unprofessionalism & threats = her unreliable testimony anywhere

Karen Hudes REFUSES to provide ANY EVIDENCE for claims about gold as currency; says ‘no time or desire.’ Try that in your profession for factual claims and see what happens

Final analysis:

After ~700 published articles, Karen Hudes either chose or was assigned to comment after I wrote this article about what I conclude is the central plan of the .01% at this endgame stage for the future for our planet:

.01% endgame plan: create ISIS, export ISIS as ‘refugees,’ horrific false flag terror attacks, martial law, FEMA camps for ‘truthers’

Dec 13 11:44

It’s Time to Worry About Donald Trump

I'm not worried especially after the last story I posted!

For months now, there has been a disjuncture at the heart of the Republican Presidential race. The opinion polls have had Donald Trump leading handily, but the pundits and prediction (or betting) markets have been saying that it is unlikely he will win the nomination. Even today, this is true.

A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows Trump pulling further ahead of his rivals, with the support of thirty-five per cent of likely voters in the G.O.P. primaries. The survey placed Trump’s nearest challenger, Ted Cruz, almost twenty percentage points behind him. Other recent polls have produced similar results. The Real Clear Politics poll average shows Trump at 30.4 per cent, Cruz at 15.6 per cent, and Ben Carson at 13.6 per cent.

Dec 13 09:19

Putin Crushes BBC Smartass INCLUDING BBC propagandist's question

Dec 13 09:12

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a Tool of Western Propaganda

By Steven MacMillan

Since Russia began military operations in Syria against the terrorist proxy forces of NATO and the Gulf states, ubiquitous reports in the Western media have emerged which claim that Russia has killed and targeted civilians. Yet a large proportion of these news organisations that apparently are at the pinnacle of journalism in the West, are publishing reports that are often based on one or two very dubious (to say the least) sources.

No photographs, videos or any actual evidence is provided in a lot of these articles...

Dec 13 08:30

CNN Anchor Calls Out Jews as Terrorists

While interviewing a former Reagen employee and current Trump supporter, Jeffery Lord, CNN’s Anchor Ashleigh Banfield tried to compare it to the abuses of innocent Jews. In making the argument that banning Moslems was the same as banning Jews, she listed off Jewish terrorist attacks against America.

“From a period of 1980 to 1985 there were a reported 18 terror attacks committed in the United States by Jews, 15 of them committed by the Jewish Defense League,” Banfield said. “The head of the Jewish Defense league was in jail awaiting trial … accused of trying to bomb a mosque in Culver City, trying to bomb [US Congressman] Darrel Issa’s office, an Arab-American.”

Jews are of course flipping out. You aren’t ever supposed to mention that Jews are terrorists. It’s anti-Semitic.

Dec 13 08:19

Exclusive: Mock Mass Shooting group tricks police, 16 minute response time, press 20

Matthew Short with gave an exclusive interview to Intellihub after the group’s staged mock mass shooting demonstration on Saturday near the University of Texas campus. And what he said may shock you.

Dec 13 04:47

Paul Craig Roberts: The Neoconservatives’ Hegemonic Goal Of Making Sovereign Countries Extinct Is Bringing Instead The Extinction Of Planet Earth

In other words, Russia was misled by believing that the West respects and abides by the values that it professes. In fact, these “Western values” are merely a cover for the unbridled evil of which the West consists.

The Western peoples are so dimwitted that they have not yet understood that the “war on terror” is, in fact, a war to create terror that can be exported to Muslim areas of Russia and China in order to destabilize the two countries that serve as a check on Washington’s unilateral, hegemonic power.

Dec 12 20:13

What is Donald Trump doing to media reality?

In the middle of this campaign storm, Trump and the media are joined at the hip. The media created him, and now they can't shake him off. He's a fascist, he's a racist, the pundits say, but it doesn't matter. They keep trying to dig his grave and put him in it, but there is no funeral. The more they attack him, the more excitement they generate.

If it turned out The Donald were a closet hermaphrodite, would it really matter? Or would his followers say, "Wow, that'll show those LGBT fanatics."

Now, throw into the mix how large numbers of people feel about open borders, terror attacks, gun control, and the export of American jobs overseas---their guy, Trump, is reflecting those feelings with unmistakably decisive remarks, without a teleprompter, without sing-song political-android you have a super-potent catalyst roaming the countryside, blowing people out of their passive minds.

Dec 12 19:33

CNN Anchor Calls Out Jews as Terrorists

From a period of 1980 to 1985 there were a reported 18 terror attacks committed in the United States by Jews, 15 of them committed by the Jewish Defense League,” Banfield said. “The head of the Jewish Defense league was in jail awaiting trial … accused of trying to bomb a mosque in Culver City, trying to bomb [US Congressman] Darrel Issa’s office, an Arab-American.”

Jews are of course flipping out. You aren’t ever supposed to mention that Jews are terrorists. It’s anti-Semitic.

Dec 12 18:38

The Criminalization of Parliamentary Democracy

Responsibility for war crimes committed against Syria no longer rests solely with Her Majesty’s government: A criminal act of war endorsed by the legislature ultimately signifies the de facto criminalization of parliamentary democracy. Each and every member of parliament who voted in favor of the bombing raids is a war criminal under international law.

Dec 12 16:37

BBC forced to admit it misled over Palestine

For the second time in just over six months, the BBC has been forced to admit that its flagship news and current affairs program — Today — has misled its audiences over the situation in Israel and the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Dec 12 09:44

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp caught bribing Australian Crown Prosecutor for news stories

Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation are heading for another major scandal regarding bribing government officials and this time it is in Australia and involves NSW Crown Prosecutor Margaret Cunneen.

Murdoch’s News Corp has a long history of bribing government employees for stories which was exposed with the UK phone-hacking scandal which also revealed the bribing of UK police and other officials.

The Australian bribery scandal is being exposed as the UK phone-hacking scandal, which has run for about 4 years, is coming to a close although some of the victims are demanding it continues.

Dec 12 09:13

Putin attends RT10 anniversary evening: Full speech with English translation

Dec 12 08:21

BBC forced to admit it misled over Palestine

For the second time in just over six months, the BBC has been forced to admit that its flagship news and current affairs program — Today — has misled its audiences over the situation in Israel and the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In a broadcast in October, veteran presenter John Humphrys and Middle East correspondent Kevin Connolly implied in a two-way conversation that all of those killed in that month’s violence were Israeli.

In fact, at the date of broadcast, on 19 October, more than 40 of those killed were Palestinian and fewer than 10 Israeli.

Dec 12 06:57

Crimea Loses Power Temporarily, Ukraine Loses Crimea Forever

Crimea’s ascension into the Russian Federation itself was only possible because the NATO-driven lawlessness that it occurred in the midst of. As this lawlessness continues, it is all but guaranteed that Crimea will only be driven deeper within the Russian Federation.

Dec 11 20:18

Iraq's top cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani Orders Turkey Out Of Iraq

"The Iraqi government is responsible for protecting Iraq's sovereignty and must not tolerate and side that infringes upon on it, whatever the justifications and necessities," Karbalai'i said in a weekly sermon.

Dec 11 18:59

Critics of Global Warming Must Be Silenced!

If it becomes common knowledge that global warming is based on fraud science, that it, along with 9/11 (inside job), are pretext for global gulag and genocide, our plans for our Satanic NWO could be threatened.

Dec 11 18:00

Russia in an invisible war

Kitchen “strategists”, who sincerely believe that massive nuclear strike is the universal solution to any international problem (even the hottest one, close to military confrontation), are unhappy about the moderate position of the Russian leadership in the crisis with Turkey. However, they deem insufficient even direct participation of the Russian military in the Syrian conflict. They are also dissatisfied with the Moscow’s activities on the Ukrainian front.

Dec 11 16:02

Is Donald Trump  a bogus Presidential candidate helping Hilary Clinton  win?

Is Donald Trump a bogus presidential candidate who is aiding Hilary Clinton or has he genuinely lost it, both is a matter of concern for Americans. I can however assure you two things. First, Donald Trump will not win and the second, he needs heavy dosage of medicine for loss of sanity.

Dec 11 14:17

QUENTIN LETTS: How I was vaporised by the BBC's Green Gestapo after daring to mock the Met Office and global warming

Earlier this year, I made a jaunty little Radio 4 programme called What’s The Point Of The Met Office?

Last week, after a bizarre and focused lobbying campaign from environmental activists, the programme was removed from the BBC’s iPlayer playback facility.

To adapt Orwell, What’s The Point Of The Met Office? became an un-programme.

One moment it was there, available to licence fee-payers to hear at their convenience. The next? Ker-whack! It disappeared as surely as one of those Islamist-owned oil derricks in Syria snotted by an RAF Paveway missile. Ladies and gentlemen, the Left had struck. I had been censored, expunged, deleted or ‘dealt with’, as RAF types put it.

The experience was baffling rather than upsetting. The programme had only ever been intended as a light summer diversion, yet it was mistaken for some sort of attack on the Establishment’s global warming theory.

Dec 11 12:04

US State Department Spokesperson Loses Composure Under Heavy Questioning By Russia Today Reporter- Full 10 Minute Version

RT Reporter Gayane Chichakyan shows US reporters how real questioning is conducted and the proof of her effectiveness is shown by US State Department representative John Kirby losing his composure and insulting the reporter and the TV network she works for along with the country of Russia. Note how the State Department spokesperson continually dodges the question while the reporter stays on point. As she reiterates the main point of the question that wasn't answered John Kirby shows his frustration with the line of questioning and then resorts to insults and demagoguery. This is classic deflection technique.

Dec 11 11:49

BEX ALERT - What Kind of Person Calls a Mass Shooting a Hoax?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To judge by this article, the government and media are running scared!

Dec 11 11:46

From Brokaw to Buzzfeed, the media's war on Trump goes nuclear

What’s remarkable is the way that self-described straight journalists have concluded that Trump is such a menace to society that they must abandon their ordinary practices and call him out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is owned by ... corporations. The Corporations are owned by the Money-Junkies who are terrified by Trump because he has his own money and as President cannot be bought to promote more laws that favor the money-junkies! It's that simple!

Dec 11 11:18

Listen to Actor Kurt Russell Own This Reporter on Gun Control: "It’s Absolutely Insane"

It was about the time Hollywood reporter Jeffery Wells went on to say that guns are a quote ”metaphor that disenfranchised white guys need,” that Russell put the guy in his place.

Dec 11 08:59

Las Vegas Review-Journal sold for second time in year

The Las Vegas Review-Journal says it's been sold less than a year after New Media Investment Group bought it for $102.5 million.

Dec 11 08:01

Counter Exposure: US Shifts Blame for Oil Smuggling From Turkey to Assad

The District of Criminals has truly lost whatever tenuous grip on reality they had and have entered OZ! We' to see the Wizard!

In the aftermath of Russia's exposure of the illegal oil trade between Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) and Turkey, the US has decided to come up with its own 'revelation': the US Treasury admits that the jihadist group is profiting from oil exports to the tune of as much as $40 mln per month, but claims the terrorist group is selling it to President Assad.

Dec 11 07:17

RT`s world

Ten years ago this week RT started to carve out its mark in international broadcasting – and what a ride it has been! Never far from controversy, this network has prided itself on being different and saying what many dare not utter in public.

Dec 11 06:56

Putin orders to destroy any targets that threaten Russian military in Syria

Any targets that threaten Russian forces or our infrastructure on the ground should be immediately destroyed,” Putin told a session of the Defense Ministry’s collegium

Dec 10 22:38

State Dept. dodges RT’s question about Turkish troops in Iraq, gets personal

Iraq is furious at Turkey’s military incursion, but the US State Department doesn’t seem too concerned. Its spokesman stonewalled RT’s questions about the Iraq-Turkey row, getting personal in the process.

Dec 10 19:07

Netanyahu Allies Donated to Groups Pushing for Third Temple

Haaretz investigation reveals deputy defense minister and a key Netanyahu supporter in the U.S. donated to groups campaigning to impose Israeli sovereignty over Temple Mount.

Dec 10 14:11

Renowned American Military Expert Explains How Turkey Ambushed Russia’s Su-24

Pierre Sprey, one of the brainchilds behind two of America's most successful fighter aircraft, the F-16 and A-10, explains in detail how the Turks set up an ambush for Russia's Su-24

Dec 10 12:01

The shrinking impact of mainstream media

The media deny this, but their denials — indeed, the very idea that the way to address this matter is to deny or contest it — change nothing. The bottom line is that perhaps one-half of the potential audience for these media outlets holds negative opinions about them.

Dec 10 10:19

Global Pacification, the Matrix of Control and other nasties…War Against the People’: a timely jolt to spur civil society action

If you want something to scare the pants off you this Christmas ask Santa for this excellent book.

It is not difficult to imagine what a wretched Christmas awaits the starving, shivering children of Gaza, still living among the ruins of their bombed-out homes, and by communities right across the West Bank now fragmented and separated from friends and family by Israel's merciless Matrix of Control. There is so much to learn about the hideous consequences of Israel's occupation and theft of the Holy Land... before it's too late.

Dec 10 10:17

BBC ‘Surprised’ Parents Upset by Isis-style Beheading in Children’s Cartoon

They don’t call it “TV programming” for nothing. Introducing the war on terror fear narrative a little young, aren’t we?

Dec 10 08:35

San Bernardino False Flag: Multiple Witnesses Reported Three White Men Shooting

Now that the government’s narrative on the San Bernardino shooting has been put into place by the corporate media previous eyewitness reports contradicting the official storyline will be assigned to the memory hole.

Dec 10 08:34

Media Refusing to Cover Police & Witness Accounts of “3 White Male Shooters” in San Bernardino

On the night of December 2, after the tragic shootings at the Inland Regional Medical Center, CBS Evening News interviewed a witness to the shooting.

The interview, which took place live and over the phone, has not been covered by any other mainstream outlet despite the vastly different details provided which completely contradict the subsequent ‘official’ narrative, while backing up several other eyewitness accounts.

Dec 10 08:18

MSNBC Beats Drum for 'Christian Extremism'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

MSNBC tries to bash Trump but polls show most Americans agreeing with him. After years of the corporate media feeding the public an image of eeeeevil Muslim jihadists, this should not be a surprise, but the agenda for war has collided head on with the agenda to blend the populations of the world together, and the corporate media doesn't seem to understand that the public can't be told to hate Muslims and then to accept and like them the very next day.

Dec 10 07:01

Donald Trump Bashes Time Magazine, Says Angela Merkel Is Ruining Germany

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is slamming Time Magazine’s decision to name German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the Person of the Year.

He blasted Time for going with the person “who is ruining Germany.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It isn't like TIME hasn't made that same mistake before!

Dec 10 06:41

Study Linking GMOs and Tumors Vindicated Yet Again...MSM Stays Silent

Dec 10 04:48

Mainstream media can’t stop lying: Trump proven right once again as London police confirm Muslim no-go zones

‘Even if one of us did get killed or dragged off in a van. It would just be reported as a ‘one-off incident’ and no reason to change the ‘British style of policing.’

Dec 10 04:38

Destroying Syria to Create Sunnistan

It looks like an agreement has been struck between Turkey, the KRG and the United States to seize parts of northern Iraq and eastern Syria to create a de facto Sunni state that will be jointly-controlled by Ankara and Washington. It also looks like Obama has agreed to use dodgy jihadi-proxies (aka–Terrorists) to work alongside US Special Forces to carry out future military operations.

Dec 10 02:36

How the Public Get Suckered

The US aristocracy’s control over all the mainstream ‘news’ is ironclad – and this includes the political magazines, such as National Review, and The Nation; as well as ‘intellectual’ magazines, such as Harpers and The Atlantic. American ‘news’ media stifle democracy in America; they’re not part of democracy, in America. They’re like poison that’s presented as being ‘medicine’ instead. Suckers don’t just swallow it; they come back for more.

Dec 09 19:44

Merkel named TIME Person of the Year, beating Al-Baghdadi, Putin and Trump

Is this a joke?

Time magazine has named Angela Merkel as its person of the year, making her the first woman to receive the accolade in the past 29 years. The German leader has outpaced IS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

The magazine praised the EU’s longest-serving leader for her handling of the EU in times of crisis, such as the Greece debt, the massive influx of refugees, and the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Dec 09 15:52

Does Fear Lead to Fascism? A Culture of Fear and the Epigenetics of Terror

fear is the handle used to move you pawns

snip: you are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack. You are 11,000 times more likely to die from an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane. You are 1,048 times more likely to die from a car accident than a terrorist attack. You are 404 times more likely to die in a fall than from a terrorist attack. You are 12 times more likely to die from accidental suffocating in bed than from a terrorist attack. And you are 9 more times likely to choke to death in your own vomit than die in a terrorist attack.

Indeed, those living in the American police state are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist. Thus, the government’s endless jabbering about terrorism amounts to little more than propaganda—the propaganda of fear—a tactic used to terrorize, cower and control the population.

Dec 09 09:33

Beware: Oscar-Nominated Ukraine Documentary Distorts Maidan Story

The documentary film Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom has been shortlisted for Oscar in the documentary category. This film presents a typical version of the Maidan massacre and other cases of political violence during the ‘Euromaidan’ movement in Ukraine in late 2013, early 2014. All the cases of violence directed against Euromaidan are attributed to government forces and to agents provocateurs, while all revelations and videos of pro-Maidan snipers are ignored or edited out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That's how you win an Oscar in Hollywood!

Dec 09 09:33

Witness to San Bernardino shooting says getaway driver was “regular white dude”

Again the media is not fully reporting what eyewitnesses to the shooting have said; which to be quite frank is namely that the suspects were actually “white.”

Dec 09 09:25

Watch: Trump Just Went After MSNBC So Hard They Cut To An Unscheduled Commercial Break

As Trump explained his proposal, he and the show’s hosts both wanted to talk at the same time.

“You’ve got to let us actually ask questions, you’re just talking,” Scarborough said.

“Joe, I’m not just talking — I’m giving you the facts,” Trump replied.

“We will go to break if you keep talking,” Scarborough said,

Trump took him up on the dare and Scarborough followed through.

“Go to break, go to break, go to break right now,” he said. “We’ll be right back with more Morning Joe.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't agree with Trump on a lot of issues, but he is clearly hated by the Wall Street/Israel/DC power elite and that alone is enough for me to support him!

Dec 09 09:22

BEX Alert!!! - "Time Magazine Person of the Year - The Choice: Angela Merkel"

At a moment when much of the world is once more engaged in a furious debate about the balance between safety and freedom, the Chancellor is asking a great deal of the German people, and by their example, the rest of us as well. To be welcoming. To be unafraid. To believe that great civilizations build bridges, not walls, and that wars are won both on and off the battlefield.

By viewing the refugees as victims to be rescued rather than invaders to be repelled, the woman raised behind the Iron Curtain gambled on freedom. The pastor’s daughter wielded mercy like a weapon. You can agree with her or not, but she is not taking the easy road. Leaders are tested only when people don’t want to follow.

For asking more of her country than most politicians would dare, for standing firm against tyranny as well as expedience and for providing steadfast moral leadership in a world where it is in short supply, Angela Merkel is TIME’s Person of the Year.

Dec 09 09:22

Watch: Trump Gets Hit With Attack From CNN Over Muslim Plan, Responds With 4 Words

The candidate likened his proposal to some of those taken by Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II against “enemy aliens,” including those of German, Italian and Japanese ancestry living in the United States. Tens of thousands were rounded up for questioning, with approximately 30,000 ultimately interned for varying lengths of time during the war.

“Look at what F.D.R. did many years ago, and he’s one of the most respected presidents,” Trump said during an interview on Good Morning America on Tuesday. The candidate stopped short of advocating for internment camps.

Trump emphasized multiple times during his CNN interview that any action taken would be temporary, until “representatives can figure out what is going on.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The image of the "Fanatical Muslim JIhadist" was created by ABCNNBBBCBSFOX to support the conquest of the Middle East, but now that it has collided with the globalist plan to blend all the nations together, it is a bad thing, and fodder for attacks on Trump. But Trump is right. Past Presidents have taken a hard line on immigration and were well thought of for it at the time, including Roosevelt's interment of all Japanese in WW2, Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback" against illegal Mexican Immigrants, and Jimmy Carter's ban on Iranian immigrants!

Dec 08 15:35

Watch a Retired Lt. Colonel Call President Obama a ‘Total Pussy’ on Live TV

In a panel review of the president’s speech also on Fox yesterday, Stacey Dash (who starred in the movie Clueless in the 90s and is now somehow a political analyst?) said she felt like Obama, “could give a sh*t”.

Dec 08 14:54

Downsizing the News Staff - Diminishing Quality and Credibility

The same day Murdoch terminated 9 percent of his staff (at the National Geographic), the owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News fired 46 journalists, leaving only one copyeditor at the Daily News. A month earlier, the Los Angeles Times cut about 10 percent of its news room staff. The Chicago Sun-Times fired all its 28 photographers, including one who won the Pulitzer Prize, and is relying upon lower-paid freelancers and wire services.


Dec 08 12:34

Terrorism and Some Hard Truths - An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

In my estimation there is no organization in the world, including ISIS, more dangerous to American society than the National Rifle Association which insists that we all still live in some variant of 19th century Tombstone, Arizona.

Much of the present breast-beating over Islamic terrorism is politically motivated exaggeration. Yet even here the U.S. government will not do much other than spy on its own citizens with ever greater intensity. To really make the U.S. safe from Middle East terrorism, Washington will have to dump Israel, play hardball with Saudi Arabia, and swear off the regime-change policy that has so disastrously driven its actions in Iraq, Libya and Syria.