Apr 03 08:56

Texas man who deliberately swerved into motorcyclists sentenced to 15 years in prison

A man who intentionally swerved into a couple on a motorcycle in Hood County, causing them to crash and injure themselves in 2015, was sentenced to 15 years in prison Thursday, his attorney confirmed.

Apr 03 08:49

Coast Guard To Congress: Don't Move Us To The Pentagon

(*it looks like Trump's I MEAN Mattis' I MEAN THE CIAs war expansion , needs every swinging dick wearing a uniform)

Apr 03 08:33

My muslim ghetto experience

The vibrant diversity of Stockholm immigrant neighborhoods had a lot of stuff to offer that was completely new to me, like rats, beggars, boarded windows and deserted streets.

Apr 03 08:14

Florida woman, son fatally shot after cops tell her 'stop calling 911'

A few hours before a Florida woman and her 8-year-old son were fatally shot last week, police accused her of making "false accusations" and told her to "stop calling 911," according to policy body camera video released over the weekend.

Apr 03 08:14

Woman charged with child abuse for circumcising her 4-year-old son

An Eritrean asylum seeker in Israel is facing a charge of child abuse and 14 years behind bars after she performed a circumcision on her four-year-old son.

Apr 03 08:00

Head of US military kit-testing slams F-35, says it's scarcely fit to fly

Gun: fail. Flight: fail. Software: fail. Schedule: fail. Budget: fail. Plus 270 more fails

Apr 03 07:45

UN vote on Israeli settlements has changed little

Israel has also announced plans for more than 5,500 new homes in the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem since January.
Trump's UN envoy Nikki Haley has promised a much different approach.
"The days of Israel bashing are over," she recently told a pro-Israel lobby.
Note: The illegal settlements will continue as will the ass kissing of Israel.

Apr 03 07:44

“Susan Rice Requested Unmasking of Incoming Trump Administration Officials”

The reports Rice requested to see are kept under tightly-controlled conditions. Each person must log her name before being granted access to them.

Upon learning of Rice’s actions, H. R. McMaster dispatched his close aide Derek Harvey to Capitol Hill to brief Chairman Nunes.

Apr 03 07:36

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange avoids eviction from Ecuador embassy as left-wing presidential candidate claims victory

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dodged an eviction order in Ecuador's Sunday election, after the right-wing candidate who had vowed to kick him out of the country's London embassy was set to narrowly lose a presidential election.

Apr 03 07:23

At least 10 dead after subway station explosion in St. Petersburg, Russia

At least 10 people were killed and 50 others injured Monday when an explosion ripped through a subway train in St. Petersburg, the spokesman for the city's governor told Russian television.

Apr 03 04:50


Confirmation that the EU Commission has dropped its opposition to Nord Stream 2 – the giant gas pipeline Russia is building through the Baltic to supply natural gas directly to Germany – effectively ends whatever doubts previously existed about the project. More importantly, it also means Russia has won the energy war, which has been raging around the issue of Russian gas supplies to Europe over the last decade and a half.

Apr 03 04:14

Rosie O’Donnell Tells First Lady to Divorce President Trump

Rosie O’Donnell’s obsession with the President and his family borders on downright psychosis. The quarrel between the two originated a decade ago when O’Donnell made unflattering remarks about Trump’s decision to not fire a Miss Universe contestant. Since then, the two have gone back and forth, but O’Donnell was the obvious aggressor and the one who simply could not let the matter rest. When attacking the President did not have her desired outcome, she resulted to attacking his relatives.

Apr 02 19:57

Britain's nuclear stations, airports on terror alert

Britain's nuclear power stations and airports have been instructed to "remain resilient" against potential terrorist attacks, amid fears that their systems may be targeted by hackers, according to a media report.
Security services have issued a series of alerts in the past 24 hours, warning that terrorists may have developed ways of bypassing safety checks, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

Apr 02 19:38

Public education trains you to accept .01% ‘fake news’ with fake ‘real-world’ math problems, ‘teaching’ you to forget what you ‘learned’ as trivia unworthy of retention, producing stupefied adults unable to recognize lying ‘leaders’ hiding ongoing rogue s

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Perhaps this famous quote makes sense to you now:

“Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Vol. 1.

I wrote a 12-article series that public education is easily revealed as bullshit to train stupefied work animals (bullshit is the most accurate academic term). Connected is this 15-article series that American adults are propagandized through fake news: easily demonstrated as lies of omission and commission. The purpose of these two disinformation programs is to “cover” public recognition of ongoing rogue state empire (11-article series).

Apr 02 15:04

At 87 Buzz Aldrin becomes oldest person to fly with the Thunderbirds

MELBOURNE, Fla. — Famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin may have stolen the Melbourne Air & Space Show on Sunday even before its official start.

At 87, the second man on the moon became the oldest person to fly with the Air Force Thunderbirds. As he was prepped for flight with the elite squad just before 10 a.m. ET, a lucky few were able to take photos and video.

Apr 02 11:33

Subway Removes Ham And Bacon From Menu After ‘Demand’ By Muslims

Fast food giant Subway has removed ham and bacon from menus in 185 stores and switched to halal meat in the UK after “strong demands” by Muslims.

Apr 02 10:03

US-Led Coalition to Create Zones of Stability in Syria

A meeting of the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition of 68 countries – the first meeting of the coalition since Donald Trump was elected US President – was held in Washington last week. It was announced that the US policy’s goal is creating «interim zones of stability» – the term used by State Secretary Rex Tillerson. It stops short of «safe zones», which the American military leaders are reluctant to use, despite of the fact that it is used by members of administration. It does not change the gist of the matter, meaning by and large the very same thing.

Apr 02 09:30

Fire engulfs 72-storey skyscraper in downtown Dubai

An inferno burned early Sunday in a high-rise tower complex being built alongside Dubai's largest mall, its thick black smoke shrouding surrounding buildings in a desert metropolis where skyscraper blazes remain a worry.

Though authorities said the fire caused no injuries, the blaze happened just a block away from the 63-story The Address Downtown Dubai tower, which burned in an inferno seen around the world on New Year's Eve on 2015.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Any second that building will collapse into its own footprint, just like WTC 7. Any second. Any second.........Gonna collapse.....Any second........ Any second now......"

Apr 02 09:19

Gingrich: All of the real evidence on real money and real influence buying by the Russians relates to Democrats

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox News Sunday to question the credibility of the House Intelligence Committee and media’s narrative on so-called Russian interference with U.S. electoral systems.

Apr 02 09:18

Spicer Skewers Media For Defending Dr. Farkas, Calls Her Public Admissions of Collecting Intelligence on Trump 'Devastating'

In today's press conference at the White House, Sean Spicer shifted the conversation away from the nothing-burger of who told Chairman Nunes about the Trump team being surveilled by the Obama administration to the public comments made by Dr. Farkas -- the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense specializing in Russia, who said "get as much information as you can" to persons inside the intelligence apparatus -- for the purposes of preserving intel on the Trump team in an effort to hide it from the incoming administration.

Spicer called her comments alone 'devasting' and posited the notion that had the media been treating the Trump administration fairly, they'd be more concerned with the intelligence leaks coming out of the Obama administration -- surveilling Trump and his team -- for reasons that are, indelibly, unclear.

Apr 02 09:16

Top Democrat: Obama Admin Was Investigating Trump Since Spring of 2015 (VIDEO)

Mary Anne Marsh, a principal of the Dewey Square Group, a Democratic public affairs consulting firm, revealed the Obama administration had been investigating Donald Trump since the spring of 2015.

Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president in June 2015.

Apr 02 09:16

Unmasking of Private Trump Associates Was For Political Purposes, Not National Security

Senior Fox News Correspondent, Adam Housley revealed today that Intel Chair Devin Nunes knows who unmasked Trump and his associates. Sources also told him that the unmasking was purely for political purposes to embarrass Trump and had NOTHING to do with national security.

Apr 02 09:07

Judge: Trump incited violence at rally in 2016

An Obama appointee! This is beyond the Pale on the part of this judge.

A federal judge ruled that President Trump during his campaign incited violence at a rally in Louisville, Ky., allowing the case against him and three supporters to proceed, the Courier-Journal reported.

Judge David J. Hale on Friday rejected the free speech defense in the suit against Trump, his campaign and three of its supporters.

The incident in question is when Trump, then a candidate for the Republican nomination, yelled “get ‘em out of here” at a campaign event on March 1, 2016, referencing protesters in the crowd.

Apr 02 08:55

Media’s Orwellian Newspeak to Justify Violence

During the Libyan intervention and the Syrian civil war, the Western mainstream media has invented a whole new lingo to serve the agenda of political establishments. Although a voluminous encyclopedia can be written on how the corporate media employs subtle deceptions and diversionary tactics to mislead public opinion but in this short essay, I will only expose the hidden meanings of three phrases that have been used ad nauseam by the news media in the last few years: that are, humanitarian intervention, moderate rebels and terrorism.

Apr 02 08:43

Pelosi Gets Unintended Response After Knocking Trump on Twitter

Pelosi Gets Unintended Response After Knocking Trump on Twitter — America hates Pelosi and Pelosi is leading the Democrats. The DNC is raising a giant middle finger to the last few remaining voters they have left. #FailingParty

Apr 02 08:25

Throw Away The New Playbook

If he's going to succeed, Trump has to start acting like a normal president , who deals with the reality of politics

(*That's a harsher critisim then I'd render, and I'm a Democrat . This comes from The National Review !
Trump should stay with the playbook , moreover; the plays he discussed with the team [us] before the election)

Apr 02 08:22


JDL member arrested for attacking Palestinian-American teacher ran anti-Muslim website

Apr 02 07:16

$13M in Settlements Paid to Women Who Accused Bill O’Reilly of Harassment

Fox News and Bill O’Reilly have paid out around $13 million in settlements to five women who accused O’Reilly of sexual harassment or verbal abuse, the New York Times reports. The women, who all either worked for O’Reilly or appeared on his top-rated television program, “complained about a wide range of behavior, including verbal abuse, lewd comments, unwanted advances and phone calls in which it sounded as if Mr. O’Reilly was masturbating, according to documents and interviews,” per the Times investigation. The women were given the payouts in exchange for agreeing not to pursue litigation or make their allegations public. Some of the settlements were completed in secret, and two happened after former Fox News chief Roger Ailes was dismissed following his own sexual harassment scandal last year. The earliest O’Reilly settlement happened in 2002.

Apr 02 07:15

Russian government posts April Fools' Day prank offering "election interference"

Need some election interference? The Russian Foreign Ministry is ready to help -- or so it says on April Fools’ Day.
On Saturday, the ministry posted on its Facebook page an audio file of the purported new automated telephone switchboard message for Russian embassies.

Apr 02 04:44

Overturned: VP Mike Pence Brings Congress One Giant Step Closer To Defunding Planned Parenthood


Apr 01 20:01

With Trump Approval, Pentagon Expands Warfighting Authority

Week by week, country by country, the Pentagon is quietly seizing more control over warfighting decisions, sending hundreds more troops to war with little public debate and seeking greater authority to battle extremists across the Middle East and Africa.

Apr 01 11:33

F-35 Continues to Stumble

The F-35 still has a long way to go before it will be ready for combat. That was the parting message of Dr. Michael Gilmore, the now-retired Director of Operational Test and Evaluation, in his last annual report.

The Joint Strike Fighter Program has already consumed more than $100 billion and nearly 25 years. Just to finish the basic development phase will require at least an extra $1 billion and two more years. Even with this massive investment of time and money, Dr. Gilmore told Congress, the Pentagon, and the public, “the operational suitability of all variants continues to be less than desired by the Services."

Apr 01 11:15

Trump's NAFTA Reversal Likely Tied To Oil Industry Pressure

(*2016Presidential Candidate Trump called NAFTA; 'the worst trade deal in history' , but he was only talking to us , when he did
This extensive article explains how keeping that campaign promise has met layers of corporate opposition , and rather then fight , Trump has succumbed .)

Apr 01 11:10

DNC Chair Tom Perez Rants That Donald Trump Didn’t Win The Election

Perez: ‘Trump Didn’t Win The Election’ — Republicans ‘Don’t Give A S**t About People’

Apr 01 10:28

‘Maybe worse than Cold War’: Kremlin spokesman on US-Russia relations

Trump has blown it. This is Putin's personal spokesman.Russia will survive a nuclear war with the US. The USA will not.

Ties between Russia and the US are probably worse than in the Cold War, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with ABC News, adding that the blatant anti-Russia propaganda has led to Americans seeing Russian hackers “in every fridge.”

When asked if current US-Russia relations could be described as “a new Cold War,” Peskov was not at all ambiguous.

“New Cold War? Well, maybe even worse,” the Russian President’s spokesman told ABC News. Addressing repeated claims that Moscow somehow meddled in the 2016 US election, Peskov blasted the allegations as libelous.

Apr 01 10:20

Russia launches super advanced nuclear submarine

The Russian navy will shortly receive Kazan, the second in class of the Yasen series of nuclear submarines, which has just been launched by the giant Sevmash shipyard in the northern port city of Severodvinsk in Arkhangelsk region. Russia has released this video of Kazan’s launch, which gives a sense of the sheer size of this submarine

Apr 01 10:03

Lawyers bringing defamation lawsuit against BuzzFeed use clickbait headline in official court document

Lawyers bringing a defamation claim on behalf of a Russian businessman against news website BuzzFeed have included a clickbait-style headline in an official court document.

Earlier this year, BuzzFeed published a leaked dossier about President Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia. Containing a number of unverified and salacious allegations, the report also seemingly falsely claimed that Aleksej Gubarev — a Russian technology executive — was involved in Russian hacking against the Democratic Party.

Unhappy that he had been name-checked in the report, Gubarev, via his Boston-based lawyers — Evan Fray-Witzer, Valentin Gurvits and Brady J. Cobb — commenced legal action against the media giant.

Apr 01 09:27

What You Need To Know About Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's Son-In-Law And Newly Appointed Advisor

It was Jared who helped prepare Trump for an appearance before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in March, and Jared who helped broker a truce with Fox News when Trump fought with Megyn Kelly, the network's star anchor. After Trump fired Corey Lewandowski, his campaign manager, in June, it was reported that Ivanka had demanded Lewandowski's dismissal for trying to marginalize Jared's influence...Most recently, Jared was on hand to help Trump choose Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate—over and above, it did not go unnoticed, the great nemesis of the Kushner family, Chris Christie.

Apr 01 09:24

I Am Fishead - Documentary Film (2011)


Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power, but in many cases, they became our role models. Challenge your beliefs! We have delved into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed something crucial about us.

Apr 01 09:14

Matt Drudge Just Came Out Of Nowhere And Shocked America With What He Said About Rand Paul

Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge does not personally tweet too often, so when he does, it is either when something has infuriated him or, more rarely, when he has words of affirmation. Today it was the latter, when Drudge praised Senator Rand Paul, tweeting that he had an "Intriguing lunch in hill office of America's best senator, Rand Paul. He's bold, brave and has somehow kept his heart in such a corrupt city."

Apr 01 08:44

When Hillary Clinton Resigned As Secretary Of State She Had Continued Access To Classified/Top-Secret Documents For Herself And Six Staffers. Enter Evelyn Farkas.

Lets start by asking who is Dr. Evelyn Farkas? Singing like a canary on MSNBC recently about urging her former colleagues to “get as much information as you can, get as much intelligence as you can before President Obama leaves the administration”, Farkas’ role was a more covert one when she was working on the Clinton campaign, and for all we know, still is.

Apr 01 08:43

Amid AIPAC Protests, Two Alleged JDL Members Charged With Assaulting Protesters

Nayfeh told Mondoweiss he had not planned to participate in the protest and that he was there to say goodbye to his daughter Danya, a Georgetown law student who wanted to attend the protest. His alleged assailants, Yosef Steynovitz and Rami Lubranicki, each face charges of committing a felony hate crime, as well as assault. Steynovitz is charged with assault with significant bodily injury, while Lubranicki is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon- the flagpole he allegedly used to beat Nayfeh.

Apr 01 08:26

Broken America

Is this the beginning of the end for the United States of America? It has been said that a house divided against itself will surely fall, and today we live in a shattered union. In all my years, I have never seen so much strife, discord, bitterness and resentment in this country. Everyone can see what is happening, but nobody can seem to stop it. Politically, you have got tens of millions of people trying to pull America one way, and you have got tens of millions of people trying to pull it the exact opposite way. As I discussed in a previous article, the term “civil war” is now being thrown around by some pundits even though nobody has started shooting yet. We are a deeply divided and broken nation, and if we don’t find a way to fix things America will not survive.

Apr 01 08:24

Russian Foreign Minister implies NATO collusion in creating the opioid crisis

As more of the blame for the world’s exacerbating opiate overdose crisis is now being rightly put on the pharmaceutical industry, the dark side of this epidemic in the fact that the production of opium containing poppies has exploded since the military occupation of Afghanistan beginning in 2001.

In Afghan fields the poppies grow
Between the crosses
Row on row.

Apr 01 08:16

Facebook Failed to Protect 30 Million Users From Having Their Data Harvested by Trump Campaign Affiliate

IN 2014, TRACES of an unusual survey, connected to Facebook, began appearing on internet message boards. The boards were frequented by remote freelance workers who bid on “human intelligence tasks” in an online marketplace, called Mechanical Turk, controlled by Amazon. The “turkers,” as they’re known, tend to perform work that is rote and repetitive, like flagging pornographic images or digging through search engine results for email addresses. Most jobs pay between 1 and 15 cents. “Turking makes us our rent money and helps pay off debt,” one turker told The Intercept. Another turker has called the work “voluntary slave labor.”

Apr 01 08:15

Officer demoted after telling man he couldn't record police

A North Carolina police officer has been demoted after he was caught on camera telling an Uber driver he could not record a traffic stop.
Local news outlets report police records show that Wilmington police Sgt. Kenneth Becker was demoted to corporal Wednesday. The demotion costs Becker $1.38 an hour.

Apr 01 08:01

Three people are arrested for starting the massive blaze that caused an overpass to COLLAPSE on Interstate 85 in Atlanta as authorities warn there will traffic chaos for MONTHS

Three people have been arrested in connection with a massive fire under Interstate 85 in Atlanta that caused a portion of the bridge to collapse on Thursday.

Deputy Insurance Commissioner Jay Florence confirms the suspects were arrested Friday.

He identified them as Basil Eleby, Sophia Bruner and Barry Thomas. Eleby faces a charge of criminal damage to property, while Bruner and Thomas were each charged with criminal trespass.

'We believe they were together when the fire was set and Eleby is the one who set the fire,' Florence told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Eleby appears to have a criminal past which included a cocaine arrest.

Florence would not discuss how the fire was started or why, saying those details would be released as the investigation progresses.

Apr 01 08:00


Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., became the first Republican to call for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation into Russia’s attempts to influence the presidential election.

Apr 01 07:57

Vault 7: Wikileaks reveals CIA tool that makes their hack attacks appear to come from Russia

In yet another stunning series of revelations, Wikileaks has published hundreds more CIA files that show that the secretive intelligence agency has tools that specifically allow them to disguise their own hacking attacks in order to make them appear to come from multiple different foreign nations.

Apr 01 07:55

Council to Lt. Gen. Flynn seeks assurances “against unfair prosecution” in a “witch hunt environment”

Circulating headlines regarding Lt. General Michael Flynn declare that the former National Security Advisor to Trump has demanded “immunity” to testify in the Trump-Russia intelligence hearings as if he is going to unleash a bag of worms on the Trump Administration over something he may or may not know.

Apr 01 07:51

Citizens stand up to corrupt L.A. Board of Supervisors members who support illegal immigration

The truth came out at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors – County of Los Angeles meeting when citizens overwhelmingly expressed their concerns over illegal immigration.

Watch Video...

Apr 01 07:50

“White genocide” Drexel University professor now attacking American veterans

The Drexel University professor who became infamous after calling for white genocide on Christmas is at it again, this time openly attacking American veterans after seeing a passenger on his plane give up their seat to a uniformed soldier.

Apr 01 07:36

This Vending Machine Punishes You For Buying Junk Food

Brad Appelhans knows that people who have poor eating habits will eventually shorten their life expectancy down the road, but that "down the road" reality is what fools us into thinking that fate is a foregone conclusion. In reality, we have plenty of time to "mend our ways," so to speak.

Apr 01 07:36

Christian nurse Sarah Kuteh sacked after telling cancer patient he had better chance of survival if he prayed to God

A Christian who was fired after offering to pray with patients ahead of their surgery has claimed she was unfairly dismissed.
Sarah Kuteh was ordered to leave her position at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent, following a series of patient complaints.

Apr 01 07:36

What They Said

Hillary, who has promised to move the U.S.-Israel relationship up to the “next level” of subservience, started with the obligatory loud sucking noises about how much she loves Israel before citing “Iran’s continued aggression.” In the past she has threatened to “obliterate” Iran.

Donald Trump was, if possible, even more outrageous than Hillary opening his rant with a prolonged encomium on “…our strategic ally, our unbreakable friendship and our cultural brother, the only democracy in the Middle East, the state of Israel,” nearly every element of which is either a lie or a misrepresentation.

Apr 01 07:26

AIPAC Is Back In Town!

AIPAC is the most powerful foreign policy lobby in Washington. Its annual budget exceeds $77 million plus it has an endowment of $100 million. It has nearly 400 employees and also supports local chapters and initiatives throughout the United States. What do all those employees do? They mostly lobby Congress and increasingly state legislatures shamelessly on behalf of a foreign country that has little in the way of actual common interests with the United States. When anything happens in the Middle East, AIPAC’s drones get to work, drafting up position papers detailing the Israeli position which are then placed by runners on the desks of every single congressman within a matter of hours. T

Apr 01 06:13

Russia Justifiably Fears Possible Preemptive US Nuclear Attack

(*Buttercup Russia Is Jumping To Conclusions!
it hasn't been 100 days yet)

Apr 01 05:47

Canadians Report More Scrutiny And Rejection At U.S. Border Checkpoints

(*They Started It! whitehorse souce)
Americans increasingly refused entry to Canada, documents show

Apr 01 04:42

Trump Administration Drops Human Rights in Bahrain F-16 Deal:

>>>Though there are oportunities for the comgress to block the sale , it is unlikely they will , given the Republican majority's strong support for the sale .

Mar 31 20:08

A tale of two Houses of Commons - one in London, one in Ottawa, and what happened at each within a day of each other

Not to be missed:
From The Mark Steyn Show, a tale of two Houses of Commons - one in London, one in Ottawa, and what happened at each within a day of each other.

Mar 31 16:42

More Dangerous Than The NSA? The Massive Spy Agency You Haven’t Heard Of

If you’re one of the countless Americans who was distraught to learn of the revelations made by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, the mere idea that there might be yet another agency out there - perhaps just as powerful and much more intrusive - should give you goosebumps.

Mar 31 16:12

Trump Decreases Illegal Immigration by 60%

Interestingly enough, it appears as though the Trump administration will be continuing certain tactics that were implemented during the Obama administration. Sessions noted that similarly to the previous administration, the current one will send grant notices to persons, requiring them to assure that they’re in compliance with the law and warning that various fundings will be discontinued if they fail to do so. The attorney general stated that this course of action is not the preferred one; the Trump administration would much rather see cities abide by the law.

Mar 31 14:49

“Official” UK anti-Semitism definition gets two-finger salute from legal experts

Stuart Littlewood explains why legal experts have dismissed the “official” UK definition of anti-Semitism, and hopes this will encourage academic and party leaders to resist Israel lobby bullying.

Mar 31 14:34

The Ticking Time Bomb That Will Wipe Out Virtually Every Pension Fund In America

Are millions of Americans about to see the big, juicy pensions that they were counting on to fund their golden years go up in flames in the biggest financial disaster in U.S. history? When Bloomberg published an editorial entitled “Pension Crisis Too Big for Markets to Ignore“, it simply confirmed what a lot of people already knew to be true. Pension funds all over America are woefully underfunded, and they have been pouring mind boggling amounts of money into very risky investments such as Internet stocks and commercial mortgages. Just like with subprime mortgages in 2008, this is a crisis that everyone can see coming well in advance, and yet nothing is being done about it.

Mar 31 14:13

‘Climate science’ isn’t science; it’s religion

The scientific solution is to change the “carbon = pollutant” hypothesis since observation doesn’t support it, but “climate science” isn’t science. It’s religion. Which is why the economy’s only hope rests on a carbon atheist in the Oval Office.

Mar 31 13:10

Yes. The EU President Did Just Advocate the Break-Up of the US out of Spite

Politics and Governance are guided by many things: ideologies, practicalities, economics and often circumstance, but the one area with a proven track record of failure is decision making by spite.

Mar 31 13:01

Here’s Why Italy’s Banking Crisis Has Gone Off The Radar

For a country that is on the brink of a gargantuan public bailout of its toxic-loan riddled banking sector, or failing that, a full-blown financial crisis that could bring down the European financial system, things are eerily quiet in Italy these days. It’s almost as if the more serious the crisis gets, the less we hear about it — otherwise, investors and voters might get spooked. And elections are coming up.

But an article published in the financial section of Italian daily Il Sole lays out just how serious the situation has become. According to new research by Italian investment bank Mediobanca, 114 of the close to 500 banks in Italy have “Texas Ratios” of over 100%. The Texas Ratio, or TR, is calculated by dividing the total value of a bank’s non-performing loans by its tangible book value plus reserves — or as American money manager Steve Eisman put it, “all the bad stuff divided by the money you have to pay for all the bad stuff.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is really bad; and the question that comes to mind is, how in the world will the EU and the IMF be able to bail this country out, without invoking extreme financial austerity on the Italian people, much as happened when the Cypress banking system fell apart?!?

And the short answer is, if things are as bad with the Italian economy as they appear, there will be no other way; and all Italian politicians know that should this happen, the Italian people will be very upset.

Mar 31 12:59


It doesn’t seem to take much these days for the supposedly tough and grizzled veteran journalists who cover the White House to become utterly aghast and offended as they get the vapors every other day due to something said by a member of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Mar 31 12:53

NBC Confirms Obama Administration Officials Saved Trump-Russia Probe Docs

Seemingly confirming the incriminating remarks from former Obama Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Evelyn Farkas, on the mad scramble by the Obama administration to collect and preserve intelligence on alleged Russian election hacking before Obama left office, NBC News reports that a former Obama official admits they made a list of Russia probe documents to keep them safe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IT appears that the DNC knew they had a losing candidate, at the end of the day, and HAD to find someone to blame!!!

Mar 31 12:53

Mainstream media caught printing more ‘fake news’

Snowden is not and never was a spy for Russia, China or anyone else. He is an American patriot who did more than anyone in decades to unmask the massive operation the U.S. government has to vacuum up all information on all Americans all the time. He’s hero and a true patriot, not a traitor; and should be treated as such.

Mar 31 12:48

Venezuela Bonds Crash As Political Situation Turns "Explosive"

Venezuela sovereign bonds crashed on Friday as a result of soaring political tensions after the annulment of the country's legislature by its high court on Wednesday, a move that ignited protests, invoked international condemnation and prompted the opposition to call for a military response to what it deemed a "coup."

One day after our report on the latest attempt by Maduro to seize unilateral control of the government and to isolate the opposition, the political situation turned "explosive" on Friday when Venezuela's powerful attorney general Luisa Ortega broke ranks with President Nicolas Maduro's government after the Supreme Court annulled congress, a rare show of internal dissent as protests and international condemnation grew. As a reminder, the pro-Maduro Supreme Court on Wednesday said it was assuming the legislature's functions because it was in "contempt" of the law. The opposition promptly slammed the decision as a "coup" against an elected body.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am deeply concerned that this situation in Venezuela will not end well, and that we may see a great deal more bloodshed, as the political/economic scene crashes into chaos, as we have charted in recent articles about the problems here.

Mar 31 12:37

The US Owes 3x all the gold ever produced

The US owes the world 453,000 tons of gold which is almost 3 times all the gold ever produced in history. The average American is totally unaware what is happening to his money since he doesn’t travel outside the country. He doesn’t realize how prices are going up every year, especially since the official inflation figures have nothing to do with real inflation.

Mar 31 12:30

"Manias, Panics And Crashes": A Stunning Warning From Bank Of America

Bank of America's Michael Hartnett is back with another controversial note overnight, reminding readers that "it ain't a normal cycle" for one overarching reason: central banks.

Mar 31 12:25

Hillary Goes Punk Wears Leather Jacket To Keynote Speach

(*jacket discussed . Whether She Was Paid Or Not , Moreover, How Much Was She Paid , isn't mentioned here .)

Mar 31 12:22

Is Post-Cold War NATO Heading Towards A Third World War? NATO and Western Militarism in a Multipolar World

The post-Cold War world order was expected to be peacefully unipolar. However, the quarter century since has seen the continuation of war – with the Gulf war, Western intervention in the former Yugoslavia, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and more recently in Libya, Mali, Ukraine, Yemen and Syria – and witnessed a progressive and ongoing shift toward multipolarity as the world’s economic centre of gravity shifts away from the US and the West. The effects of this shift portend further shifts in the established world order and its seemingly stable alliances and increasing the danger of war.

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I would very much like to give this event a shout-out, and encourage all who can to attend; we are on the brink of absolute catastrophe, if NATO goes to war against Russia, and the West may well not win such a war.

Mar 31 12:20

Social Justice Warriors and Bubonic Plague:Is There a Difference?

Liberals construct in their minds the world as they think it should be, and then try to live in it. Their goodness of their ideas is so obvious, so reasonable, so heart-warmingly right that we should have a happy multicultural society, black and white together, and brown and yellow and what have you, kum bah yah, and learn from each other, vive la difference. It doesn’t detract from the appeal of this theory that it allows those holding it to feel really good about themselves.

Mar 31 12:17

U.S. To Escalate Its Two Years War On Starving Yemen

The war on Yemen was launched to show the manliness of the Saudi princes. Well, that may not be the proclaimed reason but it is the only one that makes sense. The U.S. takes part in the war because … well – no one knows:

The morning after that NSC news release was posted on the White House webpage two years ago, Gen. Lloyd J. Austin, commander of the U.S. Central Command, was asked about the objectives of the U.S. support. His stunning reply remains the most accurate characterization from a U.S. official: “I don’t currently know the specific goals and objectives of the Saudi campaign, and I would have to know that to be able to assess the likelihood of success.” Other than dropping weapons with an unconscionable lack of discrimination and proportionality, it appears there are no clear goals and objectives to this day.

The U.S. provides planning, intelligence, air-refueling and the ammunition for the Saudi bombing. Without U.S. support this war would not happen at all!

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I am profoundly morally uncomfortable that my country, the United States of America, has chosen to be actively complicit in Saudi Arabia's war crimes in Yemen.

The Saudi military routinely assassinates and maims Yemeni children with their bombing runs:

Images: Yemeni children maimed for life and killed because of Saudi bombing runs

The Saudi blockade of Yemeni ports has left Yemeni children starving to death of malnutrition:

Images: Yemeni children starving to death from malnutrition, due to Saudi port blockade

And due to the massive growth of stillbirths, infant deformities, and cancers in Yemen, it is a pretty safe conclusion to draw that the Saudis are using depleted uranium weapons here:

Saudi Coalition shown to be using depleted uranium weapons in Yemen

Of course, the effects of depleted uranium, particularly on unborn children in the womb, are well-documented, as the US military saw in Fallujah, Iraq;
now, moms and dads of newborns in Yemen are recoiling at this same, monstrous horror being done to their children, courtesy of the Saudi military.

Images: Yemeni children deformed in the womb through exposure to Saudi depleted uranium weapons

And yet, apparently, the Royal House of Saud; the Saudi government; and the US government are perfectly comfortable with poisoning Yemeni children in the womb, and destroying not only their lives, but their families' lives as well.

I am profoundly reminded, in this obscenely callous disregard for human life as reflected in these Saudi military tactics, of the comment made by the Papal Legate at the siege of Montsegur against the Cathars, when he was informed that not only men were in the besieged castle, but women and children were also with them. He said, "Kill them all; God will find his own."

I just have to wonder when the massive air strikes, coupled with US boots on the ground, will accomplish this Saudi genocide in Yemen. And my sense of it is, relatively soon.

Mar 31 12:07

One day later, we still don't know what caused Atlanta's I-85 bridge fire

Authorities still do not know the cause of the fire. The area where the fire originated, he said, was storage for high-density plastic conduit used for cabling and fiber optics. He said the material isn't combustible.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said that city officials have spoken with the FBI and "there is no evidence that this is related to terrorism."

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Mar 31 11:51

"Manias, Panics And Crashes": A Stunning Warning From Bank Of America

Bank of America's Michael Hartnett is back with another controversial note overnight, reminding readers that "it ain't a normal cycle" for one overarching reason: central banks.

Mar 31 11:47

Dangerous Crossroads: Russia Fears a US Preemptive Nuclear Attack

According to Russia’s General Staff deputy head of operations Gen. Viktor Poznikhir,

“(t)he presence of American ABM sites in Europe and ABM-capable ships in the seas and oceans close to Russia’s territory creates a powerful clandestine potential for delivering a surprise nuclear missile strike against Russia.”

“The presence of the global ABM system lowers the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons, because it gives the US the illusion of impunity for using strategic offensive weapons from under the protection of the ABM ‘umbrella.’”

“The ABM shield is a symbol of the build-up of rocket forces in the world and a trigger for a new arms race.”

Since the onset of Western-instigated Cold War in the late 1940s, “analysts” in Washington and at the Pentagon believed nuclear war on Russia was winnable.

Madness persists, undermining global security, threatening humanity more than ever with neocons in charge of US militarism and war-making.

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I find myself becoming rapidly disenchanted with the Trump Administration.

There is a phase from the French language, and that phrase is "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.", translated into English, meaning "The more things change, the more they remain the same."

OF the two candidates last November, I really thought that President Trump would be the one to keep us out of these endless, bloody, and costly wars; unfortunately, what I see coming is a potential headlong war against Russia; North Korea; and Iran, with side notes of regime change in places like Venezuela and Syria.

Unfortunately, President Trump appears to have become a blunt instrument of the American Deep State, signing off on more wars, more misery, and a continuation of more wealth inequality here at home.

My disappointment is visceral.

Mar 31 11:46

It seems now NBC Confirms Obama Administration Officials Saved Trump-Russia Probe Docs

list of document serial numbers to give to senior members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, a former Obama official told NBC News.

Mar 31 11:26

Blowing ObamaGate Wide Open, NSA delivers the mail.

FOX sources:

The person who did the unmasking is "very well known, very high up, very senior, in the intelligence world & is not in the FBI

Mar 31 11:25

No Early Elections: Netanyahu Strong-arms Finance Minister, Kills New News Broadcaster

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached a deal with Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon Thursday that puts an end to a political crisis that threatened to see the government dissolved over a new public broadcaster, senior sources say. According to the deal, the broadcaster's news division will be dismantled.
Earlier this month the prime minister announced he was rethinking a compromise to allow Kan, the new public broadcaster to launch, but only following enactment of new legislation giving the government more influence over the new authority.

Netanyahu had threatened to dissolve the Knesset if Kahlon doesn't agree to pass the legislation, which would also ensure political control over all broadcast media outlets in the country. Netanyahu and Kahlon had met five times over the past week in bid to end the crisis.

According to coalition chairman David Bitan, Netanyahu and Kahlon had reconciled their positions and new elections won't take place.

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That the elections will not soon take place in Israel, is a real tragedy for the Israeli people.

Mar 31 11:19


As world powers focus on toppling ISIS, Iran is quietly gaining traction in Syria – posing a direct threat to Israel, eastern Mediterranean countries and the entire Arabian Peninsula, according to National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz.

“It’s very easy and convenient to focus on ISIS,” he told The Jerusalem Post. “But we have two challenges in Syria.

One is ISIS and one is Iran.

The greater threat is coming from Iran, and not just from its nuclear program. The most immediate and urgent threat is the Iranian plan to transform Syria, after this horrible, brutal civil war is over, into some kind of extension of Iran.”

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It is both interesting that Yuval makes this fact-free charge, and that the alleged JP journalist recording the interview does not challenge him on this.

While it is true that Russia has used an Iranian base from which to stage bombing raids in Syria last year,

Russia Sends Bombers to Syria Using Base in Iran

However, Iran has no permanent bases in Syria, and in fact, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has been foaming at the mouth recently about an alleged Iranian Naval base in Syria...which does not exist.

Bibi Netanyahu furious over non-existent threat of ‘Iranian naval base’ in Syria

And BTW, if you have not seen this video, please do so. It was done by a very charming, bright Israeli videographer, who decided to travel to Iran, and determine how the Jewish people in Iran are doing; the short answer is, they're thriving.

Video: Don't Tell Mother I'm In Iran

Mar 31 11:09

Used Car Prices May Crash 50%

Morgan Stanley's auto team, led by Adam Jonas, has just issued a report detailing why

Mar 31 11:05

AMAZON OOPS! Water Pipe Wall Sconce, SUN RUN Metal 4 Head Vintage Industrial Wall Light Fixture with Retro Style for Bar, Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom,E26 Socket Lamp

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Amazon will get nasty emails over this! :)

Mar 31 11:04

Tim Spencer from the Rural Survival Show on Saturday on RBN set up a go fund me

Background: On the morning of 15 March, 2017, I had a diabetic episode (low blood sugar) whereupon I became unconscious and then began to have mild seizures (this never has happened to me before). An ambulance was called and I was transported to the local hospital. Somehow during that transit, my left tibia was (mysteriously) broken in two places and my left ankle (trimalleolar fracture) was broken.

I was subsequently transported to University of Missouri Health Center in Columbia, Missouri by helicopter. Upon arrival, it was found that the breaks to my left leg were so severe that an external fixation device was required rather than a cast. The doctors were quite pleased with themselves for being able to save my leg – it would be an understatement to note I was proud of them also when I woke up the next day. Apparently, zero blood flow/pulse in my foot would have meant amputation versus the external fixation device...

Mar 31 10:58


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday lifted the government’s human rights restrictions on arms sales to Bahrain, in a move that Amnesty International called “galling” and “a dangerous signal.”

The State Department notified Congress of its intent to proceed with the sale of F-16 fighter jets and other weapons to the Gulf kingdom without the human rights conditions, according to Senate Foreign Relations Committee spokeswoman Micah Johnson. Congress now has two review periods to examine the trade and raise any objections.

Rights groups noted that Bahrain has a history of oppression against dissidents and participation in the Saudi Arabia-led coalition that has bombed thousands of civilians in Yemen—one of the six countries included in President Donald Trump’s now-suspended travel ban. (Notably, the Trump administration is also moving to escalate its role in that conflict.)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump's administration is rapidly disappointing me, and President Trump is well on his way to becoming the "AFAB President"; (anything for a buck from his defense corporation buddies).

That the flagrant human rights violations going on in Bahrain did not stop the US government from delivering weapons to its government is absoflippinglutely unbelievable.

So far, protests have been peaceful here, and I know that Bahrain is home to the US Navy's 5th Fleet.

But the message the Trump administration is sending here, is "We don't give a damn about human rights, as long as you'll buy our weaponry."

It is a message calculated to give any despot on this planet, massively suppressing their own people, a moment of pure and outright joy.

Mar 31 10:52

VIDEO: Fox News EXPOSES How Obama Rigged ELECTION With 4 Million Illegal Votes

Elections expert J. Christian Adams told FOX and Friends that there are 4 million dead people on US voter rolls.

Adams was the Voting Section Attorney at the US Department of Justice

Mar 31 10:45

Putin orders to draft over 140,000 men into army this spring

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Thursday to draft 142,000 Russian men into the Armed Forces in spring 2017.
The decree, posted on the official portal of legal information, enters into force on the day of its publication.
In October-December 2016, in line with the president’s decree 152,000 Russians aged 18 to 27 were drafted into the army. Last spring, 155,000 Russian men were called up for army duty. In autumn 2015, 147,100 Russians were conscripted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This would not be so worrying, in and of itself, because Russia does conscript; however, when it is combined with the following article, again from, the conclusions are worrisome in the extreme:

Putin beefs up number of troops in military to nearly 2 million

The US and NATO have been pouring troops and weapons into Eastern Europe for quite some time now, and many of them right on the borders or Russia, in a seeming move to "hedge them in", and are doing very aggressive exercises.

With this added troop strength, it appears that Putin, always the master chess player, is hedging his bets against some kind of a NATO "false flag" to be blamed on Russia, as the basis for some kind of military attack against it.

Mar 31 10:32

EPA Chief’s Refusal To Ban Brain-Damaging Pesticide Shows Profit Trumps Public Safety

Defying the recommendation of his own agency’s scientists, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has refused to ban a widely used pesticide that’s been linked to learning disabilities in children.

Pruitt’s order, signed late Wednesday, allows chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate insecticide that’s been used on crops from broccoli to cranberries since the 1960s, to remain on the market for agricultural use. The EPA proposed in November 2015 under the Obama administration to permanently ban the chemical on food crops, citing potential risks to human health. The move stemmed from a 2007 petition filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Pesticide Action Network North America.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump, a word, please; this EPA ruling makes me singularly unhappy.

But as consumers, we have the absolute right to protect ourselves, and those we love, from harmful chemicals like this.

Where ever you buy your vegetables, take a note on what companies produce them. Then call them, and find out if those veggies or fruits are sprayed with chlorpyrifos or glyphosfate.

Persist politely in those phone calls until you get an answer, one way or the other.

Then go back to where you buy your fruits and veggies from, and politely tell them that you can no longer buy certain of their fruits and veggies, because you understand that they are sprayed with harmful chemicals which have been proven to cause brain damage in children.

Trust me, they'll get the message.

Mar 31 10:24

Hillary Clinton and 6 aides had access to classified State Department information after she left office, lawmaker says

Ed Henry reported Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) had revealed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the 2016 presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, and six of her aides retained their access to top secret and classified information after leaving the State Department in 2013.


Mar 31 10:20


A new law quietly passed last December contains a waiver of informed consent that eliminates the requirement of pharmaceutical companies to let you know if a medication or vaccine given to you or your child is experimental.

Wow. One last Christmas surprise from President Obama.

This is according to Section 3024, “Informed Consent Waiver for Clinical Investigations” of H.R. 32, the “21st Century Cures Act.” Here’s the wording of the text:

Clinical testing of investigational medical devices and drugs no longer requires the informed consent of the subjects if the testing poses no more than minimal risk to the subjects and includes safeguards.

“Clinical testing” is not clearly defined. Furthermore, who the heck gets to decide what “minimal risk” is? The pharmaceutical companies? The FDA? Medical professionals? How incredibly patronizing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I refuse any vaccines because the negative impacts are always swept under the rug, and have done the due dilligence, in terms of understanding what I need to do to myself as healthy as any almost 68 year old woman could be.

Big Pharma really got its money's worth, in terms of supporting President Obama, and this was the last, huge payoff.

Pharma Election Money Backs Obama

Obama received 20 million from the health care industry for his 2008 campaign

Big Pharma's Political Contributions

This new law is a cynical reminder that when buying politicians, in order to get political/legal agendas changed in your favor, you need to be sure you are getting what you are paying for; in the case of Big Pharma, that was certainly true, in terms of this waiver of informed consent.

Mar 31 10:16

Seven pro-marijuana bills introduced Thursday in Congress

Seven pro-marijuana industry bills were announced Thursday morning by a bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers in the House and Senate, suggesting that 2017 may be the year real reform gets through the Capitol.

The sponsors range from longtime marijuana industry allies such as Oregon Democrat U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer to newcomers to the cause such as Florida Republican U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo.

Three bills were introduced in the Senate, along with four more in the House. In the upper chamber, the point man is Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden, who is sponsoring all three bills.

Mar 31 10:15

Hospital Deploys “Baby Rockers” To Cuddle Babies Left Behind

What if your official occupation was a “baby cuddler?” As a volunteer, you would cuddle babies into sweet comfort during the time of their most crucial need for bonding. According to one of the biggest addiction experts, you may have broken the cycle of addiction and crime by cuddling an abandoned baby….

Mar 31 10:04

PayPal bans Brother Nathanael Kapner

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I thought we were past this nonsense!

Mar 31 10:02


Are millions of Americans about to see the big, juicy pensions that they were counting on to fund their golden years go up in flames in the biggest financial disaster in U.S. history? When Bloomberg published an editorial entitled “Pension Crisis Too Big for Markets to Ignore“, it simply confirmed what a lot of people already knew to be true. Pension funds all over America are woefully underfunded, and they have been pouring mind boggling amounts of money into very risky investments such as Internet stocks and commercial mortgages. Just like with subprime mortgages in 2008, this is a crisis that everyone can see coming well in advance, and yet nothing is being done about it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And what happens to people whose pensions fail, because of the economic strains both cities and financial institutions are under?!?

There is going to be a lot of emotional and financial pain, begging to live with family members or friends; visualise, if you will, the TV series "The Golden Girls", but without the laughs.

I would strongly suggest that right now, you choose not to be a victim of such a potential calamity.

When it comes to financial issues, trust is either for complete idiots, or for those people who can do their financial advisors a great deal of harm, if their monetary outcomes are not to their liking.

If humanly possible, you have to be your own financial planner, and make sure that you have some hedges, including some physical precious metals which are directly under your own control.

Unfortunately, this problem is not going to be going away anytime soon, and no "magical thinking" on the part of a soon to be pensioned retiree, will make that happen.

Mar 31 10:00

Interstate 85 collapses in Atlanta in massive fire

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The story is that some PVC materials stored under the bridge somehow caught fire, and twenty minutes later the bridge collapsed.

Sounds like that bridge was about to let go anyway!

Mar 31 09:57

Border wall funding solved: GOP pushes for 2% fee on money immigrants send home. MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL

This bill is simple — anyone who sends their money to countries that benefit from our porous borders and illegal immigration should be responsible for providing some of the funds

Mar 31 09:54

7 things to know about the fiery I-85 bridge collapse

Around 7 p.m. Thursday, crews were battling a massive fire on I-85 northbound just south of Ga. 400 when a section of the highway collapsed, officials said.

Fire officials extinguished it Thursday night after it burned for more than an hour.

Later, Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency.

Here are seven things we know so far:

Mar 31 09:53

Buzzfeed is being sued for defamation regarding Russian interference in U.S. election.

defamation in regards to their publishing of “an unproven dossier on President Donald Trump’s purported activities involving Russia,”


Mar 31 09:47


One of the recently published papers cited is “The effect of Wi-Fi EMF on object recognition tasks in male rats” Hassanshahi A, Shafeie SA, Fatemi I, Hassanshahi E, Allahtavakoli M, Shabani M, Roohbakhsh A, Shamsizadeh A. The effect of Wi-Fi electromagnetic waves in unimodal and multimodal object recognition tasks in male rats. Neurol Sci. 2017 Mar 22. doi: 10.1007/s10072-017-2920-y. [Epub ahead of print], which has remarkable findings that must be considered as to how they apply to human brains and behavioral tendencies, including interferences with or lack thereof, in view of Wi-Fi gigahertz EMF (electromagnetic frequency) exposures.

Why should everyone be concerned about Wi-Fi and GHz? Well, in the Hassanshahi et al article mentioned above, the rats developed cognition problems from Wi-Fi exposure, which should not be taken lightly or pushed under medical or scientific carpets!

Quoting from the Abstract of that published paper:

Mar 31 09:40

Smile! You’ve just been identified by face recognition technology

Imagine a world where, as you drive into — or even walk through — New York City, your face is scanned and compared to a list of suspected terrorists or other serious criminals. Would this make you feel safe?

Now, imagine that the technology is error-prone, and may misidentify innocent people as suspects. What about now?

These are not rhetorical questions. New York is in the early stages of acquiring state-of-the-art face recognition technology to scan the faces of all drivers commuting between the boroughs of New York City.

The New York Police Department is already using face recognition to investigate crimes, and has done so since 2011. As of last year, its facial identification unit had conducted “more than 8,500 facial recognition investigations, with over 3,000 possible matches, and approximately 2,000 arrests,” according to a former NYPD official who helped establish the unit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even if one doesn't have an overdue library book, one has reason to pause over a technology which could snare an absolutely innocent person as a criminal due to faulty software, identifying that person as a criminal.

Psychiatrists in New York may see a sudden uptick in agoraphobia, where people are literally afraid of going outside, for fear of being mistaken for a criminal.

But then again, this technological development dovetails nicely with the US government backsliding into Code Napoleon Law, where people were considered guilty until proven innocent.