Oct 13 16:10

“The Wikileaks Bombshell Never Discussed By Media” (How Hillary REALLY Feels About Us All)

The Trump phenomenon – of an unstoppable celebrity entertainment figure assuming the mold of actual leader – is quite dangerous indeed, and something that the Clinton campaign has accounted for and discussed in emails:

“As I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.

The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly.”

Read more at SHTF

Oct 13 14:21

Stoking the Fire: Group Urges Washington to Station Nukes in South Korea

In a move that will likely only escalate regional tensions, a South Korean National Unification Advisory Group has recommended bringing back US nukes to deter aggression from the North.

Over the past few months, North Korea has conducted a series of escalating nuclear and ballistic missile tests. These have been roundly condemned by the international community and led to the implementation of harsh new sanctions from the UN Security Council.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This unification Advisory Council needs to be sacked, and immediately, by the South Korean Government. And it's characterisation as an organisation which sends views to the South Korean President on " how to accomplish peaceful unification" is a complete fraud, if they are, in fact, advocating this deployment.

This potential deployment of US military nuclear weapons in South Korea would the absolutely wrong message to send North Korea at this point in time.

The message it would send is "The US and South Korea are willing, and able, to invade the North at this time, and have the desire to do so."

It would also destroy any possible chance of China bringing its reluctant client state, North Korea, to the negotiation table to work with the US and South Korea on a peace treaty to replace the existing armistice, with guarantees for trade and free naval movement, in exchange for North Korea's promise to stop its nuclear weapons development program.

This would be honest, honorable, and perhaps create some light in the darkness of the enigmas of why Kim Jong-Un does what he does.

But the deployment of US nuclear weapons will not only exacerbate the tensions in the region, but also nearly guarantee war with China over North Korea.

Is this a reasonable way to attempt to diffuse tensions in the region?!?

The short answer is, no. And why?!? Because, I am sensing, that both with internal DNC polls and the White House polls, Trump is beginning to overwhelm Clinton as the candidate of choice for the American people; so they want to "gift" him with a war or several, before he even has the chance to take the Oath of office in January.

Oct 13 13:25

President Barack Obama admits he is “speeding up training of ISIL [ISIS] forces”

Obama caught red handed funding radical Islamic terrorism, in his own words

Oct 13 13:11

Obama Regulators Want To Let Factory Farms Label Their Meat ‘Humanely Raised’

Obama administration regulators have proposed allowing meat and chicken products to be marketed as “humanely raised” even if the animals in question were subjected to procedures that cause substantial suffering ? including unanesthetized castration, debeaking, dehorning and prolonged extreme confinement.

The proposed guidelines were recently posted by the Food Safety and Inspection Service, the federal agency that regulates how meat and poultry products must be labeled.

The new rules would permit meat producers to use terms like “Raised With Care” or “Humanely Raised on Sustainable Family Farms” simply by making up their own definitions for the terms. Each company’s definition of “humanely raised” would be entirely arbitrary, and regulators would perform no inspections to verify any of their animal-welfare claims.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow, every time I think that this Bizarro-World Obama Administration could not possibly get any more weird than it already is, they surprise me yet again, as with these coming non-regulation regulations!!

Oct 13 12:34

New Conspiracy Theory: Does This Email Prove the Clinton Camp Knew Justice Scalia Would Be Murdered?

A new theory is circling social media that the Clintons had advance knowledge that Justice Antonin Scalia would be murdered based on another Podesta email buried in the thousands released by Wikileaks in recent days.

The email exchange is between Hillary’s campaign chairman and DC lobbyist Steve Elmendorf, whose clients range from Facebook to Goldman Sachs and who is a former chief of staff and senior advisor to Democratic leader Dick Gephardt for over a decade.

Oct 13 11:40

Disgusting: Wikileaks Reveals Hillary's Camp Carefully Handpicks Which Shootings to Exploit for Her Gun Control Agenda

In a sane world not run by psychopaths, Wikileaks would be destroying Hillary Clinton's campaign right now. There would be no way Hillary could even look herself in a mirror, let alone continue to run to be the president of people the leaks show she hates. In fact, by continuing to run, Hillary has proven how utterly disconnected from the rest of the country she truly is, and how much she does not care at all about how much the majority of the country truly loathes the thought of her being president.

Oct 13 11:35


The real “deplorables” generally aren’t the people whom Hillary denounced as wholly “irredeemable,” or at whom economically secure commentators fulminate on a regular basis. More obviously “deplorable” are Hillary’s fellow financial, political, economic, and military elites who wrecked the economy, got us mired in endless unwinnable foreign wars, and erected a virtually impenetrable cultural barrier between everyday Americans trying to live fruitful lives and their pretentious, well-heeled superiors ensconced in select coastal enclaves. It is thanks to the actions of this “basket of deplorables” that we’re in the situation we’re in, where an oaf like Trump is perilously close to seizing the presidency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to Michael Kreiger: I am stunned, upon reading this,because it makes you appear to be something of an apologist for those elite who have screwed up things so badly for the rest of us, as though you think that, somehow, the Republican and Democratic fat cats who have created the "FUBAR" economic, geopolitical, and social crises which define this moment in American history, really want things to change.

Sir, I can guarantee you, that as long as the money keeps continually flowing in their direction, they do not want to see any kind of change which will interfere with this, period, end of discussion.

As long as no catastrophe shakes their collective apple carts, they are absolutely fine with the economic and social misery they have created for middle class Americans, who find themselves, many times, through absolutely no fault of their own, offshored and outsourced, in terms of jobs which used to be the solid underpinning of American way of life.

So they wind up, if they are lucky, staying with family or friends, while they sort out their next move.

If they are not so lucky, they will be come a part of the disenfranchised living in Obamavilles, in destitution, despair, and utterly no hope for change in the future.

But regardless of their situation after losing their jobs, however,they are most likely about to become a part of a shocking, and much-ignored American statistic: over 94 million Americans who want to work cannot find jobs, but are not counted in the Bureau of Labor Statistics, because they have allegedly been out of work "too long to matter".

As reported at in June of 2016:

A record 94,708,000 Americans were not in the labor force in May -- 664,000 more than in April -- and the labor force participation rate dropped two-tenths of a point to 62.6 percent, near its 38-year low, the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday. When President Obama took office in January 2009, 80,529,000 Americans were not participating in the labor force; since then, 14,179,000 Americans have left the workforce -- some of them retiring and some just quitting because they can't find work.

Welcome... to President Obama's Amerika, Mr. Kreiger,where 94 million Americans are not counted in the Bureau of Labor statistics, because it makes the numbers..."look bad", for the alleged "job creation" President.

But the real danger in which the elite deporables have left us has less to do with with a potential uprising of angry Americans, (because they understand that any violent protests will be met at the state and Federal level "with extreme prejudice"), than the geopolitical peril in which the Obama Administration has placed this country by his moves, in anticipation of a potential Trump sweep of the elections, in order to potentially gift him with one, if not several wars before taking the oath of Office in January.

Relations with China have been soured by Obama's condemnation of it's behaviour at the last G20 in September,in China, and the "Oafish" Obama took the opportunity to accuse the Chinese government (host this year of the G 20) of "aggressive behaviour in the South China Seas".

Barack Obama warns China of ‘consequences’ for its behaviour in South China Sea

I would like to politely point out, Mr. Kreiger, that this is the geopolitical equivalent of "relieving oneself" in the face of one's host, and then declaring it was raining.

So now, Kim Jong Un believes (probably correctly) that he can experiment with developing nuclear weapons with impunity, because after this horrific slight against the Chinese government, is not likely they have any appetite to work with the US government to create a peace deal with North Korea in exchange for its dropping nuclear weapons development.

Then, you have relations (or, more properly, the lack thereof) with Russia.

The US accused Russia of having "annexed Crimea", after the putsch in Kiev, which was a boldfaced lie, when the US, the EU and the IMF generated the take-down of Ukraine's duly elected government, under Yanukovich, and "anointed" Poroshenko, a guy with family connections to money laundering; human trafficking, and drugs.

Victoria Nuland, Undersecretary of State for Obama, boasted of what the US had spent to destabilize Ukraine, as reported at

We could fall into the abyss of war almost anywhere. In early 2014 the US sponsored a coup d’état in Ukraine replacing the legally elected government with their own specially selected thugs. US Assistant Secretary of State and Jewish Neocon Victoria Nuland express her admiration for the leadership and wisdom of the EU in a phone conversation over a non-encrypted device when she was quoted as saying, "Fuck the EU.” Nuland went on later that year to brag about how the US had spent $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine since 1991 using such incredible words in her speech such as justice, modern democratic government, human dignity, and economic health. She talked about how the paid for mob prayed for peace before rioting. How thoughtful of them. When the eastern Ukraine and Crimea later voted for reunion with Russia Nuland and the rest of the Neocons somehow forgot the words democracy and peace. So today the US and NATO blame Russia and Putin for the conflict in Ukraine when clearly it was a coup organized and financed by the US. I would ask any reasonable person to look at the actions of the US and the Neocons in Ukraine and try to convince anyone that the people of Ukraine are somehow better off with peace or prosperity. Nuland turned Ukraine into a Nazi run cesspool of corruption, blaming Putin the entire time.

So what was DC's Bizarro-world response to Crimea's deciding, in a free and fair referendum, to petition the Russian Federation to become a part of it?!?!

Why, sanction Russia, of course!! I mean, what else could DC do but blame Russia for something it absolutely hadn't done!!?!?

Then, there is the matter of Syria, where the US is using alleged "moderate rebels" with which to regime change Damascus, and end the presidency of the duly-elected Al Assad. Russia, at the request of the Syrian government, is making short work of ALL jihadists, US-government sponsored or not, and they are doing a good job of it. The US has even bombed a Syrian military site on Al Tharda mountain, and claiming it was an "accident"; but there is no such thing as an "accidental" bombing which takes over an hour, which happened here.

It is only a matter of time before Russian and US troops wind up at each others' throats here; the question is when, rather than if.

And to top it all off, Russia is now encircled by NATO troops in bordering countries; NATO has placed nuclear defense shields in Poland and Romania, claiming that they are to thwart any threat from Iranian missiles; but why, logically, would Iran be even thinking of doing this, after the P5+1 treaty?!? Would they not have a lot more to gain in trade from Europe than by pulverizing it with missiles, understanding full well that the US and NATO response would be to turn Iran in to an oozing puddle of ground glass?!?

So, logically, these missile defence emplacements are not at all about Iran, but completely about Russia, and Russian leadership knows this.

And lastly, Mr, Kreiger, since it has been your elites, which have put the US in such jeopardy, how in heaven's name can you begin to characterize Donald Trump as an "oaf", when it has been the oafish, pay-to-play, corrupt, keep- the-game-rigged in our favor" people who have created this crisis for this country and the world?!?

Can an "oaf" make the kind of money Donald Trump has made, even at the most conservative of estimates?!?Donald Trump's Net worth is $3.7 billion in US Dollars.

So, you seethe with enough resentment against Mr. Trump to poison the entire world,

And why?!?

Because, at his financial status, he should be "one of yours", who believes in "business as usual", even if that business destroys American jobs, and places us on the brink of World War III; it is because he absolutely is NOT "one of yours" that he may well win November's election.

And a heartfelt thanks, sir, for your having "outed yourself" by writing this article; you have just told your brother and sister Americans who - and what - you truly are, and whose interests you defend.

Oct 13 10:52

False Flag Attack Imminent in Syria as Globalists Engineer World War III

Waking Times

Americans are sleepwalking into World War III, and as events in Syria are shaping up it could come any moment as the biggest October surprise ever. At this stage in the conflict, we are one minor event away from all out war between the world’s major super powers, an event which would most certainly result in nuclear war. All that is needed is for the right type of false flag event to serve as provocation.

Oct 13 10:21


On this day the U.S. “celebrates” Columbus’s venture to the Western hemisphere in 1492. NYC celebrated with a parade down 5th Avenue, but there was another event taking place this day at the American Museum of Natural History. It was a peaceful “ANTI-COLUMBUS DAY TOUR” at the Museum. It did not receive the publicity of the parade, but three hundred+ people came to the museum to protest the racist nature of Columbus’s venture and the ravaging of the indigenous peoples of the Americas in the centuries to come.

The participants demanded the Museum be “DECOLONIZED” and Columbus Day be renamed “INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S DAY”. They also demanded the removal of the equestrian statue of the racist President Theodore Roosevelt fronting the main entrance to the museum. They demanded that artifacts of the indigenous peoples be returned to them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This PC crap has gone way too far.

Oct 13 09:51


It was just after sundown when a man knocked on Steve Talley’s door in south Denver. The man claimed to have hit Talley’s silver Jeep Cherokee and asked him to assess the damage. So Talley, wearing boxers and a tank top, went outside to take a look.

Seconds later, he was knocked to the pavement outside his house. Flash bang grenades detonated, temporarily blinding and deafening him. Three men dressed in black jackets, goggles, and helmets repeatedly hit him with batons and the butts of their guns. He remembers one of the men telling him, “So you like to fuck with my brothers in blue!” while another stood on his face and cracked two of his teeth. “You’ve got the wrong guy,” he remembers shouting. “You guys are crazy.”

Talley was driven to a Denver detention center, where he was booked for two bank robberies — the first on May 14 and the second on September 5, 2014, 10 days before his arrest — and for assaulting an officer during the second robbery.f

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Besides never living in Colorado, or visiting the place, if this is how their police interpret "to protect and serve", it is amazing how technology can justify the darkest sides of wrongful arrest,torture, and the complete destruction of innocent lives through its use.

Oct 13 09:02

US Justice Department Censures San Francisco Police Racial Profiling

The San Francisco Police Department has disproportionately targeted and used force against minorities, namely African Americans and Hispanics, an inquiry by the US Justice Department finds out.

According to a review released by the Justice Department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services on Wednesday, there are “numerous indicators of implicit and institutionalized bias against minority groups,” by the California city’s police forces.

Oct 13 08:58

In Praise of a President Who Offered America Eight Dignified Years Free of Sex Scandals

Older parents will of course recall the pressure of conducting presidential-themed sex ed talks with their children during former US president Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings. His scandal required explanations for all measure of tawdry things, from blow jobs to the proper use of cigars to why Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress would be considered evidence if it was worn so long ago.

Oct 13 08:58

HPD: 911 operator says “ain’t nobody got time for this” and hangs up on callers

A 911 operator is accused of intentionally hanging up on callers during emergencies simply because she was not in the mood to help, according to Houston police.

Oct 13 08:25

10 Things We Should Be Doing Instead Of Obsessing Over The 2016 Election

Here is a list of 10 things Americans should have been doing to strengthen their communities and empower themselves sociopolitically, economically, and technologically over the past 2 years instead of having obsessed over the ultimately irrelevant process known as Election 2016. It is ultimately irrelevant because regardless of who wins, just like in…

Oct 13 07:52

Facebook has repeatedly trended fake news since firing its human editors

The Megyn Kelly incident was supposed to be an anomaly. An unfortunate one-off. A bit of (very public, embarrassing) bad luck. But in the six weeks since Facebook revamped its Trending system — and a hoax about the Fox News Channel star subsequently trended — the site has repeatedly promoted “news” stories that are actually works of fiction.

Oct 13 07:51

Woman calls 911 after accident, arrested for DUI, tests show she is clean, charges not dropped

On July 25, 2016 Amanda Houghton called police for help after she was rear-ended at a stoplight. She expected Layton City officers would help her, but instead she was arrested for DUI and subjected to a body search that left her feeling violated. The arrest was recorded by a police camera.
“I was shocked. Who arrests a sober person for DUI?” she said.
She failed a field sobriety test but says it was because she was shaken after being hit at about 30 miles per hour. Her car was totaled after the crash.

Oct 13 07:39

Aeroflot plane in Geneva evacuated after bomb threat call, man arrested

A passenger plane belonging to Russia’s largest air carrier, Aeroflot, is being checked by bomb disposal experts in Geneva, Switzerland after a bomb threat was reportedly received.

Oct 13 07:01

Motives For ‘Intentional’ Connecticut Plane Crash Investigated By FBI

Investigators concluded that a small passenger plane that crashed in Connecticut on Tuesday was “an intentional act.” Police and FBI are looking into the possible motives of the 28-year-old pilot.

“All windows are open at this point,” East Hartford police Lt. Josh Litwin told reporters on Wednesday.

Oct 13 06:19

5-minute video: Most important facts are Orwellian-opposite to .01% talk to obfuscate OBVIOUS crimes in war, bankster looting, corporate media lying

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Matt Damon’s 5-minute reading of Howard Zinn’s 1970 response to lie-started and illegal War of Aggression on Vietnam and .01% looting, that equally applies to today’s lie-started and illegal Wars of Aggression and bankster looting:

Zinn argues the Emperor’s New Clothes obvious: civil disobedience to .01% fundamental crimes. See for yourself, then use your thoughts, voice, and actions for the virtues you most want realized.

The Crimes

The US is a literal rogue state empire led by neocolonial looting liars. The history is uncontested and taught to anyone taking comprehensive courses. If anyone has any refutations of this professional academic factual claim for any of this easy-to-read and documented content, please provide it.

Oct 13 06:13

3 Storms lined up to hit the Pacific Northwest starting at 3am on Thursday

Get ready for some rough weather.

Oct 13 05:57

Jill Stein: Hillary Could Start A Nuclear War With Russia, 'Much Scarier' Than Trump

Green party candidate Jill Stein is warning Americans that Hillary Clinton's "declared policy in Syria" could slide us "into a nuclear war" with Russia.

Oct 13 05:51

Ann Coulter: "Same Media Gasping in Horror at 'P*ssy' Sure Didn't Mind My Being Called a C*nt Repeatedly"

During last month's Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe, Ann Coulter was called a "c*nt" 19 times by the same media who are now "gasping in horror" at Trump's p*ssy comments.

Oct 12 22:20

Scott Adams: The Era of Women

This is a good time to remind you that I endorse Gary Johnson because he only touches himself.

Oct 12 21:27

US Navy attacks Houthi positions for the first time in Yemen

In retaliation for a "Random Missile"? Can you say Gulf of Tonkin?
Looks like the USN has entered the Yemen War outright to save the Saudi's butts!

SANAA, YEMEN (6:10 A.M.) - Minutes ago, the U.S. naval destroyer, USS Mason, launched several missiles at the Houthi forces that were positioned along the Yemeni coast.

This attack by the U.S. Navy was conducted in response to a random missile that was fired towards the USS Mason this morning.

Oct 12 14:20

Here’s Why Haitians Are Urging You Not To Donate To The Red Cross

As the death toll in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew reaches 1,000 and 1.4 million people are left “in need of humanitarian assistance,” reports of deadly cholera outbreaks are beginning to concern aid groups. But despite the desperate pleas for help coming from the hurricane-torn island nation, some Haitians are not thrilled about the…

Oct 12 12:00

U.S. the stupid is starting WWIII

Every day the world moves closer to a nuclear winter. The finger on the trigger presses upon the button and only a slight movement will launch unthinkable destruction. The point that it is so unthinkable yet so close to happening is caused by

Oct 12 11:14

Case Accusing Bush Officials of 9/11 Abuses Heads to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to decide whether high-ranking George W. Bush administration officials — including John Ashcroft, the former attorney general, and Robert S. Mueller III, the former F.B.I. director — may be held liable for policies adopted after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Oct 12 10:28

Trump As President Would Pose Global Danger,To NWO Says U.N. rights chief

I added the part after the comma,but you know that is what he meant.
US out of UN,UN out of US!

WORLD NEWS | Wed Oct 12, 2016 | 5:26pm BST
Trump as president would pose global danger - U.N. rights chief

By Stephanie Nebehay | GENEVA
The world will be in danger if Republican nominee Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, the top United Nations human rights official said on Wednesday.......

Oct 12 09:28

Russian government officials told to immediately bring back children studying abroad

The education of children of the Russian elite abroad is subject to constant ridicule and derision against the ruling regime

Oct 12 09:14

Wall Street speeches reveal the real Hillary

The (true) story that Hillary Clinton is a liar on issues big and small, that she uses half-truths, deceptions and dissembling to cover up her reprobate behavior is an old one.

But it’s a story Hillary breathes more life into every day she moves closer to becoming president. The latest treasure trove of evidence: a WikiLeaks email dump chronicling her two-faced behavior in such dramatic tones that it should be required reading for anyone who thinks she has the temperament to lead this country. (She hasn’t denied the emails’ authenticity.)

Oct 12 09:10

20 Reasons Why It Should Be Donald Trump in 2016

He is not your ordinary politician. Yes, Trump is different. Guess what? That’s a good thing. His ideas – e.g., a sound immigration policy, returning manufacturing jobs to America, negotiating better trade deals – are not at all radical, but do go against the Washington status-quo.

You see, we’re supposed to select another perfectly malleable politician – a Republican not unlike a Democrat – who won’t shake things up too much while in office. Same ol’, same ol’. And you, little person, you are supposed to vote for more of the same and like it. But the American public has reached a tipping point – we’d rather gouge out our eyes than select another career politician or Washington insider. That’s just electing the problem to fix the problem.

Oct 12 09:10

Creepy ‘New Girlfriend’ Video Probed As Lead In 7-Yo Missing Teen Case

Police are investigating a possible lead relating to a 2009 missing person case after a disturbing video featuring a screaming tied up teenager introduced as the author’s “new girlfriend” went viral seven years after it was first posted on YouTube.

Oct 12 08:58

Nobody wants to host the Olympic Games

Cities used to covet the Olympic Games. Hosting them meant glamour and prestige.
Not anymore.
Rome became the latest city to abandon a bid for the 2024 Summer Games when it withdrew on Tuesday because of worries over the cost.

Oct 12 08:52

Guards, Inmates Both On Strike In US Jail In Alabama

Corrections officers and prisoners in a jail in the US state of Alabama have launched a strike over shared concerns, a report says.

Known as “The Slaughterhouse,” William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore has been scene of a strike by prisoners since September 9.

Oct 12 08:13

From Beyonce and Jay-Z to Chance the Rapper and Pusha T: Meet Hillary's rap-star supporters behind vile lyrics some say are way WORSE than anything Trump ever said

However, in the days since the Republican nominee's comments emerged, many are highlighting 'offensive' lyrics in songs from Clinton's supporters.

Conservative pundit Betsy McCaughey got the conversation going during a segment on CNN, when she read out some Beyonce lyrics in an attempt to discredit the Democratic nominee.

'Hillary Clinton expresses that she finds (Trump's) language on that bus horrific, but in fact she likes language like this,' McCaughey said, before quoting a line from Beyonce's hit, Formation.

'"I came to slay bitch, when he F me good I take his ass to red lobster"... That happens to be a line from Beyonce.

'Her favorite performer whom she says she idolizes and would like to imitate.

'So you know what I'm saying to you? There's a lot of hypocrisy in Hillary Clinton expressing such horror at the language on the bus.'

Oct 12 08:00

So Trump is (a very flawed) human - big deal. I'd rather be grabbed by the p**** than governed by one

And before you tell me, 'Yes, but I am not running for President' — neither was Donald. He was a businessman and reality TV show host when he had that private conversation in 2005.

The idea of standing for election wasn't even a twinkle in his roving eye.

But he became a man so sick of the system and its failure to get things done that he decided to stand up for the little man. To use his own money to fund his campaign. To try to give voice to those fed up with the Establishment telling them what to do, lining its own pockets all the while.

Donald Trump made it as the Republican candidate for President against all the odds. Because the average American shared his fatigue with politicians saying one thing and doing quite another, and was afraid of another four years of liberal politics losing control of immigration, the Supreme Court and the Second Amendment.

Oct 12 07:25

Boy with diabetes saves pennies for 4 years to get service dog

Aiden Heath's collecting of pennies paid off today as he came face-to-snout finally with his very own service dog, Angel.PHOTO: After years of saving change, Aiden Heath raised $15,000 to finally get himself a diabetes dog named Angel trained to monitor his glucose levels.
"Aiden looked at me and said, 'This is a dream,'" his mother, Jenni Heath, told ABC News today.

Oct 12 07:24

Police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes combined

On any given day in the United States, at least 137,000 men and women sit behind bars on simple drug possession charges, according to a report released Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch.

Oct 12 06:29

Illegal Alien Charged With Raping 12-Year-Old Girl On Bus Deported 10 Times

Perhaps Hillary Clinton feels if we just bring in enough of these rapists it will make Bill seem like less of an outlier.

Oct 11 21:51

[GUEST ONLY] Jack Posobiec/Cari Kelemen (10/11) "Explosive Revelation of GOP Coup Attempt!"

Listen to Jack Posobiec of "Citizens for Trump" relate the incredible story of deceit and intrigue behind the GOP's attempted coup over Donald Trump and our movement!"

Everybody needs to share this!

Oct 11 20:46

Trump campaign accuses Justice Department of 'collusion' with Clinton over email probe after Wikileaks reveals it tipped off her aide to hearing

Donald Trump's campaign questioned the integrity of the investigation after an email on Wikileaks in which one of Clinton's aides said he had had 'DOJ folks inform me' about a hearing.

The actual message was not part of the leak beyond an apparent start to it saying: 'Hey Brian, This was filed tonight.'

The message, from Brian Fallon, her national press spokesman, was sent to Huma Abedin, her right-hand woman, and appears to have been copied to John Podesta, whose emails were leaked.

Oct 11 18:14

Iranian child bride to be put to death for the murder of her husband after giving birth to stillborn baby in prison: Under Iranian law, murder carries the death penalty but pregnant women cannot be executed

A child bride is facing execution for the murder of her husband after giving birth to a stillborn baby in prison.

Zeinab Sokian was sentenced to death in 2012 when she just 17 for allegedly murdering her husband in her village in northern Iran.

Oct 11 18:13

Police investigating YouTube video that is believed to show kidnapped and missing teen from 7 years ago

The FBI is stepping in to investigate a bizarre YouTube video that some believe may be missing Antigo teen Kayla Berg.

Oct 11 17:34

New Emails Reveal "Friends Of Bill" Got Special Access From State For Haiti Recovery Contracts

New emails reveal that "Friends of Bill" ("FOB" for short) received special access to participate in Haiti recovery efforts after the 2010 earthquake in which over $10 billion in emergency aid contracts were awarded.

Oct 11 16:50

Proof That Even ‘Bee Safe’ Pesticides Cause Colony Die-Off

A new study which looks at bee colony deaths has shown for the first time that even pesticides marked as safe for use around bees are implicated in the die-offs of bee colonies. Researchers at The University of Maryland applied a different criteria to the latest study. Usually pesticide studies look at…

Oct 11 14:25

7 biggest revelations from WikiLeaks release of Podesta emails

Judge Nap Video -Fox Article

Oct 11 12:16

“A Lot of People Like Him”: John McCain Says He Might Write in “Good Friend” Lindsey Graham for President

McCain did not specify what constitutes “a lot of people” in his view, but even small toddlers learning to count via Sesame Street will tell you that one person (McCain) is not “a lot”.

Oct 11 10:48

Video Surfaces of Obama Showing off His Erection to Giggling Female Reporters; Hypocrisy on Trump Much?

This video speaks for itself. You can hear the gaggle of female reporters giggling about it too. Now just consider for a moment what would happen if this was Donald Trump.

Oct 11 10:23

One girl under the age of 15 is married every seven seconds, according to a new report by Save the Children. The study says girls as young as 10 are forced to marry much older men in countries including Afghanistan, Yemen, India and Somalia.

The study says girls as young as 10 are forced to marry much older men in countries including Afghanistan, Yemen, India and Somalia.
Save the Children says early marriage can trigger a cycle of disadvantage across every part of a girl's life.
Conflict, poverty and humanitarian crises are seen as major factors that leave girls exposed to child marriage.

Oct 11 10:23

BP has decided not to go ahead with its controversial plans to drill for oil in the commonwealth marine reserve in the Great Australian Bight.

It had boasted that the Great Australian Bight had the potential to be as big an oil field as the Gulf of Mexico, where there are now more than 4,000 oil rigs.

Oct 11 10:19

New documents show US knew helping Saudis in Yemen could be war crime

Officials doubted Saudi military could target Houthi militants without hurting civilians or destroying infrastructure, Reuters reports

Oct 11 10:11

This just in: Americans suck at saving money

Working Americans are generally recommended to save anywhere between 10 and 15 percent of their annual income. However, a survey by personal finance news site GoBankingRates found Americans are doing the exact opposite and spending more of their earnings rather than saving for a rainy day, USA Today reported Sunday.

Oct 11 09:57

GoFundMe Campaign Will Pay Legal Fees of Anyone Leaking New Trump Tapes

Donald Trump has been stung by so many damaging revelations recently it has become a case of when, not if, the next bombshell will hit.
While Clinton has fielded her fair share of Wikileaks, the Republican candidate has been hit by aleaked tax return, a clip of him appearing in a soft core porn film and a recording of him essentially saying fame lets him assault women — all in the last two weeks.

Oct 11 09:44

President Obama ends Olympic ‘victory tax’. The IRS will now be prohibited from taxing most medals or other prizes awarded to U.S. Olympians.

America’s Olympic athletes will no longer pay a so-called victory tax under a bill President Barack Obama has signed into law.
The IRS will now be prohibited from taxing most medals or other prizes awarded to U.S. Olympians.
The bill was passed by Congress this past summer. It applies to earnings from January 1, 2016 to January 1, 2021.

Oct 11 09:44

Skateboarders hold birthday party for woman who has collected bottles from their park for 14 years

She might not know an ollie from a shuvit, or ever attempted a backside 180, but Joyce Wong has carved out a sizable spot for herself in the tightknit community of skateboarders at Hastings Skatepark.

Oct 11 09:18

Perth man says 'thanks' after thief leaves money, removes problem stereo

A Perth man who had his car broken into last week has sent a very unusual message to the thief - "thank you!"
On Saturday, Tom Drury's uncle notified him the backdoor of his 1994 Mazda had not been locked properly when it had been parked on their Morley front lawn.

Oct 11 09:01

President Obama signs an act requiring baby changing stations to be available in men's restrooms

Just in case you've been losing faith in feminism and politics this week,President Obama signed the Babies Act on Friday, making it a requirement that baby changing stations be made available in all bathrooms of public buildings, even the men's room. Because dads need to change diapers, too. It's not much to counteract say, presidential nominees talking about grabbing women by their genitals, but sometimes it's best to focus on the little things. Like men being able to change their own baby's diaper in a public restroom.

Oct 11 08:31

Terror threat against Catholic British school as Muslims threaten to massacre 'infidel' pupils.

Anti-terror police were called to a catholic school in Doncaster following threats made against “infidel” pupils on social media.

McAuley Catholic High School, in Cantley Lane, was placed on alert on Monday after the school was told “we have our sights set on you”.

Oct 11 08:31

Yahoo Turned Off E-Mail Forwarding Just When People Might Want To Leave

Whether it’s become of the breach of their account data, reports that the company built a tool for the U.S. government to monitor users’ e-mail, the pending sale (maybe) to Verizon, or because they’ve simply outgrown the service, a lot of users want to quit using Yahoo for their e-mail. Some of them already had quit, and then learned that automatically forwarding e-mail to a new address isn’t an option.

Oct 11 07:32

NEW Ben Garrison Cartoon -“The Debate Souvenir”


Oct 11 07:22

Hillary "hates everyday Americans". Leaks just went nuclear, folks!

Clinton Camp: "I know she [Hillary] has begun to hate everyday Americans"

Oct 11 07:15

“twisted truth” : New WikiLeaks Confirms Hillary DELIBERATELY, Criminally Deleted Emails

In case you missed it, the latest emails reveal quite a bit: how Hillary really feels about gay marriage, a “hit file” on Bernie Sanders, and more. But most importantly, regarding her email scandal, it shows some rather damning evidence.

Oct 11 07:07

Swedish court releases gang rapists - starting to look like Sharia

"A woman bound to a wheelchair was gang raped by unknown immigrant men at a toilet. Now the rapists are released: She didn't fight back hard enough or tried to run.

Oct 11 07:06

Europe’s Newest Vigilante Group Lands In The U.S.

Mark Pitcavage, a senior research fellow with the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. “This is a nasty group of people.”"


Oct 11 06:55

Court rejects Dakota access injunction, but Standing Rock Sioux vow ‘This is not the end’

'This ruling puts 17 million people who rely on the Missouri River at serious risk'

Oct 11 06:41

Report: Government running simulations of nuclear war, false flags, economic collapse: “They can see what happens next”

There is a strong possibility that everything we see taking place around the world is all part of a very specifically designed plan

Oct 11 06:17

4-minute video: ‘Surrender vote’ for Trump/Clinton as President continues lie-started and illegal Wars of Aggression, bankster looting by the trillions, and corporate media lying to ‘cover’ crimes of the US rogue state. Alternative: demand .01% arrests fo

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

jumping the shark: pejorative idiom for desperate gimmicks to keep viewers’ interest after a show fails to maintain an original plot-line, and indicative of pending cancelation of the show.

StormCloudsGathering sharp 4-minutes of the 2016 jump the shark Presidential “election”:

The powerful case to We the People is relatively easy to present for anyone caring to exercise basic education to see:

The US is a literal rogue state empire led by neocolonial looting liars. The history is uncontested and taught to anyone taking comprehensive courses. If anyone has any refutations of this professional academic factual claim for any of this easy-to-read and documented content, please provide it.

Oct 11 05:15

Russkies at the Doorstep

In a year noted for crude political discourse, eagerly serialized in the mainstream media, the MSM are themselves bellowing anti-Russian rhetoric, conspiracy theory, and fear-mongering. Of the two “evil of two lessers” contenders, Trump is the one who regularly gets hammered, justifiably in the case of his anti-Muslim and other racist and sexist slurs, while Clinton gets a pass, even an A+, for her repeated verbal assaults on Russia and its president, even as she reeks of class hostility toward Trump supporters.

During the McCarthy era, the most perverse propaganda was about Russians hiding under beds; during the new cold war, it’s about Russians inside every telephone, computer, email, and website, while linking Putin to everything, says Guardian contributor Trevor Timm, “from Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn, Greece, and Spain.”

Oct 11 04:32

BEXALERT: UPI/CVoter poll: Hillary Clinton pulls into 5-point lead over Donald Trump

Misleading headline. The debate hasn't been factored in and half the story is Trump's 2005 vid. This is a left wing joke disguised as a poll. The article is almost funny! And it's an online poll with no known margin of error. Who writes this trash!

The UPI/CVoter daily presidential tracking poll for Monday shows Hillary Clinton pulling into a lead over Donald Trump of more than 5 percentage points.

The online poll shows Clinton up 49.92 percent to 44.39 percent.

Because the poll is conducted online and individuals self-select to participate, a margin of error cannot be calculated.

Oct 11 04:23

BREAKING: Massive Comcast Outage

Oct 11 04:15

Rumblings: Top Paul Ryan Advisor Leaked Trump Sex Talk Tape to WaPo

There are "rumors" that Paul Ryan's close advisor #NeverTrumper Dan Senor is behind the leaks.

Oct 11 04:13

Leaked Email: Hillary Knew Saudi Arabia and Qatar Were Funding ISIS - Yet Took Millions From Both

Hillary Clinton took over 30 million dollars from the nations of Saudi Arabia and Qatar--yet a new leaked email from Wikileaks shows in private she knew they were funding ISIS.

Oct 10 22:54

10,000 Supporters at Pennsylvania Trump Rally Chant ‘CNN Sucks’

Nearly 10,000 voters chanted “CNN sucks” during a campaign rally for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania Monday night.
“I’m telling you, they are so dishonest. Without the media, Hillary Clinton couldn’t be elected dog catcher,” Trump stated. “CNN is a disgrace.”

Oct 10 22:50

RNC-DNC Collusion

This is really funny political science.

We all know Trump is a showman, but who expected him to horn in on the legendary Houdini’s act?

Observe the PWTB’s curve ball set-up that became a boomerang:

Oct 10 18:11

Americans don’t know crime has plummeted. In fact, they think it’s gone up.

Since the 1990s, crime rates in the US have plummeted — with the murder and violent crime rates dropping by more than half.
Americans, it turns out, have no idea.

Oct 10 18:10

Haitians are urging people not to give money to the Red Cross

As the death count after Hurricane Matthew approaches 900 and reports of deadly cholera outbreaks begin to surface, Haitians have sent out desperate pleas for help.

Oct 10 16:30

Now Bill 'Rape' protesters target a HILLARY rally - and she says they need 'an intervention'

Hillary Clinton confronted still more accusations about her husband's alleged behavior – and Donald Trump wasn't even in the room – when a protester at her rally wore a T-shirt accusing her husband of 'rape.'

Clinton addressed the topic when a man wearing a 'RAPE' T-shirt with a picture of Bill Clinton on it was escorted out of her rally, prompting loud cheers from her supporters.

'You know, I do hope someone follows that gentleman out and stages an intervention,' Clinton told the crowd, yelling out a hearty laugh.

'He clearly has not been following this election very closely.'

Oct 10 12:38

Police Use Military Helicopter To Seize One Cannabis Plant From 81yo Arthritis Patient

Massachusetts State Police and the National Guard sent a helicopter, several vehicles and a handful of troopers to an elderly woman’s house to chop down one cannabis plant and haul it away in a pickup truck.

Margaret Holcomb, 81, grew a single marijuana plant in her garden, which she used to ease her glaucoma and arthritis ailments, The Washington Post reported.

Oct 10 12:07

“One Look Admits So Much Guilt”: Bill Clinton’s Reaction As Trump Names Ex-Pres Rape Victims

But perhaps no one in American political history – or anyone since Roman times – has been so widely accused of misbehavior, and yet remained in the political spotlight as Bill Clinton, and his enabler wife.

It's not clear if anyone can keep them from returning to the White House, but this one look from the former president tells more than words ever could:

Read more at SHTF

Oct 10 11:21

Debate Watch: Fly Lands on Hillary Clinton’s Face

She needs to declare her own,"No Fly Zone" and hope the little boogers don't have Russian air support and aren't packin S-300's up their little tails!

Twitter was abuzz last night over startling new revelations that… a fly landed right on Hillary Clinton’s face during the debate!

Oct 10 10:44

U.S. campaign against Columbus Day is growing in many cities, although most Americans aren't sure if they want to replace it with a day honoring Cleveland, Cincinnati or Dayton

Who doesn’t love having Columbus Day, the second Monday in October, off work to enjoy fall weather over a three-day weekend?
Turns out plenty of people feel that way, if it means celebrating an undisputed rapist and murderer.

Oct 10 10:44

Soda Companies Fund 96 Health Groups In the U.S.

Medical organizations, health foundations and government groups recently accepted money from Coca-Cola or Pepsi

Despite the fact that America has a severe obesity problem, fueled in part by the overconsumption of sugar, several prominent public health groups (including some that are government-run) have accepted money from soda companies in recent years.

Oct 10 10:35

Snow and Winter Storm Warning in Montanna

The national weather service in missoula has issued a winter storm warning...which is in effect from late sunday night through Monday evening.

Oct 10 10:26

Firefighter Plunges 30 Feet As Helicopter Rescue Effort Strikes Electricity Pole

Footage of a Honolulu helicopter rescue captured the terrifying moment a firefighter fell 30 feet from a safety basket while trying to help a stricken hiker on a volcanic mountain range.

The heart-stopping incident, which occurred on September 2, unfolded as aircrew from the Honolulu Fire Department responded to an emergency involving a rambler near the Diamond Head Crater tourist trail.

Oct 10 10:08

Sick Of The Creepy Clown Nonsense?

Just in time for Halloween, creepy clowns have been spotted all over the nation. My main question is this: why is everyone too terrified to fight back? They’re clowns, for heaven’s sake.It wouldn’t be very difficult to end this ridiculous trend if everyone would stop getting sucked into the hysteria.

Oct 10 09:22

Extracting Lessons From Police Shootings

The People of the United States have empowered some of their members to enforce their laws and to police their society, but things have gone terribly awry. The police are killing those they are sworn to protect and they themselves are becoming the target of public anger over racial inequality and discrimination. Video images of recent police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota were followed by the mass murder of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, apparently in response to these shootings

Oct 10 09:19

Scott Adams: Quick Debate Reactions from Switzerland

I just watched the debate on replay. Trump won bigly. This one wasn’t close. And keep in mind that I called Clinton the winner of the first debate, and I now endorse Gary Johnson, primarily to avoid being called an alleged enabler of alleged sex abusers and their alleged enablers. That basket of deplorables includes both Bill and Hillary Clinton (the alleged doer and the alleged cleaner-upper) plus Trump and his alleged misdeeds.

Some quick reactions…

Oct 10 09:10

Iranian woman is sentenced to six years in prison for an unpublished story she wrote about women being stoned to death

An Iranian woman has been sentenced to six years in prison after authorities found an unpublished story she wrote about women being stoned to death.
Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, a writer and human rights activist, has been convicted of 'insulting Islamic sanctities' because of her fictional story.

Oct 10 09:10

A professor is under fire after saying Black Lives Matter is as racist as the KKK

A college professor found himself in hot water after likening the Black Lives Matter movement to the racism of the Klu Klux Klan.
Douglas Muir, an adjunct professor for the University of Virginia, wrote in a Facebook comment that Black Lives Matter is the “biggest” racist organization since the KKK. The comment was written last week in response to a Facebook post about a Black Lives Matter event in Charlottesville.

Oct 10 08:26

Philippines President Duterte orders US forces out after 65 years: 'Do not treat us like a doormat'

The Philippines' bombastic President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered a halt to his nation's 65-year military alliance with the United States. Duterte, who is locked in a bitter war of words with the US, has taken steps to suspend joint military patrols and ordered American troops to leave the country.

Oct 10 08:26

In the UK, running a blog over HTTPS is terrorism, says Scotland Yard

In a bizarre case, Scotland Yard is accusing a person for six separate acts of preparing terrorism. Those six acts include researching encryption, developing an “encrypted version” of his blog, and instructing others how to use encryption.

Oct 10 07:10

Bill & Hillary: Murders, Lies, Money Laundering, Drug Running, Child Sex, Prostitutes

Hillary told Obama that she was most worried about the damage Bill could do to her career run for President.