Feb 13 07:32

Trump Vowed Not To Run $400 Billion Deficits. Instead He’ll Run A $1 Trillion One.

Fourteen months before he was elected president, Donald Trump vowed to make sure the country would never again run a $400 billion budget deficit.
“Well, he’s right about that,” laughed Capitol Hill budget veteran Stan Collender on Monday.

Feb 13 07:31

Israel is boycotting a film festival in Paris which plans to screen "Foxtrot", an acclaimed drama which depicts the Israeli army covering up the deaths of Palestinian teenagers.

Israel is boycotting a film festival in Paris which plans to screen "Foxtrot", an acclaimed drama which depicts the Israeli army covering up the deaths of Palestinian teenagers.

Feb 13 07:17

Parasitic worms known to infect only cattle extracted out of US woman's eye

A tiny worm species till now only seen in cattle has been found inside the eye of a US woman for the first time.

Abby Beckley from Oregon has become the first person worldwide known to have had an eye infestation by the worm, that is spread by flies that feed on eyeball lubrication.

Scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extracted 14 translucent parasitic worms of the species Thelazia gulosa, all less than half an inch (1.27 cm) long, from the 26-year-old woman's eye over a 20-day period before her symptoms dissipated.

Feb 12 16:39

Nursing Home Residents Getting Less In Food Than Prisoners And Guinea Pigs

Just on the heels of reports that nursing home residents are inappropriately drugged into oblivion by antipsychotics – new reports have surfaced about the abysmal condition of the food given to people in their golden years. It is reportedly worse than that of prisoners…and even guinea pigs...

Feb 12 16:33


Less than a day before a UK Court will decide whether to uphold a warrant for his arrest, Wikileaks Editor-In-Chief Julian Assange compared white powder sent in an envelope to Donald Trump Jr.’s wife with a similar envelope delivered to the Ecuadorian embassy in London last week.

Feb 12 16:18

BREAKING: Las Vegas Coroner – Stephen Paddock Died One Day After He Committed Suicide.

Police Department. It is shocking to find that the coroner says Stephen Paddock died one day after he committed suicide.

Feb 12 15:59

Jesse Jackson On Trump - Racist False Narrative Destroyed

This is interesting...


Feb 12 15:22

BOOM Susan Rice Is Trending And It’s Not Good For Her Or Obama

Breaking story just hit the wires...


Feb 12 15:07


RAW: Antifa Fascists Violently Disrupt Conservative Rally...


Feb 12 13:11

Walgreens gives the green light for all men to use the women’s restrooms — now they’re target of a new petition

Walgreens stores now welcome men who identify as women into women’s restrooms in all of their 8,100 locations.

The decision follows in the footsteps of a similar move by retail giant Target, despite the fact that there have been dozens of women and children victimized by male predators inside Target stores since that policy was enacted, according to the American Family Association. The non-profit organization has launched an online petition urging the drug store chain to reverse its policy.

Feb 12 13:10

Myanmar bulldozing villages in Rakhine to erase Rohingya history, show aerial photos

New aerial pictures of Rakhine state appear to show several bulldozed settlements of the persecuted Rohingya people, giving rise to concerns that Myanmar is wiping out history of the Muslim minority.

The haunting photos, recently posted on the Twitter account of the European Union ambassador to Myanmar, Kristian Schmidt, show a scarred territory with large patches of leveled land.

Villages incinerated during the Myanmar military crackdown now appear to have been completely bulldozed, devoid of all structures and even trees.

Chris Lewa, head of the NGO the Arakan Project, which has worked for years with Rohingya in Rakhine state, said that "the Rohingyas are shocked to see their villages razed."

"The Rohingya have the feeling that they (the military) are doing away with the last traces of their presence in the region," Lewa added.

Feb 12 13:08

Paradigm Shift: City Now Forcing Bad Cops to Pay Victims Out of Their OWN POCKETS—Not Taxpayers

One of the most corrupt policies in place to protect police officers who commit violence in the line of duty is the legal protection that comes when a victim files a lawsuit against an aggressive cop. When a victim of a police assault wins a lawsuit against the police department, the city’s taxpayers are usually on the hook for the restitution fees. However, a new policy change in Baltimore—which will set a revolutionary precedent—will finally have the guilty officers feeling the pain in their pockets for once.

In a memo sent out by police union president Gene Ryan this week, Baltimore City officers were warned about how they could be charged with punitive damage if a jury finds that they acted with malice during an attack on a citizen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

About time!

Feb 12 12:39

Obama Painter Kehinde Wiley Known For Portraying Black Heroines Decapitating White Women

Barack Obama unveiled his official portrait as painted by artist Kehinde Wiley at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC on Monday.

"Wiley typically portrays people of color posing as famous figures in Western art," the Portrait Gallery said of his work. "Through this practice, he challenges the visual rhetoric of power that is dominated by elite white men."

"Barack Obama said he admired how Wiley's photos 'challenge our conventional views of power and privilege.'", NPR reports.

Feb 12 12:16

Donald Trump Jr.’s wife taken to hospital after getting letter with white powder, police say

Donald Trump Jr.’s wife was taken to a hospital in New York today after opening a package at her home that contained an unknown white powder, police said.

Feb 12 11:56

Russia in the Crosshairs

Eric Zuesse notes that only Syria and Russia complain about Washington’s illegal occupation of Syrian territory, an occupation that has no UN authorization and is a complete and total violation of international law, and Israel’s continual attacks on Syria.

Washington’s continuing support for war against the legitimate government of Syria and support for Israeli and terrorist attacks on Syrian and Russian forces are undermining Russia’s efforts to bring peace to the region. Zuesse also notes that Washington and its UK puppet block all UN action against Washington’s illegality.

Zuesse is correct. But is the continuation of Washington’s campaign against Syria and Russia largely the fault of Russia? Stephen Lendman makes a case that it is Russia’s fault.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would argue that Russia doesn't wish to get into direct military conflict with the US in Syria, because it understands that this could well generate more wars with the US, which for reasons I will articulate later, which the US and NATO appear to be gung-ho to fight, putting Russia in the position of being forced to fight both in Syria, and in Ukraine.

Putin is moving heaven and earth to avoid that happening, understanding full well that the current anti-Russian hysteria in Congress and beyond, may well be a prelude to the larger war he is trying to prevent.

Putin has a very real world understanding of just what a world war does to the people who fight it; the civilian populations enduring it and the bitter physical results to places which have been utterly destroyed by wars; and because he has a very clear understanding of what World War II did to his country, he does not want to see it repeated, not in Ukraine, Syria, or Iran.

Steve Lendman, whose work I greatly respect, and frequently link to, needs to understand the following; like a giant ant, the US government is "trapped in the amber" of an absolutely unrepayable debt load, toward which the current spending legislation is adding, big-time.

The US government desperately needs a war with which to attempt to "misdirect" the American people about the reasons why their standards of living have slipped horrendously, as US government debt grows, unchecked,and there are many in the "bowels of power" in DC, who believe that a good war will be just the ticket to get the US government out of its debtload, and back on its feet.

Israel, with its recent attacks on Syria, against Syrian and the (alleged) Iranian presence will hardly stop now. They will continue these attacks until someone strikes back, or, allegedly has struck back, courtesy of an Israeli/US generated false flag.

Sooner or later, the US military will be called upon by Israel for a general invasion of Syria, "to defend Israel's right to exist", and to affect regime change in Damascus; The optics here mean that Iran most probably will not let this stand, so we will see Iran join the fray as well, on Syria's side.

For Russia, it painfully clear that the breakaway former areas of Ukraine, and Ukraine itself, are preparing for another round of military conflict.
Monitors warn of Preparations for a Fresh Surge in Fighting in Ukraine

This is where NATO will most likely be assisting the Ukrainians militarily, to attempt to gain back some of their purpose and credibility, and the US has already sided with Ukraine should the conflict escalate. After all, President Trump has signed off on supplying Ukraine with anti-tank weapons.
US to send anti-tank missiles to Ukraine By now, those weapons should have been delivered to the Ukrainian military.

So we will, I believe, have Russia - and the US - fighting on several different fronts, with NATO fighting against Russia in Ukraine, assisted by the US; Syrian, Iran, and Russia, fighting the US and Israel in Syria (and possibly against Iran) in a major war there.

I would like to hope to hell that I am absolutely wrong on this assessment; however, current events, particularly the major strike by the Israel's IDF against Syria last week, compels me to conclude, at the moment, that this is how the geopolitics of the next great war are going to play out.

Feb 12 11:39

Nigel Farage SAVAGES George Soros…

Nigel Farage says the world needs to wake up to the globalist nightmare that Soros plans to unleash on innocent souls worldwide. Broadcast yesterday.


Feb 12 11:36

'White Powder' Mailed to Trump Jr's Residence, Wife In Hospital

The wife of Donald Trump Jr. has been taken to hospital in New York after she opened an envelope containing an unknown white powder.

Feb 12 11:28

Teenage girls killed by 99-year-old RV driver on wrong side of highway: officials

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A 99-year-old man killed two teenagers in a head-on crash by driving his RV at night without headlights on the wrong side of a Florida highway, investigators say — and records show he recently passed a re-examination in his home state of Michigan that allowed him to keep his driver’s license.

Feb 12 11:27

'She looks like a freaking model': Winter Olympics fans go wild for Russian curler, 25, thanks to her piercing eyes and VERY passionate displays on the ice

Russian curler Anastasia Bryzgalova, 25, has set pulses racing on Twitter
Fans are impressed by her passion on the ice as well as her model looks
Athlete is married to her curling partner Alexander Krushelnitskiy
Pair won 2016 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship in Sweden

Feb 12 11:12

HomeWorld NewsSeoul won’t rush to renew joint military drills with US as new intra-Korean summit solidifies

South Korean President Moon Jae-in reportedly rejected a call from Japan to quickly resume joint US-Korean military drills. Moon has been invited to visit Pyongyang for what may become the first top-level summit in over a decade.
At a bilateral summit on Friday, Moon called on the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to wait before resuming the drills, Yonhap reported, citing a government official. The drills have been paused for the duration of the Winter Olympics, as part of Seoul’s attempt to mend relations with Pyongyang. North Korea considers the drills a major threat to its national security, saying they may be used to conceal a build-up for an invasion.

According to the report, Abe argued that the time to delay exercises scheduled for spring was not right and that Pyongyang had to change its behavior before receiving concessions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Call me cautiously optimistic here...

Feb 12 11:09

2 Ohio Police Offers Killed In Ambush…

Feb 12 11:04

Another Massive Blackout Struck Puerto Rico Last Night…But We Aren’t Getting the Whole Story

Last night, an explosion at a San Juan power plant regressed Puerto Rico’s efforts to restore power to the island five months after Hurricane Maria struck a massive blow. Much of Northern Puerto Rico has suffered another blackout, including the capital city.

But according to at least one Puerto Rican, we aren't getting the whole story from the media about these outages.

Feb 12 11:04

Trump Unsure If Israel Genuinely Wants Peace With Palestinians

Speaking to the Israel Hayom newspaper, President Trump has made comments all but unheard of among top US officials, openly questioning whether Israel “is genuinely seeking to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians.”

While Trump took his usual “we’ll have to see what happens” attitude of offering few details, he did caution that Israel’s continued expansion of settlements in the occupied territories are seriously complicating peace efforts.

Criticizing settlements is a pretty normal position for US officials to take, but question Israel’s willingness to make peace, despite many in Israel’s government openly opposed to making peace, is nearly unheard of, and likely to provoke a backlash, even though Trump did qualify it by saying he’s sure the Palestinians don’t want peace either.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. President, forgive my surprise at this but, can it be humanly possible you have just stumbled upon the realization that the Israelis don't really want peace with the Palestinians?!?

Well, sir, better late than never.

So now that you have come to this "Buddha on the Road moment", how are you going to approach your BFF in the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and change his mind about how to make this happen; or are you even going to mention it to him at all?!?

Feb 12 10:59

HANNITY | People Need To Go To Prison!

Feb 12 10:56

North Texas teacher dies after getting the flu

A North Texas teacher has died from complications from the flu.
Heather Holland, a second-grade teacher at Ikard Elementary School with the Weatherford Independent School District died over the weekend, the Weatherford Democrat reports. Holland got sick about a week ago and took medication, but delayed picking up the prescription due to the $116 copay, according to the newspaper.

Feb 12 10:56

Survivor runs from flaming wreckage after Grand Canyon helicopter crash that killed British vet worker, her boyfriend and his lawyer brother and injured their three friends including two newlyweds

Tour helicopter plummeted 600ft into the Grand Canyon on Saturday night, killing three British passengers
Veterinary receptionist Becky Dobson, 27, and brothers Jason Hill, 32, and Stuart Hill, 30, died in the crash
Jennifer Barham, 39, pilot Scott Booth, 42, and newlyweds Ellie Milward, 29, and Jonathan Udall, 32, survived
Survivor seen staggering from burning wreckage as others waited nine hours for emergency crews in storm

Feb 12 10:47

Oxfam's deputy chief executive has resigned after admitting the charity "failed to act" over concerns about two of its staff members' behaviour in the wake of the Haiti sexual misconduct scandal. Penny Lawrence said she is "ashamed" that Oxfam workers we

Oxfam's deputy chief executive has resigned after admitting the charity "failed to act" over concerns about two of its staff members' behaviour in the wake of the Haiti sexual misconduct scandal.

Penny Lawrence said she is "ashamed" that Oxfam workers were found to have paid for prostitutes while working as aid workers during the devastating 2010 earthquake, which killed more than 222,00 people.

Feb 12 10:45

Koreas Defy Naysayers on Winter Olympics Diplomacy

Diplomacy at the Winter Olympics has been an event covered like no other, and while some media outlets are in awe at the amount of progress that, by most accounts, has been made, there are also a lot of naysayers casting doubt on whether it amounts to anything.

The official US position has been to simultaneously downplay the talks, and to make some fairly high-profile efforts to undermine them. That seems to have been picked up by a lot of analysts as gospel truth.

The historic visit by a North Korean delegation that included both the parliamentary president and the sister of Kim Jong Un, handshakes, talks, and an invitation to South Korean President Moon to visit North Korea, have all been shrugged off by many as some sort of combination of a North Korean trick to undermine US interests, and one officials insist will fail.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Both North and South Korean leadership want peace, even if the two Koreas cannot agree on a reunification process; the only International actor in the region which DOESN't appear to want want such peace to happen... is the United States.

And - at this morning, right underneath this breathless headline, come the following headlines:

North Korea invites South Korea's President tio Pyongyang

and...wait for it...

Secretary of Defense Mattis: North Korea cannot divide the US from South Korea

Forgive me, Sec Def Mattis; it appears, as my late grandmother would say, "The Horse is Already Out of the Barn." on this issue.

And sir, the optics of any attempt to squelch this newfound ratcheting down of tensions between North and South Korea, are going to be perceived by the rest of the world, as a barbarically martial and repugnant on the part of the US government.

I mean, can you seriously be thinking in this direction?!?

One would hope to heck, NOT!!

Feb 12 10:36

After 4th DWI, Man Argues Legal Limit Discriminates Against Alcoholics

After his fourth driving-while-intoxicated conviction in 2016, a San Antonio man tried to overturn his four-year prison sentence by arguing that Texas’ legal limit on intoxicated driving discriminates against alcoholics.

Feb 12 10:36

North Texas Teacher Dies After Getting The Flu; Had Delayed Picking Up Rx Because She Couldn't Afford $116 Copay

A second-grade teacher in Weatherford, Texas, died Sunday following complications from the flu.
Heather Holland, who was 38 years old, started to feel sick last Monday and went to a doctor who prescribed her Tamiflu Wednesday, her husband Frank Holland told WFAA.

Feb 12 10:33

Paul Nehlen On Twitter Ban: "I Lost My Twitter Account Because I Stood Up For Whites..."

Paul Ryan challenger Paul Nehlen said Sunday that he was banned from Twitter because he stood up for white people.

Feb 12 10:32

Fox News: 'School Science Project That Connected Race & IQ Is Pulled After Complaints'

The first rule of Science club is: Scientific inquiry is no longer permitted if it leads to hurt feelings.

Feb 12 10:31

Man Arrested For Spanking Stranger's Toddler At Store: 'This Is What We Do to Kids in Mexico'

A 62-year-old Mexican man was arrested for slapping and spanking a stranger's 2-year-old son at a Krogers in Newnan, Georgia.

Feb 12 10:24

Truth Bomb From Devin Nunes | The Obama Crime Cartel Used Carter Page To Spy On Congress

Excellent hit from Devin Nunes yesterday with Maria Bartiromo. Runs 60 seconds.


Feb 12 10:23

Report: Equifax lost even more information on consumers than it told the public.

Confidential documents filed with the Senate Banking Committee suggest that Equifax could have lost considerably more personal information about over 145 million Americans to hackers than it’s publicly let on, CNN Money reported.

Feb 12 10:23

The Michigan town where only Christians are allowed to buy houses

Tucked away in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, somewhere along the winding roads that hug Great Lakes shores, is an idyllic town named Bay View. For more than a century, generations of “Bay Viewers” have congregated here to share in summer activities.

Feb 12 10:17


Lawmakers in Florida have called for New Zealand singer Lorde’s upcoming concert to be cancelled in protest of her support of the boycott against Israel, according to the New Zealand Herald.

On Thursday, State Representative Randy Fine cited a Florida law that says no state or local government can conduct business exceeding $1 million with any organisation engaged in a boycott of Israel.

Lorde cancelled her Tel Aviv show last year after an open letter called on her to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and show solidarity with the Palestinian people. The New Zealand singer-songwriter replied to the letter in a tweet: “Noted! Been speaking [with] many people about this and considering all options. Thank u for educating me I am learning all the time too.” She cancelled her show two days later.

In a statement on Thursday, Fine said that Lorde’s decision meant she could be refused under the state’s anti-BDS legislation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That a state in the Unhinged, Surveilled States of Amerika, can refuse an artist a venue because of her support of BDS is an absolute travesty.

Are we not supposed to be the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave", where expressing a minority opinion about human rights for Palestinians should at least be tolerated?!?!?

Apparently, in the state of Florida, not so much.

That Israel has so much control over state and Federal regulations, to regulate public opinion to the degree where expressing one's opinion about Palestinian human rights is a crime, is an intolerable legislative imposition, and the law needs to be struck down by the Florida Supreme Court, as absolutely antithetical to the First Amendment; if not the Federal Supreme Court ultimately coming to that conclusion.

Criticizing the government of Israel's policies is NOT anti-Semitism, although Tel Aviv has, in its own Orwellian way, has managed to twist the English language in order to conflate the two.

And Representative Fine, a word, please: the BDS cannot destroy Israel; it might, however, "pinch" financially enough, that the Israeli government might come to the table honestly, and begin negotiations which will enable a Palestinian state to exist.

It is a form of peaceful protest; nobody gets hurt, but it does draw attention to the constant trampling over Palestinians' rights, both legislatively in the Knesset, and courtesy of the IDF.

And sir, I am talking about incidents like those documented in the following articles:

The Israeli military detention of Palestinian Children

IDF Security forces abuse Palestinian Children

Palestinian minors arrested, suffer abuse

400 Palestinian Children held in Israeli Prisons prisons

Representative Fine, I am asking you, honestly, for one moment, to imagine how you would feel if such horrific treatment was meted out to your kids, and had done nothing wrong.

But you won't, or you can't, because you will always see Palestinians as "the other", not even worthy of breath.

Odd and, historically ironic, that response; there was a guy in Germany, back in the 20th century, who hated all he defined as "The Others" with such a passion, that he had them carted off to slave labor camps, where many of them died under horrific conditions.

Feb 12 10:13

People With Schizophrenia Can Be Trained By Playing A Video Game To Control The Part Of The Brain Linked To Verbal Hallucinations, Researchers Say.

People with schizophrenia can be trained by playing a video game to control the part of the brain linked to verbal hallucinations, researchers say.
Patients in a small study were able to land a rocket in the game when it was connected to the brain region sensitive to speech and human voices.

Feb 12 10:12

Xerox Engineers Say Chicago Crime Rate Fell After Printer Jams Fixed

Engineers at Xerox have made a bold claim for their skills at unclogging printer jams: their expertise was responsible for a drop in Chicago's crime rate during the mid-Nineties.

Feb 12 10:02

Big cat poacher is mauled to death and EATEN by the pride of lions he was hunting with only his head remaining at South African game reserve

Man is believed to have been hunting pride of lions when the big cats attacked
Screams were heard as he was being mauled to death at South African reserve
The lions devoured most of the poacher's body but left his head untouched

Feb 12 09:55

Comcast Considers Reviving Pursuit of Fox After Higher Bid Was Rejected

Cable giant’s offer for Fox’s entertainment assets was in the low $60 billions, exceeding Disney’s winning offer

Feb 12 09:43

Youngest children held by Israel jailed for months

Al-Bilawi was detained by occupation forces in December and his trial was postponed seven times, until he was sentenced on 22 January. He was also fined $100.
Israeli occupation forces have a policy of deliberately maiming and disabling Palestinian youths who resist their frequent invasions of Dheisheh refugee camp. Many others are arrested.
Note: paid for by the United States of America

Feb 12 09:27

71 Perish In Russian Air Crash - witnesses describe possible mid-air collision

Witnesses describe the plane burning before falling to the ground - some have stated it crashed into a helicopter, but airport officials have dismissed the theory.>>>

Feb 12 09:24

Utah Mom Upset After School Tells 6th-Graders They Can't Say No When Asked To Dance

A school dance rule described by a school district in Weber County, Utah as a way to teach inclusiveness raised concerns for one student's mother, KTLA sister station KSTUreported Thursday.

Feb 12 09:23

America Lost A Cyberwar To Russia In 2016. When Will We Have Truth?

Trump’s fantasy of a military parade and Trump’s choice to release or block congressional memos about the Russia investigation were the two big stories of last week. At first glance, they have nothing to do with one another. In fact, they are part of the same story: a grand cover-up of American defeat.

Feb 12 09:17

A week after Meredith takeover of Time Inc., sources speculate about potential buyers for some of the magazines, especially Time, Fortune, Sports Illustrated

it’s been a little more than a week since Time Inc. ceased to exist, and over at 225 Liberty Street on the banks of New York Harbor, where Meredith Corporation has assumed control of the 95-year-old magazine behemoth’s hundred-some-odd print and digital titles,

Feb 12 09:16

GOP Lawmaker Devin Nunes Reportedly Made His Own Fake News Website

A Republican lawmaker from California has been reportedly operating his own news website.
Politico reported that “GOP memo author” Rep. Devin Nunes and his campaign were behind The California Republican, a website that calls itself a “media/news company” in its Facebook description and claims to have “the best of U.S., California and Central Valley news, sports and analysis.” According to Politico, however, the website was registered by Alex Tavlian of Sultana Media, which was paid $7,773 by the Nunes campaign for “advertising; digital advertising management.”

Feb 12 09:15

Steve Bannon Said He ‘Didn’t Want to Be a Wet Nurse for a 71-Year-Old’ As He Left White House, Author Claims

Steve Bannon reportedly said he was “sick of being a wet nurse to a 71-year-old man” on leaving his role as White House chief strategist.

Feb 12 09:14

Trump Dossier" Sources Aboard The Crashed Russian Flight (*?)

Vyacheslav Ivanov is a CFO of Rosatom, Russia's nuclear energy company. He is alleged to have been involved in Hillary Clinton's Uranium One deal with Russia back in 2009 under Barack Obama.

This name appears on the list of the deceased in today's An- 148 air crash in Moscow. Reports are yet to be confirmed whether or not it is the same person.

Sergei Millian is a Belarus-born businessman who has worked with the Trump Organization and was reportedly a key source in the explosive Dossier alleging ties between President Donald Trump and Russia.

Glenn Simpson, who co-founded the opposition research firm "Fusion GPS", told lawmakers that a trip which the Trump Organization representatives took to Moscow several years ago had come onto the firm's radar as part of their research into Trump's business history.

This trip was organized by Sergei Millian, Simpson said. "Millian came up in connection with "Chris' " work as one of the people around Trump who had a Russian background." Chris is a reference to Christopher Steele>>>

(*probably nothing , but still another great vehicle to remind readers: Clinton/Obama are evil doers )