Mar 23 07:22

Europe, Islamism and some uncomfortable home truths

Central Europe, chiefly Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, remain largely safe from the terror threat, despite the former in particular being a Nato player in the Middle East. It is precisely because the reasons for this are so obvious that they cannot be mentioned. Poland is 0.1 percent Muslim, most of whom are from a long-settled Tartar community, Britain is 5 percent, France 9 percent and Brussels 25 percent, and those numbers are growing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 23 07:22

Brussels latest:

Mar 23 07:19

NYPD: Teacher Killed by Cop in Crosswalk “Assumed Risk” by Crossing Street

NYPD and the city Law Department are fighting a lawsuit filed by the family of a Brooklyn man who was killed in a crosswalk by an on-duty officer, on the grounds that the victim behaved recklessly by crossing the street.

Mar 23 07:18

Detroit mayor Duggan to announce 2 years of free tuition for all Detroit high school graduates.

All Detroit high-school graduates will receive two years of tuition at a community college absolutely free, announced Mayor Mike Duggan at a press conference yesterday.

Mar 23 07:13

Donald Trump slams Muslims for failing to report suspicious activity within their own communities but Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May says he's 'plain wrong'

Donald Trump condemned Muslims today for failing to report suspicious activity within their own communities - insisting they must do more to help prevent attacks such as those in Belgium.

The US Republican presidential candidate said it was ‘a disgrace’ that a suspect behind last year’s Paris attacks had been found after a long manhunt by police in an area of Brussels where he lived.

Mr Trump, who wants a ban on Muslims entering the US, condemned the ‘outrageous’ attacks on the Brussels airport and metro yesterday and said he would ‘hit ISIS so hard you wouldn't believe it’.

Mar 23 06:56

How many innocent men were convicted of rape before cellphones were invented?

Webmaster addition: Fake accusations of rape were a favorite "weapon" of the 1990s militant "male bash" feminists. A lot of innocent men were sent to prison on the word of women. NOW actually lobbied against the use of DNA tests to defend men, saying the woman's word should always be taken at face value. Apparently, rape was considered such a serious crime that even innocence could not be allowed as a defense. Catherine Comins, assistant Dean of Student Activity in Vassar, was quoted in TIME Magazine as saying that a false accusation of rape was a good thing for a man to go through!

Mar 23 03:19

It’s the End of the Line for GOP as We Know It

NATIONAL REVIEW:It’s the End of the Line for GOP as We Know It
“All I can say is this, I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Trump told ABC’s This Week. “But I will say this, you’re going to have a lot of very unhappy people [if I’m denied the nomination]. And I think, frankly, for the Republicans to disenfranchise all those people because if that happens, they’re not voting and the Republicans lose.”

(*NO! , the National Review is NOT conceding to Trump . They come close to admitting he's right but NO! , over at The NR , Trump is Never Right .
So , They're Right; It's The End Of The GOP As We Know It .)

Mar 22 23:53

US State Department: Terrorists plan more attacks throughout Europe

The statement released by US State Department on Wednesday said: "The State Department alerts US citizens to potential risks of travel to and throughout Europe following several terrorist attacks, including the March 22 attacks in Brussels claimed by ISIL (Islamic State terrorist organization). Terrorist groups continue to plan near-term attacks throughout Europe, targeting sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants, and transportation," the statement added. "US citizens should exercise vigilance when in public places or using mass transportation. Be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid crowded places. Exercise particular caution during religious holidays and at large festivals or events," US State Department noted.

Mar 22 22:32

Donald Trump Full Speech at AIPAC Policy Conference (3-21-16)

TRUMP: Good evening. Thank you very much.
I speak to you today as a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel. (CHEERS, APPLAUSE)
I am a newcomer to politics, but not to backing the Jewish state.
In 2001, weeks after the attacks on New York City and on Washington and, frankly, the attacks on all of us, attacks that perpetrated and they were perpetrated by the Islamic fundamentalists,
Mayor Rudy Giuliani visited Israel to show solidarity with terror victims.
I sent my plane because I backed the mission for Israel 100 percent.
In spring of 2004 at the height of the violence in the Gaza Strip, I was the grand marshal of the 40th Salute to Israel Parade, the largest-single gathering in support of the Jewish state......

Mar 22 21:22

The Psychological Foundings Of Suicide Bombers: A Palestinian Approach !!

There is no single innocent zionist in Palestine; they are all in all colonizers living on the Palestinian dead bodies and on their land and enjoying the homes of the natives after killing or ethnically cleansing them !!

Have you ever questioned that the ever first “suicide bomber” was a jew? And that he committed his massacre against the joyfully celebrating Palestinians "civilians" in their sacred temple? Why shouldn’t any nation of the world appreciate and even worship their “suicide bombers” like the jews do to this “butcher”?

Mar 22 18:16


*hyperlinks live at source*

By guest author, diogenes (bio below).



PART 3.1-3.4:  OLIGARCH'S PROGRESS (this article)

The Context of Progressive Origins  [3.1]

Mar 22 17:37

CNN Airs CCTV Footage From 2011 Claiming it Was from Tuesday’s Brussels Attacks

By Matt Agorist

Tuesday morning, the city of Brussels was shaken by multiple bombing attacks at the airport and later at the metro station right next to the European Union headquarters...

During the massive search and presentation of information, some disinformation made its way out on the airwaves, as well as the interwebs.

While claiming to have CCTV footage from Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels, CNN ran a clip of a chaotic scene of a smoke-filled subway tube with people running for their lives ... but there's a problem...

Mar 22 16:44

WannaBe Fuhrer: ‘Patrol And Secure’ Muslim Neighborhoods

Ted Cruz calls for law enforcement to ‘patrol and secure’ Muslim neighborhoods

"We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized," Cruz said in a statement issued after the attacks, which killed at least 32 people and wounded dozens.

Cruz spokeswoman Alice Stewart later said there needs to be a robust law enforcement presence in American neighborhoods where many Muslims live.

Mar 22 15:37

Chief Proponent Of Flint Water Supply Switch Hosts Public Meeting

More than one hundred people attended a meeting on the Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA) in Flint, Michigan on Thursday evening. The key presentation at the meeting was given by Jeffrey Wright, the CEO of the KWA and the Drain Commissioner for Genesee County. He titled his talk, with an unintended irony, “Dawn of a new era in water supply.”

Mar 22 15:31

13 RED HOT Pics of Our Possible Next First Lady, Melania TRUMP, #8 Will Get You FIRED up!

She isn’t just a pretty face though, Melania studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana. She has her own jewelry line and skin care collection. Her intelligence and her beauty pale in comparison to her big heart. Her biography tells us just how first ladylike she already is…

Mar 22 15:05

Before We Even Know The Details, Politicians Rush To Blame Encryption For Brussels Attacks

You may remember that, right after the Paris attacks late last year, politicians rushed in to demonize encryption as the culprit, and to demand backdooring encryption before the blood was even dry. Of course, it later turned out that there was no evidence that they used encryption at all, but rather it appears that they communicated by unencrypted means. Just yesterday, we noted that the press was still insisting encryption was used, and using the lack of any evidence as evidence for the fact they must have used encryption (hint: that's not how encryption works...).

So, it should hardly be a surprise that following this morning's tragic attacks in Brussels that have left dozens dead and many more injured, that encryption haters, based on absolutely nothing, have rushed in to attack encryption again. The first up was Rep. Adam Schiff, who quickly insisted that he had no actual facts on the matter, but we should be concerned about encryption:

Mar 22 15:04

Clinton Calls Closing Borders ‘Unrealistic,’ But Exempted Muslim Brotherhood From TSA Screening

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton claimed it was “unrealistic” for the U.S. to close its borders after a terrorist attack, but the Clinton State Dept. once ordered the TSA to not screen the al-Qaeda linked Muslim Brotherhood.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 22 13:53

Brussels Attacks – The Next Step: Bye Bye Europe

By Jon Rappoport

Hours after Donald Trump suggested the US should downsize its role in NATO, bombs went off in Brussels.

In the wake of the attacks, the Globalist party line is shaping up: Downsize? Absolutely not. NATO must respond. Led by the US, it must, wait for it, invade Syria, an ISIS stronghold. With ground troops.

Don’t even bother trying to figure out the logic behind that idea. It goes something like this: get rid of President Assad (who is in a war against ISIS) because somehow the Brussels attack is all his fault.

Led by the US, NATO should attack ISIS in Syria—ISIS, the group funded and backed and armed by the US government. Perfect.


Mar 22 13:44

Meet Jacinta Gonzalez Goodman - Soros Fellowship Award Winner

This is one of the people who chained themselves to a van to block traffic to the Phoenix Trump rally. She decided for people that they cannot go to a rally cause she didn't like it. She is believed to be Jacinta Gonzalez Goodman, who works for the George Soros Open Society Foundation and is a 2011 Soros Fellowship Award winner.

Mar 22 13:31

Turkey’s Erdogan Warns Of Attacks In Brussels Four Days Before Event Took Place

By Brandon Turbeville

In an instance of bizarre timing or, perhaps, foreknowledge, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Europe only four days ago that it could see terrorist bombings and attacks in its cities in the near future if it does not cease support for and cooperation with Kurdish “militants.”

Interestingly enough, Erdogan mentioned Brussels as a potential target by name...

Mar 22 13:19

The Deep State — fact not fiction

Over the past month I have written a few articles which reference something which I refer to as the “Deep State.” They can be found here and here.

In those articles I have posited that “it helps to recognize that there are four branches of government, not three. The executive, judicial and legislative branches which consist


Mar 22 12:59

U.N. now chipping refugees, tracking them in global database separate from governments upon world banker orders

After the heavy corporate and three-letter agency integration of Fitbit data and smartphone ping data with almost everyone who’s anyone in today’s society, one can only guess the next major step for public health integration is in fact human RFID implantation

Mar 22 12:05

Guess who ran security at the Belgium airport!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'll give you a hint. It's the same people who ran security at the airports used by the 9-11 patsies, the shoe bomber, and the crotch bomber!

Mar 22 11:32

Google funding for VRT News project

"VRT news agency apologised on Twitter for the [Brussels] CCTV footage being fake."
"Google's Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund is to contribute to the funding of Providence+, a joint project involving the Flemish public broadcaster VRT...".

Mar 22 11:24

LDS missionary injured in Brussels attack had been at Boston Marathon Bombing, sources say

A missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who was injured in the explosion at the Brussels airport Tuesday, had also been at the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, friends close to the family say.

The 19-year-old missionary, of Sandy, was dropping a female missionary bound for Ohio off at the Brussels, Belgium airport with 66-year-old Richard Norby and 20-year-old Joseph Empey when the attacks occurred. Norby and Empey were also injured in the blast.

Mar 22 11:20

BREAKING Bomb-Making Material Found in George Mason Univ. Dorm: 3 Students Arrested

Court documents reveal that three George Mason University students were arrested last week after police found bomb-making materials in their dorm room during a raid, reports Red Alert Politics.

One of the students was charged for possession of the bomb-making materials, while the other two were arrested on alcohol and drug-related charges.

Mar 22 10:56

Nixon official: real reason for the drug war was to criminalize black people and hippies

The war on drugs: Is it a genuine public health crusade or an attempt to carry out what author Michelle Alexander characterizes as "the New Jim Crow"?

Mar 22 10:56

Poll: Trump, Clinton score historic unfavorable ratings

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton register net negative ratings in double digits, indicating the front-runners for each party's presidential nominations are viewed negatively at historic levels, according to a new CBS/New York Times poll.

Mar 22 10:49

Is the USDA Just a Corporate Lobbyist Group?

In a sense, the fundamental role of science itself has been hijacked for selfish gain. Looking back, you can now see that the preferred business model of an industry was created first, followed by "scientific evidence" that supports the established business model.

When the science doesn't support the company's economic gains, it's swept under the rug, even if people are dying and the planet is becoming irreparably poisoned as a result. Today we live in a world where chemical companies and biotech giants can easily buy and pay for their own research studies, as well as the lobbying to support whatever legislation they need passed in their favor.

Their tentacles also reach deep within federal agencies, so that even the scientists hired to work on the public's behalf are thwarted as soon as their research clashes with the corporate agenda. Conflicts of interest have become the norm within virtually all fields of science, which creates a completely unworkable — and dangerous — situation in the long run.

Mar 22 10:34

Are these the Belgian terror bombers? Manhunt for ISIS suspect in white coat as airport CCTV 'shows two jihadis wearing single black gloves to hide triggers for suicide vests' in attacks that left 34 dead

The two suspected suicide bombers were both wearing black gloves on their left hands, which security sources say would have hidden the triggers for their explosive vests.

Um ... I thought the bombs were in the luggage.

Mar 22 10:25

Brussels attack victims legs 'destroyed' as if bomb in luggage: Witness

The legs of some of those killed at Brussels airport on Tuesday were shattered, as if the blast came from a piece of luggage nearby, an airport worker who helped carry their bodies said.

Alphonse Youla, 40, who works at Zaventem airport luggage security said that before the first bomb went off, he heard a man shouting something in Arabic.

"Then the tiled ceiling of the airport collapsed. I helped carry out five dead, with their legs destroyed, as if the bomb came from a piece of luggage" he told reporters, his hands covered in blood. "It's from the people I carried out".

Mar 22 10:14

Netanyahu hopes U.S. will reject U.N. resolution on Palestinian statehood

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "A Security Council Resolution to pressure Israel would further harden Palestinian positions and thereby could actually kill the chances of peace for many, many years.
Note: I wonder if the many years would be more than the 60 years already!

Mar 22 09:26

The U.S. Supreme Court declined on Monday to take up a lawsuit filed by two of Colorado's neighboring states over its legalization of marijuana.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined on Monday to take up a lawsuit filed by two of Colorado's neighboring states over its legalization of marijuana.
Nebraska and Oklahoma said Colorado's decriminalization has "increased the flow of marijuana over their borders," forcing them to expend greater "law enforcement, judicial system, and penal system resources," thereby harming the welfare of their residents.

Mar 22 09:26

In win for beekeepers, Minnesota links insecticide to damaged hives - Investigators confirmed link to toxic insecticide dust in the first test of a landmark environmental law.

In the first test of a landmark environmental law, Minnesota has compensated two beekeepers whose hives were severely damaged last spring by toxic dust that drifted off the fields of a neighbor planting corn.
Investigators from the state Department of Agriculture confirmed, in effect, what beekeepers have been saying for years: Even when used according to law, the most widely used class of insecticides in the world are acutely toxic to honeybees under routine circumstances.

Mar 22 09:19

Brussels Attacks: Suspects On CCTV At Airport

A picture has emerged showing three men who could be involved in the deadly bomb attacks which hit Brussels' airport and the metro system.

Two men wearing dark tops are suspected of carrying out the atrocity at Zaventum airport, reports say.

A man to the right of them, wearing a white jacket and a hat, is on the run and being hunted by authorities, it is claimed.

Maybe my eyes are going, but I can't see a rifle.

Mar 22 09:09

Why Globalization Reaches Limits

We have identified two different limits to globalization. One of them has to do with limits on the amount of goods and services that developed countries can absorb before those imports unduly disrupt local economies, either through job loss, or through more need for debt than the developed economies can handle. The other occurs because of the sensitivity of many developing nations to low commodity prices, because they are exporters of these commodities.

Of course, there are other issues as well. China has discovered that if its coal is burned in great quantity, it is very polluting and a problem for this reason. China has begun to reduce its coal consumption, partly because of pollution issues.There are many other limiting factors. Fresh water is a major problem, throughout much of the developing world. Adding more people and more industry makes the situation worse.

Mar 22 09:07

FBI "Increasingly Certain" Hillary Broke The Law, Stone-Walled By White House

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is losing confidence in Hillary Clinton and her mishandling of a private email server, a New York Post columnist suggested on Sunday.

"FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private e-mail server," Charles Gasparino said career agents had told him.

"Some expect him to push for charges, but he faces a formidable obstacle: the political types in the Obama White House who view a Clinton presidency as a third Obama term," Gasparino added. "With that, agents have been spreading the word, largely through associates in the private sector, that their boss is getting stonewalled, despite uncovering compelling evidence Clinton broke the law."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 22 09:06

NEWS Police find Kalashnikov assault rifle with body of Brussels attacker

Strange how no-one noticed him walking into the airport terminal with a rifle.

Mar 22 08:59

Republicans Spend $520 Million to Stop Trump. Michael Rivero

Mar 22 08:53

By 2025, some 1.8 billion people will face absolute water scarcity, and an estimated two-thirds of the world's population could be living under water-stressed condition

By 2025, some 1.8 billion people will face absolute water scarcity, and an estimated two-thirds of the world's population could be living under water-stressed conditions, showed UN statistics released on Monday.

Mar 22 08:53

Poll: 68% of Americans Blame the 'Mainstream Media' for Violence at Trump Rallies

A majority of Americans blame the media for escalating violence at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s political rallies.
In a recent poll, YouGov asked 1,000 American adults from March 14-16 their opinions on the violence occurring at Trump’s campaign events.

Mar 22 08:41

Prison-Based Gerrymandering Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules

A federal judge ruled on Monday that Florida’s practice of using prison populations to manipulate voting districts is unconstitutional, perhaps foreshadowing Virginia’s Supreme Court case questioning the constitutionality of its congressional districts.

Mar 22 08:33

French Police Report On Paris Attacks Shows No Evidence Of Encryption... So NY Times Invents Evidence Itself

Over the weekend, the NY Times ran a big article providing a bunch of details about the Paris attacks from last year, now that the lone surviving member of those attacks has been captured in Belgium. The article is mostly based on a 55-page report put together by French antiterrorism police and given to France's Interior Minister. Someone apparently gave the report to the NY Times as wel

Mar 22 08:32

Most Republicans Feel Embarrassed by Campaign, Poll Says

Alarmed by the harsh attacks and negative tone of their presidential contest, broad majorities of Republican primary voters view their party as divided and a source of embarrassment and think that the campaign is more negative than in the past, according to a New York Times/CBS News national poll released on Monday.

Mar 22 07:38

Clinton Emails Reveal Plan To Destroy Syria, Target Iran, Threaten Assad’s Family

By Brandon Turbeville

The Hillary Clinton emails have recently been released by virtue of Clinton’s use of a private email server, WikiLeaks, and the Freedom of Information Act and they stand as potentially one of the most damning sets of emails ever exposed to the light of day. With 30,322 emails having been written by Clinton and the fact that Clinton herself has been so heavily involved in untold amounts of treachery during her tenure as Secretary of State alone, the emails are a veritable treasure trove of both incriminating information for Clinton and vindicating information for those who have been critical of her in the past.

One email alone regarding the Syrian crisis demonstrates the veracity of what many who have been labeled “conspiracy theorists” have claimed for years...

Mar 22 07:33

Op-Ed: The surprise winner of AIPAC’s big showdown

The Israelis are happy.They have EVERY US Presidential Candidate in their pocket!

The cable networks had no choice but to let them tell it as it is, Kasich, Trump, Cruz and even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for the Republicans.
The truth, as revealed by the three GOP candidates, is that day after day Israelis face Radical Islamic barbarism through Palestinian Arab vehicular terror, guns, knives, rockets and terror tunnels. The books were opened upon Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah and the entire Palestinian Authority infrastructure that calls for nothing more, nothing less than Jewish blood.

Mar 22 07:32

Global Stocks Fall, Bonds and Gold Rise After Terrorist Attacks In Brussels

Safe haven assets, gold, silver and German bonds rose, while European stocks and global stock futures fell, after explosions rocked Brussels airport departure hall and a subway station near the EU parliament and other important EU institutions. At least 26 people are reported to have been killed after the explosions which the Belgian prosecutor has alleged are terrorist attacks.

Mar 22 07:30

Netanyahu: Even if you give up Brussels, terror will continue

Just in time for the AIPAC Conference.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu delivered a speech in a live broadcast to the AIPAC conference in Washington DC on Tuesday.

Responding to the horrific attacks in Brussels earlier in the day, Netanyahu said, "terrorists have no resolvable grievances, it's not as if we could offer them Brussels, or Istanbul, or the West Bank. That won't resolve their grievances."

Mar 22 07:18

Exclusive: Donald Trump Tells The Brody File He's "100%" In Favor Of Moving U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem

In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, Donald Trump says he is, “100%” in favor of moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He also believes the Iran/U.S. nuclear deal is, “going to actually lead to nuclear proliferation.” And as for President Obama? He says, “We have a president that I think is the worst thing that has ever happened to Israel.” Watch the clip below.

Mar 22 06:57

Belgium's Tihange nuclear power plant evacuated: VTM

Belgium's Tihange nuclear power plant has been evacuated, public broadcaster VTM said without giving further details.

Tihange could not immediately be reached for comment.

"The police have evacuated the Tihange nuclear station," VTM said, citing police sources.

Mar 22 06:57

‘Dismantle the disastrous deal’: Trump tells AIPAC Iran deal is 'number one priority'

We have been had! Just another Zionist puppet!This guy will get us into WW3 just like Hillary!

“My number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran,” Trump said, speaking before AIPAC in Washington, DC on Monday evening. “I have been in business a long time…this deal is catastrophic for Israel – for America, for the whole of the Middle East… We have rewarded the world’s leading state sponsor of terror with $ 150 billion and we received absolutely nothing in return.”

Trump criticized the deal for not requiring Iran to dismantle its military nuclear capability and only limiting its nuclear program for a certain number of years. He chastised Iran for contributing to problems in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia by providing weapons and money.

Mar 22 06:53

AIPAC’s Applause for Donald Trump Sends a Shameful Message

No, my discomfort — in truth, my shame — was with the reception he received. The applause began after he uttered his very first sentence. It didn’t take long until some in the crowd were standing and clapping. And, when he threw the red meat that he brilliantly feeds his other crowds, there were cheers as they gobbled it up.

Mar 22 06:50

Donald Trump Works His Magic on a Frustrated AIPAC

Jewish liberals and centrists had hoped Trump’s AIPAC speech would unite the community in a clear rejection to Trump and what they view as his troubling messages on race, minorities, immigration, and violence. But instead, the pro-Israel lobby awarded the New York billionaire with an embrace. It was slightly less warm than those Trump receives at his raucous, countrywide rallies, but the audience, excited by his forceful, pro-Israel presentation, forgave his past comments and heated rhetoric.

Mar 22 06:44

#TerrorRocksBrussels : 26 killed in blasts, police find unexploded bomb belt...

Was it accompanied by an Ayrab terrorist passport?

Mar 22 05:53

Terror attacks rock Brussels, heavy death toll, many injured, Trump responds

At least 28 people were killed in terror attacks Tuesday morning that took place in two locations, including the Brussels Airport.

Mar 22 03:58

Explosions at Airport and Subway Station Bring Brussels to a Halt

Brussels was virtually shut down on Tuesday, after explosions rocked its main international airport and a subway station in the heart of the city, near the headquarters complex of the European Union.

Mar 22 03:50

At least 13 dead as blasts rock Brussels airport, metro

A string of explosions rocked Brussels airport and a city metro station on Tuesday, killing at least 13 people, according to media reports, as Belgium raised its terror threat to the maximum level.

Mar 22 03:33

Did the UN just admit that Israel is among the happiest places on Earth?

Year by year, Israel gets bigger, stronger, richer, more technologically advanced and better accepted by the countries that matter (including regional Sunni regimes in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia that were once patrons of Palestinian “resistance”).
And Israelis get happier.
Note: Yes it gets bigger by stealing more and more land from the native Palestinians! Disgusting.

Mar 21 21:50

Debunking the Zionist “hi-tech” Propaganda

We shouldnt be part of the Zionist propaganda promoting their “genius” inventions that have proven to be false but western technology used by the Zionists to further torture the Palestinians.

Mar 21 18:12

A group of more than 40 millionaires in New York state has written to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and top lawmakers calling on them to consider raising taxes on the state’s wealthiest residents to help address poverty and rebuild failing infrastructure.

In a letter addressed to Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and state legislators, the group — working in conjunction with the left-leaning Fiscal Policy Instituteand Responsible Wealth project — called for a permanent tax on the wealthy to replace a temporary one, with the revenue raised going to investments in poverty programs and infrastructure.

Mar 21 18:11

Netherlands will once again need to close prisons due to falling crime rate and lack of prisoners.

More prisons will close in the next few years as the government looks to cut the cost of hundreds of empty cells, justice minister Ard van der Steur has told parliament.

Mar 21 17:05

Now French voters call for FREXIT after Germany face demands for EU referendum

generous welfare plus war refugees/rape-fugees makes for a toxic mess

Mar 21 16:47

Justin Raimondo on Israel & Trump

I still want a binding none of the above option on the ballot

Mar 21 16:13

Hillary Clinton — indictment or presidency?

Rumors are flying madly around Washington, D.C. regarding Hillary Clinton. Some say that she is above the law, while others maintain that her eventual indictment as a result of ServerGate is inevitable. Will the Teflon Grandmom be able to survive the latest hail of accusations and investigations? We shall soon fi

Mar 21 16:01

Man Facing Ten Years In Prison For Twitter Threats Against Jews Strikes Deal WIth Prosecutor, No Jail

The "criminal defamation of Jews" charge was dismissed last October, but Lenio still faced up to ten years in prison if he had been convicted of the charge of 'intimidation.' Lenio's lawyers and the Montana prosecutors reached a deferment agreement this week, that if he stayed out of trouble for two years, the second charge of intimidation will be dropped. Lenio had been accused of posting remarks on twitter such as "I David Lenio am literally so indebted[&] #underpaid that I want to go on a sandy hoax style spree in a kalispell, MT elementary #school"; "Let's make national news, I david lenio know israel did 9/11 and I am so poor that I want to shoot up a kalispell Montana public school"; "I'm a wage slave to ink and paper dollars we print to bailout jewish mega banks as kikes go on bout #WhitePrivilege & I'm not suppose to kill?" "I can't even afford #land or camp/live in my #homeland so why the hell shouldn't I shoot up a synagogue for what jews did to US?"

Mar 21 15:49

The Zionists censor a textbook

Lawrence Davidson examines the decision by the publisher McGraw-Hill to surrender to Zionist lobbyists and destroy the entire inventory of a textbook because it contained a series of four maps showing “Palestinian loss of land from 1946 to 2000”.




Mar 21 14:48

California DMV Announces They Issued 605,000 Driver Licenses To Illegal Aliens In 2015

In case you missed it, California has issued over half a million driver licenses to illegal aliens in the first year of their program, launched with the passage of AB 60. The state had to hire 1,000 new employees and opened four new Driver License Processing Centers (DLPCs) in Stanton, Lompoc, Granada Hills, and San Jose to handle the deluge.

Mar 21 14:22

Roger Agnelli, banker who built Vale into mining giant, 'dies in Brazil plane crash'

Known for his discipline and feisty nature, Agnelli clinched the top job at Vale in July 2001 after 19 years as a corporate and investment banker with Banco Bradesco, a major Vale shareholder. He instilled a culture of meritocracy that helped make the company Brazil’s biggest exporter and the world’s largest iron ore producer. To friends and foes, the key to Agnelli’s success was accurately predicting the rise of China as a major minerals consumer, a crucial wager in turning Vale, a former bloated state-controlled firm, into a global powerhouse.





Mar 21 13:05

Gov’t Employees Under “Total Surveillance”: Anti-Whistleblower ‘Insider Threat’ Surveillance Program Revealed

The US government uses an “insider threat” task force that has effectively placed thousands of its employees under “total surveillance” on the chance that they may leak sensitive information, the latest document released by Chelsea Manning shows.

After Manning – then identifying as a man named Bradley before coming out as a transgender woman – leaked a trove of classified information to WikiLeaks in 2010, the US government created the National Insider Threat Task Force to try and identify federal employees and contractors who may potentially be responsible for a major leak in the future.

Manning recently obtained a 31 page document dated April 2014 that outlines the internal surveillance program, penning a column in the Guardian calling it “unsustainable, ineffective, morally reprehensible, inherently dangerous and ultimately counterproductive.”