Dec 09 10:24


After nearly a year in Cook County Jail in Illinois, 19-year-old Brittany Covington was freed on four years of probation after a plea deal was reached Friday.

Covington, a black woman, had been charged with a hate crime and kidnapping in connection to the torture of a white mentally ill man. From December 31, 2016 to January 2, 2017, Covington and three other black defendants, including her older sister Tanishia Covington, Tesfaye Cooper and Jordan Hill, all held the mentally ill victim in the Covingtons’ apartment.

Brittany narrated multiple graphic Facebook Live videos showing the man being hit and kicked, having his clothes cut off with a knife, being forced to drink from a toilet, and being ordered to say, “I love black people.” He was also called a supporter of then-President-elect Donald Trump. Her probation bars her from contacting Cooper or Hill or using social media. The other three defendants’ plea deals are being negotiated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: this kind of horrific, morally inexcusable behaviour, has just been given a pass, and a blessing from the Illinois court.

In light of the reality that this kind of brutal behaviour has been "normalized" by this plea deal, were I a resident of that state right now , I would be moving out, just as fast as my car could (legally) take me; the Illinois judiciary has just added another component to the reality that living in this state can be very hazardous to one's health.

I would also be very clear in letting Governor Bruce Rauner understand as to why you were moving, and taking your tax base elsewhere.

Dec 09 10:17

WATCH | CNN Trots Out Fake News Reporter Manu Raju To Correct His Own FAKE NEWS BOMBSHELL

Reporters are KILLING CNN for this mistake, calling it worse than Brian Ross.

Watch Manu Raju correct his own fake bombshell story that CNN had been breathlessly pushing all day yesterday.


Dec 09 10:09


The orchestrated hostility toward Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea protects the $1,000 billion annual budget of the military/security complex by convincing the American public that the US is threatened by enemies. It also keeps alive Democratic Party hopes that Trump can be removed from office, and it has prevented President Trump from normalizing relations with Russia. I have emphasized for some time that Washington’s gratuitous and aggressive actions against Russia and the constant barrage of false accusations against Russia and its government have convinced Russia that Washington is planning a military attack. There is nothing more reckless and irresponsible than to convince a nuclear superpower that you are preparing an attack on them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A major war is coming, based on the reality that the Elites of this country, who despise true justice, and want the financial favors to come to "Just Us" (meaning them) have rigged the financial system to the point of near-collapse, so need a major war to attempt to distract most Americans from the coming financial debacle.

A magician would use the term "misdirection", but this industrial strenth codswallop, getting force-fed to the American people, courtesy of the corporate prestitutes and whorespondents, about the ongoing "threats" this country faces are, most generally, narratives to push the war agenda.

And if, in fact, the Occupied, Unhinged, Surveilled States of America lose this next war, the US government, and its lacadaisical attitude toward its weapons manufacturers, will be be squarely to blame.

The world has seen the sterling success of Russia's weaponry and tactics in Syria, and are beating a path to its door to acquire those weapons.

Unfortunately, the culture of US weapons manufacturers has been coddled by the US government and military, to the point where their CEOS think it is perfectly fine to deliver weapons that do not work; are obsolete by the time they are delivered and field tested; and are horrifically overpriced.

This has to change, and immediately, before the US ever regains its tactical advantage with its weaponry again; unfortunately, that is not going to happen before the next major regional, or world war, happens, and our military are, once more, going to be left in the lurch because of what has become "acceptible and standard" practice by the US govenment and military.

Dec 09 09:54

GRAPHIC VIDEO | Police Officer Executes UNARMED Daniel Shaver In Cold Blood, Found Not Guilty...

This is as bad as it gets. It's a straight-up execution. The video was just released yesterday because the trial is finally over. Warning, this is is extremely intense footage that shows the murder of an innocent man.


Dec 09 09:29

These 8 U.S. Cities Are In Range Of North Korean Missiles

The United States is home to a handful of world-class cities. It is no stretch to say San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago are all among the most famous cities in the world. But those who have never visited before might want to schedule a trip soon.

Dec 09 09:29

This Is The No. 1 Most Polluted State In America

Take a deep breath. It feels good, right? The quality of the air you breathe every single day is invaluable to your health — so much that back in 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency created the Clean Air Act as a means of achieving cleaner, healthier air for both you and me, along with our environment. The National Ambient Air Quality Standards was created under the act to protect the public health and reduce the level of harmful emissions that result from nasty air pollutants.

Dec 09 09:28

Canadian teen who pressured law-makers to create a more comprehensive suicide prevention plan awarded with a national award.

Noah Irvine didn’t intend on becoming the poster boy for mental illness and suicide prevention, but the Guelph teenager is promising to use his new-found notoriety to continue to press for change from all levels of government.

Dec 09 09:28

Japanese firm to use drone to force overtime staff to go home

A Japanese firm is planning to use a drone to force employees out of their offices by playing music at them if they stay to work evening overtime.
The drone will fly through offices after hours playing Auld Lang Syne, which is commonly used to announce that stores are closing.

Dec 09 08:56

The Republican Tax Plan Leaves A $1.5 Trillion Bill For The Middle Class To Pay

Officially, the tax bill passed by the US Senate in the early morning hours of December 2 costs $1.45 trillion over 10 years, or $1 trillion after taking into account its effect on economic growth.

Dec 09 08:56

Former Priest Convicted In Decades-Old Beauty Queen Slaying

A former Catholic priest has been found guilty in the death of a South Texas beauty queen nearly 60 years ago.
A Hidalgo County jury on Thursday found 85-year-old John Feit guilty of murder with malice aforethought in the 1960 slaying of 25-year-old Irene Garza, San Antonio Express-News reported.

Dec 09 08:45

Video shows Florida deputy fatally shooting man who was in a fight with another deputy

And on Friday afternoon, the sheriff’s office took the unusual step of releasing additional video from surveillance cameras, two deputies’ body cameras and 911 recordings from the open investigation to defend the actions of Deputies Sean Youngward, 48, and Steven Briggs, 49, when they met Jean Pedro Pierre, 42, Wednesday at the Sunset Hills Condominium in Lauderdale Lakes.

Dec 09 08:44

Woman claims NYPD detectives discussed ‘taking turns’ raping her

The 19-year-old woman who has accused two NYPD cops of raping her broke down in tears Friday while describing in a deposition how the officers took turns attacking her, her attorney said.

Dec 09 08:25

This Church Banner Perfectly Captures How Progressive Christians Feel Right Now

An Episcopal church is causing a stir in Washington, D.C., after putting up banners that attempt to capture the mood of many progressive Christians in the nation’s capital.

Dec 09 08:24

Roy Moore Slams America, Says 'Maybe Putin Is Right'

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore slammed America as a “focus of evil” and sympathized with Vladimir Putin in newly surfaced comments, saying of the Russian leader: “Maybe he’s more akin to me than I know.”

Dec 09 07:56

Moscow’s Government Launches Ethereum Based Blockchain Voting Pilot

Moscow’s government is testing blockchain technology for use in its e-voting system called Active Citizens which has 1.9 million users that have taken part in more than 2,000 votes.

The voting results are not binding, but they are very influential with Moscow’s government never making a decision that goes against the vote since its launch in 2014.

Dec 09 07:30

Roy Moore accuser admits to adding yearbook info

Beverly Young Nelson has admitted that at least part of the yearbook inscription which she submitted with allegations against former Alabama state judge and current Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was, in fact, added, taking away from the credibility of her claims.

Dec 09 07:18

City of discord: How Trump’s decision on Jerusalem throws 70yrs of caution to the wind

(*Donald) Washington’s decision marks the first time since the UN-brokered partition of Palestine in 1947 that a president of the US, a member of the Middle East Quartet – a well-known foursome of world powers mediating in the peace process between Palestine and Israel – has departed from the established policy that the issue of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital should be kept off the table.>>>

Dec 09 07:10

Always prepared? US army convoy sticks in mud in Poland, asks locals for help (VIDEOS)

RT: A US army convoy got stuck in the mud on a road in western Poland. Their colleagues who came to help then saw their own vehicle turning over, prompting the 'gallant' soldiers to eventually ask the locals for help.

The small US army convoy, consisting of what appears to be two heavy combat engineer support vehicles, experienced trouble on a road near the western Polish town of Lubin, when one of the trucks suddenly experienced problems with the brakes. The convoy pulled to the side of the road to examine the fault, only to find themselves stuck in a ditch.

It soon turned out that it was only the beginning of their troubles.>>>

Dec 09 07:02

United Nations rejects US recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital.

The United States found itself isolated at a special United Nations Security Council meeting in its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move that set off alarms about the risk of escalating conflict in the Middle East.

Dec 09 07:01

If You Live in 1 of These 15 States, a Trip to the Store Is Costing You More in Sales Tax

You might live in one of the lucky states without income tax, but rest assured the government will get its money one way or another. Even if your property tax bill is modest, you might be shelling out in other ways. If you live in Alabama, you have the lowest average property bills in the country, but as we’ll find out you’re still getting taxed.

Dec 09 06:57

US Can't Win Afghan Drug War

(*I didn't realize we were actually trying to 'win' this one .)

Dec 09 06:38

Iranians Rally Against Trump's Jerusalem Move, Burn US Flags

Hundreds of Iranians took part in rallies across the country on Friday to condemn U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision this week to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, state TV reported.

Leaders of Iran, where opposition to Israel and support for the Palestinian cause has been central to foreign policy since the 1979 Islamic revolution, have denounced Trump’s move, including his plan to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

State TV aired footage of marchers chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”>>>

(*I don't like the implications . Every time our government provokes the burning of our flag abroad , the corporate media floods the tv news landscape with images , and vicious dialog to promote bigotry towards the disrespectful . In this case Iran . )

Dec 09 06:31

Survey: Most Americans Okay To Kill Two Million People In A Preemptive Nuclear Attack

A recent survey conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) revealed a chilling discovery: a majority of Americans are apparently agreeable to preemptively nuking other nations, knowing that millions of civilians would die. The theoretical nation used in the survey was Iran. And the MIT survey found that 60% of the American people would be willing to preemptively nuke Iran, knowing that 2 million civilians would be killed.

Dec 09 06:22

UN Security Council Members Condemn Trump’s Jerusalem Move

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley sees Friday’s emergency meeting on President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration as vindication of decades of US claims that the UN is inherently biased against Israel.

Yet while Israel was the topic, at least tangentially, the real focus of the meeting was on Trump himself, and what pretty much everyone else in the Security Council agreed was a reckless unilateral declaration that Jerusalem, a contested city under partial military occupation, is the capital of Israel.

Trump’s declaration has been roundly criticized worldwide, with Israel seemingly the only nation to endorse it.>>>

Dec 09 06:21

Farmer studied law himself for 16 years to sue a chemical firm for polluting his land he won the first round

One of the Chinese farmer studied law himself for 16 years so that he can sue a chemical firm for polluting his land.
People’s Daily Online reported that Wang Enlin holding three years of education only won the first round of the case with a high-profile case against state-owned Qjhua Group.

Dec 08 22:47

How millennial investors can turn £100 a month into £135,000: Fund giant Vanguard launches investments for those retiring in the 2060s

Vanguard Target Retirement 2060 and 2065 funds each charge an OCF of 0.24%
They take more risk at the start but become more conservative overtimeHowever, there have been some debate over the merits of such strategy

Dec 08 17:02

Woman Becomes ‘Engaged’ to Chandelier

33-year-old Amanda Liberty from Leeds, England, reportedly proposed to the chandelier on Valentine’s Day, however she will be “continuing an open relationship with the rest of her collection of 25 chandeliers,” according to Inside Edition.

“You can’t control who you fall in love with and things just went from there,” explained Liberty, who added that she saw her “fiancée” Lumiere on eBay last year.

Inside Edition reported, “The nearly 30-inch wide chandelier is an antique and had to be shipped over from Germany,” and, “Although Lumiere is the only chandelier that wears a ring,” Liberty “loves all the light fixtures in her collection.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This will end in tragedy. The chandelier self-identifies as a microwave oven.

Dec 08 16:48

Facebook Censors Roy Moore Yearbook Forgery Bombshell, Politifact Says 'No Evidence' Inscription Was Tampered With

Facebook is suppressing the bombshell news of Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson "admitting she forged" parts of her yearbook inscription that she claimed was signed by Roy Moore.

According to Nelson's lawyer Gloria Allred back in November, Nelson said she "is willing to testify under oath before the U.S. Senate that there has been no tampering."

Nelson said in her initial statement with Allred that Moore wrote the entire inscription in her yearbook.

"He wrote in my yearbook as follows," Nelson said. "'To a sweeter and more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Christmas 1977. Love Roy Moore, Olde Hickory House.' And he signed it 'Roy Moore D.A.'"

Dec 08 16:33

CNN with a 'colossal f—k-up' on Trump and the Russian investigation

New Trump–Wikileaks Email Leak Isn't the Bombshell Everyone Thought It was

(retraction issued at 3am on little used cnn twitter feed)

Dec 08 15:32

Jim Jordan Tells Chris Wray: FBI Used Dossier To Wiretap Trump, Peter Strzok Was Involved, FBI Paid Fusion GPS

Congressional grilling from yesterday's hearing. Jim Jordan is so freaking good. He talks faster than anyone else in Congress. This is must-see television.


Dec 08 14:22

Trump apes Balfour: giving away what isn't his to give

Stuart Littlewood stresses that Jerusalem is not Trump's to give away in 2017 any more than Palestine was Balfour's to promise the Zionists in 1917, noting that “We see where Balfour's running sore has led one hundred years later.” >>

Dec 08 14:09

WATCH | Congressmen Hold ‘Clinton Special Treatment’ Press Conference, Declare War On ‘Crooked’ Mueller Team

This is as good as it gets for our side, the good guys, in this never-ending slog against the deep state bullshit inside the FBI/DOJ complex. Jim Jordan, Louis Gohmert and others lay it ALL out there on Hillary, Cheryl Mills, Huma, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Comey, Mueller, Weissmann, Jeannie Rhee, Andrew McCabe and more.

Standing outside the Capitol, holding an impromptu press conference for truth.


Dec 08 13:56

Defector: Thousands of ISIS Fighters Left Raqqa in Secret Deal

US Accuses Former SDF Commander of Lying

Dec 08 13:41

A breakdown of everything we know in the Aztec deadly school shooting

New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas identified 21-year-old William Atchison as the shooter.

Atchison worked a local gas station but FBI officials said he was a former Aztec High student.

Officials said he has planned the shooting and released a post he had written on a gaming website the morning of the shooting at 6:51.

"If things go according to plan, today would be when I die.
I wait until the school buses are detected, then head on foot disguised as a student.

I go somewhere and gear up, then hold a class hostage and go ape-s**t, then blow my brains out.
Work sucks, school sucks, life sucks.
I just want out of this s**t."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Was this guy on anti-depressants?

Dec 08 13:40

Good to know that Londonistan has its Priorities in Order!!!

whistling and making comments perceived as sexist could become hate crimes in London, police have said.

Dec 08 13:32

VIDEO | A Private Spy Network That Reports To Trump? Sarah Sanders Shoots Down Major Garrett…

Given the politicized state of the Intelligence Agencies I wouldn't blame Trump for wanting his own independent analysts to advise him, but that's not the point. The point is Major Garrett is a prick every damn day of the week, and this is just one more example of him trying to destroy the President with un-sourced innuendo.


Dec 08 12:50

WATCH | Sarah Sanders Deals With Snowflake Reporter Pushing The Democratic Party Agenda…

There is no limit to how much I despise NBC's resident snowflake Hallie Jackson.


Dec 08 12:24

Twitter DOES THE UNIMAGINABLE Gives President Trump HORRIFIC LABEL in Search Results

Twitter has set its search algorithms so that searching the words ‘Nazi’ or ‘racist’ brings up President Donald Trump as the top ‘People’ account result.

Dec 08 12:24

The Global Reset Has Begun

North Korea is bypassing the US sanctions. Russia is reporting that North Korea doesn't want a war with the US. Erdogan has issued a warning to Trump, he has opened the ring of fire in the middle east.

Dec 08 12:22

Whale-sized asteroid capable of DESTROYING a major city skimmed past our planet at just a third of the distance between Earth and the moon – and NASA didn't even notice

The asteroid, known as 2017 VL2, travelled by Earth on November 9
2017 VL2 flew by at around 73,000 miles (117,480 km) from our planet
This is around a third of the distance between Earth and the moon
It has now emerged NASA did not find out about it until a day later

Dec 08 12:04

RAW VIDEO | 15 Year-Old Girl Punched In Face By Stranger At Planned Parenthood…

The intolerant Left strike again. She just walks right up and punches the girl in the face.


Dec 08 11:10


The same day that President Donald Trump announced the U.S. would officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the State Department issued a new “Wordwide Caution” to U.S. citizens traveling abroad.

Dec 08 10:26

Nvidia's Titan V Graphics Card : $3,000 buys you 'most powerful PC GPU ever'

Whenever Nvidia releases a new high-end graphics card you expect the high price attached to it. $1,000 cards are not uncommon,

Dec 08 08:58

'Please don't kill me': Cop is cleared of murder after shooting dead a sobbing father, 26, as he crawled along a hotel corridor in shocking footage which his family insists shows a 'cold-blooded execution'

Police told Shaver to exit his hotel room, lay face-down in a hallway and refrain from making sudden movements - or he risked being shot.

New disturbing footage of the encounter shows the moment Shaver, sobbing and crawling towards the officer, audibly begs 'please don't kill me,' before Brailsford opens fire and shoots him dead.

Dec 08 08:47

Did the ancient people of Peru have machines?

To this day it is a mystery how the Inca built Coricancha so precisely.

Dec 08 08:36

Erik Prince Blasts Obama Administration for ‘Illegal’ Surveillance of Him

Obama’s National Security Council allegedly leaked information about former Navy SEAL and Blackwater CEO Erik Prince to the liberal press after they put him under “illegal” surveillance during a foreign trip, according to testimony Prince gave the House Intelligence Committee back in November.

The transcript, released Wednesday, indicates Prince believed that surveillance to be “illegal.” In response to a question from Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL), Prince discussed his belief American intelligence agencies surveilled him while he spoke in a hotel bar in the Seychelles with Russian businessman Kirill Dmitriev in January of 2017.

The investigation, supposedly about Trump-Russia ties, later was used by the Washington Post in a piece about Trump ally Prince’s connections to Russia. The Post alleged he was trying to set up a “back channel” between Trump and Putin.