Apr 06 10:41


IRS headquarters in Washington will remain closed for the rest of the week while repairs are made after a basement fire in the building.

Apr 06 10:28

U.S. emerging as tax haven alongside Switzerland, Caymans

The United States is emerging as a top tax haven alongside the likes of Switzerland, the Cayman Islands and Panama, those seeking reform of the international tax system say. And states such as Delaware, Nevada, South Dakota and Wyoming, in particular, are competing to provide foreigners with the secrecy they crave.

"There's a big neon sign saying the U.S. is open to tax cheats," says John Christensen, executive director of the Tax Justice Network.

Apr 06 10:14


Hillary Clinton wasn't greeting voters at a rally, town hall or diner as votes rolled in from Wisconsin. Instead, she was spending her evening with top donors in New York City.

She raised at least $60,000 Tuesday night at a fundraiser hosted by Jack Bendheim, the owner of a company that manufactures veterinary health products and nutritional supplements. Benheim, a former vice president of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, has deep ties to New York's orthodox Jewish community.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This woman is for the elites, by the elites, and of the elites; heaven forbid that she would have to spend time with "the little people" who, she thinks, "are so beneath her".

Should she steal both the nomination and the election, expect many more wars in behalf of Israel, and the turning of the Middle East into more of a killing field than it already is.

Apr 06 10:06


“America is like a terrible girlfriend to the rest of the world. If someone hurts America, she remembers it forever. But if she does anything bad, she’s like: ‘Whaaatt? I didn’t do anything!’ America, why do you keep bombing those people in Yemen? ‘Because nine-eleven, okay. Nine-eleven. So shut up!’”

Apr 06 10:04

Southern California braces for summer blackouts due to Porter Ranch gas leak

ate officials warn that Southern California could face as many as 14 days of scheduled blackouts this summer because of depleted reserves of natural gas caused by the massive leak in Aliso Canyon.

The canyon in the hills above Porter Ranch is a crucial gas storage facility, supplying 17 power plants in the Los Angeles Basin. But the four-month leak that began in October left the facility at one-fifth of its capacity and new injections of gas have been prohibited until all of its wells have passed comprehensive tests.

Officials estimate the storage facility won’t be back on line for months, leaving local power plants without a key source of natural gas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a classic example of what happens when infrastructure maintenance is ignored over a long period of time; the ensuing problems become far harder, and far more costly to fix.

Apr 06 09:45

12-Year-Old Girl With Rare Disease Has Unlikely Best Friend: A 330-Pound Powerlifter Nicknamed 'The Beast'

At six feet tall and 330 pounds, 29-year-old motivational speaker and powerlifterDavid Douglas looks exactly like what his nickname, "The Beast," suggests. The former Marine is a three-time Camp Pendleton athlete of the year and can squat over 900 pounds, bench 600, and deadlift 770.

Apr 06 09:45

New York, Vermont ban official travel to Mississippi over LGBT law

New York and Vermont are both banning non-essential state-funded travel to Mississippi after that state’s governor signed a law allowing religious groups and some businesses to refuse service to gay couples.

Apr 06 09:30

Why are there so few Americans caught up in the Panama Papers leak? Because the U.S. has an 'onshore haven industry that is just as secretive' with people forming shell companies in Wyoming, Delaware and Nevada

More than 200,000 entries were included in the Panama Papers leak with politicians, celebrities and sports stars caught up in the scandal.

But so far only 211 people have been identified by authorities as having U.S. addresses.

Experts have now revealed the reason for the low number of people involved might be because shell companies are being formed under authorities' noses in Wyoming, Delaware or Nevada - meaning Americans do not need to go to Panama.

Apr 06 09:07

Dossier Panama: involved at least 28 German banks

At least 28 German banks in recent years used the services of law firm Mossack Fonseca which helped the rich tax evasion, reports the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, which has uncovered the "Dossier Panama" affair in cooperation with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Apr 06 08:39

Panama 'tax scam' lawyer is son of Nazi SS officer from dreaded Death's Head division who fled to South America then SPIED on Cuba for the CIA, brother reveals

The man behind a Panama 'tax scam' that guards the clandestine wealth of the global elite is the son of a Nazi SS officer from a unit known as the 'Death's Head division'.

Jürgen Mossack is at the heart of the biggest financial data leak in history, and has allegedly been helping world leaders, politicians and celebrities launder money, dodge sanctions and evade tax from his base in Panama.

It has now been revealed that his father, Erhard Mossack, was a member of the Nazi fighting unit known as the 'Death's Head division', a dreaded force during the Second World War.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Funny how all those Israelis who always scream about the evil Nazis when they ask for more American tax money didn't hesitate to use a company founded by a Nazi to avoid paying their taxes.

Apr 06 07:47

Shots Fired: Wikileaks Accuses Panama Papers' Leaker Of Being "Soros-Funded, Soft-Power Tax Dodge"

Question aside about who it is that gets to decide which "innocent private individuals" are to be left alone, Wikileaks clearly did not like being characterized as conducting "irresponsible" journalism - and to the contrary, many in the public arena have called for another massive, distributed effort to get to the bottom of a 2.4TB treasure trove of data which a handful of journalists will simply be unable to dig through - and moments ago, on Twitter, accused the ICIJ of being a "Washington DC based Ford, Soros funded soft-power tax-dodge" which "has a WikiLeaks problem."

Apr 06 07:46


The Panama Papers psy-op will encourage the elite to move their money to the USA.

Rothschild has a trust company in Reno, Nevada.

Rothschild has been moving the elite's money out of offshore havens such as Bermuda, which are subject to the new international disclosure requirements, and into Rothschild-run trusts in Nevada, which are exempt.

Trident Trust Co., one of the world's biggest providers of offshore trusts, has moved accounts out of Switzerland, Grand Cayman, and other such places and into Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Apr 06 07:43

Ted Cruz and Pastors Smite Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Christian Evangelical support. Voter fraud,as well as Trump doing virtually No campaigning in Wisconsin,sending Palin in as his sub.
His support has been dropping since he made that groveling speech before AIPAC and talking about jailing women for abortions wasn't too smart either. I sure hope we are not being Perowwed!

MILWAUKEE — On Tuesday night, Christians saved Ted Cruz.
The Texan made winning Wisconsin look easy, waltzing to a double-digit victory in the Badger State and all but guaranteeing that the Republican Party will pick its nominee at a contested convention in Cleveland this summer.
But Tuesday’s result was not predestined—and it wasn’t just a series of unforced errors that made the Trump Train sputter. The Cruz team pulled off a singular organizing feat, corralling a sizable number of Christian pastors for last-minute endorsements that helped shore up his support among evangelical Christians.

Apr 06 07:39

Hillary Clinton Ties Emerge In Panama Papers

A billionaire and a Russia-controlled bank named in the Panama Papers have links to Hillary Clinton through two separate lobbying efforts — one through a Clinton-connected lobbying firm and another through Sidney Blumenthal.

Clinton is linked to Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, through Podesta Group, a lobbying firm co-founded by Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother, Tony Podesta, a major Clinton bundler.

Apr 06 07:24

BEX ALERT - Cameron: I Have No Offshore Funds

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When David Cameron's father died, David Cameron inherited the Blairmore Fund, which is tangled up in the Panama Papers scandal. So, either David Cameron gave away all that money, or he is lying above.

It is interesting to note, As Edward Snowden has already observed, that the same British Prime Minister who championed total surveillance on the British people is now demanding privacy for himself. But that is the way the elites think; taxes and surveillance for you, no taxes and privacy for themselves!

Apr 06 06:42

Panama Papers: The truth about the Blairmore fund - by the man who exposed it

These facts are awkward for the Prime Minister: In the early 1980s his father Ian helped to establish an offshore fund, unabashedly named ‘Blairmore’ after the family’s ancestral family home in Aberdeenshire, which avoided ever having to pay tax in Britain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 06 06:38

Panama papers, call in to Mike Rivero

Please give a dollar a month on patreon
I will be discussing the Panama papers with Peter Lavelle later today

Apr 06 06:15

George Soros’ Anti-Kremlin Info Laundering Backfires on Clinton, Cameron

The Soros-funded framing of the document release aimed to smear Putin, but did more to expose the collusion of Hillary Clinton, David Cameron, and other Western scam artists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 06 00:43

The Latest: Panama law firm files hacking complaint

One of the co-founders of the Panama-based law firm at the heart of the "Panama Papers" uproar says the company has filed a complaint with Panamanian prosecutors alleging that the data was stolen by a hacking attack from abroad.

Ramon Fonseca said Tuesday that the firm, Mossack Fonseca, has evidence the hacking was done from Europe, but he declined to give any details. "I can't say more because the case is already under investigation," he told The Associated Press.

Apr 06 00:25

Netherlands: Polling stations open for Ukraine referendum

Today citizens of the Netherlands can vote for or against the ratification of an association agreement between the European Union and the Ukraine. The first polling stations opened at 5:00 a.m. in Nijmegen and Castricum. Most others open at 7:30 a.m. As with other elections, the polling stations will be open until 9:00 p.m.

You can vote at any polling station in your municipality. Voting outside your hometown requires a voting pass, which had to be applied for in advance.

(*Ah good , Another election to rig !
whitehorse souce )

Apr 05 19:13

The Panama Papers Reveal The “Big Global Problem”

Op-Ed by John Galt

The largest data leak in history has people in a tizzy. Virtual lynch mobs are calling for the heads of all those who have appeared in various infographics documenting their supposedly-possibly-disturbing connections to suggested nefarious dealings … by associates, family members and childhood friends in many cases.

By extension, knowingly or not, these lynch mobs have quickly called on government to rein in anyone who might use a legal vehicle (for now) to protect their wealth.

I’d like to put aside the questions that have been legitimately raised about the geopolitical implications of who has been revealed, or questions about whether these alleged crimes are equal to what some of these individuals really could stand trial for, and focus instead on the reaction from the general public...


Apr 05 16:36

Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star vandalized

According to People, vandals have covered the star with dog feces, a swastika and a mute symbol, just to name a few.

Apr 05 15:33

Head Of "Transparency International" In Chile Resigns After "Panama Papers" Revelations

The president of the Chilean branch of Transparency International resigned on Monday after documents from a Panamanian law firm showed he was linked to at least five offshore companies.

For those who are unfamiliar, Transparency International is a German-based organization that seeks to monitor and root out corporate and political corruption worldwide.

Apr 05 15:25

Wow: The Tsa Paid $1.4 Million for an App That Randomly Showed an Arrow… Just an Arrow

As if the TSA could be any more of a big, fat, liberty-trampling joke on the American people…

Now it has come to light that the Transportation Security Administration gave computer giant IBM hundreds of thousands of dollars in a program totaling over $1.4 MILLION to develop “software” that a pre-teen geek could’ve programmed in DOS back in the day before the Internet even existed.

The “TSA Randomizer App” just randomly shows agents an arrow.

That’s it. An arrow.

Sometimes the arrow points to the left. Sometimes the arrow points to the right.

(read more)

Apr 05 15:22

Trump Finally Explains How He Would Force Mexico to Pay for the Border Wall

Since the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump’s critics have had no trouble picking apart his border wall plan. Specifically, his plan to make Mexico pay for the wall has been met with doubt, even among many of his supporters. Recently Trump laid out his plan to make Mexico pay for his border wall, and believe it or not, it may be plausible.

(read more)

Apr 05 15:20

Barcelona: Club promises Lionel Messi legal and financial backing over Panama Papers claims

While owning an offshore account is not necessarily illegal, El Confidencial reports Messi, who is widely considered to be the world's best player, set up "a tax fraud network" by using Panama company Mega Star Enterprises to avoid paying tax on image rights deals. The Madrid-based newspaper was part of the ICIJ investigative team.

Documents posted online by the Spanish newspaper show both the signatures of Messi and his father, Jorge, in acquiring Mega Star.

Apr 05 15:20

Panama Papers Hack: 11 Million Documents Reveal Decades of Elite Money Laundering and Tax Dodging

What’s interesting is that all the people “outed” by this hack so far appear to be foes of the American government, such as Russian President Vladmir Putin, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak who was ousted after a U.S. regime change, former Libyan leader lynched during a U.S. regime change mission Muammar Gaddafi, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the current target of a U.S. regime change mission.

In fact, Russian diplomat Dmitry Peskov has openly accused the U.S. State Department and CIA as being behind this.

(read more)

Apr 05 15:18

In a 2011 speech, Bernie Sanders predicted the revelations of the Panama Papers

In 2011, as the United States prepared to confirm a trade deal with Panama, senator Bernie Sanders raised a red flag.

“Panama is the world leader when it comes to allowing wealthy Americans and large corporations to evade US taxes by stashing their cash in offshore tax havens,” he said in a speech on the Senate floor. “And the Panama Free Trade Agreement would make this bad situation much worse.”

“Each and every year, the wealthy and large corporations evade $100 billion in US taxes through abusive and illegal offshore tax havens in Panama and other countries,” he said.

Hats off to Bernie.

Apr 05 15:13

‘Sarah Palin Should Be Gang-raped by the Burliest, Blackest Men and Have It Posted on the Web’: Palin to Sue Azealia Banks Over Twitter Threats

The problem isn’t that Banks sounds like an ignorant moron and made the comments after getting angry at what was obviously a satire piece falsely attributing quotes to Sarah Palin that Palin never even said.

The problem is the normalization and cultural acceptance of reverse racism, which always gets a pass in these situations.

As we all know, if a famous Caucasian person had Tweeted these lovely “thoughts” to the world, not only would the public outcries of racism reach far and wide, but that person would likely be charged with a hate crime if the politically correct authorities in this country could find a way to legally do so. In Britain, that person would be charged with an anti-social hate crime for sure… if they were white.

Apr 05 15:11

FIFA Boss 'Dismayed' Over Panama Files Claims

New FIFA president Gianni Infantino has said he is "dismayed" that his "integrity is being doubted" in reports about the Panama Papers.

The leaked documents reportedly show he co-signed off on a contract with two Argentinian businessmen, Hugo and Mariano Jinkis, who have since been accused of bribery.

The 2006 deal reportedly happened when Mr Infantino was a legal director at UEFA.

It is alleged the Jinkis' offshore firm Cross Trading bought TV rights for UEFA Champions League football and then immediately sold them on for three times more.


Apr 05 14:17

While Clinton Backed 2011 Trade Deal, Sanders Foresaw Panama Papers Fiasco

'Panama is a world leader when it comes to allowing wealthy Americans and large corporations to evade US taxes,' Sanders told Congress in 2011.


Apr 05 13:34

Only America Is Interested in a War in Nagorno Karabakh

The most important thing one should understand about the Karabakh conflict is that there is no solution. The way matters stand now – or rather, the way they stood before last weekend when guns come into play – was the optimal situation for all parties... Russia agrees with Armenia controlling this territory, although it legally belongs to Azerbaijan. Conflict is unprofitable for Moscow in every way. Iran is facing the same situation. It has religious and historical ties with the Shia Azerbaijani, and ethnic relations with neighboring Armenians, and the status quo is fine with them. Strange as it may seem, Azerbaijan is also relatively happy: it is wrong to lose territory and get thousands of refugees, but everyone considers that Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan and they hope to have a chance in future to change the situation. Surprisingly, the situation is fine even with Turkey, which does not want to stir the pot.

Apr 05 13:02

The Real McCain

Apr 05 12:55

Are “Panama Papers” An Act Of Destabilization By Western Powers?

By Brandon Turbeville

World media is now alight with reports surrounding the largest data leak in the history of journalism known as the Panama Papers. The 2.6 terabytes worth of information has apparently revealed dirty deals, money laundering operations, and tax avoidance schemes by some of the world’s most powerful people including celebrities, athletes, world leaders, politicians, and their relatives. In addition, over 200,000 companies, trusts, and foundations are mentioned and exposed in the leak coming from Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian “law firm” that contains files with information such as “holdings of drug dealers, Mafia members, corrupt politicians and tax evaders – and wrongdoing galore.”

Apr 05 12:53

FLASHBACK - The World’s Favorite New Tax Haven Is the United States

Last September, at a law firm overlooking San Francisco Bay, Andrew Penney, a managing director at Rothschild & Co., gave a talk on how the world’s wealthy elite can avoid paying taxes.

His message was clear: You can help your clients move their fortunes to the United States, free of taxes and hidden from their governments.

Some are calling it the new Switzerland.

Apr 05 12:49

Americans show up in the Panama Papers, too

The passports of at least 200 Americans show up in this week’s massive leak of secret data on secretive offshore shell companies.

Given the high-profile nature of some of the foreign names in the leaks – close associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin were seen moving more than $2 billion through shell companies – many of the Americans may seem like small fish.

In four separate cases, the law firm Mossack Fonseca helped register offshore companies for Americans who are now either accused or convicted by federal prosecutors of serious financial crimes, including securities fraud and running a Ponzi scheme.

In some cases, the shell companies created through the Panamanian law firm were part of fraudulent activities. In others, it’s not clear. That’s the purpose of shell companies, after all, to shelter money or assets.

Apr 05 12:47

Let Azerbaijan take Nagorno Karabakh back

The main initiator of hostilities is, of course, Azerbaijan. The country's administration assumed that the time had come. The war in Nagorno-Karabakh is inevitable; peace talks are deadlocked. Azerbaijan has gained strength, and Armenia needs to unite its people... Nagorno-Karabakh declared independence in 1991, but the republic is not officially recognized even by Armenia. The history of the conflict between the Christian and Muslim Turkish Armenian communities counts hundreds of years. In 1921, Nagorno-Karabakh became a part of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan as an autonomy, to ensure Russia's political rapprochement with Turkey. In 1988, the parliament of the autonomy voted to secede from Azerbaijan to join Armenia. The ensuing bloody war brought 30,000 victims and over one million refugees. In 1994, a ceasefire agreement was signed under the mediation of Russia.

Apr 05 12:38

Colorado juries keep letting people go for driving on weed, prosecutors and cops furious

This application of logic and defiance of an arbitrary number is driving prosecutors into a hissy fit

Apr 05 11:55

Nagorno-Karabakh accuses Azerbaijan of resuming shelling

he Azerbaijani army has resumed, although with less intensity, the shelling of the Karabakh army’s positions on the contact line in Nagorno-Karabakh, Colonel Senor Asratyan, the press secretary of the Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army, told TASS by telephone on Tuesday. He said the fire was underway in the northeastern direction of the contact line. Colonel Asratyan noted that the Karabakh army was refraining from retaliatory measures in a bid to stay committed to the ceasefire agreements reached earlier on Tuesday. "A truce has not been established but an agreement to observe the ceasefire has been reached," Armenian First Deputy Defense Minister David Tonoyan told the Armenian parliament on Tuesday. Nagorno-Karabakh, a de facto independent Armenian populated region, is internationally recognized to be part of Azerbaijan. On 10 December 1991, in a referendum boycotted by local Azerbaijanis, Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh approved the creation of an independent state.


Apr 05 11:23

‘Panama Papers’ Leak Being Called “the Wikileaks of the Mega-Rich”

This weekend an enormous trove of 11.5 million internal documents were leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. The documents show the network of offshore companies that help hundreds of thousands of uber-rich individuals hide their assets.

Immediately, progressive news outlets began covering the leak:

The Panama Papers illustrate how the world’s powerful co-opt corrupt legal systems to serve their interests.

— The Intercept (@the_intercept) April 4, 2016

Mossak Fonseca is the fourth-largest of its kind worldwide. Its purpose is to create shell corporations, basically paper-only companies that are legally able to hold and transfer assets in one country for their owners in distant countries. Paid agents in the country where the shell company is created take care of all transactions so that the actual owners can stay secret. All of this is to exploit international tax law loops.

Apr 05 11:00

TOON OF THE DAY ~~ #PanamaPapers

And of course, Israel is involved ….


Apr 05 10:17

Parents of an Alabama woman shot and killed by police lambasted the officers for opening fire on their daughter after they called 911 for help to get her to a mental hospital.

Parents of an Alabama woman shot and killed by police are lambasting the officers for opening fire on their daughter after they called 911 for help to get her to a mental hospital.
"Instead the police ended up putting a bullet in her," the parents of 36-year-old Melissa Boarts said in a statement provided by their attorney.

Apr 05 10:16

TSA's $1.4 Million App Takes About 10 Minutes to Build

The TSA Randomizer iPad app has two jobs: 1) point left or right, and 2) do it randomly. It’s an app a novice coder would write. And it cost the TSA $1.4 million.

Apr 05 09:49

Panama Papers: Iceland's PM resigns over offshore tax haven revelations

Iceland's embattled Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunlaugsson has resigned amid a scandal related to his offshore financial dealings revealed in the Panama Papers, according to the Icelandic public broadcaster.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"THAT'LL teach you to toss bankers in prison!!!!" -- Money Junkies

Apr 05 09:43

Erdogan Seeks Revenge in Nagorno-Karabakh. American investments in Azerbaijan exceed $10 billion

Azerbaijan in turn spent huge amounts of money rearming during the year of high oil prices (its military budget is several times larger than Armenia’s) and made clear that it wasn’t going to wait forever for the Minsk group to come up with a solution. If they failed to solve the conflict peacefully, it would use military force. Last fall, high ranking Turkish politicians made a series of sharp statements saying that Turkey would “do its best” to help friendly Azerbaijan liberate its land. Turkish Prime Minister Davoutoglu made his first such statement two days after shooting down the Russian plane in Syria. The same statements were made during the meeting of Erdogan and Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, with a lot of pan-Turkish statements from Erdogan. Turkey has many military advisors in the Azerbaijan army, and its policy can be considered as pay-back for Moscow’s actions in Syria, in particular for supporting the Syrian Kurds.

Apr 05 09:38

As the poor die earlier, Social Security isn't paying off - low income Americans are projected to die as many as 13 years earlier than their wealthier cohort, while a century ago the rich and poor had relatively identical lifespan.

Death and taxes may be inevitable, but they hit the rich and poor in different -- and sometimes unfair -- ways.
That's increasingly evident with the expected life spans of today's workers, given that low-income Americans are projected to die as many as 13 years earlier than their wealthier cohort, while a century ago the rich and poor had relatively identical lifespans, according to new research into longevity and retirement from the Government Accountability Office that was prepared for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

Apr 05 09:37

ITT Tech Sued for Deceiving Students

A for-profit school with locations in Norwood and Wilmington has been sued for engaging in unfair and harassing sales tactics and misleading students about the quality of its Computer Network Systems program, and the success of the program’s graduates in finding jobs, Attorney General Maura Healey announced today.

Apr 05 09:29

Geopolitics of Corruption: George Soros and the 'Panama Leaks'

The scale of the published information indicates that this is the fruit of the work of not only "independent journalists", but also state or large private intelligence corporations. If this is so, then the new scandal has specific geopolitical objectives. Due to the large number of published documents, checking their authenticity is not possible in the short term, which means that they are open to manipulation, especially in the media sphere... But if Putin's name is not mentioned in the published documents, and if the "evidence" gathered against the Russian president is indirect, two other post-Soviet leaders, Ilham Aliyev and his family, and Petro Poroshenko, are mentioned directly. It is significant that on the eve of the publication of the material, Aliyev, during his visit to the United States, decided to launch a war in Nagorno-Karabakh. Coincidence? I do not think so.

Apr 05 09:17

Why Are Oberlin’s Students So Silent About Anti-Semitism?

The silence from students when it comes to Karega’s remarks was deafening to some, and especially disconcerting because the silence seemed disproportionately reserved to matters related to Judaism or Israel.
Note: Oberlin and the rest of the world is fed up with cries of holocau$t and anti-Semitism. Enough.

Apr 05 09:11

The real welfare queens are our legislators, not food-stamp recipients

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new welfare queens: your democratically elected U.S. legislators, the laziest, most do-nothing generation of federal politicians in decades.

Apr 05 09:10

Situation in Nagorno-Karabakh requires immediate start of talks - OSCE Minsk Group

According to the Minsk Group, "the deterioration of the situation on the ground demonstrates the need for an immediate negotiation, under the auspices of the co-chairs, on a comprehensive settlement." Representatives of the Minsk Group member-countries have reaffirmed their support for the co-chairs from Russia, the U.S. and France in their mediation efforts and hailed their plans to hold direct consultations with the parties at an early date.
The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group from France, Russia and the United States intend to visit Baku and Yerevan and to travel to Nagorno-Karabakh, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Tuesday.

Apr 05 09:08

Bernie Sanders Warned Congress About Panama Papers in 2011

As Sanders warned the Panama Trade Agreement would allow wealthy Americans to evade taxes, Hillary praised it.

Apr 05 08:55

‘Grossly Negligent’: Judge Approves Historic $20 Billion Settlement For BP Oil Spill

A federal judge gave final approval to a $20.8 billion settlement to be paid by BP for what US Attorney General Loretta Lynch has called “the worst environmental disaster in American history” – the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Apr 05 08:44

The Panama papers could hand Bernie Sanders the keys to the White House

The revelation that the rich and wealthy are shovelling money in overseas tax havens is not a particularly surprising one. Nevertheless, the sheer scale of the 11.5 million document leak from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonesca has whipped up an overdue storm and forced the issue of tax justice back on the agenda. It is likely that the Panama papers is just the tip of the iceberg, and if even more is revealed about the financial affairs of world leaders, the implication for global politics will be huge.

Apr 05 08:43

The head of the anti-corruption campaign group "Transparent Chile" just resigned after being implicated in the Panama Papers scandal.

The president of the Chilean branch of Transparency International resigned on Monday after documents from a Panamanian law firm showed he was linked to at least five offshore companies.


Apr 05 08:25

'First wives club' of tax avoidance: How mega-rich moguls named in Panama papers used their glamorous leading ladies to help hide cash

A 'first wives club' of glamorous women apparently acted as a smokescreen for businessmen, politicians, Hollywood actors and sports personalities revealed as suspected tax cheats in the Panama papers.

Those named include the champagne-loving socialite wife of Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev, a professional ice dancer, and 2006 Olympic champion married to a prominent Russian diplomat.

Also 'in the club' are the wives of the EU commissioner, the Icelandic prime minister, and the former president of Guinea.

Apr 05 08:20

Britain should not crack down on tax havens as doing so would destroy their livelihoods, senior Tory MP says

The Government should not stop British overseas territories acting as tax havens because it would destroy their livelihoods, a senior Conservative MP has argued.

Apr 05 08:15

British banker set up firm ‘used by North Korea to sell weapons’

Nigel Cowie’s front company also allegedly helped regime expand nuclear programme, Panama Papers show



Apr 05 07:54

The Panama Papers: Is their release a coup attempt between Soros and Rothschild?

Yet perhaps what is most intriguing in all of this is who is behind this massive whistle blowing, and what they have to gain by taking on some of the most powerful elites that run the world. It starts when you look at the 'innocuous' logo that resides on the webpage of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

Open Society Foundations is a George Soros managed foundation that is used for all sorts of sovereign manipulations such as acting as controlling media, and impacting political elections. And USAID is long believed to be a front for the Central Intelligence Agency, and the many NGO's they control.

So one of the most important questions behind the revealing of information on the tax evasion habits of the powerful elites is why members of the oligarchy would rat out their own peers, and in the end, what is the ultimate goal of such a scandal?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The fact that Soros funds the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists may explain why none of the 441 Americans indicated in the documents have yet to be publicly named.

Apr 05 07:39


The database contains ownership information about companies created in 10 offshore jurisdictions including the British Virgin Islands, the Cook Islands and Singapore. It covers nearly 30 years until 2010.

Apr 05 07:25


Gordon Bowden is an ex RAF officer who has spent the last 13 years uncovering detailed and forensic evidence of massive corruption within the British establishment that involves Lords, Politicians and the Monarchy.

The evidence that he is witnessed and recorded handing into the BBC to do their own full investigation, is set to reveal the biggest political corruption scandal in British history, that included the setup of a colossal 250,000 “shell virtual oil and gas companies” registered from a few house addresses in Finchley Rd London, and linked to the most prominent people at the core of the British establishment. These companies were deliberately set up to steal and rob BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of pounds from the public and asset strip the whole country!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

BBC, so far, has not reported the story!

Apr 05 07:20

The US Becoming World Tax Haven? Michael Rivero - April 4, 2016

Apr 05 07:20

Alert: Voter fraud may be underway in Wisconsin and other states

One local woman is questioning if voter fraud is in fact taking place after doing a little research of her own. The woman told Infowars’ Rob Dew that she recently received a phone call from her friend who explained to her that a “sample ballot” was posted in a local publication for viewing and that she saw something on the ballot that she was very concerned about.

According to the woman, the ballot had an additional checkbox on it titled “Uninstructed Delegation,” which the woman also found on other ballots in the vicinity.

After asking a supervisor about the checkbox, the woman found out that if someone were to check the box they are handing over their voting authority to the party.

Apr 05 06:49


On March 28, Sibley appealed to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts for a stay of the restraining order put in place by DC Judge Richard Roberts.

On March 16, Richard Roberts abruptly resigned his post after a lawsuit was filed accusing him of “sexual assault” many years before. His legal team stated that his resignation was the result of a “disability.”

The Supreme Court docketed the matter on Friday. Earlier that day, Sibley declared that he had set a “72-hour countdown clock” marking the time at which the remaining Verizon phone records from Palfrey’s now-defunct business will be released to the media automatically from the four servers where it is stored, without any further action on his part, should the clock not be reset at some point in between.

At least two mainstream media outlets – MSNBC and U.S. News & World Report – issued reports last week on Sibley’s claim.

Apr 05 06:48

NYT Admits European Refugee Disaster: Natives Afraid To Even Go Out To Dinner In Germany

A New York Times reporter notes his recent scary experience going out to dinner in Berlin, and the warning given to him by a taxi driver.

Apr 05 06:36

Putin and The Wealthy In 11million leaked documents On How The Rich Hide Money. But Rothschilds and NWO Members Not On List

In this episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy discuss the curious case of Putin’s photo being used to sell #panamapapers when his name is allegedly not even mentioned in the 11 million pages of documents; and they look at #WikiGreeks as someone leaks the transcript of a conversation between IMF officials hoping for a ‘credit event’ to ‘resolve’ the ongoing Greek tragedy.

Apr 05 06:36

DHS: FEMA to conduct full-scale exercise at NH nuclear power plant Friday

SEABROOK, New Hampshire (INTELLIHUB) — Under authority from the Department of Homeland Security and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, FEMA will be conducting a full-scale exercise at the NextEra Energy Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant this Friday.

Apr 05 06:25

Student: ‘Harvard University, other schools, having problems with students and staff silencing free speech’

(INTELLIHUB) — As if a massive new PSYOP campaign is now running in full force, more and more college students are reporting that their rights, while on campus, are at jeopardy as offended students and teachers alike push to limit free speech.

Apr 05 06:23

Mossack Fonseca Has 441 U.S. Clients: Who Are They?

As the shock from the initial revelation of leaked Mossack Fonseca files fades away, one recurring question has emerged: why were there no American clients of the firm named (at least not yet)? After all, leaders in Iceland, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Australia and many other nations are already facing questions about their use of the Panamanian law firm, and yet nothing about the US?

One hint may have emerged when observing at the funding supporters of the project, among which we find George Soros' heavily financially connected Open Society:

Clearly, this would imply editorial intervention by the funding sources due to a potential "conflict of interest", although hopefully not as that would undermine the objective nature of this massive journalistic undertaking.

Apr 05 06:21

After Years of Oppression US to Pay Out Nearly $1 Billion to Native Americans

In a historic settlement, Native American tribes have been awarded nearly a billion dollars. The U.S. Department of Justice announced this week that a settlement was reached with 645 Native American Tribes for the sum of $940 million dollars.
The settlement stems from a 1990 lawsuit, which claimed the U.S. government failed to pay its portion of federal contracts for housing, education, law enforcement and healthcare, as well as a number of other support programs.
When the federal government failed to meet its obligations, people on the tribal lands were decimated by suffering, according to tribal leaders.

Apr 05 06:08

Protestors pelt Icelandic parliament with eggs, yoghurt and BANANAS in call for PM to quit

TENS OF THOUSANDS of protestors have descended on Reykjavic today hurling yoghurts, eggs and bananas at the Icelandic parliament in a furious demanding for the country's beleaguered Prime Minister to quit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Given that bananas have to be imported to Iceland, I suppose there is some significance in their choice of fruit to hurl, but good for the Icelandic people. The taxpayers of every nation implicated in the Panama Papers scandal should be doing exactly the same thing!

Apr 05 05:59

In 'Panama Papers', The Guardian Finds Imaginary Putin Link to Offshore Deals

Neither of his articles mentions by name any of the 12 world leaders, past and present, actually identified in the documents, nor do they mention David Cameron’s dad, who is also in there. No, they focus on a cellist friend of Putin’s, talk about his daughter’s marriage, and include an awful lot of diagrams with big arrows that point at pictures of…Vladimir Putin. This is, apparently, all evidence of…something.

…I’m not sure what, but it will probably be discussed at length in the “book” Luke Harding is probably planning to publish in a couple of weeks. That’s if the NSA don’t delete it all while he’s typing.

The only important, or even true, phrase Harding uses appears at the very top of this article:

…the president’s name does not appear in any of the records…

Apr 05 05:57

PANAMA PAPERS:A Bogus Sting OperationTo Smear Putin And Assad

Yes, Mossack Fonseca Served As The Nexus For An International Organized Crime Ring ….
… But where are all the well-known criminals from the Western Criminal Banking Cartel?
Conveniently missing, it appears.

Apr 05 05:33

Study finds risks for teens whose moms took certain antidepressants

Adolescents whose mothers took certain antidepressants while pregnant with them are more than four times as likely to become depressed by age 15, compared with children whose mothers had psychiatric disorders but didn’t take the medication during pregnancy, according to a large new study.. It is the first study to link SSRI exposure in utero to a later risk of depression.

Apr 05 05:09

Armenia reports 20 killed in Karabakh clashes. Azerbaijani army lost 300 servicemen in killed

At least 20 people were killed in Azerbaijan’s Armenian-populated breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh since the outbreak of combat clashes along the line of contact separating the Karabakh forces and the Azerbaijani army units, the Armenian Defense Ministry said quoting the Chief of Self-Defense Army Operations Staff, Col Viktor Arstamian. Another 72 people have been wounded and 26 are missing, he said. One of the dead is a child and three are peaceful civilians. Also, the Karabakh self-defense forces have lost seven tanks. According to the data provided by Col Arstamian, the Azerbaijani army lost 300 servicemen in killed. Karabakh self-defense units have destroyed eighteen tanks, two helicopters, three infantry combat vehicles, six drones, an engineering vehicle, and a Grad multiple launch system. Col Arstamian said the Azerbaijani side did not control a single populated locality in Nagorno-Karabakh at the moment.

Apr 05 05:04

Parties to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict reach agreement to cease hostilities

The parties to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict have reached an agreement to cease hostilities starting 12:00 local time (11:00 Moscow time) on Tuesday, the Armenian Defense Ministry told TASS. Talks are currently underway on the details of the truce...
Azerbaijani Armed Forces delivered 126 strikes at Nagorno-Karabakh
Turkey pledges to back Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh issue

Apr 05 02:00

Wall Street opens lower as oil prices fall

U.S. stocks opened slightly lower as oil prices touched a month-low on Monday as investors expressed scepticism over top exporters reaching an agreement to limit production.

The Dow Jones industrial average was down 18.08 points, or 0.1 percent, at 17,774.67,
The S&P 500 was down 1.55 points, or 0.07 percent, at 2,071.23
The Nasdaq composite was down 2.71 points, or 0.06 percent, at 4,911.83.

Apr 04 20:24

The Broken BBC From Public Service to Corporate Power

Where, then, did the resources of public service broadcasting go, and what happened at the end of the 1990s? In 1997, the BBC invested heavily in the newly created News24 Channel. In No News Is Bad News: Radio, Television and the Public (2014) Michael Bromley notes the corporation “was heavily criticized for the development and subsequent cost of BBC News 24, which is available 24 hours a day,” and which diverted funds and resources away from other, established channels and programs.2 But the cost and burden to the rest of the network is not the only issue. The evidence increasingly suggests that this investment signaled the BBC’s metamorphosis from a rounded, albeit unaccountable, public service provider, to a full-blown corporate state broadcaster and propagandist.