Jun 08 18:30

Terrorists can buy EU passports for just 4,000 euros proving the security threat caused by Brussels, Brexit Tories warn

Dominic Raab, a Vote Leave supporter, said the revelations proved the 'one absolutely clear-cut dividend' of Brexit.

Mr Raab said leaving the would mean Britain could hand 'far stronger powers' to border officials checking passports at UK ports.

Jun 08 15:15

Scaremonger alert! Brexit could ‘fragment the Western world’ – William Hague

A British exit from the EU could lead to a broad fragmentation of the Western world, former-Euroskeptic and ex-foreign secretary William Hague has warned.

Hague, who served as Conservative leader during the party’s long spell in opposition, surprised many by backing the Remain campaign, given his career-long hostility to a united Europe.

Jun 08 14:33

Scaremonger Alert! Taste of things to come? Investors dump billions in British assets as Brexit vote looms

Billions of pounds have been shifted out of the British economy by investors in the last few months. Chancellor George Osborne said this is “just a taste of things to come” if the public votes to leave the EU on June 23.

According to figures published by the Bank of England (BoE) in its monthly banking statistics, some £65 billion (US$94.7 billion) either left the UK or was converted into other currencies in March and April—the largest amount since early 2009, when the UK was in the throes of the global financial crisis.

Jun 08 14:19

Implosion: An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed

With other visionaries from around the globe, Jordon andCheng untiringly disseminate truth and candid information about thecalamities caused by this cruel machinery. And against all odds, theymobilize the power of the people.Richly detailed, grounded in actual events and statistics, and complete withnotes from author and former World Bank economist Peter Koenig,Implosion is both an unsettling, gripping novel and a powerful commentaryon the realities of the modern world's corporatocracy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Book by today's radio guest!

Jun 08 12:42

30,000 Troops Kick Off NATO's Largest Eastern Europe War Game Ever, Will Practice Invading Russia's Kaliningrad

The operations are taking place mostly in Poland, with 14,000 US and 12,000 Polish troops the major contributors. The exercise is being described as the largest peace-time movement of foreign troops in Poland ever, and the first time since 1941 that German tanks will cross the country. Early operations announced include a mass parachuting into the city of Torun, and military engineers scrambling to build a bridge over the Vistula River to help NATO assault vehicles advance eastward in this theoretical war. The troops are advancing into NATO member Lithuania for the operation, but are heading in the general direction of the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, a clear message that the operation is a simulation of a NATO invasion of Russian territory. The biggest concern among NATO officials is the involvement of Poland’s “territorial army,” a makeshift paramilitary force built of gun club members and soccer hooligans. Two brigades of such forces are to “assist” in the operation.

Jun 08 12:19

Cyprus Leader in Stealth Talks with Victoria Nuland

US presses President Anastasiades to accept Turkish troop plan. Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades is holding secret negotiations this week with Victoria Nuland (lead image, right), the US State Department official in charge of Turkey, Ukraine and Russia, on a plan to maintain Turkish military forces in Cyprus under the flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Anastasiades has sent his aide, Nicos Christodoulides (lead image, left), to negotiate in Washington; he met with Nuland on Monday. After losing control of the Cyprus Parliament to an increasingly nationalist vote in an election on May 22, Anastasiades has remained behind at the presidential palace in Nicosia, where he met on Tuesday with the NATO official now conducting Cyprus negotiations for the United Nations, Espen Barth Eide. The Cyprus Foreign Minister, Ioannis Kasoulides, is due to met US Secretary of State John Kerry, on June 13.

Jun 08 11:37

US State Department admits to governing Europe

US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland acknowledged that Washington puts pressure on European countries to make them extend sanctions against Russia in July. "We are cautiously optimistic that the EU countries will again roll over sanctions at the end of June," Victoria Nuland told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a hearing regarding Russia. "Because they see what we see, namely that Minsk [agreement] is far from being implemented in any of its components," she added. The United States also intends to extend sanctions against Iran. Russia will also extend its counter-sanctions against Europe that cause EU billions of euros of losses. The Russian embargo is valid until August 5, 2016, but it will be extended, if the European Union extend its sanctions against Russia.

Jun 08 10:33

NATO War Games Near Russia 'Pushing Humanity Towards World War III'

NATO has begun its Anaconda-16 war game, calling for the largest assembly of foreign forces in Poland since World War II.

Jun 08 10:32

David Cameron challenged to EU referendum TV debate

David Cameron was challenged to a head-to-head TV debate by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, after the prime minister accused the leave campaign of telling six lies about the EU.

Jun 08 10:01

Rehearsing for World War III

As I write this, US troops are building a bridge across Poland’s Vistula river, and conducting a nighttime helicopter assault to secure the eastern part of the country against a Russian assault.

Has World War III started? Well, not quite yet, although it’s not for want of trying.

Jun 08 09:29

Latest EU referendum poll of polls: Remain edges Brexit as Government extends registration deadline

YouGov's rolling seven-day average of all published opinion polls shows the Remain campaign to be edging it at 45 per cent to Leave's 44 per cent.

This is in contrast to the Express & Star's latest poll which, with more than 20,000 entrants, shows 75 per cent of voters backing Brexit.

Jun 08 09:03

Vladimir Putin deploys troops to Ukrainian border in response to NATO exercises

As NATO carried out its biggest exercise in Poland since the end of communism in 1989 - complete with a display of thousands of paratroopers - it emerged that Russian troops have been deployed to the Ukrainian border.

Scores of U.S. troops and then military vehicles parachuted into a spacious, grassy training area on the outskirts of the central city of Torun.

The force's mission was to secure a bridge on the Vistula River as part of the Polish-led Anakonda-16 exercise that involves about 31,000 troops and runs through mid-June.

Jun 08 09:03

Swedish Police Say 15-Year-Old Girls are to Blame for Increased Rapes by Refugees

Believe it or not, Swedish girls under 15 are causing Muslim men to rape them, according to the Swedish government. Politicians can never be wrong, so the problem is not that they let all these unemployed Muslims in for welfare, it is that Swedish girls are just asking to be raped. This is the absurd reality that was presented in an unbelievable police report, which looks at why Sweden has the worst rates of physical and sexual violence in all of Europe.

Jun 08 09:01

Austria’s Freedom Party Contests Presidency Result in Court

Austria’s populist Freedom Party challenged the result of last month’s presidential election after its candidate Norbert Hofer lost narrowly, citing irregularities affecting about two-thirds of the mail ballots that tipped the balance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If a government cannot prove the honesty and accuracy of the elections by which they claim authority over the people, then the people are neither legally nor morally obligated to obey that government's dictates nor to pay its bills nor to send their children to die in that government's wars, and may with full moral justification resist with lethal force efforts to coerce said obedience, looting, and conscription.

Jun 08 08:34

EU referendum: Thousands of expat votes feared lost in Germany following post office confusion

Thousands of British citizens living in Germany are feared to have had their votes lost by the country’s postal service after workers were confused by their British pre-paid envelopes.

Jun 08 08:32

Millions could get extra time to register to vote in the EU referendum after website crashes

Downing Street is considering granting millions of voters extra time to register to vote in the EU referendum, after the registration website crashed hours before the deadline last night.

Jun 08 06:29

The 2016 Bilderberg attendee list is out; we know who’s attending and key topics of discussion

Here you have it. We now know who has been confirmed to attend this years Bilderberg conference and we also know what the 130 participants from 20 countries will talk about behind closed doors at the posh 5-star Hotel Taschenbergpalais.

Jun 08 04:15

Euroskepticism Beyond Brexit

The British are not the only ones with doubts about the European Union... The institution’s strongest backers are the Poles (72%) and the Hungarians (61%). In many other nations, support is tepid. Just 27% of the Greeks, 38% of the French and 47% of the Spanish have a favorable opinion of the EU. Notably, 44% of the British view the EU favorably, including 53% of the Scottish. EU favorability is down in five of the six nations surveyed in both 2015 and 2016. There has been a double-digit drop in France (down 17 percentage points) and Spain (16 points), and single-digit declines in Germany (8 points), the United Kingdom (7 points) and Italy (6 points). Young people – those ages 18 to 34 – are more favorable toward the European Union than people 50 and older in six of the 10 nations surveyed. The generation gap is most pronounced in France – 25 percentage points – with 56% of young people but only 31% of older people having a positive opinion of the EU.

Jun 07 19:27

Brexit won't happen even if we vote to leave the EU in referendum, says David Cameron's father-in-law

MPs will block Brexit even if we vote to leave the EU in the referendum, according to David Cameron's father-in-law.

Lord Astor said he did not believe there would be a majority in the House of Commons to repeal the legislation that underpins our membership of the bloc.

The bizarre scenario is possible because the national ballot is only advisory - and most politicians support staying inside the EU.

There has already been speculation that MPs could prevent us quitting the European single market, as Brexit campaigners have suggested should happen if there is an Out vote on June 23.

Jun 07 19:24

What a way to tackle the migrant crisis! EU plans to control the influx by inviting MORE from Africa and the Middle East in bid to curb illegal migration

Brussels wants to tackle the migrant crisis by inviting yet more people into the EU.

Under a European Commission plan, migrants from Africa and the Middle East will be given US-style green cards granting them work rights.

They will also be able to bring their families. The move comes on top of the million migrants who reached Europe last year and the 206,000 in the first five months of 2016.

Jun 07 19:15

Google hired at least 65 European government officials in 10 years

New research has found that at least 80 people have transferred between a Google role and a European government role in the last decade.

The research — carried out as part of the Google Transparency Project, an initiative run by the Campaign for Accountability (CfA), a US organisation that probes businesses and politicians — raises concerns around the search giant's influence within European politics.

Jun 07 18:48

It's not just the Brits: Euroscepticism on the rise all across Europe, major survey shows

The Pew Research Centre survey found that rising disenchantment with the EU is not confined to the UK, with Greece, France and Spain also having a majority with an unfavourable view of Europe.

“Euroscepticism is on the rise across Europe with about two-thirds of both the British and the Greeks, along with significant minorities in other key nations, wanting some powers returned from Brussels to national governments,” said the report.

The findings, based on surveys covering countries that account for 80 per cent of the EU population, will strengthen the arguments of Brexit campaigners that Brussels have been too slow reverse the federalist agenda of the 1990s.

In a sign that Europe’s publics increasingly want an end to the principle of ‘ever closer union’, more than twice as many people surveyed – some 42 per cent - said they wanted powers returned to their national parliaments than said they wanted powers transferred to Brussels.

Jun 07 18:46

EU referendum debate: David Cameron suggests voters backing Brexit are 'quitters' who don't love the UK

voters preparing to back a Brexit are “quitters”, “little Englanders” and do not love Britain, David Cameron suggested in Tuesday's televised debate on the EU.

Methinks he's getting desperate.

Jun 07 15:19

Italy: Hospital staff encouraged to accelerate discharge process to accommodate expected migrant influx

A document leaked from a public hospital in Sassari, Sardinia and brought to the attention of the public by Sardinian politician Mauro Pili, shows hospital management urging the premature discharge of patients in order to make room for 390 migrants (including a two-day-old newborn) expected to disembark that evening at nearby Porto Torres.

Jun 07 14:47

Is Parliament Preparing To Ignore Public Vote For Brexit?

MPs who support remaining in the European Union may use their majority in Parliament to sidestep the public altogether and vote to keep Britain in the EU’s single market, meaning free movement of people, goods and services would stay despite a ‘Brexit’.

Jun 07 11:07

‘Absurd’: Russian envoy to NATO ridicules allegations of plans to invade Poland

Russia has no plans whatsoever to attack Poland and any talk about such a scheme is both absurd and dangerous, Russian envoy to NATO Aleksandr Grushko has said.

Jun 07 08:37

The true cost of our open borders revealed: EU migrants are MORE likely to have a job in the UK than British citizens

EU migrants living in Britain are more likely to have a job than British citizens, an alarming new Brussels report has revealed.

It also shows EU migrants are far more likely to be in work in the UK than those from outside of Europe - giving a boost to the Brexit campaign's argument that our current immigration system is 'racist' because it favours people from the continent over others.

The EU report, published yesterday, shows 85.9 per cent of EU migrants in the UK have a job - 5 per cent more than British adults.

Jun 07 07:46

EU may ban Monsanto weedkiller over health concerns

Leading European countries have decided not to extend the license for glyphosate, a herbicide used in Monsanto’s top selling weedkiller. The EU is worried about growing public concerns it could cause cancer.

Jun 07 07:41

'Get lost!' French economy minister pelted with eggs amid labor reform strikes

France's economy minister was left scrambling for safety when a group of angry union activists attacked him with eggs. It comes amid nationwide strikes and protests against a controversial labor reform law.

Emmanuel Macron was attempting to attend an event in the Paris suburb of Montreuil on Monday when he was struck with eggs by angry members of the CGT union telling him to “get lost.”

Jun 07 07:26

BEX ALERT - NATO shows Putin who's boss: 31,000 troops, tanks and jets from 24 countries begin the largest war game exercise in eastern Europe since the Cold War in response to Russian aggression

NATO has deployed 31,000 troops and hundreds of tanks and jets to take part in the biggest war game exercise in eastern Europe since the Cold War as it responds to Russian aggression.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let me see if I have this right. The US (aided by allies, many of whom who are members of NATO) has started military offensives against Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Uganda, Jordan, Cameroon, and is currently provoking China and Russia ... and Russia is the aggressor?!? Are you people on drugs?

Let's be honest, NATO is massing at the Russian borders! You don;t see Russian troops massing north of the US border with Canada or south of the US border with Mexico. You don;t see Russian aircraft carriers sailing around the Gulf of Mexico playing with their warplanes. We can see for yourselves who the aggressor is!

Jun 07 07:05

EU to ask more UK spending on refugee crisis

Britain is likely to face more budget demands from the European Union (EU) as Brussels looks set to ask member-states for more money to handle the unfolding migrant crisis.

Jun 06 19:44

Hillary Clinton: Electing a Foreign Spy for President?

As Sherlock Holmes would say, “We are entering in deep waters, Watson”.

The executive leadership now faces the problem of how to deal with a traitor, who may be the Democratic Party nominee for US President. How do the executive leadership and intelligence agencies back a foreign spy for president, who has been deeply compromised and can be blackmailed? This may explain why the FBI, NSA, and CIA hesitate to press charges; hesitate to even seriously investigate, despite the obvious nature of her offenses. Most of all it explains why there is no indication of the identity of Secretary Clinton’s correspondents in the various reports so far available.

Jun 06 18:03

Flashback: 'Pure evil' Bedroom Tax will hit one million more people as Tories launch 100-day welfare blitz

Throughout the six-week election ­campaign Mr Cameron – branded the Sheriff of Nottingham by TV star Paul O’Grady over the hated Bedroom Tax – boasted of making £12billion of welfare cuts but would not reveal where the axe will fall. To put that astronomical figure into perspective, it’s the equivalent of a burglar nicking £545 from every household in the land.

In 2015 the UK government paid £13 billion to the EU budget, and EU spending on the UK was £4.5 billion. So the UK’s ‘net contribution’ was estimated at about £8.5 billion.

The burglars are donating most of their haul to the EU...

Jun 06 16:50

David Icke - The Money Hoax

Jun 06 16:00

Italy: "Refugees" Block Traffic to Protest Against "Overcooked Rice"

This is absolutely outrageous!

How dare they!

How dare the Italian authorities overcook these poor people's rice!

For shame!

Jun 06 15:42

Israel wants a peace process – but only if it’s doomed to fail

Jonathan Cook examines Binyamin Netanyahu’s deceitful manoeuvrings intended to ride out the French peace initiative until Obama’s successor is installed next year, by which time Netanyahu can forget about the threat of a two-state solution.

Jun 06 15:37

AEP: 'Irritation and anger' may lead to Brexit, says influential psychologist

British voters are succumbing to impulsive gut feelings and irrational reflexes in the Brexit campaign with little regard for the enormous consequences down the road, the world's most influential psychologist has warned.

Daniel Kahneman, the Israeli Nobel laureate and father of behavioural economics, said the referendum debate is being driven by a destructive psychological process, one that could lead to a grave misjudgment and a downward spiral for British society.

Jun 06 15:23

Farage Slammed For Refugee Sex Attacks Claim If UK Remains

Leader of the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage has been criticized for suggesting that British women could be at risk of sex attacks from refugees if Britain votes to remain in the European Union (EU).

Jun 06 13:39

Did Clinton’s Emails Expose CIA Agents?

Even as Hillary Clinton closes in on the Democratic nomination, facts continue to emerge indicating that her sloppy email practices may have endangered secrets, including the identities of covert operatives, writes Peter Van Buren.

These are facts. You can look at the source documents yourself. This is not opinion, conjecture, or rumor. Hillary Clinton transmitted the names of American intelligence officials via her unclassified email.

From a series of Clinton emails, numerous names were redacted in the State Department releases with the classification code “B3 CIA PERS/ORG,” a highly specialized classification that means the information, if released, would violate the Central Intelligence Act of 1949 by exposing the names of CIA officials.

Jun 06 13:30

MSNBC Admits Plan to Suppress Bernie Sanders Voters in California

A stunning revelation from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews...

Matthews flat out states that there is a plan in place at MSNBC to announce Hillary as the clear winner, hours before anything is officially declared, to make people think they will be wasting their time by going out to vote for Bernie.

This is a stunning example of the dirty tricks that the mainstream media will play to further their preferred establishment candidate’s position in the race:

Jun 06 13:26

Electing a Foreign Spy for President?

As Sherlock Holmes would say, “We are entering in deep waters, Watson”.

There are several lines of inquiry against Mme. Clinton:

(1) Did she work with, as yet unnamed, foreign governments and intelligence services to strengthen their positions and against the interest of the United States?

(2) Did she provide information on the operations and policy positions of various key US policymakers to competitors, adversaries or allies undermining the activities of military, intelligence and State Department officials?

(3) Did she seek to enhance her personal power within the US administration to push her aggressive policy of serial pre-emptive wars over and against veteran State Department and Pentagon officials who favored traditional diplomacy and less violent confrontation?

(4) Did she prepare a ‘covert team’, using foreign or dual national operative, to lay the groundwork for her bid for the presidency and her ultimate goal of supreme military and political power?

Jun 06 12:22

US Concerned Over Intercepts of Planes 'Violating Russia, China’s Security'

Washington has recently increased reconnaissance flights near Russia's and China's borders, while accusing Moscow and Beijing of intercepting US spy planes that are "violating their national security."

Last week Chinese military aircraft intercepted US reconnaissance planes near the island of Hainan and the upcoming conference on mechanisms of maritime military security on June 24-25 is thought to prove the "capabilities of military channel as well as good relations between Washington and Beijing."

China Confirms Intercepting US Reconnaissance Plane Over South China Sea
However, on May 22, US Air Combat Command Commander Gen. Herbert Carlisle in an interview with USA Today newspaper criticized the increasing "aggressiveness" of Russian and Chinese combat aircraft intercepting US military planes.

He added that the concerns are caused by attempts by Moscow and Beijing to expand their influence in Eastern Europe and the Pacific region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is very simple; the US government wants war with Russia and China, to prevent the rise of their currencies and economies, and distract Americans from a disastrous, and soon crashing, economy (except for the 1 percenters).

So far, neither the Russian or Chinese government have given the US the actual kind of aggressive response which can be used as a pretext which could possibly be used to generate a declaration of war, but that is what the US government is betting on, with its continuous "picador" tactics.

And NATO's aggression toward Russia is well documented, further encircling Russia through inviting Montenegro to become a NATO member.

a map tells the story

And as reported at on 3 June 2016:

Montenegro This tiny country is being sucked into NATO against the wishes of the majority, and it’s already produced a sizeable amount of domestic instability as a result. Interestingly enough, the conditions inside Montenegro might give way to a form of Hybrid Warfare, albeit not one that’s conducive to American foreign policy goals and which would be entirely organic if it occurs. Aside from the previously discussed interests that the US has in Montenegro, its geostrategic territory is envisioned to host a part of the long-cherished Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline, a prospective project to link the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP, supplied by Azeri gas) northwards to Croatia and help Zagreb become a sizeable energy hub in conjunction with its planned (but ultra-expensive) LNG terminal in Krk island. From an American perspective, NATO absolutely must occupy Montenegro in order to perpetually guarantee the pipeline’s viability, and any legitimate opposition against its proxy Djukanovic cannot be tolerated since it’s unknown whether his democratically elected replacement will want the project or not. For these reasons, NATO is bunkering down behind Djukanovic and supporting the violence that he’s unleashed against the protesters. Their calculation is that a non-NATO, non-Djukanovic Montenegro would be an unreliable transit state, hence why it must be avoided at all costs.

Right now, the Russians and Chinese are circling the proverbial wagons, by getting closer, economically, politically, and militarily (courtesy of US sanctions, by the way.)

This would be a lousy time for the US government to be looking at a war against either or both countries, because the US military doesn't have the weaponry, the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia and/or China.

I would, therefore, very strongly caution the US leadership, and NATO, to be very careful about what they wish for; the results could be both horrific...and irreversible.

Jun 06 10:54

NATO allies launch largest military exercise since end of Cold War in clear message to Russia

Exercises includes night-time helicopter assault and the dropping of US paratroopers to build a temporary bridge over Poland's Vistula river

Jun 06 09:33

This is why businesses back Brexit

The BCC survey of more than 2,000 businesses showed support to stay in the EU had dropped from 60pc in February, while support for Brexit had grown to 37pc, from 30pc.

Business leaders have also become more suspicious of the idea that a Brexit vote will spell disaster for the UK.

A poll of FTSE 350 board members last month showed 43pc of respondents described Brexit as “potentially damaging”, compared with 70pc last December.

ICSA: The Governance Institute, said 37pc of companies believed EU membership had a positive effect on their business, dramatically down from 61pc six months ago.

Jun 06 09:24

UK trade union leaders call on 6m members to vote against Brexit

The leaders of Britain’s biggest trade unions have issued a plea to 6 million members to vote to stay in the EU, warning that leaving would allow a Tory government to dismantle hard-won worker rights around parenting, holiday and equality.

Jun 06 08:32

Bilderberg 2016: We can expect desperate lobbying against Brexit from Big Business

As the EU referendum looms, a great counsel of war is gathering. Henri de Castries, the Chairman of the influential Bilderberg Group, has made his way to the highest hill above Dresden, placed a mighty conch shell to his aristocratic French lips and blown.

Responding to his call, 140 or so of the most powerful pro-European business leaders and politicians will be making their way to the five-star Hotel Taschenbergpalais to discuss the future of their beloved free trade zone.

Jun 06 07:44

Everyone’s Paying For America’s War on Russia, Including America

US sanctions aren’t just hurting everyone including the US, they are accomplishing nothing. The US State Department’s Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) notified readers of a diplomacy campaign by the United States aimed at “urging” Europe to maintain sanctions against Russia. While the US claims the necessity of these sanctions are self-evident and beneficial to the US and Europe, such campaigns would not be needed if that were truly the case.

Jun 06 07:43

Austrian TV faked footage of Muslim migrants helping flood victims

According to the reports, the Austrian state broadcaster ORF were filming a piece on the flooding in the town of Schwäbisch Gmünd and highlighted several migrants who were volunteering to clean up the mess left by the flooding. The migrants can be seen shoveling mud and debris that has been swept into the town after heavy rainfall.

The city spokesman Markus Herrmann confirmed that the entire TV spot had been staged by the ORF saying that they had requested to specifically film migrants cleaning up. By the time the filming had been done on Friday most of the actual cleanup of the damage which consisted of flooded cellars and houses, had already been cleared by the city’s paid employees.

Jun 06 07:40

Spain’s Basque Country Moves Closer to Independence Referendum

Spain’s autonomous Basque Country made a step closer to an independence referendum on Sunday after tens of thousands backed secession in a regional poll, organizers said.

Jun 06 07:27

'It's Time to Leave NATO Now!' Europeans Launch New Anti-War Campaign

While NATO officials are preparing for a July summit in Warsaw, European social activists and prominent politicians have launched a new anti-NATO campaign, protesting against the bloc's nuclear buildup and anti-Russia provocations, French journalist Karel Vereycken told Sputnik.

Jun 06 07:21

Propaganda Alert! Former UK PM John Major attacks Vote Leave 'deceit'

Former British Prime Minister John Major has slammed the “squalid” and “deceitful” campaign to get the UK out of the European Union (EU).

Major, a Conservative Party politician who was the prime minister from 1990 to 1997, told BBC on Sunday he was “angry about the way the British people are being misled.”

Jun 06 06:46

Israel has destroyed $74 million worth of EU projects

An $11-million farming project in the Jordan Valley, a $61,200 playground near Nablus and an elementary school serving a Bedouin community east of Jerusalem: all have been destroyed by Israel.

These are just a few examples of the at least 150 European-funded structures in the occupied West Bank that Israel demolished in the first three months of 2016.

Israel has destroyed more homes, businesses and public infrastructure in these months than in all of 2015, according to a new report by the non-profit Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, or Euro-Med.

Jun 06 06:17

'Screw for Denmark' sex campaigns produce baby boom in months

A racy ad campaign, started only nine months ago, has really hit the spot for Denmark's campaign for more baby-making. The country now expects booming birth rates this summer.

Jun 06 06:08

Sterling volatility hits crisis levels as three polls show Britons back Brexit

The price of insuring against swings in the pound against the dollar surged to 22pc after a YouGov poll showed 45pc of Britons would vote to leave the EU in the June 23 vote.

The online poll of almost 3,500 people showed 41pc said they would vote to stay in.

The one-month implied sterling volatility was the highest since the start of 2009.

A separate online survey by TNS showed 43pc backed a leave vote, while 41pc said they would vote to remain, while an online poll by ICM showed a bigger lead for leave compared with just a week ago.

The ICM survey of 2,000 people conducted over the weekend, showed 48pc of Britons would vote to leave the EU, up one percentage point on last week, compared with 43pc who said they would vote to remain.

Jun 05 18:10

Cameron’s Immediate Ouster After EU Vote Gains Momentum

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is likely to step down the day after the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union (EU), a member of the British Parliament says, noting that more MPs are considering to join the Leave campaign.

Jun 05 17:40

Flashback 2014: The EU is to hit the UK with another €5 billion bill

As the budget talks carry on, the European Parliament is asking for an additional €6 billion in 2015, taking the total to €146 billion. They have also announced that there is an immediate requirement for another €4.7 billion to cover short term funding, and they estimated that the amount of unpaid bills rolled into the 2014 budget from 2013 will amount to €30 billion. Combined this will add up to an additional €40.7 billion, and the UK will have to cover €5 billion as part of its contribution.

Jun 05 17:39

Flashback 2014: David Cameron is being less than honest over the £1.7 billion we ‘owe’ the EU

While our Prime Minister rightly kicks up a stink over the latest bill from the European Union, it is telling to note that when the EU announced in July 2014 that it had run out of money and required another €4 billion from members costing the UK £600 million he never uttered a peep.

Jun 05 17:25

EU To Ask More UK Spending On Refugee Crisis

Britain is likely to face more budget demands from the European Union (EU) as Brussels looks set to ask member-states for more money to handle the unfolding migrant crisis.

The European Parliament has passed a resolution demanding greater spending that if implemented will challenger British Prime Minister David Cameron’s historic cut to the seven-year EU budget, which was capped at £847 billion until 2020, according to the Telegraph.

Jun 05 17:13

Flashback: EU chief Juncker in £1.8million junket

HATED Jean-Claude Juncker is in line for a giant £1.8million pay and perks bonanza now he has been crowned President of Europe.

The loathed Luxembourger will receive the huge sum if he serves just one five-year term as Commission chief.

Then the arch-federalist will be handed a £52,500-a-year pension for life.

The Sun on Sunday uncovered the gravy train jackpot after David Cameron’s bid to block the 59-year-old went down in flames on Friday.

As unelected chief Eurocrat Mr Juncker will get a basic salary of £245,629.70 a year — worth more than £1.2million over a five-year term and dwarfing Mr Cameron’s £142,500 annual pay packet.

Jun 05 17:02

Boris Johnson: British taxpayers will be hit with a shock £2.4billion bill if the UK stays in the EU

He will say that British taxpayers face a “triple whammy of woe” as the EU hands the UK an extra £2.4billion bill, increases its overall budget because of the migration crisis and pays for potential bailouts of struggling eurozone economies.

According to Vote Leave, EU documents disclose that a “backlog of unpaid bills” has soared in recent years and has now “reached an unprecedented peak” £19.4 billion.

The UK accounts for 12.57 per cent of the EU budget, meaning that covering the backlog of bills would leave British taxpayers with a bill of £2.4billion, Vote Leave said.

Jun 05 16:29

EU referendum: Telegraph subscribers say they back a Brexit

More than two-thirds of subscribers to The Daily Telegraph will vote for Britain to leave the European Union, according to a survey.

A survey of nearly 19,000 subscribers found that 69 per cent are intending to back a Brexit at the June 23 referendum.

Jun 05 16:26

Economic arguments about Brexit have succumbed to group-think

The economic debate about Brexit has so far concentrated heavily on the single market, and the prospective loss of export business caused by exclusion from it. I have written repeatedly that being outside the single market does not mean being “excluded”. Yes, British exports might face tariffs, but the EU’s tariffs on manufactured goods imported into it from non-member countries are extremely low.

More importantly, perhaps, there is a widespread misconception that the gains from trade derive only from exports. They don’t. They derive from both exports and imports. If we were to leave the EU, then we would have the ability to stop levying the EU’s external tariff on the imports that we buy from the rest of the world. This would lower prices in the shops.

Jun 05 16:19

Would EU believe it! Sam Cam’s dad rakes in MILLIONS in Euro subsidies

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) figures hidden from the public but seen by reveal the PM's father-in-law has received at least £614,577.26 in CAP payments since 2008.

Official figures for the scheme, which has been running in its current format since 1999, do not go back to beyond that, but independent data compiled from Freedom of Information requests by an online watchdog indicate Sir Reginald's companies may have received as much as £2.7million in the last 15 years.

In 2014 alone - the last year for which official figures are available - the Baronet's farming operations received an astonishing £262,442.38 from Brussels.

Jun 05 16:17


Pro-Remain groups which have made referendum interventions have received €160 million from the Commission in the last nine years:

Jun 05 16:13

The UK's EU membership fee

The UK pays more into the EU budget than it gets back.

In 2015 the UK government paid £13 billion to the EU budget, and EU spending on the UK was £4.5 billion. So the UK’s ‘net contribution’ was estimated at about £8.5 billion.


We can be pretty sure about how much cash we put in, but it’s far harder to be sure about how much, if anything, comes back in economic benefits. “There is no definitive study of the economic impact of the UK’s EU membership or the costs and benefits of withdrawal”, as the House of Commons Library says.

Jun 05 16:08

EU's caused hardship for millions, says Palme D'Or winner Ken Loach

Loach was asked if he saw his film as an indictment of the EU and he told a press conference: "I think the European Union is embodying neo-liberalism. You see it in the way they humiliated the Greek people.

"It has caused hardship and poverty for millions of people and a great struggle for a lot of other people who are not desperate but they are having a hard time."

Jun 05 16:03

Women Face "Mass Sex Attacks" By Migrants If No Brexit – Farage

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said women could be at risk of “mass sex attacks” by gangs of migrants due to “big cultural issues,” should Britain choose to remain in the EU.

Farage, who is no stranger to controversial comments such as criticizing foreign HIV patients for allegedly costing the NHS £25,000 a year, said the failure to control migration from Europe and North Africa put the safety of women in danger, according to a report by the Sunday Telegraph.

Jun 05 16:00

The Treasury’s Brexit forecast is ludicrous. We’re better off out of the EU

It seems likely that if we leave the EU we can look forward to a better pay rise at the bottom end of the income scale than if we stay in. Lord Rose, the Chairman of Remain, said as much in a rare honest forecast from that campaign. Assuming a post Brexit government does take control of our borders and impose sensible and effective controls on EU migrants wanting to come to take low paid jobs, we will remove some of the downwards pressure on wages.

We will also have £10bn a year to spend at home that we have to give way to EU in contributions we don’t get back.


There is also the stimulus effect of the first post Brexit budget, spending that money and removing VAT on fuel to boost people’s spending power.

Jun 05 15:55

Flashback: The millions in EU funding the BBC tried to hide

Over the last three years the BBC has secretly obtained millions of pounds in grants from the European Union. Licence fee payers might assume that the Corporation would have been compelled to disclose the source of this money in its annual reports, but they bear no trace of it specifically. In the latest set of accounts, for example, these funds are simply referred to as ‘other grant income’.

Instead of making an open declaration, the BBC’s successful lobbying for this money had to be prised out of it using a Freedom of Information (FoI) request lodged for The Spectator, proving that there was never any danger of the state broadcaster’s bosses volunteering it willingly.

Jun 05 15:50

NHS 'Scandal' As UK Pays Millions To EU

The UK pays more than £670m to EU countries for Britons' healthcare abroad, while claiming back less than £50m from the EU.

Jun 05 15:49

David Cameron intensifies Tory civil war by 'uniting' with leaders of the Liberal Democrats and Green Party

David Cameron will on Monday intensify the Tory civil war over the EU referendum by “uniting” with Labour’s Harriet Harman and the leaders of the Liberal Democrats and Green Party to attack the Brexit campaign.

In a move described as “crass” and a “slap in the face” by Conservative Eurosceptics, the Prime Minister will give a speech alongside Ms Harman, Tim Farron, the Lib Dem leader, and Natalie Bennett of the Greens.

They will also release a joint-statement attacking Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, the leaders of the Leave campaign, for “perpetuating an economic con?trick on the British people”.

Jun 05 15:39

Brexit The Movie

The biggest, costliest and most immediate change after a Remain vote would be psychological. Forget about all the caveats: an In victory would be hailed as proof that Britain has finally ceased fighting its supposed European destiny. Our bluff would have been called in the most spectacular of fashions: after decades of dragging our feet, of being ungrateful Europeans, of extracting concessions, rebates and opt-outs, of trying to stand up for our interests, we would finally have hoisted the white flag. The idea that we would hold another referendum on the next treaty would simply be laughed out of town. Voting to Remain would thus be a geopolitical disaster for the UK, a historic failure.

Jun 05 15:32

Bankers Warn of BrExit Financial Armageddon if British People Vote for Freedom

Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan was in London Friday to help his good buddy George Osborne out by doing his best to scare the British people into voting to REMAIN within the EU on June 23rd as that which was in the best interests of the British establishment that OWNS Britain. Jamie, the harbinger of a Brexit financial apocalypse that would see Britain's financial sector evaporate. Though maybe not on par with the last financial apocalypse that JP Morgan along with fellow bankers helped bring about in 2008. Which saw the world's governments blackmailed into bailing out the banks to the tune of $trillions of dollars.

Jun 05 09:31

With just 17 days to go, ANOTHER poll puts Brexit in front as fears about immigration dent David Cameron's hopes of keeping the UK inside the European Union

Research by Opinium said the race was split 43 per cent to Leave and 40 per cent to Remain - the latest in a succession of surveys to show Vote Leave ahead.

The poll suggested the undecided voters - 14 per cent of today's sample - were starting to lean toward Brexit as well.

Jun 05 09:28

Switzerland votes on plan to give EVERYONE a basic income of £1,750 a month whether they work or not

The initiative by Basel cafe owner Daniel Haeni and allies has scant chances of victory but public interest in the matter is huge, far beyond Swiss borders.

Supporters said introducing a monthly income of 2,500 Swiss francs (£1750) per adult and 625 francs per child under 18 would promote human dignity and public service.

Opponents, including the government, said it would cost too much and weaken the economy.

Jun 05 09:25

The revolving door between Google and European governments has spun at least EIGHTY times in the past decade, new research reveals

Google has hired from Downing Street, the Home Office and the Treasury while senior executives from the firm have been appointed to Government.

The revelation of the appointments will raise new fears about a 'revolving door' between the heart of Government one of the world's biggest firms.

At least 80 people are thought to have transferred in one direction or another between Google and European Union governments in the past decade.

Jun 05 08:29

Ex-London Mayor Pledges Jobs Boost After Brexit Vote

Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson says nearly 300,000 new jobs will be created if Britain escapes from the “shackles” of the European Union (EU).

“If we Vote Leave we will be able to forge bold new trade deals with growing economies around the world. These are deals that the EU has tried and failed to achieve due to protectionist forces in Europe,” said Johnson at a Brexit campaign rally in London on Saturday, adding that, “After we liberate ourselves from the shackles of Brussels we will be able to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs right across the UK.”

Jun 05 08:25

Obama Tries To Ram His TTIP Down Europeans’ Throats

Like the foie gras producer ramming food down ducks’ throats in order to create diseased super-fatty livers that some humans find acceptable to eat, Barack Obama (via his friend and trade-negotiator Michael Froman) is trying to ram dictatorship down Europeans’ throats, for the benefit of billionaires. And, like the sweet words of the foie-grass lobbyists who say it’s all just the ‘free market’ at work, Obama’s commercial-treaties salesman is saying it’s all being done in order to support ‘free trade’.

Jun 05 08:19

Merkel Panics! Tells British Voters That They Would Be Punished If They Vote Brexit

Panic is clearly setting in as Obama, followed by Merkel, are both trying to bully Britain into staying in the EU… warning that the UK would be punished if voters go for the Brexit option. This can only mean that it is clearly in the UK’s best interest to get the hell out of Brussels.

Jun 04 19:58

Poll: Brexit Could Spark Wave Of Anti-EU Referendums Across Europe

“A majority of the population in every country polled except Finland – and a tendency even in Finland – believe it is likely more countries will choose to leave the EU in the event of a Brexit. Swedes (69 percent) are the most likely to think other EU countries will follow the UK out the EU, closely followed by the Danes (66 percent),” said Chambers.

Jun 04 19:55

Voters favouring Brexit in sister dailies’ poll

A poll has revealed voters on two sister dailies’ patches are edging towards voting for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

The Eastern Daily Press and East Anglian Daily Times’ latest snapshot survey shows 39pc in favour of a Brexit, compared to 30pc who want to stay in the European Union and 21pc undecided.

In February a poll by the Archant titles put leave at 38pc four points ahead of remain 34pc, with 28pc saying they were undecided –although there were slight differences in survey methods.

Jun 04 19:54

We want Brexit! Our big EU referendum survey results revealed

A whopping 80 per cent of almost 8,000 readers who took part in the survey indicated that they will be voting for Britain to leave the EU in the June 23 referendum, while Boris Johnson was rated as the politician most likely to influence voters’ decisions.

Our poll also saw immigration come out as the key issue for voters in the Black Country and Staffordshire, and more than eight in 10 people said they were not impressed with David Cameron’s EU renegotiation deal.

The week-long online survey saw 7,538 online entrants, while 441 people sent in postal entries, with 96 per cent of respondents saying they intend to vote in the referendum.

Jun 04 12:19

VIDEO: President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker Drunk in Public, Slaps Leaders

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, was bitch slapping EU leaders, calling Hungarian PM 'dictator' in front of the press at the EU-Eastern Partnership summit in Latvia. Juncker, known for an anti-British stance, has threatened, possibly when sober, Britain if the country leaves the EU . Juncker has also called for an EU army. In the very long run, we will need

Jun 04 08:32

Merkel Warns Britain to Remain in the EU

Jun 03 15:35

Scaremonger alert! Brexit vote 'could cost UK colleges millions of pounds'

The head of the UK university with the most students from the European Union (EU) has warned that if Britain votes to leave Europe, the country would lose tens of millions of pounds in fees from European students.

Prof Michael Arthur, president of University College London (UCL), which has 4,500 students from the EU, told the Guardian on Friday that his university and other universities will lose a large proportion of EU undergraduates if the UK votes to leave the EU.