Dec 14 05:01

National Enquirer’s surprise deal could imperil Trump

The National Enquirer’s parent company has agreed to tell prosecutors everything it knows about Donald Trump — and it might know a lot.

In a court document released Wednesday, the tabloid publisher, American Media Inc., admitted to coordinating a hush-money payment with Trump’s 2016 campaign, reversing two years of denials. The confession came as part of an immunity agreement with the U.S. attorney’s office in New York, made public shortly after Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was sentenced to three years in prison over charges of tax fraud, campaign finance violations and lying to Congress.

But the disclosure might just be scratching the surface.>>>

Donald Trump Is Under The Bus

Dec 14 04:11

Federal prosecutors probing Trump inauguration spending: report

Wall Street Journal reports prosecutors ar looking into whether some donors gave money in exchange for favours.

Federal prosecutors in New York are investigating whether US President Donald Trump's inaugural committee misspent some of the record $107m it raised from donors, the Wall Street Journal has reported, citing people it said were familiar with the matter.

The early-stage investigation by the Manhattan US attorney's office is examining whether some of the committee's donors gave money in exchange for policy concessions, influencing administration positions or access to the incoming administration, the Journal said on Thursday.

A spokesperson for the Manhattan US attorney's office declined to comment.

Asked about the report, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Reuters news agency the president was not involved in his inaugural committee.>>>

Dec 13 22:27

Senator buys (and drops) thousands in defense stock after pushing Trump for bigger military budget

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma purchased between $50,000 and $100,000 of Raytheon stock last Tuesday – just days after news broke that US President Donald Trump had decided to back plans to request $750 billion from Congress for defense spending for the fiscal year 2020.

It seems that Inhofe was personally involved in the decision to hike the defense budget, too. When Trump suggested last week that he wanted to downsize parts of the US defense budget, Inhofe met with him and Defense Secretary James Mattis – a meeting which seems to have successfully convinced Trump to back increases in defense spending rather than cutbacks.

Dec 13 17:31

BREAKING: Scott Adams Tells You How Google Is Ruining His Life for Political Reason. Are You Next?

Google has declared war on Scott Adams (Search for his name on Duck Duck Go. Google is doing it intentionally.)

Follow Scott Adams: https://twitter.com/ScottAdamsSays

Dec 13 16:59

Financial Bounty Hunters Testify: Clinton Foundation Operated As Foreign Agent

The Clinton Foundation operated as a foreign agent ‘early in its life’ and ‘throughout it’s existence’ and did not operate as a 501c3 charitable foundation as required by its and is not entitled to its status as a nonprofit, alleged two highly qualified forensic investigators, accompanied by three other investigators, said in explosive testimony Thursday to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Dec 13 16:41

HUGE! Clinton Foundation Witnesses Say Huber Team LOST THEIR Evidence — Had to Send It THREE TIMES — Only Interested Cuz of Today’s Hearing

Mark Meadows (R-NC), the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Government Operations, led the hearing today. Two Clinton Foundation whistleblowers spoke at the hearing today. And Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch also testified.

Meadows told the audience today at the beginning of the hearing that the Department of Justice was unwilling to make John Huber available for the hearing today.

Huber was assigned months ago by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate several controversies about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

Dec 13 13:19


…..the reason we have a central bank (Federal Reserve), the reason we entered WW II, the reason for entering the Viet Nam War, the Kennedy assassination, the Martin Luther King assassination, how unknown Governors like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton got elected President, the Alfred Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City, World Trade Center bombings I & II, the place where the trillions of dollars went after the 2007/8 meltdown, how a little known and highly inexperienced black man became President, etc., etc.

The bought and paid for corporate lamestream fake news media shills, liars and traitors will tell you that it’s all old news, and it’s all been resolved, and people who hang on to a desire to know more facts and truth of the matters are just loose cannon conspiracy theorists.

Dec 13 12:45

Nancy Pelosi Announces Democrat Plan to Go After Trump’s Tax Returns

During her weekly press conference, Nancy Pelosi announced a plan for congressional Democrats to target President Trump’s tax returns.

Democrats are set to take power in January, taking over the House of Representatives and, essentially, grinding all congressional work to a halt. There are rumors floating around Capitol Hill that Democrats will immediately push for impeaching the President with what little power they hold in the House.

Dec 13 11:01

U.S. Attorney for Utah John Huber won’t testify before House panel on Clinton probe

U.S. Attorney for Utah John Huber won't testify Thursday before the House Oversight subcommittee as its chairman had announced previously.

Huber had been assigned by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate several controversies Republicans have raised about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, many of them stoked by right-wing activists who believe she should be prosecuted.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., chairman of the Oversight’s subcommittee on government operations, had hoped Huber would provide an update on his probe.

“Mr. Huber with the Department of Justice and FBI has been having an investigation — at least part of his task was to look at the Clinton Foundation and what may or may not have happened as it relates to improper activity with that charitable foundation, so we’ve set a hearing date for December the 5th,” he told Hill.TV previously.

That hearing was postponed until Thursday because of President George H.W. Bush's funeral service.

Dec 13 10:19

Bombshell, Indictment Are Coming For The Clintons

Fox News host Sean Hannity said the hammer is about to hit the Clintons and their cronies.

The host told his guests Sarah Carter, John Solomon and Gregg Jarrett that he had it on good authority that indictments were about to be issued.

“It will be fascinating. Let me go to Gregg Jarrett. I know all of us know William Campbell. That’s going to be a big issue only because that, too, is connected to the Clinton Foundation and the $145 million back to the Clinton Foundation,” he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wish it were true. But of my theory of what lies behind the Hillary Clinton email server (espionage) and if enough politicians were dipping into that Clinton Foundation, then nothing will happen.

Dec 13 10:16

Groundbreaking poll: American support for one democratic state equal to support for two state solution

A new poll conducted by Shibley Telhami at the University of Maryland shows unprecedented support among Americans for the one-state solution in Israel/Palestine, and stronger sanctions against Israel for the occupation, as well as growing criticism of the Israeli role in U.S. politics.

Dec 13 10:13

It's My Gavel Now: Pelosi Strikes Deal With Insurgent Wing That Ensures Her The House Speakership

Well, if Democratic bloodsports over the House speakership race was on your Christmas list, cross it off. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) now has a lock on it, with a deal struck with the anti-Pelosi wing on the Democratic Party, who vowed to oppose her bid. Some 16 House Democratsdeclared their opposition to her candidacy. Yet, their potential candidate to oppose Pelosi, Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH), decided to bow out. Some other anti-Pelosi Democrats jumped ship as well. Still, there was a chance that this small band of rebels could cause Pelosi heartburn on the House floor. Now, such fears can be put to rest. Pelosi plans to step aside after…four years

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No she doesn't.

Dec 13 10:06

Congressman Who Issued Veiled Threat To Nuke Gun Owners Runs From Kent State Grad Gun Girl

California Congressman Eric Swalwell, a man who issued a veiled threat of nuking those who would not comply with gun confiscation laws was challenged by Kent State graduate and gun owner Kaitlin Bennett with questions on why he wanted to nuke Americans and if he was actually going to do anything regarding Google censorship. Watch how fast he runs to the elevator.

Dec 13 09:44

Feds Have Secretly Been Holding On to 6,000 Pages of Anti Clinton Whistleblower Docs

That hearing comes even as Meadows disclosed that new allegations have appeared claiming that the Clinton Foundation engaged in misappropriation of funds and that donors were assured they could count on favors from Hillary Clinton, who was then secretary of state, Fox News reported. Mark Meadows The Clinton Foundation also faces storm clouds in the form of what The Hill reports are “6,000 pages of evidence attached to a whistleblower submission filed secretly more than a year ago with the IRS and FBI.”

Dec 13 09:44

John Solmon Gives a Preview of Topics at Today's Clinton Foundation Hearing

Did Clinton Foundation mislead IRS? State filings raise the question

Dec 13 09:32


Days after Donald Trump’s inauguration, a nonprofit organization opened up shop in Washington, D.C., to continue a private investigation into the president’s possible ties to Russia.

Only a few details of the group, the Democracy Integrity Project, have trickled out over the nearly two years since its founding.

The organization’s founder, a former Senate Intelligence Committee staffer named Daniel J. Jones, hired opposition research firm Fusion GPS and dossier author Christopher Steele as part of the initiative, he told the FBI in March 2017. And it has been revealed that billionaire financier George Soros has given at least $1 million to the group and is considering giving more.

Dec 13 09:27

Congress Is Trying to Use the Spending Bill to Criminalize Boycotts of Israel and Other Countries

According to recent reports, congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle are planning to sneak a bill criminalizing politically motivated boycotts of Israel into the end-of-the-year omnibus spending bill.

The bill’s original sponsor, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), is pushing Democratic leadership to include this bill, which has not moved forward thus far primarily because it violates the First Amendment. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) are reportedly leaning toward slipping the text into the spending bill, which needs to pass for the government to stay open.

Dec 13 09:25

Update: Meadows No Longer Being Considered For White House Chief of Staff

Congressman Meadows is no longer being considered to replace John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in statement Wednesday.

“Congressman Mark Meadows is a great friend to President Trump and is doing an incredible job in [C]ongress. The President told him we need him in Congress so he can continue the great work he is doing there.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Great work? Today was the day Huber and three Clinton Foundation whistleblowers were supposed to testify. They have cancelled.

Dec 13 09:23

It’s ridiculous that it’s unconstitutional for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to run for president

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the biggest star in the Democratic Party, and she has been ever since she unseated Rep. Joe Crowley in a surprise primary upset in May. That her win didn’t, in the final analysis, launch a wave of leftist primary victories only goes to show what a phenomenon she personally is.

Not everyone shares her brand of politics, of course, but her constituency has exploded beyond the initial set of ideologues who powered the challenge to Crowley because of her incredible wit, charisma, social media savvy, and basic political smarts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh oh!

Dec 13 09:16

Members of Congress cannot use taxpayer money to settle sex abuse cases anymore — here's why

Members of Congress will no longer be able to use taxpayer money to pay off their settlements in lawsuits involving sexual harassment and abuse according to a deal made in Congress after months of debate.
The agreement between Republicans and Democrats means that members of Congress would have to pay these settlements with their personal funds and not from the government.

Dec 13 08:59

Next NY AG Promises to 'Use Every Area of The Law' to Prosecute Trump, His Family, And 'Anyone In His Orbit'

New York's incoming attorney general on Tuesday promised to persecute/prosecute President Donald Trump, his entire family, and "anyone in his orbit" by hunting for crimes to charge them with.

Dec 13 08:15

Anti-Trump dossier author was hired to help Hillary challenge 2016 election results


Christopher Steele: Hillary Clinton was preparing to challenge 2016 election results

Dec 13 08:14

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton to Testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Judicial Watch announced that President Tom Fitton will provide testimony on December 13 before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s Subcommittee on Government Operations during a hearing titled “Oversight of Nonprofit Organizations: A Case Study on the Clinton Foundation.” The committee is chaired by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC).


Dec 13 08:11

Reason Behind FBI Raid of Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Kept Secret by Justice Department

Dec 13 08:10


Fox News host Tucker Carlson talked about the hypocrisy of Democrats who support Israel’s border wall and not the U.S.-Mexico border wall President Donald Trump wants to build during “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday.

Prior to his interview with David Rubin, a former Israeli mayor, Carlson went after Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for labeling Trump’s plan to build a wall along the country’s southern border as “immoral.”

Dec 13 06:33

Fire destroys thousands of voting machines in DR Congo

(*If it happened in Biblical Times God would be blamed , or credited , today !)

Dec 13 06:01

Cohen Sentenced To Three Years In Prison

Longtime Trump Attorney & Fixer Michael Cohen Sentenced To Three Years In Prison
In his remarks, Judge William Pauley III reportedly spoke of the "smorgasbord" of crimes committed by the former Trump loyalist. "Each of these crimes standing alone warrant considerable punishment," the judge said.

The sentencing followed a slew of guilty pleas made in separate cases involving federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York and by special counsel Robert Mueller. Most notably, Cohen admitted last month to arranging hush payments at Trump's direction “for the principal purpose of influencing the election.”

In their sentencing recommendation, prosecutors argued that Cohen deserved a "substantial" prison term of several years, because he had “repeatedly used his power and influence for deceptive ends."

"His offenses strike at several pillars of our society and system of government: the payment of taxes; transparent and fair elections; and truthfulness before government and in business"

Michael Cohen, says Trump made him 'cover up his dirty deeds'

Dec 13 05:38

3 Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers To Testify Tomorrow

This has been cancelled. Imagine my shock.

Dec 12 15:09

What the Marc Lamont Hill affair really tells us about Zionist goals

Lawrence Davidson says the US Zionist lobby’s attack on academic Marc Lamont Hill for advocating justice for the Palestinians is part of an ongoing effort to eliminate aspects of international law that proscribe racism and apartheid – defining characteristics of Israel. >>

Dec 12 15:08


Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that the “full extent” of so-called Russian meddling activity that took place on the platform during all of 2016 was $4,700 spent on some digital advertisements.

Dec 12 14:57


On Tuesday evening, a brazen terror attack occurred in the French city of Strasbourg, claiming three lives and injuring a dozen, six of whom are said to be in critical condition. The suspect was known to police as an Islamic extremist and has been identified as 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt.

Dec 12 12:20

Disgrace: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Attacks Gold Star Father John Kelly as a Coward

Woke 29-year-old Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went after White House Chief of Staff John Kelly yesterday. Why? She wants him to apologize to Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson for supposedly "lying" about her to reporters.

John Kelly was straight up exposed for lying about @RepWilson in comments aimed at discrediting her.

He absolutely owes her an apology, and his refusal to do so isn’t a sign of strength - it’s cowardice.

"Cowardice." Quite a big word to use against a four-star Marine Corps general whose son was killed in Afghanistan.

Dec 12 12:13

RussiaGate, the Mueller Investigation and the Clinton Foundation

On December 7 after weeks of legal resistance, former FBI Director James Comey was forced to appear at a closed-door hearing convened by Republicans in the House of Representatives. The hearing was called to investigate political bias by Comey and other officials against then-candidate Donald Trump. In the last days the focus has begun to shift to the surprise of many to the Democratic Party DNC, to Hillary Clinton and James Comey.

Dec 12 12:11

Philadelphia’s Perverse Civil Asset Forfeiture Machine Has Finally Come to An End

By Brittany Hunter

Philadelphia may be the birthplace of our Constitution, but its civil asset forfeiture program is anything but constitutional. The program has become so corrupt and far-reaching it is often referred to as a “perverse machine.” Luckily, after a four-year legal battle brought by the nonprofit law firm the Institute for Justice (IJ), the city has agreed to a settlement that will give its abusive forfeiture program a major overhaul and protect the rights of Philadelphia property owners...

Dec 12 11:55

Michael Cohen Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

Michael Cohen, former lawyer for President Donald Trump, was sentenced for a variety of charges, including tax evasion and lying to Congress.

Dec 12 11:50

FBI Pressured Michael Flynn to Not Have Lawyer Present During Interview

Newly filed court documents allege that FBI officials coerced Michael Flynn into forgoing a lawyer during the interview that would lead to a guilty plea on one count of making false statements.

Flynn, who was President Trump’s National Security Adviser at the time, and his lawyers argue that the FBI went well out of their way to create a perjury trap.

Worse, the filing alleges that FBI officials and other agents who interviewed Flynn failed to warn him of any consequences should he make a false statement during the interview. They wanted Flynn to be “relaxed” during the session.

According to statements contained in a so-called “302” witness interview report cited by the filing, McCabe and other FBI officials discussed that they “would not warn Flynn that it was a crime to lie during an FBI interview because they wanted Flynn to be relaxed, and they were concerned that giving the warnings might adversely affect the rapport.”

Dec 12 10:53

I will stand down before the next general election, May tells Tory MPs ahead of no-confidence vote

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has told Tory MPs that she will stand down before the next general election, in a bid to win their support ahead of a no-confidence vote later this evening.