Jan 05 15:34

It is Easy to Steal an Election, but Impossible to Hide the Theft

We know that you can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. Sure, you can commit election fraud, but you can’t hide it from everyone. The evidence is there if you look, and we looked.

Jan 05 15:28

New York: Citizen Body Armor BAN Proposal to Start Off 2021

A new bill introduced to outlaw body armor in New York would make it illegal for civilians to purchase body armor and could find them guilty even if they have owned body armor for years. -- If the bill is passed, body armor owners would be required to turn in their life-saving gear at law enforcement agencies such as local or state police, FBI, or DEA.

Jan 05 11:50

Votes Taken From Trump in PA

Jan 05 11:45

Trump Issues Warning To Tom Cotton For Refusal To Contest Joe Biden’s Win

President Donald Trump appeared to issue a threat to Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on Monday after Cotton declared that he will not object to certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.

“Republicans have pluses & minuses, but one thing is sure, THEY NEVER FORGET!” Trump raged in an ominous tweet directed at Cotton that baselessly contested the accuracy of the November election’s outcome.

Trump added that he would reveal “the real numbers” during a speech Monday night. (The real numbers actually have been certified by every state, showing Trump’s defeat.)

Jan 05 11:43

‘No Crime There, Period’: Alan Dershowitz Says Trump Phone Call Taken out of Context

News outlets took President Donald Trump’s comments to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger out of context during a phone call that was later leaked to the press, said Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz.

“Well, every major media is taking it out of context,” Dershowitz told Just The News, adding that there was no apparent crime being committed on the phone call by the president.

Mainstream outlets initially reported on Trump’s remarks to Raffensberger as an attempt at a shakedown to “find 11,780 votes” in Georgia for the Nov. 3 presidential contest.

But the full transcript of the call showed that Trump asserted that he won the state and asked the election official to probe election irregularities—like he has been doing for weeks.

Jan 05 11:37

Gov. DeSantis HUMILIATES Obnoxious CNN Reporter

Jan 05 11:28

BREAKING: Wisconsin Legislature Announces Resolution To Be Introduced on Thursday Which Will Likely Decertify State and Award to President Trump

Breaking news this evening:

The state of Wisconsin has reportedly announced that it will introduce a resolution on Thursday morning to decertify the state’s electoral college votes and award them to President Trump.

Jan 05 11:27

UPDATE: Former Mueller Prosecutor Jeannie Rhee Is Tied to Arrest of Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio

Earlier tonight Proud Boys founder Enrique Tarrio was arrested as he was being driven from a D.C. area airport. Tarrio was pulled over for allegedly burning a stolen Black Lives Matter banner taken from a historic Black Washington, D.C. church last month.

There were also unconfirmed reports that Tarrio was in possession of two high-capacity firearm magazines at the time of his arrest for a misdemeanor.

Reporter Jacob Engels tonight confirmed former Mueller prosecutor Jeannie Rhee is tied to the arrest of Enrique Tarrio tonight.

Jan 05 11:26

Kamala Tells Tall Tale of How She Fell Out of a Stroller During Civil Rights March, Then Told Her Mom All She Wanted Was “Fweedom” – Story Was Lifted From 1965 Playboy Interview with MLK!

Kamala Harris actually said this.

Phony Kamala Harris completely made up a story about how she participated in a civil rights march in Oakland, California when she was a young child in a stroller in an October interview with Elle Magazine.

Harris told Elle that she had fallen out of the baby stroller and her parents didn’t notice she was gone because they were so caught up in the energy of the march.

By the time Kamala’s parents realized she was gone, they doubled back and found little Kamala upset.

Jan 05 11:26

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Maintained a Diary on His Laptop and It’s Full of Just Horrible Stuff

Hunter Biden kept a diary on his laptop and it’s bad. If America knew the real Biden family they would never be allowed in the White House, ever.

When Hunter Biden is himself, he is an animal. He is a drug addict who isn’t curtailed by money or the law, like most all drug addicts are. He has lots of money from corrupt deals with some of the most violent people on earth and he is immune from the law due to being the son of Joe Biden. Hunter is one of the sickest people on this planet. We can say this because we have had a glimpse at the contents of his laptop.

Jan 05 11:25

Twitter Suspends TGP’s Joe Hoft After Sharing FACTUAL REPORT on Hunter Biden’s Serial Sex and Crack Escapades

Another one bites the dust. Twitter has been doing this for years. If you are conservative you absolutely cannot share any information about Democrats and communists that paint them in a negative light, even if it is true.

Twitter is a great tool. It is great at sharing and seeing news before the news becomes news. It is quick and efficient. But its management sucks.

What a great tool and horrible management.

Over the past few years we have seen numerous conservative voices silenced by Twitter or kicked off of their site for good. Individuals like Alex Jones, Milo, Laura Loomer, Roger Stone, Jacob Engels, and others who were effective President Trump supporters. They were suspended — censored — banished.

Jan 05 11:21

Leaked Documents Suggest the FBI and British Intelligence Are Using COINTELPRO Tactics Against Nationalists

Internal files of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) and the FBI recently leaked to Yahoo News reveal a nefarious scheme to utilize Satanism in dissident groups as a means to demoralize activists, splinter groups, and cause individuals to “disengage.”

The document, titled “The Order of Nine Angles Playing Influential Role Among Some RMVEs (Racially Motivated Violent Extremists),” claims the “Siege Network” (accelerationist fans of James Mason’s book Siege) on Telegram is a hub of Satanists belonging to a secret society called the Order of Nine Angles (O9A).

According to the analysts, O9A can be used as a tool for causing divisions and deradicalizing nationalists by morally repulsing them, “We assess that exposure to O9A’s doctrines may increase internal conflict and loss of members among already fractious RMVE groups. Many RMVEs believe that groups espousing Satanist beliefs are ideologically impure and that their pro-Satanism members seek to destabilize the group.”

Jan 05 11:07

Josh Hawley Slams ‘Antifa Scumbags’ Who Attacked His Home With Wife And Newborn Inside

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) said his family was targeted by Antifa vandals and protesters late Monday evening.

Video shows protesters approaching the family’s front door as Hawley’s wife and newborn baby were reportedly inside.

“Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can’t travel,” Hawley tweeted.

“They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door,” he continued. “Let me be clear: My family [and] I will not be intimidated by leftwing violence.”

Jan 05 10:42

Democrats Are Calling For A Senator Who Is Doing His Job To Be Prosecuted For Doing It

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Sunday responded to lashes over his intention to challenge the electoral college results on Jan. 6 unless an emergency 10-day inspection to review election fraud claims occurs.

Cruz and 10 other senators announced their plan to challenge Electoral College votes from disputed states over concerns that the 2020 election “featured unprecedented allegations of voter fraud, violations, and lax enforcement of election law, and other voting irregularities.”

The senator from the Lone Star State said in a new interview that after the senators made the announcement, Democrats started pressing that Cruz “should be arrested and tried for the crimes of sedition and treason.”

Jan 05 10:39

Battle lines drawn in GOP over planned Electoral College challenges, certification set for Wednesday

Jan 05 10:37

Sen. Kelly Loeffler to Object to Electoral College Certification Process

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) announced on Monday that she will object to electoral college votes when lawmakers gather for a joint session in Congress on Jan. 6.

“Elections are the bedrock of our democracy and the American people deserve to be 100% confident in our election system and its outcomes. But right now, tens of millions of Americans have real concerns about the way in which the November Presidential election was conducted—and I share their concerns,” she said in a statement.

“The American people deserve a platform in Congress, permitted under the Constitution, to have election issues presented so that they can be addressed,” she added. “That’s why, on January 6th, I will vote to give President Trump and the American people the fair hearing they deserve and support the objection to the Electoral College certification process.”

Jan 05 06:32

National Guard Called In by DC Mayor Ahead Massive Pro-Trump Demonstrations On January 6th

Jan 05 06:30

Central OAC Exec Admits Org Registers Thousands Of Homeless To Vote At Same Address In Fulton Co

Jan 05 06:30

Trump Tape: When Did Media Stop Listening To Full Conversations & Just Report What They Want?

President Trump asked Georgia's top elections officials to find the illegal votes and reverse the calling of the state to Joe Biden during a Saturday phone call, according to audio published Sunday by The Washington Post.

During the talk, the president repeatedly asked Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) to "find" the more than 11,000 ballots that are suspected of being fraudulent based on poll worker affidavits - the number is also above the amount needed to surmount the difference between Trump and Biden in the state, hence overturning the state in his favor. The media of course took this as the key and left the rest of the conversation out - as Trump implored Raffensperger to allow Fulton county to be fully audited including signature audits on mail in ballots that came from out of state.

Jan 05 06:26

How does anyone take these people seriously?

Last week, just before the canceled New Year’s holiday, the US federal government released updated dietary guidelines for the next five years.

You know what I’m talking about– these are the government guidelines that recommend we consume a certain amount of Calories, fats, protein, carbs, etc. every day.

I don’t know that anyone actually pays attention to this stuff; taking diet advice from the federal government is about as sensible as seeking moral direction from Congress.

Jan 05 06:07

The Proof Is In: The Election Was Stolen

I have read enough of the fraud reports, affidavits, and statements from election security and forensic experts to be comfortable in my conclusion that the election was stolen. But I am not confident that anything will be done about the fradulent election. The American elite no longer believe in democracy. Consider, for example, the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. It is anti-democratic, as is globalism. Democracy is in the way of elite agendas. Indeed, the reason the elite despise Trump is that he bases himself in the people. Judges will not even preserve the vote record so that it can be investigated. In Georgia a federal judge has refused to stop the Dominion voting machines from being wiped clean and reset—https://www.theepochtimes.com/judge-blocks-then-unblocks-georgia-from-wiping-or-resetting-election-machines_3597691.html UPDATE: Judge overturns his previous order and reinstates ban on wiping and resetting Dominion machines used in Atlanta.

Jan 05 06:03

The mission to stop a Biden win | Jim Jordan

Jan 05 06:02

Tulsi Gabbard rips 'mind blowing' House rule changes banning gendered language

Jan 05 05:51

Straw man tactic? Cheney-led ex-Pentagon chiefs admonish Trump not to involve military in election row though NO SUCH REQUEST made

All 10 former US defense secretaries who are still living have warned President Donald Trump not to involve the US military in his dispute over 2020 election results – despite Trump not even having hinted at taking such a step.

Any use of the military as part of an effort to overturn the November 3 presidential election’s result – which proclaimed the Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the winner – would take the US into “dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional territory,” the 10 ex-Pentagon bosses said in a jointly signed opinion piece published by the Washington Post on Sunday. The Associated Press described the warning as “an extraordinary rebuke” of Trump.

Jan 05 05:49

House Republicans Appalled Pelosi Keeping Eric Swalwell on Intelligence Committee

House Republicans expressed disgust that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would keep Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on the House Intelligence Committee despite a recent Axios story revealing that he had deep ties to a suspected Chinese spy for several years as he was elected to Congress and began serving on the committee.

Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-CA) tweeted after the new Congress was sworn in on Sunday: “Unbelievable. Looks like Nancy Pelosi is keeping Rep. Eric Swalwell on the House Intelligence Committee in the new Congress — even after his ties to a Chinese spy were exposed. Why do Democrats refuse to stand up to China?”

Jan 05 05:46

Trump: ‘I Hope Mike Pence Comes Through for Us’

President Donald Trump said on Monday that he hopes Vice President Mike Pence will do more than just carry out a ceremonial role during the joint session of Congress to count Electoral College votes on Jan. 6.

“I hope Mike Pence comes through for us. I hope our great vice president comes through for us. He’s a great guy. Of course, if he doesn’t come through, I won’t like him very much,” Trump told a crowd at a rally in Georgia.

The president traveled to the Peach State to campaign for two Republican candidates—Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) and David Perdue—before a tight runoff election that will determine the majority in the Senate for the next two years.

Jan 05 04:59

Tired of Lies

Jan 05 02:02

CIA Rebrands As Woke Leftists And Champions Of Diversity

The Central Intelligence Agency has revamped their website to champion their wokeness and support for diversity, LGBTQs and dual citizens.

Jan 04 16:22

Peter Navarro Says Inauguration Day Can Be Postponed

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said in an interview on Fox News that the Jan. 20 date of Inauguration Day could be changed.

Navarro made the remarks on “Justice With Judge Jeanine” on Jan. 2, in the context of a recent call by 11 Republican senators for Congress to appoint an electoral commission to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election results.

Program host Judge Jeanine Pirro asked Navarro about his expectations for the effort, saying, “All this has to happen before January 20. Do you have any hope that this can succeed?”

“Vice President Pence, he has the authority to give that 10-day window to do what needs to get done,” Navarro said. “I cannot imagine when he looks at the facts he won’t vote the right way on that.”

Jan 04 15:59


Jan 04 15:22

Master Biden Speaks

Joe Biden is nothing if not consistent. He has always been an unreconstructed racist and a crass mediocrity. Barack Obama had to admit that he chose Joe Biden as his running mate despite knowing that he is “not always self-aware.”

Biden certainly wasn’t aware or didn’t care about either his demeanor or the substance of his discussions with people referred to as civil rights leaders recently. He and Kamala Harris met with Derrick Johnson, Vanita Gupta, Rev. Al Sharpton, Sherrilyn Ifill, Melanie Campbell, Marc Morial, Kristen Clarke, and Cedric Richmond. The supposedly confidential meeting was leaked to the media and can now be seen on youtube .

Jan 04 14:14

National Guard Activated to Help Support Police During Pro-Trump Protests

Some 100 National Guardsmen will be in Washington this week to help support police officers patrolling protests planned by President Donald Trump supporters this week.

“We have received confirmation that the D.C. National Guard will be assisting the Metropolitan Police Department, beginning tomorrow through the life cycle of this event,” Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee III told reporters at a press conference on Monday.

National Guard personnel will be assisting police officers with crowd management and traffic control, freeing officers “to focus on anyone who’s intent on instigating, agitating, or participating in violence in our city,” he added.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, revealed she’d asked for National Guard personnel in a Dec. 31 letter to District of Columbia National Guard Commanding General William Walker.

Jan 04 12:07

Lin Wood drops major bombshells: Entire world controlled by pedophile extortion and blackmail schemes, ensnaring top influencers like Justice Roberts

Attorney Lin Wood has been peeling away the layers of evil, revealing the truth about how the entire world is controlled by a global cabal of extortionists who blackmail top leaders with video tapes that capture their acts of pedophilia and child murder.

This has been covered by the independent media for years, but the corporate media, Big Tech and courts have covered it up (because they are all complicit).

According to early morning tweets from Lin Wood (see below), “Chief Justice John Roberts & a multitude of powerful individuals worldwide are being blackmailed in a horrendous scheme involving rape & murder of children captured on videotape.”

Lin Wood says he has a decryption key to the video files, and he explains that others do, too.

He implies that this is why Chief Justice Roberts has consistently rendered SCOTUS decisions that appear to be traitorous to the United States of America. He is being controlled and blackmailed, it is alleged.

Jan 04 12:00

Exclusive – Watch: Ted Cruz Labels Google the ‘Most Dangerous Company on the Face of the Planet’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) deemed Google the “most dangerous company on the face of the planet” during an interview with Breitbart News following a campaign event Saturday for the Georgia Senate runoff election.

Cruz, who has been one of the most outspoken senators against big tech, outlined his issues with Google, Twitter, and Facebook as they relate to the companies’ alleged interference in America’s elections, providing his comments to Breitbart News after a get-out-the-vote event with Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) at the Good ol’ Days Bar and Grill parking lot Saturday morning.

Jan 04 11:59

Walmart insults 74-plus million Trump voters with nasty tweet

For daring to take a stand in defense of President Donald Trump and his fight for a free and fair election, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) received a vitriolic tweet from Walmart that insulted not just him but also the more than 74 million Americans who voted for Trump on Nov. 3.

After announcing that he cannot, in good conscience, vote to certify the Electoral College results on Jan. 6, Hawley was called a “sore loser” by an unknown member of Walmart’s social media team, who further jabbed at the congressman: “Go ahead. Get your 2 hour debate.”

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat, also responded with hate, calling Hawley’s announcement a “coup attempt.” Klobuchar added in a riled speech that “democracy will prevail,” emphasizing her belief that Joe Biden will be installed on Jan. 20.

Hawley himself responded in sarcasm, thanking Walmart for its “insulting condescension,” adding: “Now that you’ve insulted 75 million Americans, will you at least apologize for using slave labor?”

Jan 04 11:58

Nevada’s signature verification system for mail-in ballots has an 89% failure rate

A Nevada journalist found that the state’s signature verification process for mail-in ballots has an 89 percent failure rate, raising concerns regarding the strength of Nevada’s anti-fraud security measures.

Victor Joecks, a columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal conducted the experiment that found the staggeringly-high failure rate. According to Nevada state law, all mail-in ballots must have the signature of the voter on the ballot return envelope.

“This signature is used to authenticate the voter and confirm that it was actually the voter and not another person who returned the mail ballot,” reads a guide on the Nevada state website. (Related: Improper signature verification setting compromised 200,000 Nevada ballots, former attorney general warns.)

Jan 04 11:57

Congress Approves Rules Regulating Jan. 6 Electoral Vote Count

The House of Representatives and the Senate on Sunday adopted rules that outline how the counting of Electoral College votes will take place on Jan. 6.

The rules were passed without recorded votes. Instead, a voice vote was used in both chambers.

The guidance, introduced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), says the chambers will meet in a joint session on Jan. 6 presided over by Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence, as president of the Senate, will open “all the certificates and papers purporting to be certificates of the electoral votes,” the rules state, a nod to how seven states sent so-called competing electors, or certificates for both Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, to Washington.

The certificates and papers will be opened, presented, and acted upon in alphabetical order, starting with Alabama.

Jan 04 11:50

6-Person Team Briefs Hundreds of State Lawmakers on Election Irregularities

A six-person team that included Rudy Giuliani and Peter Navarro briefed hundreds of state lawmakers about evidence of election irregularities, during a Jan. 2 meeting.

The virtual meeting included legislators from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Navarro said during an appearance on Fox News.

“These legislators, they’re hot, they’re angry, they want action,” said Navarro, the White House director of trade and manufacturing policy. “We gave them the receipts. We explained exactly how the Democrat Party, as a matter of strategy, stole this election from Donald J. Trump.”

According to Got Freedom?, a nonprofit election integrity watchdog, the meeting included an address by President Donald Trump. Nearly 300 legislators heard from the president, Navarro, and Trump’s lawyer, Giuliani.

Jan 04 11:49

Meadows: Over 100 House Members Plan to Object to Electoral Votes

More than 100 members of the House of Representatives plan to object to electoral votes during the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress, according to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

“We’re now at well over 100 House members and a dozen Senators ready to stand up for election integrity and object to certification. It’s time to fight back,” Meadows wrote in a tweet on Jan. 2.

According to an Epoch Times tally, 45 representatives have publicly committed to objecting during the joint session. Eleven senators announced earlier Jan. 2 that they would object, joining Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.).

“The forgotten men and women are speaking out and Washington D.C. is waking up,” Meadows wrote in another tweet.

The number of Congress members who plan to object continues to rise, but the exact number committed so far isn’t clear.

Jan 04 11:48

Covid worries overshadow first day of new Congress

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic loomed large over every aspect of Sunday’s opening day of the 117th Congress, with fears of spreading the virus front and center and lawmakers fighting over masks on the floor of the House.

Lawmakers crowded into the Capitol in the closing days of Donald Trump’s presidency for the swearing-in of hundreds of members and the election of Nancy Pelosi to speaker, all amid a Republican effort to challenge President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Jan 04 11:30

Whatever Zuckerberg Said About Facebook Not Choosing Sides In Election...It Was All Bulls--t!!

Facebook completely crushed a Republican advertising effort in the Georgia Senate runoffs days before the election.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee declared the “unacceptable” limitations on Twitter, writing, “Facebook has shut down the ad account for the Georgia Battleground Fund, a joint fundraising committee for NRSC, @Perduesenate, and @kloeffler. This is unacceptable with only 4 days to Election Day.”

The NRSC added a screenshot of the restriction page, which claimed the group broke Facebook’s ban on “ads that promote products, services, schemes or offers using deceptive or misleading practices, including those meant to mislead or scam people out of money or personal information.”

Jan 04 11:29

Ted Cruz leads GOP effort to refuse Electoral College certification, demands ’emergency audit’ of results

Nearly a dozen Senate Republicans, led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), announced Saturday they will object to the Electoral College certification of Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential election victory when Congress meets in a joint-session on Jan. 6.

“Voter fraud has posed a persistent challenge in our elections, although its breadth and scope are disputed. By any measure, the allegations of fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election exceed any in our lifetimes,” the Republicans explained in a statement.

The Republican lawmakers said Congress should establish an “Electoral Commission” to investigate alleged election fraud and conduct an “emergency audit” of the election results.

Jan 04 11:28

Extraordinary warning to Trump by 10 former Pentagon chiefs

In an extraordinary rebuke of United States President Donald Trump, all 10 living former secretaries of defence cautioned Sunday against any move to involve the military in pursuing claims of election fraud, arguing that it would take the country into “dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional territory”.

The 10 men, both Democrats and Republicans, signed on to an opinion article published in The Washington Post that implicitly questioned Trump’s willingness to follow his constitutional duty to peacefully relinquish power on Jan 20. Following the Nov 3 election and subsequent recounts in some states, as well as unsuccessful court challenges, the outcome is clear, they wrote, while not specifying Trump in the article.

“The time for questioning the results has passed; the time for the formal counting of the electoral college votes, as prescribed in the constitution and statute, has arrived,” they wrote.

Jan 04 11:25

What Are Trump's Chances Trump Retains Presidency? Sidney Powell Tells It Like It Is

Attorney Sidney Powell told FlashPoint host Gene Bailey in a Dec. 29 interview that she thinks it is “definitely possible” that President Trump will remain President for a second term, even after the joint session of Congress on Jan. 6 or beyond.

Powell was answering a question by Bailey regarding the “viable paths” that persist to a second Trump term.

Jan 04 11:24

Mitch McConnell Slams $2,000 Checks As “Socialism For Rich People”

JUST IN: Sen. Mitch McConnell blasts #CASHAct, refutes Sen. Bernie Sanders: "Our colleague from Vermont is dead wrong on this... Borrowing from our grandkids to do socialism for rich people is a terrible way to get help to families who actually need it."

Jan 04 11:11

Pelosi Secures 4th Term As Speaker, Democrats Break Quarantine To Vote

In a dramatic 216-209 vote, Nancy Pelosi secured her fourth term as Speaker (which she vowed would also be her last).

In order to secure the narrower than expected victory, reporter John Bresnehan pointed out that at least three members broke COVID quarantine to attend swearing-in ceremonies and the all-important speakership election Sunday, and in addition to those three, as Breitbart's Matthew Boyle reports, Rep. Gwen Moore (D-FL), attended the vote to back Pelosi after testing positive for the deadly virus just six days ago.

Jan 04 11:07

Sen. Gohmert Says Republicans Need To Match Antifa, BLM Violence After Court Quashes Electoral Suit

Senator Louie Gohmert (R-TX) suggested that Republicans should be 'as violent as Antifa and BLM' after US District Judge Jeremy Kernodle tossed out his lawsuit which argued that Vice President Mike Pence has the authority to unilaterally overturn the 2020 election results based on widespread claims of fraud in several states, according to Bloomberg.

"If the bottom line is, the court is saying, ‘We’re not going to touch this. You have no remedy’ -- basically, in effect, the ruling would be that you gotta go the streets and be as violent as Antifa and BLM," Gohmert told Newsmax in a Friday night interview.

Hilariously, Bloomberg describes Antifa as "a loosely-aligned movement that opposes fascism."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gohmert has since back-pedaled on this.

Jan 04 11:06

Republicans, Democrats, & A New 3rd Party

The Republican Party will not “split” apart like the Democrats...

Jan 04 11:04

Layers of the coverup

Just think of it! Senile dementia stricken Joe Biden in charge of a world reduced to total chaos because of the harebrained scheme of the global financial elite to insert everyone’s financial records into everyone’s bodies under cover of a bogus pandemic the cause of which has never been proven to actually exist.

They fudged the figures of sick people as obviously as they fixed the election with hundreds of thousands of fictitious ballots in many different states, which turns out to be an accurate indicator of the level of corruption at the state level. Join this to a federal bureaucracy that has just betrayed its own president, looking likely all this treason from Biden on down has been funded by China, although it is a worldwide Rothschild-level financial system that really runs the world today, and that is what is being reset.

Also being reset is the global population to a much lower number that it occupies now.

Jan 04 10:46

Report: Biden’s Inaugural Parade Viewing Stands Taken Down – Parade in Doubt – They’re Afraid it Will Turn into a Massive MAGA Rally

There are reports tonight that Beijing Biden canceled his inaugural parade.
We are still looking to confirm this.

However, we know for certain the parade viewing stands were taken down this week.

Jan 04 10:45

New Video Shows Dominion’s Eric Coomer Admitting Their Voting Machine Systems Are Wireless and Support All Networks

Dr. Eric Coomer who is responsible for the strategy and Security at Dominion Voting Systems.

Coomer is a staunch Never-Trumper and Antifa supporter. His Facebook page was littered with Trump-hating propaganda before it was shut down.

In 2016 Coomer told the Illinois States Board of Elections that it was possible to bypass election systems software.

Jan 04 10:44

HUGE: TRUMP DROPS A BOMB DURING PHONE CALL! Tells Raffensperger “Vote Scammer and Hustler” Ruby Freeman Was Behind Alleged 18,000 FRAUDULENT VOTES in Suitcase Scandal! (VIDEO)

President Trump held a call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Saturday. After the call, Raffensperger leaked to the audio to the nasty anti-Trump publication, the Washington Post.

Raffensperger then went on Twitter and refuted President Trump and told him “the truth will come out.”

We reported earlier on the call the President held with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger earlier:

Jan 04 10:43

Trump vs. the Establishment

The Biden Election Thief is not yet inaugurated, but the Democrat and Republican establishment has already closed ranks against President Trump and the American people.

The House and Senate, backed up by neoliberal Junk Economists Larry Summers and Paul Krugman and billionaire owned presstitute media, blocked President Trump’s effort to boost the Covid relief package from $600 per American to $2,000. The Democrat/Republican Establishment wanted the money for defense contractors instead.

The Lie Factory, a.k.a. New York Times, pretended that the issue was the popularity of giving a 3% pay hike to soldiers instead, but the real issue was about reestablishing the US budget as a piggy bank for the rich.

Jan 04 09:30

Exclusive: Over 432,000 Votes Removed From Trump in Pennsylvania, Data Scientists Say

Pennsylvania election data shows that over 432,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump during the November election, data scientists say.

According to an analysis by the Data Integrity Group, obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times, votes for Trump—from both Election Day and mail-in ballots—were removed from the totals in at least 15 counties.

Time-series election data shows Trump’s votes decrementing in various counties at numerous time points instead of increasing as would be expected under normal circumstances.

The group said that Election Day vote removals happened during the vote tabulation process in at least 15 counties, including Lehigh County, Chester County, Allegheny County, Armstrong County, Westmoreland County, Northhampton County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Lackawanna County, Dauphin County, Pike County, Carbon County, Washington County, Erie County, and Luzerne County.

Jan 04 09:10

The Naive Conservative

Jan 04 07:03

Kamala Harris Was Sworn in As a US Senator on Sunday

Democrats know that it looks awful that Kamala Harris has not vacated her Senate seat, no matter how they try to redirect questions about it, or how they to gaslight Americans and make us feel crazy for asking about it, it is extraordinary that she has not stepped aside.

The man designated to replace Harris even posted about it on Sunday:

Jan 04 06:58

Gingrich: Zuckerberg ‘Corruption’ Raises ‘Enormous Questions About the Legitimacy of the Biden Potential Presidency’

Sunday on New York WABC 770 AM radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called into question the “legitimacy” of the Joe Biden presidency.

According to Gingrich, the 2020 presidential election “was the most corrupt election in modern times.” He argued that efforts by Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg to “maximize Democratic turnout” in the election “raises enormous questions about the legitimacy of the Biden potential presidency” because it is “a direct violation” of the 2002 Help America Vote Act.

“I think the Democrats focused on the election where Republicans focused on the campaign. The Democrats didn’t care if Biden never campaigned. They were going to generate votes and turn out votes,” Gingrich told host John Catsimatidis. “And when you go around and look state by state, the results are fascinating, and I think they raise real questions about exactly what happened. I personally believe this was the most corrupt election in modern times.”

Jan 04 06:47

Biden ‘should pick OBAMA as AG,’ paving the way for him to later ascend to Supreme Court, former White House lawyer says

A lawyer who worked under two Republican presidents is calling for Joe Biden to select Barack Obama as his attorney general to help "re-establish the rule of law" and boost his administration's credibility among estranged voters.

Appointing Obama as the nation's top law enforcement official would help reassure voters rattled by the polarized US political system that President-elect Biden will govern in the national interest, said Douglas Kmiec, who headed the Office of Legal Counsel under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Jan 04 06:47

Humans of the GREAT RESET: What the future MIGHT look like in 2021 – if the controlling elites have their way

With vaccine rollouts underway, humanity looks set to win the fight against the coronavirus. But some elites planning a post-coronavirus ‘Great Reset’ don’t want to go back to normal. Here’s what they have planned instead.

As lockdowns and mask mandates became a part of daily life over the last year, politicians the world over asked their citizenry to accept “The New Normal.” The phrase became ubiquitous, but as vaccines inched closer to deployment, that phrase was replaced with a new one, “The Great Reset,” used to describe the monumental changes to human society needed in a post-coronavirus world.

Unveiled in May by Britain’s Prince Charles and the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, the ‘Great Reset’ is an ambitious plan to create a more equal, cashless, integrated and sustainable global society. World leaders have seemingly signed up to the plan, with its catchphrase, “Build Back Better” featured prominently in incoming US President Joe Biden’s campaign messaging.

Jan 04 06:41

JANUARY 6th 10 MILLION MAGAMARCH & PROTEST in DC: Beware of Agents Provocateur

The Democrat Party knows that it has 2 HUGE hurdles to get over in January.
They are facing a massive election theft protest on January 6th, perhaps the largest in U.S. history.

The Democrat election thieves are also confronted with what could be an even bigger Patriot protest on January 20th should they attempt to unlawfully install Joe Biden in the Oval Office on Inauguration Day.

The two most powerful weapons in their “communist arsenal” are false flag attacks and agents provocateur.

Jan 04 06:39

IG Farben: the roots of the COVID plan

Knowledge of an ongoing crime inside a corporation turns into a conspiracy of silence, shared by many employees…

But as you travel up the corporate ladder, SOMEONE not only knows, but INTENDS to keep committing the crime.

This is my conclusion, after 30 years of investigating criminal medical behavior, including mass murder.

Here is deep background, which illuminates the current pharmaceutical lead role in the COVID fraud and devastation:

Jan 04 04:08

After Securing Over $38B In U.S. Aid For Israel, Kushner Seeks Potential $100M 'Kickback' For His Family Biz

Jared Kushner and his freshly pardoned criminal father Charles appear to be seeking "at least" $100 million in kickbacks on the over $38 billion in US foreign aid they helped secure for Israel.

Jan 03 13:38

Why is challenging suspicious election results ‘a threat to our democracy’?

Summary: The biggest threat to our democracy, freedom and prosperity is a sycophant media that campaigns for one party and seeks to destroy the other. We are not a systemically racist country and it is absolutely not a threat to our democracy for anyone to challenge the results in an election especially when there are so many questions.

Jan 03 13:27

Ranking Biden official proposed mandatory confiscation of “assault weapons” when she was O’Rourke’s campaign manager

Yes, it’s true: The Democrat Party, which has lurched far to the left, still wants to take away our guns, and Biden will become the hapless, brain-addled moron who will make it happen, just based on who he is filling his prospective administration with.

Jan 03 13:21

Probe in Arizona by citizens group turns up thousands of fake voters revealing that as much as 30% of addresses were fake

There wasn’t just a little vote fraud this year. There was a lot of it, and it was all very coordinated, meaning this fraud didn’t just ‘happen,’ it was carefully planned out and executed. -- People need to go to jail for this.

Jan 03 12:30

Time Running Out for Gun Owner Comments to Stop Financial ‘Deplatforming’

Bottom line: We’re not talking about interfering with straight capitalism – the relationship more closely approximates economic fascism, with the banks quick to take advantage of the “benefits” of regulation. It’s not like the industry doesn’t lobby the hell out of the government to get it to craft laws in its favor. It’s not like they don’t “reward” politicians to carry out their will. It's not like their political positions aren’t influenced by globalist and foreign government interests and investors from the Middle East and China.

Jan 03 08:12

President Trump Just Asked the Question we Were ALL Wondering

Jan 03 08:08

Facebook Shuts Down Page For GOP Senate Campaigns Just Before Georgia Runoffs

Facebook shut down a fundraising page for Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) just days before voters head to the polls to decide between the Republicans and their Democratic challengers.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) runs the Georgia Battleground Fund, a joint fundraising committee for the NRSC and the campaigns for Loeffler and Perdue.

According to a screenshot from the committee, Facebook alerted them that the page for the fund was disabled “for policy violation.”

Jan 03 07:53

'Go to the streets and be as violent as Antifa and BLM': Rep. Louie Gohmert says court rejection of his challenge to Biden's election win leaves Trump supporters no option except to take direct action

President Donald Trump's ally Rep. Louie Gohmert suggested supporters could 'go to the streets and be as violent as Antifa and BLM' in shocking remarks after courts denied his bid to overturn the election.

But Gohmert furiously backpedaled after outrage over his remarks - insisting his words had been 'twisted' and he was not advocating violence.

A U.S. judge on Friday rejected Gohmert's lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence, who is set to preside Wednesday over a joint session of Congress to formalize the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The judge, appointed by Trump, said Gohmert and other Republicans who filed suit lack standing to bring the legal action seeking to overturn the election of President-elect Joe Biden.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gohmert is now denying that he encouraged violence.

Jan 03 07:44

Civil War: Tucker Carlson Hits His Own Network in Epic Post-Election Monologue

As I wrote last night, Fox News seems intent on driving its current audience away. They are now getting into the practice of “protecting” viewers from information they don’t like. In the latest example, they cut away from a presser held by Kayleigh McEnany in which evidenced claims of voter fraud were made, including citing of the court cases being filed. Neil Cavuto smugly declared that he couldn’t expose whoever bothers to watch his show to that information in “good conscience,” mimicking a practice popularized by CNN (which of course they never apply to liberal politicians).