Sep 03 04:12

Predicting Civil Unrest

Sep 02 19:29

Since 9/11, the Government’s Answer to Every Problem Has Been More Government

Every crisis—manufactured or otherwise—since the nation’s early beginnings has become a make-work opportunity for the government to expand its reach and its power at taxpayer expense while limiting our freedoms at every turn.

Sep 02 14:21

America’s Choice: Preservation of a Free Republic or Annihilation

We know the carriers of this plague. We see them. The sources of this plague are New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In Congress Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Adam Schiff are the “Typhoid Mary” source of this plague. Billionaire sources of this plague include George Soros and the tech moguls. And, they have infected others: political leaders of States and towns, who in turn have infected millions of others; many of them among the younger population, turning them into unthinking, raging, ravaging and rampaging zombies; mindlessly attacking people; destroying and defacing monuments; defiling places of worship; demanding obeisance to false gods.

Sep 02 14:16

Biden blames Trump for BLM, Antifa violence even though not a single Democrat has condemned this monster created by the left

Though neither he nor anyone else in his party has condemned any of the violence being perpetrated by far-left Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa terrorists, Joe Biden has suddenly decided to spread the message that everything bad currently happening is because of President Donald Trump.

Sep 02 11:07

Making a hash of Brexit wasn’t enough: Boris Johnson is now set to hire another Israel stooge as trade envoy

Stuart Littlewood comments on reports that Britain’s Zionist Prime Minister Boris Johnson is about to appoint Australia’s Zionist former Prime Minister Tony Abbott as UK new trade envoy, and notes pledges by Johnson to forge even stronger trade relations with the racist state of Israel.>>

Sep 02 09:30

Ryan Dawson: Twelve Zionist Criminal Billionaires Have Never Been More Vulnerable to Life in Prison

Sep 02 06:51

Your move, Trump! Biden's latest strategy to win 2020? Digital campaign signs in ‘Animal Crossing’

Players of Nintendo’s ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ are now able to get digital yard signs promoting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in the campaign’s latest attempt to connect with young voters without in-person events.

There are four sign variations gamers can download. They feature the official Biden/Harris sign, a ‘Team Joe’ logo, a ‘Joe’ pride, and one with aviator glasses painted red, white, and blue.

“‘Animal Crossing’ is a dynamic, diverse, and powerful platform that brings communities together from across the world,” Christian Tom, director of digital partnerships for the Biden campaign, told The Verge about the effort to reach voters.

Sep 02 06:49

Everybody at the Riot, is voting for Joe

Sep 02 06:34

‘How The Bidens Got Rich’: Hunter Just the tip of the iceberg

Sep 01 23:28

Pres. Trump: "The Media Is What's Fueling" Violence Across America

President Donald Trump on Tuesday called out the press for "fueling" the violence and rioting in cities across America and blasted them for refusing to cover the "targeted" killing of Aaron "Jay" Danielson at a pro-Trump rally in Portland on Saturday night.

Sep 01 22:00

OSP troopers federally deputized amid renewed Portland protest response

What an end around! Deputize OSP as US Marshals. Genius!

by: KOIN 6 News Staff
Posted: Sep 1, 2020 / 06:04 PM PDT / Updated: Sep 1, 2020 / 06:41 PM PDT

Oregon State Police troopers assemble across a road in Southeast Portland after Portland police declared a riot outside their East Precinct, Aug. 5, 2020. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon State Police troopers responding to the ongoing protest-related unrest in Portland have been federally deputized, state police confirm.

State police tell KOIN 6 News they’re working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to review arrests made by troopers assigned to Portland for potential prosecution. The troopers assigned to Portland have been cross-deputized by the U.S. Marshals.

Sep 01 17:53

DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO : Pelosi used shuttered San Francisco hair salon for blow-out, owner calls it ‘slap in the face’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited a San Francisco hair salon on Monday afternoon for a wash and blow-out, despite local ordinances keeping salons closed amid the coronavirus pandemic...

Sep 01 13:25

Trumps’ ICE Enforcement Deports 2,000+ Rapists, Child Molesters, Murders, Abusers

If this was Joe Bidens’ American, we would be giving them welfare, health-care, housing, and voting rights.

Sep 01 13:14

Why haven’t Kyle Rittenhouse’ Attackers been Arrested and Charged?

The case shows the incredible power of prosecutors to decide who will be charged, and who will not. The voters have the ultimate authority to place or remove prosecutors. Prosecutors are almost never removed unless their crimes are blatant.

Sep 01 12:02

If the Vaccine Comes and You are Still Wearing a Face Mask, You’re in for a World of Pain

Because of the failures of many, a generation ago, in their own lives that allowed security theater to be commonplace in America, all the leftover nonsense of the last twenty years are problems that remain today as temporal and qualitative taxations on daily life. But some people do not comply. Some refuse to lift their hands in the “I surrender” pose.

Sep 01 11:31

PEACEFUL! Washington, D.C. Black Lives Matter speaker wants to “put police in the f****** grave,” “burn the White House down”

You lose any claim to be even a nominally patriotic and moral American the second you call to burn the White House down to advance your own ethnic agenda.

Sep 01 11:18

Why the state seeks to abolish both tradition and history

Today our society is wracked by germinal totalitarians eager to destroy history. Ostensibly this is in the name of justice, but this destruction and historical desecration are little more than a tactic for securing power for themselves. America is supposedly infected on the genetic level with unforgivable sins of racism and oppression and those seeking to destroy history conveniently have the solution: hand over power to them to facilitate our collective reeducation and penance. By failing to recognize the important role that tradition serves by preserving historical consciousness we aid and abet the rise of the forces currently seeking the complete overthrow of our society and the complete annihilation of our traditional rights and liberties.

Sep 01 11:00

Defending yourself against BLM and Antifa terrorism makes you a villain, according to the mainstream media

This has pretty much become the M.O. of the mainstream media in the age of “elevating black voices.” No matter what the BLM and Antifa mobs do, whether it involves destruction or violence, it is justified as demonstration of “protest.” And no matter what those being targeted do to try to defend themselves, it is dubbed as “aggression” and “racism.” -- The media, in other words, is complicit in the violent destruction of America at the hands of BLM and Antifa, glorifying its members as “heroes” while decrying patriots as “part of the problem.” Pay close attention to how the narratives are written and see for yourself the way that self-defense is quickly becoming an act of “terrorism” in the eyes of the far-left corporate media.

Sep 01 10:50

Have the 1st Shots Been Fired in the Next American Civil War?

These events are what we are seeing around the country today. The flashpoint was the death of George Floyd that started rioting in Minneapolis after months of being locked in our homes. Democrats were quick to try to capitalize on the end of the man for their own despicable needs. They hate Trump so much that they would rather see the country burn than see our President Trump succeed. It was the perfect storm.

Sep 01 06:53

Oregon State Police Are Back In Portland - And This Time They Will Be Sticking Around

While progressives, anarchists, socialists, agitators and their 'woke' enablers in the mainstream press blame right-wing - or 'white supremacist' - groups like 'Patriot Prayer' for the murder of one of the group's own members, the reality is that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler left an opening for violence to escalate when they pulled out the state police.

Regular readers may remember that President Trump and Department of Homeland Security acting Secretary Chad Wolf finally withdrew federal troops from Portland after reaching a deal for the State Police to protect a federal courthouse in the city. Soon after, Oregon's leading Democrats pulled the reinforcements. But now that a man has been killed, they're realizing the downside of pandering to unstable anarchists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have never been more grateful than I am right now about living in rural Indiana, where the term "progressive centrist" is not characterized as an abomination. Family and friends are close, which is a blessing and a God-send. People here are very church-centric, and when exercised with love, kindness, and compassion, is absolutely not a bad thing.

But the thing which shook me, to the core of my being, after this protestor was shot dead, was another anarchist who made the observation "I am not sad that a f---ing fascist died tonight," the woman said to cheers and laughter from the crowd.

"If you're not angry, you're not paying attention," she had said earlier in her speech. "If y'all are not with me, y'all are not paying attention. Everybody needs to realize what's going on in these streets. Our community can hold its own without the police. We can take out the trash on our own."

The woman was referring to the shooting of a member of a pro-Trump organization called Patriot Prayer, which occurred when counterprotesters associated with Black Lives Matter clashed with the rightwing group.

So, assassination of anyone who doesn't absolutely agree with your "method"
is the right thing to do, in your opinion?!?

Can one can be angry, but want to do something creatively positive to address the issues you have, like contribute to the NAACP, or volunteer as a school coach to help a kid who is struggling with reading or math, or volunteer for an after school program to give rootless kids structure after school?!?

Apparently, your answer is, HELL no, Id' rather see that person shot!!

Well, my dear; that makes you a clear and present danger to society; I think, looking at current cultural trends, that Antifa will be declared a domestic terrorist organisation in the not so distant future. But with the violence Antifa supports, as witnessed by this assassination in Portland, you have brought it upon yourselves.

You cannot have a civil society, working together, positively, to address societal ills, torn apart by violence and chaos; the two are mutually exclusive.

Sep 01 06:26

Meet Hillary’s Big Money Donor Who Moonlights As A Lawyer For Mexican Drug Cartels

Attorney Roberto Yzaguirre, who has represented many Gulf Cartel bosses, has donated $2,000 to Hillary Clinton’s election efforts.

When Mexican drug lord Juan García Abrego was extradited to America, Yzaguirre was his lawyer. Abrego was the boss of the Gulf cartel until he was arrested in 1996.

Sep 01 06:25

Democrats Are Reportedly Being Paid Off By Mexican Drug Cartels To Keep The Borders Wide Open

Prominent Democrats, such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Kyrsten Sinema and Hillary Clinton, as well as the DNC itself, are reportedly being paid by drug cartel kingpins to fight against border wall legislation.

The reason: So illegal drugs and human trafficking can continue to flow through America’s southern border.

Sep 01 06:23

VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi’s Son Also Board Member of Energy Company, Traveled to Ukraine and Nancy Featured Prominently in Company’s Ad

Quid-Pro-Joe and his son Hunter are not the only Democrat family members cashing in on their prominent positions.

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul is also on the board of an energy company.

Paul Pelosi Jr. also traveled to Ukraine.

AND — Better Yet — Speaker Nancy Pelosi even appears in the company’s video ad!

Sep 01 06:00

'Shoot On-Site': Chicago Gangs Form Pact To Execute Cops Who Draw Weapons On Suspects, Says FBI

The FBI has warned Chicago-area law enforcement that nearly three-dozen street gangs "have formed a pact to 'shoot on-site any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public'," reports ABC7.

According to an August 26 'situation information report' from Chicago-based FBI officials, "members of these gang factions have been actively searching for, and filming, police officers in performance of their official duties. The purpose of which is to catch on film an officer drawing his/her weapon on any subject and the subsequent 'shoot on-site' of said officer, in order to garner national media attention."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF, in fact, these reports are true, you are going to see Chicago law enforcement officers vote with their feet, and get jobs elsewhere; retire early; and leave the city in even a worse mess that previously believed imaginable.

Aug 31 23:24

French woman arrested for naked photos on Indian sacred bridge

A woman was taken into custody after filming herself naked on a sacred bridge in the northern Indian city of Rishikesh.

The 27-year-old tourist from France had been staying in Rishikesh since India imposed a national lockdown, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The woman was tracked down after the videos appeared online on Friday, featuring herself and another woman "semi-naked" on the Laxman Jhula bridge reported the Times of India.

However the woman, identified by AFP as Marie-Helene, denied this was her motivation, saying that the photoshoot was a protest against sexual harassment.

*SJW fail. She has not been sexually harrased herself but just protesting.. So the best way to show how bad it is, is to take ones clothes off??*

Aug 31 23:14

NZ National leader Judith Collins husband receiving racist abuse after controversial social media posts.

National leader Judith Collins is philosophical about her husband receiving racist abuse after controversial social media posts.

Collins spoke to media after David Wong-Tung, shared memes on Facebook from a page called the National Party's Meme Working Group, including one comparing Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to Marvel character The Incredible Hulk.

He faced a barrage of social media criticism and was attacked online himself with racist comments. (ALL COMING FROM THE LEFT)

*The original headline was changed. I have put up what was put up earlier. The NZ Herald must have realised that the RACISTS were coming from the LEFT & it would look bad!! This is the new headline:'Judith Collins says husband David Wong-Tung makes his own social media choices.' Funny how it was changed....*

Aug 31 18:45

Judge Says Feds Can Be Sued for Flint Water Crisis; Shames EPA for Not Taking Protective Action Sooner

By B.N. Frank

What happened in Flint, MI is a tragic reminder that all Americans are vulnerable to careless decisions made by legislators, regulators, government agencies and employees...

Aug 31 17:29

Trump On Kyle Rittenhouse: 'He Was Trying to Get Away... They Very Violently Attacked Him... He Probably Would Have Been Killed'

President Donald Trump on Monday said videos from the Kenosha riots last week show Kyle Rittenhouse was "trying to get away" from a mob before he tripped and fell and was "violently attacked" and he "probably would have been killed" had he not defended himself.

Aug 31 14:39

Has The Civil War Has Begun? Left Vs. Right Violence, Just Like The Elites Want

Both sides are wrong here and both are simply acting like pawns of the globalists willing to do violence to keep a particular slave master calling the shots. Instead of working together to take down the real enemy, Americans have turned on each other, as has been the plan of the elitists for a long time.  This is all likely to escalate through the elections.

Aug 31 13:50

‘When do we get our country back? – that question is too rarely asked’

For his opening monologue on Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson pointed out the lack of discussion about a return to the pre-COVID-19 normal. -- Carlson said many shun those who ask the questions, and the goalposts that define progress on coronavirus are continually shifting.

Aug 31 13:31

D.C. Court of Appeals rejects Michael Flynn's effort to have charges dismissed

AD.C. federal appeals court Monday rejected former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's effort to have a judge dismiss the charges against him. The court overturned an earlier decision that would allow the Justice Department to drop its case against the retired Army lieutenant general.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals' full court, 8-2 ruling is considered a temporary setback for Flynn and his legal team's efforts to have the case end.

Aug 31 12:26

Political Elite Value Their Own Safety, NOT YOURS

Through their actions, these politicians have made clear that they are willing to sacrifice the safety of their constituents, but are unwilling to compromise their personal safety in the process. Such a flagrant breach of the social contract forfeits whatever perceived moral authority they may have claimed in order to control how their constituents provide for their own defense.

Aug 31 11:21

The Aim of Social Justice Movement is Subversion of Core Western Values

Free expression and free speech are, of course, not the only core Western values that have come under attack from the progressives. Others include the concept of private property, the idea of equal rights and equality before the law among others. Like their tyrannical predecessors, social justice warriors of today are not interested in constructively addressing the real problems in the society in which they live. Carried along by a destructive instinct, they want to bring down their society. Most of them have no clear conception of what should replace it. What they know, however, is that they want nothing to do with the principles of free speech, tolerance of dissent, respect for private property, etc., on which free and affluent societies are built. The main problem with this approach is that societies not based on these values are not good places to live. Just ask the people of Stalin’s Soviet Union, Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Kim’s North Korea, Castro’s Cuba or Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

Aug 31 10:25

These People Want to Convince Everyone That Looting Is A-Okay

What happens when more business owners decide that if the police aren’t going to protect their property they’ll protect it themselves? What happens when they take away the “joyousness” of looting? What happens when the rational people of the United States of America say, “That’s enough” and back it up? -- Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Hardworking business owners are not going to stand by and simply watch as everything they’ve worked for is destroyed. At some point, they’re going to fight back because if the country is lawless, they’ll have to take the matter into their own hands.

Aug 31 10:15

Hillary Clinton orders Joe Biden not to “concede” the election to President Trump under ANY circumstances … even if Biden loses

“I think that [Republicans] have a couple of scenarios that they are looking toward. One is messing up absentee balloting. They believe that helps them so that they then get maybe a narrow advantage in the Electoral College on Election Day,” she said. “So we’ve got to have a massive legal operation, and I know the Biden campaign is working on that.” -- That is incredible. And incredibly irresponsible. But no one should ever confuse Democrats with rationality or doing what is best for anything or anyone but themselves.

Aug 31 09:58

C-Span Got So Many Callers Defecting From Democrat Party They Changed Phone Line Labels

C-SPAN changed their open phone line labels after a remarkable number of Democratic viewers called in the previous nights declaring their support for President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 election.

“I’m a longtime Democrat, born and raised … After watching tonight … I have made up my mind. I am definitely gonna vote for Donald Trump,” said one of the many voters who dialed in.

Aug 31 09:50

No sports, no school and it’s ALL Trump’s fault, according to new Biden campaign ad, but didn’t he just say he’d lock down the ENTIRE COUNTRY for Covid?

Oh yes he did. Biden and his camp of crazed communists just ran an advertisement blaming Trump for there being no sports and no kids in classrooms, after Biden literally just finished preaching that he would listen to the scientists and lock down the entire country on house arrest until Covid is completely defeated. Oh the irony.

Aug 31 09:47

Trump’s Plain Talk: ‘If Left Wins, They Will Confiscate Guns, Wipe Away 2nd Amendment

“If the left gains power,” the president warned, “they will demolish the suburbs, confiscate your guns and appoint justices who will wipe away your Second Amendment and other constitutional freedoms.”

Aug 31 09:37

Barbarians At The Gates — Is Our Great Republic In Danger Of Falling? (VIDEOS)

What Americans seem to have lost is hope, and I think that is intentional. The media on every channel beats the public down with talk of sickness, possible school closures, the economy, riots, violence, and politics. There never seems to be any good news, and all the while, everyone is told to stay home whenever possible while protesters are told that their actions are patriotic and, in some cases, necessary to get their point out. Good people are living in fear while the cities are in free fall. So of course, they feel helpless and are at the mercy of their elected officials. Speaking out is not only not good, but it’s going against the grain. Americans are told to not question what’s happening, just shut up, put on your mask, and do as your told.

Aug 31 06:14

Safe’ v. ‘unsafe’ gatherings? In Dems’ Covid HYPOCRISY land, it all depends on whether the event will help get Joe Biden elected

By Tony Cox, a US journalist who has written or edited for Bloomberg and several major daily newspapers.

Democrat hypocrisy over which large gatherings are deemed dangerous in the era of Covid-19 reached new heights when a US senator went berserk over Thursday’s Republican National Convention festivities at the White House.

Quoted from Chris Murphy: "Can we take the gloves off and tell the truth?

Trump is deliberately killing people.

He holds rallies where people get infected. On Thursday, no social distancing or masks, sending a clear message that the CDC should be ignored.

His plan is to kill people. Let's just say it."

I wasn’t aware that the Democrats had been leaving the gloves on in their nearly four years of conspiracy theories and coup efforts against President Donald Trump. Nor have they demonstrated any interest in telling the truth, so this may be a new wrinkle.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is the hypocrisy, writ large; it is not OK to socially gather because of Covid-19, but it is perfectly fine to riot and loot, risking infecting fellow rioters and looters, when you are attempting to blame President Trump for the violence!!

You've just got to LOVE it!!

Aug 31 06:03

Filmmaker Michael Moore Predicts Repeat of 2016, Claims Donald Trump Headed to Win 2020 Election

Renowned filmmaker Michael Moore predicted in 2016 that Donald Trump would win the presidential election despite all leading US polls claiming otherwise and tipping Democrat Hillary Clinton as the hot favourite.

Donald Trump is heading for victory in the 2020 November presidential election in the US, buoyed by the "off the charts" enthusiasm displayed by his supporters, says renowned filmmaker Michael Moore.

The author of Fahrenheit 9/11 and other award-winning documentaries, a staunch Democrat supporter, warned in a Facebook post that President Trump’s reelection campaign was wielding massive momentum in key battleground states such as Minnesota and Michigan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I will confess to having a hug/punch relationship with Moore's work (but don't worry, Michael; my "punch" is nothing worse than a gentle tap on the arm, because I don't hurt people.)

I thought his documentary "Who do We Invade Next"?!? was utterly brilliant, because he showed how other countries are doing things much better than is the US.

That being said, I think he is spot-on in his prediction; this is going to be one of the most contentious elections in this country's history, but I do believe that Trump will win handsomely.

Aug 31 05:59

John McCain’s Staff Endorse Biden, Explicitly Because He’s Worse on War

Got that? “Country First” means world empire and endless war; while on the contrary, “America First” means world empire and endless war at the hands of someone who whines about it sometimes.

Aug 31 05:42

Pam Bondi – The Truth About Biden’s Corruption, 3196

Aug 31 04:10

20,000 at anti-Netanyahu protest, including 200 Hasidim; events in world cities

Jerusalem demonstration ends largely peacefully; group from Bratslav sect, angry over Uman pilgrimage, joins in; man in passing car said to brandish pistol at Herzliya activists.

Thousands of Israelis took part in nationwide protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday evening, with the largest gathering taking place in Jerusalem where demonstrators have staged weekly rallies across from the premier’s residence. Some 200 Bratslav Hasidim joined the Jerusalem rally, angry at a government policy aimed at preventing their traveling to Uman, Ukraine, for an annual pilgrimage to the grave site of a venerated rabbi.

Media reports indicated some 20,000 took part in the demonstration in Jerusalem. Meanwhile organizers, citing bracelets they hand out to to all participants, said attendance was at 37,000.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The big question right now is, just what is Prime Minister Netanyahu willing, and capable of doing, to hang on to power, in the midst of these demonstrations?!?

The short answer is, anything with which he thinks he can get away; and that should concern "adults in the room" geopolitically, the world over.

Aug 31 03:40

Judge Sides With Trump Campaign, Voids 50,000 Absentee Ballot Requests In Iowa County

Authored by Ivan Pentchoukov via The Epoch Times,

An Iowa judge ordered a local county auditor to invalidate 50,000 absentee ballot requests, agreeing with a Trump campaign argument that a local elections commissioner broke the law by pre-filling the applications with voters’ personal information.

Judge Ian Thornhill ordered Linn County Auditor Joel Miller (D) to notify the affected voters in writing that their absentee ballot requests cannot be processed because they should not have been pre-filled with their personal information. The impacted voters would have to fill out new requests or vote in person on Election Day. Miller said he would comply with the order and send new blank forms to the voters in September.

The Trump campaign filed similar challenges to other counties in Iowa

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good on this judge!!

Aug 31 03:32

It's Time For A Geopolitical Reset

Authored by José Niño via The Mises Institute,

Frankly, it's time to start talking about a geopolitical reset. A reorientation of American foreign policy priorities is long overdue. There are approximately two hundred thousand American troops in close to eight hundred bases in seventy countries stationed abroad.

According to American University anthropology professor David Vine, it costs taxpayers $85–100 billion per year to operate overseas military bases. Meanwhile, the decades-long war on terror has cost Americans $5.9 trillion and has led to the deaths of 6,951 American troops and at least 244,000–266,000 civilians in the Middle East. As of 2020, US defense spending stands at more than $732 billion—a figure higher than the next ten countries' military budgets put together.

Aug 31 03:21

The Attempt To Overthrow America

Authored by Guy Millière via The Gatestone Institute.

Already in 2017, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich had worried about the sporadic riots that were breaking out, for instance, when conservative speakers were invited to speak. The United States, he said , "is in the throes of a one-sided cultural civil war.... Surrender or fight – our country is at stake."

The situation, in fact, had become "worrying" even before the results of the 2016 presidential election were known.

As we now can read in the report by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, the senior levels of government during the Obama Administration were colluding to prevent President Trump from winning the election, and then, after it, to frame him in an attempted coup d'état.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF this country yields to "mobocracy", and the rule of law no longer exists, we can expect to see an economic and social breakdown in this country the likes of which will dwarf the effects of the Great Depression in the 30s.

Aug 30 07:10

Reading a Script? Dem Nominee Joe Biden Stares Off-Camera While Stumbling Through Easy Interview

The general consensus was that former Vice President Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention cleared the bar that had been set for him.

The problem was that bar was so low that the Democratic nominee was basically hopping over the floor.

“Words kept recurring: Dignity. Normalcy. Decency. Integrity. Stability. Sanity. Family. Big-hearted. Justice. Respect. Faith. Hope. Love,” Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank wrote in an Aug. 20 piece.

Aug 30 07:10

‘Biden is Senile!’ - Brit Hume Calmly Educates Outraged Fox Panel

Aug 30 06:55

Biden campaign ‘flooding the zone’ with celebrity backers

Joe Biden has used a veritable hit parade of movie and TV stars, pop icons and sports standouts to raise money and energize audiences online with in-person presidential campaigning suspended by the coronavirus

Biden campaign ‘flooding the zone’ with celebrity backersBy WILL WEISSERTAssociated PressThe Associated PressWILMINGTON, Del.

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Poised over the piano, Carole King was set to play “I Feel the Earth Move” during a recent virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden when the Democratic presidential nominee himself beat her to it.

“On my playlist, Carole!” Biden proclaimed, holding up his phone and letting a few seconds of the song blast.

“Oh, well, I’ll just sit back and let you play your playlist,” King said with a laugh.

Aug 30 05:00

'The Saker' Asks: Will Hillary & The Dems Get The Civil War They Are Trying To Provoke?

Via TheSaker.is,

If you have not already seen this, check out this video of Hillary Clinton stating that, quote, “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances“

“Any” means “any”. That would include the (admittedly hypothetical) case of Trump clearly winning in by landslide. Again, “any” means “any”.

The direct implications of that is that the Dems should re-take the White House by any and all means and under any and all circumstances.

That is also a direct appeal to sabotage the US democracy which, as flawed as it is, is the only rule of law based option currently available to the people of the USA.

Will that result in a civil war?

That is rather unlikely, because for a civil war you need to have at least two credible parties which can coordinate attacks and defensive operations on, at least, a regional scale. I don’t see that in the USA.

But I don’t see how local/regional violence (at times severe) and political chaos can be avoided.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF we could right now, I wish that Mike and I could become citizens of a more sane, evolved, respectful, and responsible political culture than what I see going on in the US right now; unfortunately, we are both way too old, and broke, to make that happen.

Aug 30 04:55

"She Hasn't Done Her Job": Looting, Riots, & Mayoral Ineptitude Prompt Mass Exodus Of Chicago Residents

While mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to try and assure the public that she has everything under control, the exodus from Chicago as a result of the looting and riots is continuing. Citizens of Chicago are literally starting to pour out of the city, citing safety and the Mayor's ineptitude as their key reasons for leaving.

Hilariously, in liberal politicians' attempt to show the world they don't need Federal assistance and that they don't need to rely on President Trump's help, they are inadvertently likely creating more Trump voters, as residents who seek law and order may find no other choice than to vote Republican come November.

And even though residents understand the looting and riots in some cases, they are not waiting around for it to get better on its own, nor are they waiting around for it to make its way to their house, their families or their neighborhoods.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Can you blame them?!?

Mayor Lightfoot has lost the good people of Chicago their city; what other choices do they have?!?

The short answer is, not many.