Oct 09 09:16

Bill, Hillary Clinton to embark on speaking tour amid #MeToo backlash — with tickets topping $745

Why haven’t these two been held accountable for the rapes, the smears, the deaths, the money laundering, and the treason?

Oct 09 09:06


A new documentary is hitting the streets that exposes the corruption and robbery of American inventors. Produced by Jo Anne Livingston and directed by Luke Livingston, the film is centered around family man Josh Malone and his invention that fills 100 water balloons in under a minute.

Called “Bunch O Balloons,” Malone’s kickstarter page raised close to $1 Million to get the product perfected and rolling off the assembly lines.

After applying for a patent, Malone was shocked to discover a large corporation had swooped in and stolen his idea before he could it going.

Oct 09 08:53

Nikki Haley resigns as US Ambassador to UN amid expenses controversy

There is also a controversy pending over Ms Haley's use of private jets with taxpayer money, but it is unclear if that is the reason for her resignation.

Ms Haley was the first female governor from South Carolina and one of two Indian-Americans elevated to the position of US Ambassador.

Mr Trump relied on Ms Haley in many ways within the diplomatic community, particularly to solidify the US-Israel relationship.

Oct 08 17:14


There has been a man with a bag of cash paying protesters of Brett Kavanaugh on Capitol Hill. He has now been identified, and you will believe who he works for. His name is Vinay Krishnan, he is a social justice lawyer, who works at the Center for Popular Democracy. You’ll never guess who funds that group. It’s George Soros! Surprised? I know I’m not. Krishnan is a professional protester, who obviously hires professional protesters. He was at the Kavanaugh hearings at least on Tuesday and Wednesday, handing out cold hard cash for those who were willing to disrupt the hearings.

Oct 08 14:53

Christine Ford Has No Plans to Further Pursue Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh, Attny Says

On the same day the Senate voted to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Christine Blasey Ford's Democrat activist lawyer said she "has no further plans" to pursue her allegations against him, ABC 7 reports.

Oct 08 14:49

After 70 years of abuse, a definition of anti-Palestinian racism

Stuart Littlewood highlights a newly-published definition of anti-Palestinian racism, and an authoritative study which shows the extent of the disinformation campaign behind the claims of “anti-Semitism” in the UK Labour Party. >>

Oct 08 12:11

The Government Is Blacklisting People Based on Predictions of Future Crimes

By Hina Shamsi, Director, ACLU National Security Project

Imagine: You’ve never been charged with any crime, yet the government blacklists you as a terrorism threat and bans you from flying indefinitely. You’re separated from family members, can’t get to weddings or funerals or religious obligations, and lose jobs because you can’t travel or your employer finds out you’re blacklisted.

You know what the government has done violates your constitutionally protected ability to travel and to be free from false stigma. You have rights — the Constitution guarantees due process. So you ask the government for its reasons and evidence, as well as a live hearing to establish your credibility and innocence. In response, the government says it put you on the No Fly List because it predicts that you might commit a violent terrorism act in the future, but it won’t tell you all the reasons why or give you any evidence or the hearing you seek.

This is the Kafkaesque nightmare...

Oct 08 11:05

Angry Democrats Vow "Day Of Reckoning Coming For Republicans"

The bitter battle over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court has exacerbated the nation’s political divide and left many Americans emotionally raw. It’s also given new definition to the high stakes of November’s election.

After a nailbiter of a Supreme Court nomination until the very last minute, angry Democrats have come out in force, vowing to extract revenge on Republicans with the nation’s top Democrat urging supporters to make Republicans "pay a price" for putting Brett Kavanaugh on to the Supreme Court.

As the Washington Examiner reported, in a fundraising email that follows threats from other public officials over President Trump’s second court victory, DNC Chairman Tom Perez wrote, "Make Republicans pay a price for Brett Kavanaugh."

From DNC's Perez:

Here is one thing we've learned from the Brett Kavanaugh fight: We can never, ever, trust congressional Republicans to stand up to Donald Trump.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is with great sadness that I read what Tom Perez has written.

The one candidate they could, actually, get elected in 2020, they are ignoring like the very plague; her name is Tulsi Gabbard, a Representative from Hawaii, who is very bright, a pro-peace Veteran, and with a blended heritage (she is Samoan American), and a lot to say about the US involvement with Syria.

I fully expect a very intensive series of hot military encounters around the world, potentially leading to a US-generated world war before the end of President Trump's first term; so, Tom Perez, this is why I can assure you that by 2020, the American people are going to be absolutely ready for a pro-Peace candidate.

Oct 08 09:12

Graham to take Kavanaugh fight 'to the streets,' campaign against fellow senators for first time

Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, said Sunday he was so disgusted at the Kavanaugh confirmation process that he plans to do something he has never done: campaign against a fellow senator.

“All I can say is that this is going to the streets, at the ballot box,” said Mr. Graham on “Fox News Sunday.” “I’ve never campaigned against a colleague in my life. That’s about to change.”

Oct 08 09:11

Trump: "Angry Mob" of "Radical Democrats" Has Become "Too Extreme And Too Dangerous To Govern"

President Trump on Saturday touted a conservative victory after his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, was confirmed as the 114th Justice after a contentious and dramatic assault from the left.

Speaking in Topeka, Kansas, Trump framed the Democratic resistance to Kavanaugh as an attempt by an "angry mob" to hijack the proceedings "in their quest for power."

"They threw away and threw aside every notion of fairness, of justice, of decency and of due process," Trump said of the anti-Kavanaugh efforts. "What he and his wonderful family endured at the hands of Democrats is unthinkable, unthinkable."

Oct 08 08:58

The Damage Done By The Kavanaugh Hearings

While the outspread concern over a Supreme Court nominee is warranted , mainly due to the power justices have over our lives, the conversation was never about how Kavanaugh saw the PATRIOT Act as “measured, careful, responsible, and constitutional,” despite the law’s mockery of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. Democrats also never bothered to mention Kavanaugh once ruled that “the Government’s metadata collection program is entirely consistent with the Fourth Amendment” while sitting in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Before the allegations of sexual assault, all they seemed to worry about was how Kavanaugh would rule on an abortion case, apparently frightened that states would have to pick up where they left off before Roe v. Wade. But ever since Ford entered the picture, offering a compelling story of assault but also one with gaps and no evidence , the focus is back on one thing and one thing only: We must believe all women, no matter what.

Oct 08 08:55

Solomon: DOJ "Smoking Gun" Redactions Due To National Embarrassment, Not "National Security" 

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI have repeatedly pointed to concerns over national security in their refusals to declassify evidence in the Russia investigation. It is now clear, however, that the agencies are simply covering up embarrassing facts, according to The Hill's John Solomon.

How do we know this?

A previously minor footnote on Page 57, Chapter 3 of the House Intelligence Committee report on Russian interference notes that FBI general counsel James Baker met with an unnamed person in September 2016 who provided information on the Russia case, including email hacking and a possible link to the Trump campaign.

And who was this person whose information, if released, would threaten national security?

A top attorney for Perkins Coie, the Democratic National Committee's private law firm.

Oct 08 08:35

What If She Lied?

But, the only relative question we-the-people should have, will Blasey-Ford-McClean and their long list of co-conspirators ever be prosecuted for their crimes? Or does DiFi have enough dirt on everyone to be allowed to simply put the pin back in the grenade? Obviously, to be re-pulled on another day, if need be.

Oct 08 08:33

Senator Hirono Doesn't Understand 'Corroboration,' Won't Condemn Attacks On Republicans

Hirono's assertion that there was corroborating evidence that supported Ford's story is false, as prosecutor Rachel Mitchell specifically noted in her 5-page memo on Ford's testimony. All the witnesses Ford claims exist have "either refuted her allegations or failed to corroborate them."

Hirono later suggested that the presumption of innocence should not apply to Kavanaugh because "this is not a court of law" and said that the FBI's investigation was a "sham."

"I want to ask you about the atmosphere. The president and Republicans, what they are saying is that Democratic protesters are -- quote -- 'an angry mob,'" Bash said as Hirono laughed. And what I want to ask you about is, you know, it is one thing to protest at the Supreme Court, to do it at the Capitol. That's been done for generations and, frankly, since the founding of this country."

Oct 08 08:31

We're All Brett Kavanaugh Now

Oct 08 08:31

George Soros’s March on Washington

Some 200 protesters march across the lawn of the U.S. Capitol to the foot of the south wing. Inside, the U.S. Senate is wrapping up its debate, hours before the Saturday afternoon vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Members of the crowd rush up the steps, unfurl professionally printed banners, stand defiantly, and pump their fists in the air.

Oct 08 08:30

Mueller Looking Into GOP Researcher Who Secretly Raised $100,000 to Find Clinton Emails

A Republican opposition researcher raised at least $100,000 in an effort to hunt down emails thought to be stolen from Hillary Clinton's private server, activities that are under intense scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller in his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

Mueller may be especially interested in the researcher, Peter Smith, because he implied to those whom he tried to recruit for the effort that he was connected to several Trump campaign officials — including Steve Bannon, Mike Flynn and Kellyanne Conway.

Smith died 10 days after revealing his efforts to the Journal in an apparent suicide.

Oct 08 08:22

Justice Elena Kagan: Legitimacy Of The Supreme Court Is Now At Risk

Associate Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan said that the highest court in the land risks losing legitimacy without a centrist swing-vote, reports Bloomberg.

In Friday comments made just hours after the US Senate cleared the way for USSC nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, Kagan said that the court benefitted from having centrist Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy over the past 30-plus years.

The presence of O’Connor and Kennedy "enabled the court to look as though it was not owned by one side or another and was indeed impartial and neutral and fair," Kagan said to an audience at Princeton University. "And it’s not so clear that, you know, I think going forward that sort of middle position -- you know, it’s not so clear whether we’ll have it."

She added: "All of us need to be aware of that, every single one of us and to realize how precious the court’s legitimacy is." -Bloomberg

Oct 08 08:19

Cory Booker says Kavanaugh impeachment shouldn't be off the table

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker said on Sunday the possibility of impeaching Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh shouldn’t be off the table if Democrats take one of the houses of Congress in next month’s midterm elections. Kavanaugh was confirmed on Saturday by a narrow vote following a contentious process that included multiple sexual assault allegations.

Other Democrats have raised the possibility of impeaching Kavanaugh over allegations that he committed perjury in his hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee, on which Booker sits. News accounts have quoted acquaintances who contradict Kavanaugh’s testimony about his behavior as a young man, and evidence has surfaced calling into question some of his assertions about his time in the George W. Bush administration, but Kavanaugh insists he told the truth. Impeachment would require the Democrats to win a House majority and control that chamber’s judiciary committee. The question would then go to trial in the Senate.

Oct 08 08:17


Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s senate campaign was flagged by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Sunday for accepting “excessive” and “impermissible” donations.

The FEC notified O’Rourke that a preliminary review of his campaign’s July quarterly report showed contributions from one or more individuals with addresses outside of the United States. Donations were also made that “exceed the limit” determined by the federal government. O’Rourke has 45 days to respond.

Oct 08 08:16

Dershowitz: ACLU's Opposition To Kavanaugh Sounds Its Death Knell

So why did the American Civil Liberties Union oppose a Republican nominee to the Supreme Court and argue for a presumption of guilt regarding sexual allegations directed against that judicial nominee? The answer is as clear as it is simple. It is all about pleasing the donors. The ACLU used to be cash poor but principle-rich. Now, ironically, after Trump taking office, the ACLU has never become so cash-rich, yet principle-poor.

The problem is that most of the money is not coming from civil libertarians who care about free speech, due process, the rights of the accused and defending the unpopular. It is coming from radical leftists in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and other areas not known for a deep commitment to civil liberties.

Oct 08 08:15

CIA Democrats call for aggression against Russia, run pro-war campaigns in 2018 congressional races

The Democratic Party is widely favored to win control of the House of Representatives in the US midterm elections November 6, with projections that it will gain 30 to 50 seats, or even more, well above the net gain of 23 required for a majority.

The last time the Democratic Party won control of the House from the Republicans was in 2006, when it captured 30 Republican seats on the basis of a limited appeal to the massive antiwar sentiment among working people after three years of disastrous and bloody warfare in Iraq, and five years after the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

In stark contrast, there is not a hint of an antiwar campaign by the Democratic challengers seeking Republican seats in the 2018 elections. On the contrary, the pronouncements of leading Democrats on foreign policy issues have been strongly pro-war, attacking the Trump administration from the right for its alleged softness on Russia and its hostility to traditional US-led alliances like NATO.

Oct 08 08:14

The Final Truth of Russia-gate

The conspiracy to overthrow a sitting US President extends far beyond our own “Deep State.” As I’ve been saying in this space for quite some time, it’s been an international team effort from the beginning. Setting aside the British origins of the obscene “dossier” compiled by “ex”-MI6 agent Christopher Steele, we now have further confirmation of foreign involvement in President Trump’s decision to delay (perhaps indefinitely) the declassification of key Russia-gate documents. While US intelligence officials were expected to oppose the move, “Trump was also swayed by foreign allies, including Britain, in deciding to reverse course, these people said. It wasn’t immediately clear what other governments may have raised concerns to the White House.”

Oct 08 08:13

Politico: 'After Failing to Stop Kavanaugh, Dems Wonder If It's Time to Be More Ruthless'

Hot on the heels of attacking Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a serial gang-rapist who should not be allowed around children, Democrats are wondering if it's "time to be more ruthless," Politico reports.

Oct 08 07:59

Confirmed: Hack Reporter Molly McKew Who Pens Hit Pieces on Gateway Pundit & Conservative Activists Is Exposed as Paid Foreign Agent, Podesta Operative

Molly McKew, a far-left Russia-Gate conspiracy theorist who has written multiple hit-pieces against The Gateway Pundit, Cassandra Fairbanks, Jack Posobiec, Mike Cernovich and other conservatives, is a registered agent of the Georgian government operating inside the United States.

According to Foreign Agents Registration Act filings, Molly McKew has acted inside the United States on behalf of the anti-Russian Georgian government under the guise of a consulting company known as Fianna Strategies, LLC.

Oct 08 07:58

Bulgarian TV Host Who Reported Misuse of EU Funds Raped and Murdered

Viktoria Marinova, a 30-year old journalist who reported on the alleged misuse of EU funds, was found brutally murdered in the northern Bulgarian town of Ruse, local TV station Nova reported on Sunday.

Her body was found on Saturday in a park near the River Danube, according to Ruse regional prosecutor Georgy Georgiev. Marinova was allegedly raped, hit repeatedly in the head, and strangled to death.

Oct 08 07:53

Deep State FBI and DOJ Caught Redacting Key Intel Documents that Implicate Hillary and DNC – Have Nothing to do with National Security!

The liberal media has completely ignored the shocking revelation that the Obama administration and top officials at the DOJ were spying on Donald Trump during the campaign and after he was sworn into office.
During the election top Democrat Party Attorney Michael Sussman met with the top lawyer of the Department of Justice to deliver the phony Russian dossier. The DOJ then used this fake political document to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign.

Oct 07 23:51

The Biggest U.S. Bond Crash In Nearly 2 Years – What Does This Mean For The Stock Market?

U.S. bonds have not fallen like this since Donald Trump’s stunning election victory in November 2016. Could this be a sign that big trouble is on the horizon for the stock market? It seems like bonds have been in a bull market forever, but now suddenly bond yields are spiking to alarmingly high levels.

Oct 07 20:08

Bookmark This: Over 400 Links Google Doesn’t Want You To Visit

whatreally happened.com is #4 on Google's Hit Parade!

The war on truth has reached a fever pitch as Google has made it their mission to annihilate the independent media. The ‘New Media’ lead by the likes of Infowars, Breitbart, Natural News and many other great independent sites will have an uphill battle when it comes to getting their content in front of readers. Google has announced they will be doubling down on their ‘Orwellian’ practice of making stories disappear from their monopolistic search engine. Outlined in their Gestapo like 160-page handbook, Google describes exactly how they plan to suppress any information they deem unfit for readers. Highlighted at the bottom of page 108 Google states:








Oct 07 10:43

Susan Collins Bravely Rejected Bribes To Vote Down Kavanaugh

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) rejected liberal bribes that were set up in an effort to intimidate her from casting a YES vote for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The Crowdpac campaign, which was set up by Maine People’s Alliance with the defined purpose of swaying Collin’s vote, ultimately failed.

The Crowdpac, which has now claimed to have raised $2 million, says it will now make good on its threat to use the funds to prop up a Democratic opponent for Collins.

The co-director of Crowdpac, Amy Halsted, said that “This entire process was up to Collins, and today she did the wrong thing.”

Yes, this sounds like a line from Goodfellas.

Oct 07 10:38

Deranged: Sharpton Compares Trump Supporters to People Who Attend Lynchings After Church

The Kavanaugh confirmation circus may be finally — mercifully — behind us, but one pattern has emerged from that saga: The left has doubled-down on deranged rhetoric.

As Judge Brett Kavanaugh faced a slew of unproven allegations that kept increasing in their tabloid trashiness, liberals seemed to revel in divisive rhetoric like pigs in mud.

It wasn’t enough that the accusations be taken seriously and investigated. No, liberals went all in on pushing insulting narratives as far as they could go, with the media gleefully joining in.

USA Today, for example, tripped over itself to push a false narrative of family man Kavanaugh as a pedophile, with no evidence.

Oct 07 10:25

The wrap-up smear?

Is she talking about what the Democrats are doing to Trump concerning Russia?

Oct 07 10:19

FLASHBACK - Firmly Controlled By AIPAC US President and US Congress Neglect American Interests Over Israel's

Oct 07 10:18


Oct 07 10:17

FLASHBACK - Ex Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney speaks out about AIPAC

Oct 07 10:13

Wife of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu goes on trial for fraud

Reuters reports Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, appeared in court on Sunday for the first hearing in the fraud trial against her, in which she is alleged to have misused state funds in ordering catered meals.

According to the indictment filed in June, Sara Netanyahu, along with a government employee, fraudulently obtained from the state more than $100,000 for hundreds of meals supplied by restaurants, bypassing regulations that prohibit the practice if a cook is employed at home.

Netanyahu denies any wrongdoing.

She was charged in June with fraud and breach of trust and of aggravated fraudulent receipt of goods. If convicted, Sara Netanyahu could face up to five years in prison.

Looking tense as she walked into Sunday’s hearing, she made no comment to reporters and sat on a bench behind her lawyers. Israeli media reports said the session would deal with procedural matters.

Oct 07 10:10

This is What Treason Looks Like