Aug 01 13:26

Video: Sanders Delegate: Removal Of Wasserman-Schultz Not Enough

Annie Vitters, a delegate for Bernie from Georgia, explains why the removal of the former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman is not enough.

Aug 01 12:28

Kidney Valley: Nepalese Villagers Preyed Upon By A Thriving Organ Black Market

In peaceful Nepal, a sinister black market is flourishing. Kavre province has become infamous for the shocking numbers of people who have sold their kidneys.

Aug 01 12:12

Video: Heaven Sent: Skydiver Luke Aikins Jumps 25000 Feet Without Parachute

Millions of people across the globe held their breath as American skydiver Luke Aikins jumped out of a plane to fall into a net 25000 feet (7620 m) below.

Aug 01 09:01

Warships, Submarines & Vessels: Navy Day Parade In Sevastopol, Russia

People gathered in Sevastopol to see the country’s maritime forces parade for Russia’s Navy Day on Sunday.

Jul 31 22:19

The Stolen Nation of Hawaii

Produced by Ken Nichols O'Keefe in early 2001, this is the virtually unknown story of Hawaii and the hidden Genocide being committed by the American government with the use of 'blood quantum' for the purpose of eliminating the Hawaiian national; and the reason America does this? Because according to their own laws, America never lawfully annexed Hawaii*, therefore according to law Hawaii never became a state, and if the Hawaiian land was never lawfully annexed, the only true claimant to the land, is the Hawaiian national.

Jul 29 16:28

RAW: Devastating Floods Hit Tibet, Highway Road Washed Away

Rain-triggered floods wash away parts of highway in Tibet, China.

Jul 29 15:53

Bill Clinton Caught Napping During Hillary’s Historic Nomination Speech (VIDEO)

As his wife Hillary Clinton was busy shattering the glass ceiling of US party politics, former president Bill appeared to get some shut-eye during the final night of the Democratic National Convention.

Jul 29 14:46

Sanders Delegates Won’t Capitulate On DNC Platform And VP Pick

Progressive Democrats of America’s Donna Smith says the Sanders delegates are prepared to continue to fight at the DNC.

Jul 29 14:38

Video: ‘They Have A History Of Corruption’: Clinton Cash Documentary Author Peter Schweizer

RT spoke to the author and executive producer of the documentary ‘Clinton Cash’ – Peter Schweizer.

Jul 29 13:52

GRAPHIC: Man Sets Ward On Fire In Horrific Attack, 3 Dead

WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE The horrific moment a man set a hospital ward ablaze in an attack on another patient, killing three including himself.

Jul 29 13:19

Media Crackdown In Turkey: ‘The Only Solution To Go Out Of This Crisis Is A Peace Policy’

Alp Altinors, HDP deputy chairman, discuss with RT ongoing media crackdown in Turkey.

Jul 29 10:57

Jill Stein: ‘The Politics Of Fear Has Delivered Everything We Were Afraid Of’

The Green Party's presumptive presidential nominee says the system is working overtime to disguise the fact that there are other candidates outside the two-parties who will stand up for the people's agenda that Bernie Sanders represented

Jul 29 10:23

Syria: Govt Forces Advance On Aleppo Day Before Humanitarian Corridors Opening Expected

Footage released by Syrian military’s media branch shows intense fighting in Aleppo.

Jul 28 22:44

Hillary Selected at DNC: 1984, Part 2

We all knew Hillary was coming, but watching this all happen in real life is like going to see the movie Jurassic Park at the theater, then getting eaten by a velociraptor on the way to your car afterward.?

Jul 28 18:53

Chris Hedges: Saudi Wahhabism a Tool of U.S. Foreign Policy

With terrorist attacks from Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia to Baghdad, and of course many other places in the world, the news of the day is all about ISIS. This gets reported in a very isolated way, without much historical context at all. This Wahhabism, extreme, radical Islam, whatever terminology you want to use, the thing that doesn't get said very often is to what extent this was all a tool of US foreign policy and for decades

Jul 28 15:16

Peter Schiff: Time Is Running Out, “Crisis Worse Than 2008 Coming”

Economic expert Peter Schiff speaks on not only the safe haven of gold, and what is at stake in the election, but just how dire the financial consequences will be when the great storm hits and batters everyone.

Jul 28 13:12

Donald Trump Has Two New Nicknames For Hillary Clinton…

For months Donald Trump has bestowed the “Crooked Hillary” moniker upon the Democratic Presidential candidate with what appear to be very damaging results to her credibility and honesty. Always one to entertain, and often without a script, Trump has a couple of new nicknames he recently threw into the mix.

Jul 28 09:37

Video: Jill Stein: RNC Celebrating The ‘Theatre Of The Absurd’

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein says the Republican National Convention is glorifying war abroad and the police state at home.

Jul 28 07:47

Huge Fire Breaks Out Near NATO Base In Turkey

A massive fire has erupted near a NATO base within the Buca district, Izmir, western Turkey.

Jul 27 16:30

Our ‘Teachers’ Turn Out To Be The ‘Cheaters’

To make up their own minds… Pluralism, not bigotry… Better informed… Indisputable principles, right? The traditional press always blames us for propaganda.

Jul 27 15:57

Bernie Booed: Sanders Supporters Yell As He Urges They Vote For Clinton

Bernie Sanders held a rally to ask his supporters to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Jul 27 15:28

Video: Solar Impulse 2 Makes Final Landing In Abu Dhabi

The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft, powered by solar energy only, is landing in Abu Dhabi, completing its final flight during the round-the-world trip.

Jul 27 15:02

Video: Australia’s Shame: ‘Torture’ Of Kids At Juvenile Detention Center

Shocking footage of abuse in an Australian juvenile detention center has been aired on Australian national television.

Jul 27 12:51

Video: ISIS Claims Responsibility For French Church Attack

A priest has been killed during a hostage situation at a church in northern France, according to a police source.

Jul 27 12:13

‘Merkel Must Go!’: Slogan Gains Ground After Wave Of Attacks In Germany

Four horrific attacks in just one week have shocked Germany. It’s now been confirmed that TWO of the assaults were carried out by Islamic State sympathizers.

Jul 27 10:05

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Delegates Walk Out At DNC Convention (VIDEO)

(*I'm not sure about the video the header boasts , but there's a good shot of all the empty seats , and it linked up to these two videos . and there's some comments .)

Jul 27 07:39

Spain Forest Fire: Blaze Sparked After Uncontrolled Burning At Farm

About 400 firefighters were battling a forest fire in the eastern province of Castellon in Spain.

Jul 27 07:14

Welcome To Russia: Chinese Warplanes Arrive For Aerial Darts 2016

Three warplanes of the Chinese Air Force arrived at Ryazanskaya Oblast, Russia to participate in the “Aerial Darts 2016” International Military Games.

Jul 26 13:43

A History Of Lynching

Dr. Lawrence Brown tells guest host Janaya Khan that recent police shootings of unarmed black men remind him of the 4000 lynchings between 1877 and 1950.

Jul 26 11:32

Dems Advice to get Hillary Elected – Ignore your Job and your Children

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken (D) had some chilling advice for parents at the 2016 DNC: “Now, many of you have jobs, many of you have families. Ignore them.” He went on to say “Let me tell you something, kids love it when their parents are not home. They love it. And let me tell you something else, an eight-year-old kid knows how to use a microwave oven. And let me tell you something else, an eight-year-old kid can teach a four-year-old kid to use a microwave oven, it’s scientific fact. Don’t worry about your kids, they will be fine. You have work to do.”

Jul 26 11:15

Where Are The Handcuffs? This Video Blows The Doors Open On Hillary’s Corruption, Obfuscations and Outright Lies

As you’ll see in the video below, absolutely no one other than Hillary Clinton would have been allowed to go free without charges had they engaged in the same activity, which includes everything from sharing and receiving classified information, to obstructing investigators.

Jul 26 09:03

Munich Attack Not Connected To Refugees Or ISIS, Was Inspired By Breivik – German Police

The Munich shooter had no connection to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) or refugees.

Jul 26 07:43

Heighted Security: Border Checks Cause Traffic Jam For Cars, Trucks At English Channel

Travelers seeking to cross the English Channel to enter France were facing severe delays on Saturday because of heightened French security checks.

Jul 26 06:55

Mama Monsanto (feeds America some fine Italian cooking right out of her own kitchen lab)]

Jul 25 19:49

LEAKED Footage: Here’s What Monstrous Things They Do For The Sake Of The Meat Industry

Waking Times Media

Animal Equality investigators have infiltrated hatcheries to show you a reality that the chicken industry does not want you to see…

Jul 25 16:36

ISIS Beach? Sand Supplied From Lafarge Under Fire For Alleged Terror Connection

Scandal marred summer time event that opened in Paris. The sand to create these beaches along to river, is being supplied by Lafarge.

Jul 25 14:13

Discussion Of Police Shootings Ignore Need For Systemic Change

Before President Obama’s Dallas address, author Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor says mainstream ignores the root causes of violence.

Jul 25 13:41

Clinton delegate on how to ban all guns: Just say ‘sh*t’ about keeping children safe

A newly public undercover interview with a Hillary Clinton campaign delegate reveals the just how dishonest and insincere the left’s crusade against lawful gun ownership has become.

Jul 25 12:01

Mosul Offensive Will Create More Refugees, Displacement, And Humanitarian Disaster

Institute for Policy Studies Fellow Phyllis Bennis says the fightback against ISIS requires the abandonment of more military force.

Jul 25 03:15

Hillary's Baggage

Jul 23 09:29

Naked man runs rings around three policemen through Italian town square while shouting 'praise to Allah'

Give me your tired,your poor and your buck naked crazies yearning to eat pasta!

A naked man shouting out 'praise to Allah' was filmed in a public square running rings around three police officers who struggle to catch him.
The 22-year-old man from Tunisia, who has not been named, was seen running in the nude around the Pratto della Valle Square in the city of Padua in the northern Veneto region of Italy.
He was spotted by a passing police patrol and amused onlookers watched as a game of cat and mouse unfolded.

Jul 22 22:56


Award winning role play actors and film makers specially trained in disaster and crisis management.

Jul 22 15:47

Video: ‘In Hot Water’: Beijing Holds Military Drills In Disputed South China Sea

Beijing has announced that it is closing off part of the South China Sea for military exercises this week.

Jul 22 15:00

Pokemon Go Vs Pegida: Dozens Arrested As Game Fans & Antifa Protest Far-Right Rally In Germany

Dozens of Pokemon Go game fans alongside antifa activists took to the streets of Munich on Monday, to protest against PEGIDA activists.

Jul 22 14:59

The Fall Of Roger Ailes: Can Sexual Harassment Claims Oust The Biggest Man In Conservative Media?

Roger Ailes’s lawyers have confirmed he’s in negotiations to step down as Fox News chair amid more than a half-dozen accusations.

Jul 22 14:48

Keiser Report: Crisis Of Capitalism (Summer Solutions Series E942)

In this special episode of the 2016 Summer Solutions series of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy talk to Dmitry Orlov, author of The Collapse Gap.

Jul 22 14:35

Video: Strolling With Assault Rifle: Suspected Gunman In Kazakhstan Police Killing Caught On Camera

Footage released Monday shows one of the suspected assailants who is believed to have gunned down at least three police officers and two civilians.

Jul 22 12:00

Infowars Frontman Alex Jones Faces & Fights Anti-Trump Protesters

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been escorted away from a protest in Cleveland, Ohio after he crashed the Stand Together Against Trump parade.

Jul 21 15:48

‘Bloody Massacres’: Syria Appeals To UN After French & US Airstrikes ‘Kill Over 140 Civilians’

Syria is demanding the UN take action after it says French war planes killed more than 120 civilians during airstrikes on Tuesday near the Turkish-Syrian border.

Jul 21 15:35

Tear Gas, Clashes Outside Police HQ In Armenian Capital As Hostage Crisis Continues

Streamed live outside police station in Yerevan, Armenia as hostage siege continues.

Jul 21 15:23

Armenia: Scores Injured In Clashes Over Hostage Situation In Yerevan

At least 25 officers and 20 civilians have been wounded in the violence.

Jul 21 14:57

Crowd Boo’s Ted Cruz Off The Stage As Donald Trump Crashes His Speech At RNC

The Republican convention, which will nominate Donald Trump as the GOP candidate for the presidential election, is underway in Cleveland.

Jul 21 10:12

Politics Is Fake

Only a psychopath could read someone else's lies from their teleprompter with such feigned emotion. And only the flag-waving, dumbed down masses could believe them. Politicians are puppets, and your only questions should be: "Who is writing their speeches? And who is pulling their strings?" This is a public service announcement from The Corbett Report.

Jul 20 14:53

#JeSuisEpuise: People Voice Anger Over Frequency Of Mass Killings

After an unprecedented wave of terrorism since the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris last year, versions of the phrase "je suis Charlie" have been repeated, in solidarity with the victims. And since the Nice massacre, many people have been voicing their anger over the sheer frequency of mass killings.

Jul 20 12:08

Huge New Delivery Of Oil Equipment Sails Right By The Kremlin In Moscow

Residents of the Russian capital have witnessed a pretty amazing sight after a huge new delivery of oil equipment sailed right by the walls of the Kremlin.

Jul 20 10:53

Third Officer Acquitted In Freddie Gray Death, But Activists Face Charges For Protesting Killing

We go to Baltimore to get reaction to the acquittal of a third police officer on all charges for his role in the arrest of Freddie Gray

Jul 20 10:06

Ron Paul: State Department Stonewalls On Syria Weapons

Why can’t the State Department spokespersons give a straight answer when asked a clear and direct question by the media? And when they do give an answer why is it often such a bold-faced lie? Either it’s “I cannot comment on that because there is an ongoing investigation” or “‘no boots on the ground’ in syria has never been our policy.”

Jul 20 08:59

Terrible Scenes As Mountain Torrents Crash Down Houses In China

A video footage captured the shocking scenes of ferocious mountain torrents crashing down a row of wooden houses in a village.

Jul 20 08:43

‘The Infiltrator’: Frmr US Federal Agent On His Life Undercover

We are here now with a story of an US federal agent and his incridiable risk to take down a drug cartel and a bank helping launder money.

Jul 19 16:43

‘Religious’ Radicals Attack Police Station In Almaty, Kazakhstan, Kill At Least 4

Three policemen, one civilian were killed, and several others were injured following an attack on a police station in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city.

Jul 19 16:34

French PM Manuel ‘Live With Terrorism’ Valls Booed At Nice Attack Memorial

France’s premier Manuel Valls was booed by crowds that had gathered for a minute of silence in the city of Nice to honor the memory of the 84 killed.

Jul 19 14:51

We Have Lift Off: Space X Launches Dragon Cargo Ship To Intl Space Station

SpaceX launched a Dragon cargo spacecraft on the company’s Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Jul 19 14:44

Poll: Most Americans Believe The Economy Is Rigged Against Them

Economist Gerald Epstein says U.S. workers are beginning to realize that their hardship is due to underlying workings of corporations.

Jul 19 13:40

Video: SEP Vice Presidential Candidate Niles Niemuth Campaigns In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a historic center of steel production that has been hard hit by the global economic crisis. In a recent campaign trip, Socialist Equality Party Vice Presidential candidate Niles Niemuth spoke with workers and youth in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area about social inequality, war and the need to unite the working class internationally in a fight for socialism.

Jul 19 12:32

Video: Baton Rouge Police Shooter Identified As Frmr Marine Gavin Long

Three police officers are confirmed dead in the U.S. city of Baton Rouge – the gunman has been identified as a former marine.

Jul 19 12:18

US Congressman "White People Have Contributed More To Civilization Than Others," Guess The Reaction

Here’s the story from

During a panel discussion on MSNBC on Monday evening, Rep. Steve King of Iowa said that white people contributed more to civilization than any other categories or “sub-group of people,” causing a live segment to devolve into on-air chaos.

Jul 19 08:12

Street Clashes: Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas At Anti-Government Protesters

Turkey’s largest city Istanbul has been hit by sporadic fighting between police and opponents of President Erdogan.

Jul 18 21:06

50 Holistic Doctors Have Mysteriously Died In The Last Year, But What’s Being Done About It?

Waking Times Media

Recently, Erin Elizabeth from HealthNutNews wrote up an expose about the past year’s findings concerning the many disappearances of holistic doctors. According to Elizabeth, nearly 50 doctors have now died or gone missing under mysterious circumstances.

Jul 18 21:01

Amateur Video Shows Baton Rouge Police Exchange Fire with Shooter

Waking Times Media

As many as seven police officers have been shot, three of them fatally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A video showing a portion of the shootout was taken by Twitter user #BLM and posted shortly after. It shows the tense moments police exchanged fire with the active shooter.

Jul 18 17:06

Video: Rockefeller Family: A Dance With The Devil

Breaking down the American mythology of the Rockefeller legacy; of it’s philanthropy against the horrible backdrop of the obsession with gaining wealth.

Jul 18 16:55

White-Collar Crime Kills And Maims More Than The Crimes Of The Poor

Former financial regulator Bill Black says fraud and corruption result in significantly more death and violence, and aren’t even counted in traditional stats.

Jul 18 16:13

Cornel West: Justice And Accountability Necessary To End Tension Over Killings By Police

We discuss the killing of three police officers in Baton Rouge and the recent nationwide protests against police brutality.

Jul 18 15:26

60 Black Democrats Sign Letter In AIPAC-Backed Effort To Discredit Cornel West And BDS

Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says AIPAC sent a long-time member to discredit Cornel West and give the impression that blacks oppose the Boycott.

Jul 18 09:36

Former Cop: Community Control Of Police Necessary To Prevent Police Shootings

Following the police killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, TRNN brings you the voices of outraged community members.

Jul 16 20:13

Turkey is a Stupid Place for US to Store Nuclear Weapons

An aside note: It's the things we don't know that frighten me the most. I discovered some relatively unknown history about Turkish involvement with U.S. nuclear weapons while reading former Secret Service officer, Gary Byrne's, Clinton tell-all. Talking about his Air Force days as he establishes his his own credibility and character early in the book, Byrne writes:

"Arriving at Murtad, I learned that AFSP there had caught rogue Turkish officers trying to push an American F-104 Starfighter with a loaded nuke onto the flight line so they could steal a nuke and bomb Greece. Many Turks bitter about the Greco-Turkish War of 1919– 22 wanted a flash point to ignite a new war. I believe this was secretly why JFK took the nukes out of Turkey in 1962. Turks simply hate Greeks. We joked to each other, “Hey, if you’re not careful, I’ll tell the Turks you’re Greek!”"

Jul 16 18:58

Turkey Suspends All US Operations Against ISIS At Incirlik Airbase, Which Vaults B61 Nuclear Bombs

“Arriving at Murtad, I learned that AFSP there had caught rogue Turkish officers trying to push an American F-104 Starfighter with a loaded nuke onto the flight line so they could steal a nuke and bomb Greece. Many Turks bitter about the Greco-Turkish War of 1919– 22 wanted a flash point to ignite a new war. I believe this was secretly why JFK took the nukes out of Turkey in 1962. Turks simply hate Greeks. We joked to each other, “Hey, if you’re not careful, I’ll tell the Turks you’re Greek!””

(Byrne, Gary J.. Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate (p. 9). Center Street. Kindle Edition.)

Jul 15 08:27

'France may witness public backlash as surveillance state fails against terrorism'

About time!

The patience of the French people may be wearing thin as individuals known to Western intelligence, and armed with simple weapons, slip through the security net and kill innocent people, political experts told RT.

Jul 15 07:44

Eddie Glaude & Son: Leave Ballots Blank, Because Voting For The Status Quo Threatens Our Lives

With the national political conventions beginning next week, protests against police brutality continue to sweep across the country.

Jul 14 17:23

‘I Hid Nine Fake Bombs In Two Days’: Reporter Exposes Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport Security

An undercover journalist has managed to bypass security at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport.

Jul 14 15:22

South China Sea Dispute Intensifies: Philippines Wins Hague Ruling, China Slams Decision

China is refusing to recognise The Hague’s historic court ruling over territory in the South China Sea, in favour of the Philippines.

Jul 14 14:53

Graphic Video Of Cops Fatally Shooting Unarmed Teen Released By Fresno Police

Bodycam video of Fresno police fatally firing on 19-year-old Dylan Noble has been released by Police Chief Jerry Dyer, who called a press conference to clear the air around his officers’ actions.

Jul 14 14:25

Massive Fire & ‘Explosions’ In Brussels As Eight Vehicles Set Ablaze

Local authorities said that there was criminal intent behind the car fires, but added that a terrorist threat has been ruled out.

Jul 14 10:00

Two Years After Eric Garner’s Death, Ramsey Orta, Who Filmed Police, Is Only One Heading To Jail

Two years ago this week, Eric Garner died in Staten Island.

Jul 13 15:56

RAW: Russia’s First 3D-Printed Surveillance Drone On Display

A 3D-printed surveillance drone, already successfully flight-tested, weighing a mere four kilograms

Jul 13 14:35

Video: Terrorists Smuggled Into Europe Amid Refugee Flow – Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted that some terrorists entered Europe among the wave of migrants that fled from Syria.

Jul 13 13:28

Keiser Report: US, Mexico & Walls

In this special episode of the 2016 Summer Solutions series of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy talk to John Ackerman.

Jul 13 11:20

‘Revolution Stuffed Back Into Counter-Revolutionary Party’: Jill Stein On Sanders Endorsing Clinton

They’ve spent months engaged in fierce verbal clashes and shown mutual disdain – but now, Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Jul 13 10:58

Black Lives Matter Toronto Protests Police And Corporate Presence At LGBTQ Pride Parade

LeRoi Newbold of BLM Toronto says that the Toronto Pride festival needs to be taken back to its roots and make more space for queer Black and Brown people.

Jul 13 08:52

RAW: George Bush Dancing During Dallas Memorial Service

George Bush seen dancing, so to say, during interfaith memorial service for the five Dallas, Texas police officers killed in an ambush at a march.

Jul 12 15:06

The Hijacking of Palestinian History

Settler colonialism, usually technologically and militarily more advanced, is based on the erasure of already existent people, their culture and their memory, and substituting it with new foreign national entity that builds new culture, new history and new memory. To do this, settler colonialists have to get rid of the native people, their physical evidence, their history and their memory.

Jul 12 15:05

Video: Activist: Organizing Local Communities Is The Only Way To End Police Killings

Former Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Rosa Clemente says reform measures like civilian review boards have failed to hold police accountable.

Jul 12 12:43

ISIS Releases Alleged Video Of Helicopter Downed In Syria

Islamic State militants have downed a military helicopter near Palmyra, Syria, killing two Russian pilots on board.

Jul 12 11:32

Pledging Allegiance To The Denial Of The Racist History Of America

Historian Gerald Horne says the resolute insistence upon the Pledge of Allegiance plays into the collective denial that the American Republic was founded on.

Jul 12 10:13

RAW: Devastating Typhoon Nepartak Wreaks Havoc In Eastern China

Typhoon Nepartak has left a scene of devastation and inflicted huge damage to residential areas after making landfall in east China’s Fujian Province.

Jul 12 09:22

Video: Voices From The Streets: Thousands March In NYC Against Police Violence, 40 Arrested

Protests against police brutality are spreading across the country in the wake of the fatal police killings of African American men.

Jul 12 09:08

Video: Friendly Competition: ‘Open Water’ 2016, A Russian Military Contest

Build Rafts, overcome water obstacles, get combat vehicles to destination – this is the Russian military ‘Open Waters’ 2016 games.

Jul 12 07:22

Video: “They Are Here To Kill Us Because We Are Black”: Girlfriend Of Philando Castile On Police Shootings

On Thursday in Minnesota, thousands of people attended vigils for Philando Castile.

Jul 12 07:16

Video: Compilation Of Most Spectacular 360 #DigitalVDay Videos

Victory Day as you’ve never seen before.

Jul 11 13:40

Police Killings Won’t Stop Until U.S. Comes To Grips With Its Racist Foundations

Gerald Horne and Paul Jay discuss the roots of police killing people of color in the American history of slavery.

Jul 10 13:19

Video: Despite Facing Threats Of Force, Mexican Teachers Continue To Strike

As Mexico’s general strike spreads to the political centers of Mexico City and Monterrey.

Jul 10 13:14

I Am Not Afraid To Say: Russian And Ukrainian Women Speak Out Against Sexual Abuse

This is probably the most important flash mob on Facebook.

Jul 10 09:31

Video: ISIS Shoots Down Chopper Near Palmyra, 2 Russian Military Instructors Killed

Islamic State militants have downed a military helicopter near Palmyra, Syria, killing two Russian pilots on board, according to the Russian defense ministry.

Jul 09 16:57

The Purge and the Summer of Chaos

Isn’t it interesting that this summer’s release of The Purge: Election Year‘(2016) just happens to coincide with what is Being Dubbed, the Summer of Chaos? #SummerOfChaos

Jul 08 21:40

Dallas Shooter Caught Executing Cop On Camera — Multiple Suspects In Custody

Waking Times Media

In this video, aired on CNN, a Dallas area law enforcement officer is seen being shot to death by an assailant at point blank range. The officer and suspect exchange gun fire as incendiary type explosions of unknown origin can be seen going off around them.

Jul 08 15:51

Video: Chilcot Clueless! Henry Kissinger & Bilderberg Group Were Behind The Iraq War – Pre-Arranged In 2002

Bilderberg Plotting To Bushwhack Iraq The super-secret Bilderberg gang wants a new war to generate immense profits and spend the world out of recession.

Jul 08 15:26

Bull-Run: 4 Injured During San Fermin Festival In Spain

Four people were severely injured at a bull-run in the streets of Pamplona during the San Fermin festival.

Jul 08 15:18

FLASHBACK June 2015: Attack on Dallas Police Headquarters

Attackers opened fire on Dallas police headquarters, then an armored van parked in front of the building drove off and rammed a squad car, authorities say.

Jul 08 15:15

‘Nothing In His Body Language Said Kill Me I Want To Be Dead’

The girlfriend of Philando Castile who was fatally shot in a car Wednesday night by Minnesota police says he was ”never a bad man.”