Apr 18 06:41

Brazilians Celebrate As Rousseff Loses Congress Impeachment Vote

Brazil's congress has voted to start impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff over charges of tampering with government accounts. Report by Jessica Wakefield.

Apr 17 18:04

Is Increased Drone Warfare Inevitable?

Former Drone Technician Cian Westmoreland explains how America's indiscriminate targeting is setting the tone for the 55 countries currently producing drone technology.

Apr 17 15:34

Clinton Vs. Sanders On Big Banks

Bill Black, adviser to Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton supporter Paul Hodes discuss whether the Dodd-Frank legislation is effective at preventing systemic risk from Wall Street monopolies.

Apr 17 15:06

Devastating War: Syrian NGOs Help Women Return To Normal Life

Syrian women struggle to survive and rebuild their lives after years of bloodshed.

Apr 16 19:33

Panama Papers Psyop, Complete Inside Job By Real Elites

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes over the Panama Papers and how the real story of the leaks should be questioned.

Apr 16 18:45

Top 50 US Firms Stash $1.4 Trn In Offshore Tax Havens – Oxfam

Major American corporations have hidden more than 1,4 trillion dollars in funds offshore, according to a new report released by global anti-poverty charity Oxfam.

Apr 16 18:29

So, How Well Americans Know Candidates?

During thousand-strong protest against Trump in New York, RT decided to go there and find out how well the Americans really know their candidates.

Apr 16 17:35

Spare The Rod: Georgia Principal Paddles 5 Year Old, Mom Captures Video

The internet is in an uproar after the mother of a 5-year-old posted a video online of his principal paddling him. The mother claims she was forced into approving the corporal punishment or else she would have risked jail time.

Apr 16 15:05

VIDEO: Protesters shout at Hillary: ‘She is guilty, she is evil!’

During a rally in Los Angeles today, at least two protesters continuously shouted over Hillary Clinton, calling her “evil” and “a murderer.”

Apr 16 09:26

Hundreds Of Baltimore Students Stage A Walkout Against Standardized Testing

Days before the anniversary of the killing of Freddie Gray, students with the Baltimore Algebra Project walk out against the PARCC test to demand a shift in resources from testing to youth development.

Apr 15 17:52

Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World'

"War is bad for business."

This is made-for-TV. I doubt it could pull off even an NC-17 rating if it were made today as portrayed in the book.

Apr 15 16:44

OBAMACARE BLEEDING OUT: Insurers warn losses unsustainable…

Health insurance companies are amplifying their warnings about the financial sustainability of the ObamaCare marketplaces as they seek approval for premium increases next year.

Apr 15 15:21

Local Anchor exposes “Partnership for a New American Economy”

By NumbersUSA

Local news investigates a George Soros organization’s phony awards used to promote sanctuary cities. Fargo North Dakota newscast CBS’s KXJB with Chris Berg uncovering who’s behind the secretive agenda behind forcing sanctuary cities on people who don’t want them. Video was reposted on YouTube by NumbersUSA.

Apr 15 14:45

DPR Drills: E. Ukraine Rebels Perform Night Military Exercise Near Ilovaisk

Military units of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR/DNR) performed military exercise drills at a training ground near the Ilovaisk area of the Donetsk region.

Apr 15 14:31

Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein: The United States' Multi-Organ Failure

Part of the way the US Empire’s elections are rigged is the corporate media’s censorship of third-party candidates, despite their nationwide campaign efforts.

Apr 15 13:58

Keiser Report: Most Destructive Force In The Universe

Max and Stacy take a physicist’s view on global financial and economic news as central bankers play dice with the financial universe and Schroedinger’s bank has assets, both there and not there, living and dead at the same time, depending on who (if any) is observing said ‘asset’.

Apr 15 06:57

Michelle Fields fired from Fox News.

Michelle Fields has just been fired from Fox News' Cashin' In in the latest fallout over #GragGate and her allegations Trump campaign manger Corey Lewandwoski assaulted her and, "aggressively tried to pull me to the ground," and insinuating that he "[attempted] to forcefully throw" her down when all evidence shows he tried to non-verbally signal to her that the press conference was over and that Trump was leaving.

Apr 15 06:44

VIDEO: Audience gives Cruz cold shoulder At NY gala…

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz got the cold shoulder from a room of 800 Republicans at the New York City GOP gala Thursday night, receiving little interaction from the audience as he went through his usual stump speech. Cruz, who followed speeches from rivals Donald Trump and John Kasich, began by making a joke at Trump’s expense that fell flat.

Apr 15 06:43

Microsoft Sues U.S. Government Over Email Searches

Microsoft is suing the United States government over gag orders the company received regarding government searches of customers' email. Editor Nick Thompson joins CBSN to discuss the case.

Apr 14 22:31

Keiser Report: Most Destructive Force in the Universe

Sanders vs Clinton economic advisors

Apr 14 21:51

Kerry: Shooting down Russia jets 'would have been justified'

HMMM! The USS Donald Cook. This USS Donald Cook?

Two Russian jets flew within metres of the ship on Monday, US officials said.
Russia's defence ministry said the Su-24 fighter jets "turned away in observance of all safety measures" after observing the USS Donald Cook.
Mr Kerry criticised the gesture and said contact had been made with Moscow.
"We condemn this kind of behaviour," he told the Miami Herald and CNN Espanol in a joint interview.
"It is reckless. It is provocative. It is dangerous. And under the rules of engagement, that could have been a shoot-down."

Apr 14 18:26

CA County Board Candidate Slams GMOs And Opponents In Debate

No one can accuse James Hinton of being unclear on his stance regarding GMOs and GMO legislation...

Apr 14 16:49

Keiser Report: Pork Barrel Politics

In this episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy discuss the latest in the ongoing fallout in the UK from the #PanamaPapers revelations

Apr 14 15:50

As John Kerry Visits Hiroshima, U.S. Quietly Launches $1 Trillion Effort to Upgrade Nuclear Arsenal

On Monday, John Kerry became the first secretary of state to visit Hiroshima, the Japanese city destroyed by a U.S. nuclear bomb on August 6, 1945. Three days after the Hiroshima bombing, the U.S. dropped another nuclear bomb on the city of Nagasaki.

Apr 14 15:10

"America’s Afghan Refugee Crisis": 15 Years into War, U.S. Urged to Resettle More Displaced Afghans

By the time the next president takes office in January, U.S. troops will have been in Afghanistan for over 15 years. It is already the longest war in U.S. history. Just last week, local authorities said U.S. drone strikes killed 17 civilians. According to the United Nations, the number of civilians killed or injured in Afghanistan has risen to a record high for the seventh year in a row amid violent attacks by the Taliban and the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

Apr 14 14:56

Video: Israeli Forces Abuse Detained Palestinian Minors – HRW

Human Rights Watch say it has documented several new cases of abuse by Israeli security forces against youngsters in Palestine.

Apr 14 14:26

FSB Officers Arrest Alleged ISIS Recruit In St. Petersburg

A suspect with potential connections to the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) was detained in St. Petersburg, by Russian Federal Security Service.

Apr 14 13:30

RAW: Police Pepper Spray Labor Reform Protesters In Paris

Police have clashed with the labor reform protesters in Paris. Hundreds built barricades and attempted to block police cars in the French capital.

Apr 14 12:22

EFF and Drug Policy Alliance Join Effort To Appeal Ross Ulbricht’s Barbaric Double Life Sentence for Non-violent, Victimless Crimes

Activist Post reporter Derrick Broze interviews Lyn Ulbricht at the Texas State Libertarian Convention about her son Ross Ulbricht’s appeal of his double life sentence for founding the free market website Silk Road. The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Drug Policy Alliance have joined the effort to reduce Ulbricht’s sentence.

Apr 14 09:17

Libertarian Candidate John McAfee Speaks About Breaking The Two Party Machine

Activist Post reporter Derrick Broze interviews Libertarian party candidate and tech icon John McAfee about the importance of refusing to participate in “the two-party machine.” McAfee also emphasizes the role of the individual in political discourse.

Apr 14 06:45

How Many Of New York's Seized Guns Began In Vermont

Hillary Clinton said that 'per capita' Vermont is the state where the most guns seized in New York came from. The statement, while technically accurate, is misleading.

Apr 14 06:42

16 Year Old Fatally Shot By Chicago Police

Chicago is once again seething with rage after a deadly shooting by a police officer, the latest in a spate of violence that has strained relations between the community and law enforcement.

Hundreds of residents took to the streets Tuesday night, one day after authorities identified the person shot and killed by police as 16-year-old Pierre Loury.

The turmoil on the streets came on the eve of a momentous day for the besieged police force:

- In a blistering report, a mayoral task force said police "have no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color" and have alienated blacks and Hispanics with the use of force and a longstanding code of silence.

Apr 13 15:10

Abandoned Row Home Near Freddie Gray Arrest Turns Into Base For Youth Enrichment

Almost a year after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, activists set out to reclaim an abandoned house across the street from where he was arrested to build a community center for youth.

Apr 13 15:03

CIA Begins Investing In Skin Care Products That Collect DNA

The Intercept’s Lee Fang discusses his recent exposé on how In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, is funding the manufacturer of Clearista, a popular beauty product.

Apr 13 14:12

Death By Gentrification: Alex Nieto Killed By Hail Of Police Bullets In A Changing San Francisco

We look at the case of Alex Nieto, a 28-year-old Latino man fatally shot by San Francisco police in March 2014. The police officers accused in the killing claimed that Nieto pointed a stun gun at them, which they mistook for a pistol.

Apr 13 08:18

The Handbook of Human Ownership - A Manual for New Tax Farmers

common core - medieval, mystic, and militaristic

Apr 13 07:35

'Pilots asleep on duty' Latest revelations about working conditions in UAE airlines

The shocking grievances by the Emirates cabin crew date from early April and echo anonymous accounts shared by Flydubai staff following deadly mid-March plane crash.

Apr 13 07:34

FSB officers arrest alleged ISIS recruit in St. Petersburg

A suspect with potential connections to the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) was detained in St. Petersburg, by Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers. Security officers entered the apartment of the 28-year-old native of the southern Russian Republic of Dagestan who had allegedly been trained at camps in Syria and was labelled as a "dangerous subject." According to the FSB the suspect will remain in custody while the investigation continues to see whether he poses a threat to the public.

Apr 13 06:51

Swiss banker whistleblower: CIA behind Panama Papers - Bradley Birkenfeld Interview

Bradley Birkenfeld is the most significant financial whistleblower of all time, so you might think he'd be cheering on the disclosures in the new Panama Papers leaks. But today, Birkenfeld is raising questions about the source of the information that is shaking political regimes around the world.

Birkenfeld, an American citizen, was a banker working at UBS in Switzerland when he approached the U.S. government with information on massive amounts of tax evasion by Americans with secret accounts in Switzerland. By the end of his whistleblowing career, Birkenfeld had served more than two years in a U.S. federal prison, been awarded $104 million by the IRS for his information and shattered the foundations of more than a century of Swiss banking secrecy.

Apr 12 20:54

$1.48 Trillion: Government Collects Record-High Taxes in First Half of FY 2016

Despite collecting record revenues, government still runs $461 billion deficit'

Apr 12 15:45

School District Fires Police Officer Who Bodyslammed 6th Grade Girl In Viral Video

Officer Joshua Kehm no longer works for the San Antonio Independent School District after lifting a 12-year-old girl and throwing her face first onto a brick hallway floor. Administrators said his police report was “inconsistent with the video.”

Apr 12 15:45

Colombian GM Workers Engaged In 5-Year Long Protest

Frank Hammer, a retired GM worker from Detroit and labor activist, reports on his visit with GM workers in Colombia and their 5-year protest at the US embassy.

Apr 12 15:27

The Israel Lobby’s Growing Assault On Free Speech

Journalist and author Max Blumenthal talks about the growing BDS movement and the efforts to muzzle it.

Apr 12 15:04

Seven Decades Ago The U.S. Detained 120,000 Japanese-Americans, Could It Happen Again?

As Secretary of State John Kerry visits Hiroshima, Japan, site of the 1945 U.S. nuclear attack which killed 140,000 people, most of them civilians, we turn to another choice the United States made during its fight against Japan in World War II—the decision to imprison 120,000 Japanese Americans in internment camps across the U.S.—and ask: Could something like this happen again?

Apr 12 14:33

Black Lives Matter Vs. The LAPD: Are The Police Unfairly Targeting & Surveilling The Movement?

Prosecutors in Los Angeles are determining whether to retry six Black Lives Matter activists whose trial recently ended in a hung jury.

Apr 12 10:46

What the hell am I watching? Mayor de Blasio, Hillary Clinton ripped for racist joke at Inner Circle show

They may be skilled in political theater — but when Mayor de Blasio and Hillary Clinton appeared on stage together, their comic turn became a tragic gaffe. In a skit at Saturday night’s Inner Circle show, Clinton joined de Blasio as a surprise guest and ribbed him for delaying his endorsement of her presidential campaign. Their big moment became a big blunder when a tasteless joke — built off the stereotype that black people are chronically late — fell flat.

Apr 12 06:40

Saudis Respond To 60 Minutes Report On Possible 9/11 Link

Saudi Arabia is rejecting a “60 Minutes” report about a classified document that may prove a Saudi link to the 9/11 hijackers. The explosive allegations are contained in a secret section of a report on the terror attacks known as the “28 Pages.” Former members of Congress who have read the document want the Obama administration to declassify the report. Steve Kroft reports.

Apr 12 06:38

Pressure On Obama Administration To Release 9/11 Information

Pressure is building on the Obama administration to release information about the 9/11 attacks that has been kept from the public for well over a decade. Steve Kroft broke the story on Sunday's "60 Minutes," and the response has been swift. Nancy Cordes reports.

Apr 11 21:18

NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium & Other Chemicals

Waking Times
In the first bomb-shell video a NASA employee ( admits that lithium is being sprayed in the atmosphere, and says that it is “harmless to the environment.”

Apr 11 15:10

Michael Savage to Cruz: Renounce Colorado ‘rigged election’

“This is a corrupt, rotten system. It’s a one-party system. It’s demagoguery. There is no two-party system. They are the ones who selected Obama. They are the ones who are selecting Hillary. Make no mistake about it.”

Apr 11 13:42

Caught On Camera: Citizen Holds Suspect At Gunpoint After Attempting To Break Into Church

The News Channel 8 team was actually on its way to reporting on a different story when a reporter saw a man holding another man at gun point outside the church. When they stopped to investigate, they learned that the man was a maintenance worker detaining a criminal until Tampa police could arrive.

Apr 11 12:34

Crash Clues: Pilot Replicates Final Moments Of FlyDubai Flight Step-By-Step

Investigators have released a step-by-step reconstruction of last month’s passenger plane crash in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don.

Apr 11 11:50

Video: The ‘Makers’ Of Modern China: New Generation Of Inventors Let Imagination Fly

Meet China’s “makers”: inventors, engineers and visionaries whose innovations have the potential to shape the future of their country and the whole world.

Apr 11 09:34

Kollam Fire: Over 100 Dead After Firecrackers Cause Blaze At Temple In India

At least 102 people have died and more than 200 were injured after celebratory firecrackers reportedly caused a massive blast and fire at a Hindu temple.

Apr 11 07:49

Plane Plummets: Crane Carrying Air India A320 Collapses Near Begumpet Airport

Air India plane crashes while being transported by crane near Begumpet airport. No injuries reported.

Apr 11 06:44

Border Patrol ordered to release illegals ‘still soaking wet’ from Rio Grande

Border Patrol agents have been ordered to release dripping-wet illegal immigrants at the Rio Grande unless they actually see them climbing out of the river, creating what amounts to “an open border with Mexico,” the chief of the agents’ labor union told Congress in new testimony last week.

Apr 11 06:37

BPA Found In Food Cans, Study Finds

Could a controversial chemical be found in your own kitchen cabinet? A new study backed by six nonprofit groups tested nearly 200 food cans and found bisphenol, or BPA, in 67 percent of cans tested. It was in every Campbell's product sampled, 71 percent of Del Monte products and half of General Mills cans. Dr. David Agus joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the findings.

Apr 11 06:34

GOP Delegate System Likely To Result In Convention Battle

April 11, 2016 - In order to clinch the Republican Party's nomination, Donald Trump will need to secure 1,237 national delegates -- that is the majority of the delegates at the convention in Cleveland in July. If a candidate doesn't hold that number, then a contested convention is in order. So what does that mean? Julianna Goldman reports.

Apr 10 17:41

Young Turks Host Kicked Off American Airlines Flight Because Captain Wasn’t ‘Comfortable’

Young Turks host Cenk Uygur was kicked off an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Miami Saturday – and he live-streamed the whole thing.

Apr 10 16:00

Noam Chomsky On Germany's Weapons Exports To Israel, Saudi Arabia

In this video, MIT professor, anarchist, political philosopher and renowned linguist Noam Chomsky discusses the impacts of German arms and weapons exports into Saudi Arabia and Israel. He also talks about the refugee and Syrian crisis that is engulfing neighbouring states as well as the European continent.

Apr 10 15:29

Why Krugman’s Latest Attack On Sanders’ Economic Plans Are Wrong

Economists Bill Black and Michael Hudson respond to Paul Krugman’s latest New York Times column, “Sanders Over the Edge”.

Apr 10 08:29

‘Violence Without Borders’: 15 Injured As Police Open Fire At Doctors’ Demonstration In Pakistan

At least 15 people were injured, 12 seriously, after police opened fire during a doctors’ demonstration in the city of Quetta in Pakistan.

Apr 10 07:43

Watch THIS VET get furious after protesters STOMP on U.S. Flag

On April 15, 2015, a video was posted to YouTube showing a group of ‘F*** This Flag’ protesters, mostly African-American, who could be seen trying to intimidate a U.S. military Veteran, Jerry Castrogiovanni, while stomping on the U.S. Flag.

Apr 10 07:39

COMBAT CAM: Iraqi Defense Ministry Shows Video Of Airstrikes Allegedly Targeting ISIS

The Iraqi Defense Ministry released a video allegedly showing its air forces targeting ISIS west of Baghdad.

Apr 09 15:54

EU Deports Refugees From Greece To Turkey

The EU deportations do not solve the problem that refugees fleeing from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere confront, says Hazel Healy.

Apr 09 09:18

Military convoy, primarily woodland pattern, spotted near Kansas City, Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Kans. (INTELLIHUB) — On April 7, a Twitter User by the name of Kart Racer posted a brief video showing a small military convoy that was parked off to the side of Interstate 70 facing west on just before the HWY 73 exit 224B.

The convoy, consisting of primarily woodland pattern vehicles, could be seen pulled off to the side of the Interstate where Army personnel appeared to be huddling together.

Apr 09 06:38

‘Not what we agreed on’: US DOE fails to build nuke waste facility, scuppering deal w/ Russia

Despite concessions from the Department of Energy, South Carolina has no intention of dropping its lawsuit against the DOE for failing to build a nuclear waste disposal plant. The delay is also scuppering a deal the US made to treat Russia’s plutonium.

Apr 08 15:41

Netanyahu’s Strategy Will Undermine Israel’s Long-Term Security

Col. Larry Wilkerson discusses the danger inherent in the U.S. aligning its interests entirely with Israel's, and how American support is creating an untenable future for the state.

Apr 08 11:03

Calvin Klein Model Sabato, Jr.: I Support Trump 100% - Don't Trust Ted Cruz

Former Calvin Klein model and actor Antonio Sabato Jr. told Outnumbered today he supports Donald Trump 100% because he can trust him. And you can't trust Ted Cruz.

Apr 08 08:12

BBC Spins Panama Leak To Protect Criminal Elite

Yeah, this did actually happen.

Apr 08 06:37

Bill Clinton Heckled Over 1994 Crime Bill In Philadelphia

Protesters interrupted Bill Clinton over a 1994 crime bill while he was campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia. The former president responded with a vociferous defense of the legislation. CBSN's Elaine Quijano has the details and video.

Apr 08 06:36

Hospice Nurses Directed To Overdose Patients To Save Money

The FBI has found that the owner of the Novus, Brad Harris, has routinely instructed his nurses to give his hospice patients overdoses of drugs like morphine to speed up their deaths. You see, the faster hospice patients die, the more money a hospice provider can make. The Resident discusses.

Apr 07 14:23

Special Report: Voices From Puerto Rico’s Students Leading An Anti-Austerity Movement

Puerto Rican college students have been waging a series of demonstrations to protest austerity measures they say endanger the higher education system.

Apr 07 10:15

Bridge Swept Away By Flash Floods In Pakistan

A bridge dramatically collapsed in Lower Dir after torrential rains triggered flash floods in northwest Pakistan.

Apr 07 08:44

Landslide Escape: Quick Thinking Driver Avoids Disaster In Southern China

Dashcam footage of a landslide in southern China.

Apr 07 08:26

British Politicians Shown As Squabbling Children In Hilarious Green Party Broadcast

Britain’s Green Party has released the party political broadcast to end all party political broadcasts, featuring its Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat rivals as squabbling primary school children.

A mini-me Prime Minister David Cameron, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and London Mayor Boris Johnson feature in the short film, fighting in the House of Commons, or in this case a school, and squabbling with their alter-ego MPs.

Apr 07 07:50

Aum Shinrikyo Doomsday Cult Members Arrested In Raids In Russia

Russian police have raided 25 premises linked to the Japanese Aum Shinrikyo cult in Moscow and St. Petersburg, detaining several members.

Apr 06 17:11

Professor Calls For “Whiteness” to be “Abolished”

Portland Community College history professor James Harrison called for “whiteness” to be “abolished” during a talk he gave for the university’s ‘Whiteness History Month’ program.

Apr 06 15:06

CMU's The Secret US Prisons You've Never Heard of Before

Investigative journalist Will Potter is the only reporter who has been inside a Communications Management Unit, or CMU, within a US prison. These units were opened secretly, and radically alter how prisoners are treated — even preventing them from hugging their children.

Apr 06 14:53

News Team Saves Man From Raging Inferno While Chasing Oklahoma Wildfires

US storm-chasing duo Amy and Val Castor dramatically rescued a tractor driver who was almost engulfed by the fiery jaws of death during an Oklahoma inferno.

The pair were tracking the extreme wildfires sweeping the midwest for KWTV News 9, when they came face to face with a wall of flames.

Apr 06 13:56

Ron Paul On Fixing The Intelligence Around The Policy… In Syria

The scandal around the fixing of intelligence around the Pentagon training program for Syrian rebels has been on slow burn for some time. The mainstream media has largely avoided it, but when Pentagon superiors quash reports of intelligence analysts because they don’t match the desired outcome of the policy there is a big problem. Having spent $500 million to train rebels last year and only produced five fighters, there should be more scrutiny of this program, not less.

Apr 06 13:39

Kostin: Putin Never Involved in Panama Shell Companies

Vtb Bank President Andrey Kostin denies that Russia President Vladimin Putin's had any involvement in offshore tax havens. Kostin speaks on "On The Move."

Apr 06 13:37

The Technology That Could Make Blind People See Again

Neuroscientist Sheila Nirenberg received a MacArthur Genius Award for figuring out, for the first time ever, how our retinas take images from the outside world and turn them into a neural “code” that the brain can understand. It started as a pure research project, but now she’s building the code into a device that could bring sight to the blind.

Apr 06 12:28

The Price We Pay: As US Becomes A Top Tax Haven, How Hiding Wealth Offshore Robs The People At Home

When it comes to sheltering the wealth of the super-rich, the United States is moving up the ranks. A new study says the U.S. is now the third most secretive country for offshore finances, trailing only Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Apr 06 12:02

Trump breaks 50 percent mark in New York; Cruz in third place

Donald Trump has a more than two-to-one lead over his closest rival, John Kasich, in the Republican presidential front-runner's home state of New York, a new poll finds.

Apr 06 11:41

Panama Papers’ Reporters Explain How The Biggest Leak In Data Journalism’s History Materialized

Hundreds of journalists around the world pored over the 11.5 million files leaked last year by an anonymous source that reveal how the rich and powerful in numerous countries use tax havens to hide their wealth.

Apr 06 07:46

Tens Of Thousands March Against Fujimori In Peru

April 06, 2016 - Some 50,000 people march in Lima to protest the presidential candidacy of frontrunner Keiko Fujimori exactly 24 years after the coup d'etat staged by her father.

Apr 06 07:06

Police Release Damning New Footage For FBI On LaVoy Finicum Shooting (Video)

If you weren’t already 100% convinced that our federal government is the largest terrorist organization on the planet after you read the post earlier this week about theSpecial Agent in Charge at the the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Greg Bretzing, then the videos below should convince you.

Apr 06 06:42

VA Strips 250,000 Veterans Of Their Gun Rights

April 05, 2016 - Senator Chuck Grassley and Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairman Senator Johnny Isakson penned a letter to VA Secretary Robert McDonald about the VA's practice of reporting vets to the FBI's NCIS database as unfit to own a gun.

Apr 05 17:01

How Obamacare Just Made Filing Your Taxes Worse

That is money many families just don’t have. According to December 2015 estimates from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average household without compliant coverage faces $661 in tax penalties for 2015, rising to $969 for 2016. The penalties are even higher for those not eligible to receive premium subsidies under the law: $1,177 for 2015, rising to $1,450 this year. While some will be exempt, millions of families and individuals will be penalized for not purchasing health insurance they cannot afford.

Apr 05 13:34

Wild Dog Chase: Police Try To Catch Chihuahua On San Francisco Bridge

A Chihuahua led police on a wild dog chase across the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge, Sunday.

Apr 05 13:19

Hillary Clinton Campaign Fraud EXPOSED!

Apr 05 12:27

Voter ID Nightmare: Up To 300,000 Wisconsin Voters Could Be Barred From Polls Thanks To Scott Walker

On Tuesday, voters head to the polls in Wisconsin for both the Democratic and Republican primaries as one of the country’s toughest voting restrictions takes effect. Wisconsin’s controversial and restrictive voter ID law could prevent some 300,000 registered voters from casting ballots.

Apr 05 12:18

You Won't Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela

In this video Luke Rudkowski and Jeff Berwick travel down to Caracas Venezuela to give you a report on how people live in socialism. We not only give you a detailed update on life in Caracas but a complete social and economic breakdown of the situation on the ground.

Apr 05 10:54

Toronto City Council Asks Province For Police Review As Black Lives Matter Occupation Intensifies

BLM action gains traction among municipal politicians while longtime community activists tell The Real News about the continuity of Black struggles in Toronto.

Apr 05 08:30

Food Crisis in Venezuela

Apr 05 07:32

London's Holy Turf War

Over the last year a quasi-religious turf war has sprung up on the streets of London. Young radicalised Muslim patrols are enforcing Shariah law in the capital. In reaction, far right Christian Patrols are also taking the law into their own hands.

Since the Woolwich killing, anti-Muslim rhetoric as been at an all time high, and the right-wing Christian Patrols are only exacerbating the rising tensions.

These two marginalised but potentially dangerous London subcultures believe that society has failed their communities enough that they are now taking to the streets to implement or defend their ways of life, according to their opposing politicised and religious ideologies.

The irony being that while their shared aggressive approach has resulted in media coverage and media panic, they ultimately are responsible for and justify each other's existence.

Apr 05 07:13

Trump: ‘Something is not right — I won Louisiana and got less delegates than the guy who lost’

Trump concerned delegate system could be rigged?

Apr 05 06:47

Video: ‘Corporate Media Show Only What They Want From Panama Leak’

The world’s media has been pointing at one person following a massive documents leak from a Panama law firm.

Apr 05 06:44

Panama Papers: China's Censors Hush Up Panama Chatter

April 05, 2016 - China has denounced accusations arising from a massive leak from a Panamanian law firm as "groundless." But, as Eve Johnson report, they have moved to limit coverage of documents that may have exposed financial wrongdoing by some of the world's rich and powerful.

Apr 05 06:43

How Cops Almost Got Away With Beating A Man

April 04, 2016 - A five-time convicted felon is now suing the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office after allegedly being beaten by two Bay Area police officers.

The defendant-- who'd stolen a car and led the police on a lengthy chase before they caught up with him-- claims the officers hit him upwards of 40 times and took a "trophy picture" after they were through.

The officers haven't yet been charged with anything-- but a third officer is accused of bribing homeless people who witnessed the incident.

Apr 05 06:25

Student: ‘Harvard University, other schools, having problems with students and staff silencing free speech’

(INTELLIHUB) — As if a massive new PSYOP campaign is now running in full force, more and more college students are reporting that their rights, while on campus, are at jeopardy as offended students and teachers alike push to limit free speech.

Apr 04 16:27

Economic models predict GOP White House, even with Trump

Republicans are expected to win the White House under two economic models that have accurately forecast presidential elections for decades.

Apr 04 16:22

Greece starts deporting migrants under EU-Turkey deal amid protests

Authorities on the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chios have deported more than 200 migrants on boats bound for Turkey. The operation is part of what human rights groups label a “dangerous” EU deal to limit the scale and scope of migration to Europe.

Apr 04 15:48

American Democracy at Its Worst

In all its activities AIPAC functions as a “foreign agent” working for the interests of the government of another country. Due to the fact that Zionist Jewish billionaires, not Israeli government, are financing AIPAC, this lobby was able to escape the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 and avoid registering as a foreign agent.

Apr 04 14:40

Record Gun Sales Continue!

Latest figures indicate eleven straight record-setting months -- Gun sales broke records yet again in the month of March. The FBI performed 2,523,265 firearms-related background checks between March 1 and March 31, according to the agency’s records. That’s a new record for the month. It’s nearly 35,000 more checks than the previous record set in March 2014.

Apr 04 14:29

‘Why Are You Dressed Like That?’ Veiled Muslim Woman Films Verbal Assault (VIDEO)

A London father has been filmed hurling abuse at a young Muslim woman wearing a full-face veil while out shopping.

The man, who remains unnamed, called Ahlam Saed “Batman” in front of his two children. He then repeatedly asked her: “Why are you dressed like that?”

Apr 04 12:37

CCTV: Train Collides With Tour Bus On Railway Crossing In Thailand, Several Dead & Injured

Three people were killed and at least 30 were injured after a train collided with a tour bus on a railway crossing in the Nakhon Chaisi district of Nakhon Pathom.

Apr 04 10:40

Trump Effect

Apr 04 10:09

Video: Azerbaijan Claims Ceasefire In Nagorny-Karabakh, Armenia Says Hostilities Continue

Azerbaijan has decided to unilaterally cease all hostilities in Karabakh, the country’s Defense Ministry said. It added it would resume military action if attacked.