Agency that sent false missile alert in Hawaii gets death threats | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Agency that sent false missile alert in Hawaii gets death threats

Hawaiians are so mad over the bogus missile alert sent to their phones over the weekend that they’re calling in death threats to the agency responsible, according to a new report.

The threats came in through the agency’s public phone line, a spokesperson for Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency told Hawaii News Now.

“We understand that members of our community are angry about Saturday’s false alarm, and we are looking at these messages as individuals blowing off steam,” the spokesperson said in a statement issued to the outlet. “While we take any threat against our personnel seriously, we are doing our best not to escalate the situation.”



I'm amazed with what blazing speed...


...the word "hacked" disappeared everywhere online from the initial reports...

Anyhow, here by Kilauea's lava flow, the missile alert didn't stir a whole lot of waves. Bomb, schmomb. A big glow of light? And a big plume of smoke? Melted rock oozing around? We are supposed to notice a difference? Hello, that's a usual day here. If you want to see me run screaming, try maybe a bomb that makes this lava field look like Waikiki. Then I'll really scram like there is no tomorrow.

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