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America’s Burgeoning Imperial Presidency

The above could easily be taken from a new best seller about President Donald Trump in any modern Christian bookstore. (If you doubt that, read this report). But it’s not. The book is entitled Hitler’s Cross and was authored by Erwin Lutzer almost 25 years ago. The focus of the book was the way Germany’s pastors and churches blindly adored and slavishly obeyed Adolf Hitler.

Mind you, I am NOT comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. I AM, however, comparing the blind adoration and slavish submission that today’s evangelical pastors and churches exhibit toward Donald Trump to the blind adoration and slavish submission that Germany’s pastors and churches exhibited toward the German leader.

The spirit being exhibited by a majority of evangelical pastors and Christians toward President Trump is more than respect and appreciation: It is unabashed idolatry. Trump is a god for millions.

Don’t tell me I am making things up or exaggerating. I am NOT! I receive thousands of pieces of communication each week from Trump loyalists. And from a Christian constitutionalist perspective, it is downright frightening what these people are saying.