America decided to fool Russia on plutonium: Washington caught cheating | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

America decided to fool Russia on plutonium: Washington caught cheating

What in reality happens around the agreement on the destruction of weapons-grade plutonium, Russian President Putin explains in detail: "In the early 2000s, we agreed with the Americans about the destruction of weapons-grade plutonium. It was about excess weapon plutonium. This is the highly enriched fissile material, which is used to prepare nuclear weapons, 34 tons from both sides. We signed an agreement and have agreed that this material will be disposed of in a certain way, namely industrial, people had to build special factories. We complied with its obligations, we have built the factories. Our US partners — have not. Moreover, recently they announced that they intended to destroy accumulated highly enriched nuclear fuel the other way, than we with them have agreed, by signing the relevant agreement, and the other way - diluting and disposing of plutonium somewhere in certain containers at a depth of 500 meters. This means that they retain a so-called breakout potential, that is, it is possible to extract, to process and again to turn into weapons-grade plutonium. And it is not what we agreed with. U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, where was to be built a plant for the destruction of plutonium, is just in anger. All agreed, in detail, to each letter and comma, enshrined in the Russian-American agreement. Here in black and white, what it is the destruction of plutonium. After such processing weapons-grade plutonium loses its weapon capabilities. To achieve such indicators is possible only industrially. Russia, in strict accordance with the agreement, has built an ultra-modern production under the Krasnoyarsk and launched the newest reactor of the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant. USA construction company for the destruction of plutonium first simply froze, she allegedly too expensive. And now that it is obvious that the terms of the agreement are broken by the Americans, by 2017 there will be no plant, the States propose Russia to accept a "new approach to the disposal of plutonium". USA want to mix plutonium with other chemicals and buried in the ground to a depth of 500 meters. But, in fact, it means not the destruction and storage of hazardous substances. It is possible to make a nuclear bomb again from this plutonium. Russia with such tricks do not agree categorically. Moscow insists on the fulfillment of the signed agreement.