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Black Sea clash not stopping Nord Stream 2

Izvestia: Kerch Strait incident not hindering progression of Nord Stream 2. The construction of Nord Stream 2 is being carried out strictly according to its approved schedule, the company’s official representative operating the project Nord Stream 2 AG Jens Muller told Izvestia. He noted that by the end of November, around 300 km of pipeline had been laid along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. According to Russian Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov, as for US attempts under various pretexts to undermine the construction of the gas pipeline, they are being made to clear the market for supplies of American shale gas. The European Parliament, in turn, said that the Russian project will ensure reliable gas supplies to EU countries. New requirements by the United States and some European countries to stop the implementation of the pipeline did not affect its construction, the Nord Stream 2 AG company, responsible for the project, told Izvestia. According to Muller, the project is going according the schedule, and as the company responsible for laying the pipeline, Nord Stream 2 AG does not comment on political disputes and debates. The US demands to halt the construction of Nord Stream 2 lay bare its attempts to tighten its grip on the European gas market, First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council’s Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov told the newspaper. "Earlier, the Americans claimed that Russia would blackmail Western Europe with gas supplies and become a monopolist in the market, now they do not hide that everything depends on commercial gain. They want to sell their shale liquefied gas, which is 30% more expensive than the Russian pipeline gas. Although the usual market struggle is there, the methods are completely unscrupulous," the senator told Izvestia. The politician noted that the incident in the Kerch Strait has nothing to do with Nord Stream 2, and therefore it is simply inappropriate to use it as an argument against the project. Czech MEP Jaromir Kohlicek told Izvestia, Nord Stream 2 is necessary for both the Czech Republic and the entire European Union.