Blame Game Set for Va. Gov. Northam's Gun-Free Kill Zone | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Blame Game Set for Va. Gov. Northam's Gun-Free Kill Zone

By James G. Robertson

The political battle lines have been drawn over Virginia governor Ralph Northam's declaration of an emergency kill zone on the Capitol grounds for Lobby Day, Jan. 20. As of Friday night, after a Virginia district court rejected a legal challenge to the governor's gun ban, the ban appears to be in place, unless a last-ditch appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court can succeed in overturning the ban this weekend.

As it stands, an area bounded by 9th, Broad, Bank, and Governor streets around the Richmond Capitol has been declared an emergency gun-free zone. One section of the appeal to the Supreme Court argues:

These events merely underscore the Petitioners['] concern raised at oral argument before the trial court, that people who choose to show up armed to Lobby Day — and there will be many who seek to — will be forced by this EO into the unprotected chaos of the surrounding streets, rather than the "shelter" of the Capitol grounds. The EO's ban on firearms on the grounds for this permitted event has increased the risk of problems despite the purported justification of "avoiding another Charlottesville."