From Boom To Bust: Permian Shale Towns Face Exodus | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

From Boom To Bust: Permian Shale Towns Face Exodus

Perhaps it’s not evident to anyone who is not an oil-worker living in America’s biggest shale towns, but signs of the shale slowdown predicted by many analysts, and the EIA itself, are already surfacing in the form of vacant hotels, a dip in home prices, a noticeable reduction in overtime hours for oil workers, and a change in standards for hiring.

Texas’ Permian basin lost 400 jobs in the first 10 months of this year, according to the Dallas Morning News, and fracking contractor Superior Energy Services Inc. alone announced in late November that it had cut 112 jobs from its Permian Pumpco unit.


Back in "82"....

Ethan Allen and...

I was working as a mudlogger. One day we had work, the next day everybody I knew including my 2 fracking room mates were outa work. Feast or famine.