The Evolution Of Fiat Money, Endless War, & The End Of Citizenship (Part 2) | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Evolution Of Fiat Money, Endless War, & The End Of Citizenship (Part 2)

Authored by 'ICE-9' via The Burning Platform blog,

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It is no coincidence that the establishment of privately owned central banks during the 19th and 20th centuries followed after the fall of sovereigns, and it was this creditor class that financed the overthrow of each sovereign. History’s interpretation of this period is wrong – the primary driver behind these revolutionary centuries was not the rise of the people against the sovereign, but instead was the secret overthrow and usurpation of the sovereign by the creditor class using the people as their proxy army. The seminal moment where incorporation of a privately owned central bank followed a successful people’s “revolution” was the rise and financing of the professional mercenary officer Napoleon and his establishment of the Bank of France in 1800. Now for the first time in Europe, we see two rival empires – Great Britain and France – whose privately owned central banks share an overlapping ownership within the great families of European finance – e.g., the Rothschild’s of Paris and London – and share common ownership between those royals sharing lineage on both sides of the English Channel that got out of agricultural feudalism and became creditors. This overlapping ownership was a great bonanza to the private central banks as nations could now be pitted against one other, war bonds issued by both sides of a conflict, and the price of these bonds manipulated during the prosecution of war by altering its outcome through the issuance or withholding of credit to one side or the other.