Explosive Gulf Oil Special Report: Crime, PSYOP, Global Impact | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Explosive Gulf Oil Special Report: Crime, PSYOP, Global Impact

Photos newly released prove that the BP-Government-Media has presented and is presenting to the public, against its best interest, a sophisticated Gulf of Mexico ‘Oil Spill’ illusion. New pictorial evidence tells the real story, truth about a crime against humanity and planet committed, aided by a Psychological Operation with a devastating global impact requiring a united and prompt paradigm shift toward renewable energy.

The report, “The Gulf is Dying, Special Report on the BP Gulf Oil Spill” is evidence-based through research and writing by Dr. Tom Termotto after participation in the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference for over seven months. It and additional reports by Dr. Tomotto are available at Phoenix Rising from the Gulf.

This Special Report was made possible by BK Lim, Geohazards Specialist, whose research and analysis of BP’s Gulf Oil Spill proved invaluable for the truth of this unprecedented environmental catastrophe according to Dr. Termotto.