FORBES: "Democrats Release Tax Hike Plan" | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

FORBES: "Democrats Release Tax Hike Plan"


The System At Work


(*The Republicans channel every dollar to the pentagon , while promising us a tax break , most start thinking; 'we're #1 , again ! We're going to get world-wide carnage , and a tax break' , but of course , that world-wide carnage isn't cheap . The Democrats raise our taxes , to keep the carnage coming . It's actually a tidy little package .
Then , to keep up the front line here at home , the Republicans exploit that the Democrats are putting the screws to us , and raising our taxes .
Because media works with the both parties , in the endeavor to keep us from connecting the dots , the partisan bickering , world wide carnage , and tax increases continue . Oddly enough the party of more dollars to the pentagon for more hurt put on the world is everybody's favorite . The party that says you kind of have to pay for all this devastation, become the party-pooping polecats of DC , but it takes the yin & yang of both parties to make up the oddity known as The US Government , that we accept as #1 , today .
We all should be aware of this , but here I am a Liberal leaning member , explaining it in a Right leaning website's comments field .
Ain't that America ?)