Former spy paid to infiltrate Greenpeace and unions | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Former spy paid to infiltrate Greenpeace and unions

The former spy who sued police after his decade of deception was exposed is believed to have been awarded a settlement by his former employers.

Rob Gilchrist sued the police for $550,000 in 2013 alleging he had been hung out to dry by the police after infiltrating activists groups and trade unions.

Gilchrist's double life was finally revealed in December 2008, when his then-girlfriend Rochelle Rees, a Labour Party and animal rights activist found, incriminating emails to police while carrying out work on his computer. She installed spyware on his computer and mobile phone to confirm her suspicions.

It is understood Gilchrist and the police have reached an agreement, though neither party was willing to comment on the resolution of a claim that reached the High Court.

"I'm not in a position to make any comment other than to say I no longer have any outstanding issues surrounding my time working for NZ Police," Gilchrist said, via email.

A former sickness beneficiary, Gilchrist says he was given the codename "Muldoon" when he was recruited in 1998 by the Christchurch police's Special Investigation Group.

In his claim Gilchrist said he was placed in dangerous situations without adequate safety mechanisms.

He had to work "alongside dangerous people who have been known to pour battery acid in things, threaten people, make and throw paint bombs, undertake bomb hoaxes, send razor blades to people, lace food with drugs, commit arsons, burglary, assaults and wilful damage."

There were occasions, Gilchrist said, where members of activist groups threatened him with a knife, saying they were going to "cut his throat" because they thought he was working undercover for the police.