Globalist CFR Zionist Ultra-Leftist Tulsi Gabbard Posing With Portland ANTIFA Leaders | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Globalist CFR Zionist Ultra-Leftist Tulsi Gabbard Posing With Portland ANTIFA Leaders

Tulsi is more controlled opposition. Hates the 2nd amendment. Voted with Israel on the BDS resolution. In favor of illegal immigration. In favor of abortion. In favor of LGBTQ.Believes in climate change and global warming. And pals around with Portland Antifas. Here she gives the Il Corno Satanic hand gesture. Meet the New Boss,Same as the Old Boss!


Satanic Hand Gesture?


Just for clarity, that is the Shaka sign. It is universal in Hawaii. It means Hang Loose.

I will give you that Ivillas, I was wrong about the sign.

Ethan Allen and...

But explain to me why she is hanging loose with antifas. Several of the antifas members are giving the v for victory sign or peace sign which is a satanic and masonic sign. And I would love to have you respond to her support for Israel,abortion,homosexual rights,illegal immigration,gun control,so called climate change ect. Could you or would you respond to that. Are you in favor of the leftwing socialist agenda. Hmmmmm!!!

Paranoid? Hmmmmm?


Don't have to get your panties in a bunch Ethan. I was merely pointing out the shaka sign which I used freely when I lived in Hawaii. I also use the peace sign as the peace sign. You don't need to see satanic messages behind everything.

As far as Miss Gabbard, I am not a supporter of hers or the Democratic party and their agenda. Nor do I have any faith in Trump who has his head so far up Netanyahu's arse he can't find his way out. The whole left/right paradigm I see as a way to keep us, as in we the people, at odds with each other. The respective parties say what they think their constituents want to hear. It is all a big game and we are the pawns.


Ethan Allen and...

Mike and Claire. Hope Claire and you Mike are ok health wise.
On my way for an MRI. Blew out my knee. Been posting a lot lately because I can't walk very well at the moment.