Greece Fined €200MM Over Chinese Tax Fraud Network | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Greece Fined €200MM Over Chinese Tax Fraud Network

While president Trump is cracking down on Chinese technology theft "transfer" in the US, with Canada somehow caught in the middle of the ongoing crossfire (as random Canadians are now getting arrested on the mainland in retaliation for Trump's aggressive practices), it has emerged that China's Belt and Road initiative may be nothing more than one giant, global tax fraud/trade laundering operation.

Take Greece for example, where the European Union’s Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) just issued a fine of more than 200 million euros to Greece for failing to stop a wide-scale tax fraud by Chinese criminal gangs importing ultra-cheap goods through the country’s largest port of Piraeus, Politico reported on Monday.

The Chinese criminal network, which took advantage of Greece's arguably most valuable asset, the port of Piraeus which has been dubbed "China's Gateway into Europe", dodged import duties and value-added tax on imported footwear and clothing items, and represents merely the latest "loophole" that Chinese criminals utilize to bypass China's draconian firewall.