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Ground Zero Mosque and Mass ZIO-TARDATION

The Jewish-controlled mainstream media in America and the West in general is a dangerous, monolithic propaganda force with the ability to convince actual grown human beings that the impossible, is possible. Idiots, morons, retards, dupes, mental deficients and incredulous media-worshiping zombies have been successfully distracted by this ridiculous "mosque at ground zero" issue for several weeks now and have shown their utter contempt for logical thinking and continued zealous blind belief in the vile ZioNazi propaganda known as the 9/11 "official story".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is going on here is really simple. Israel cannot get the US into a war with Iran over the nuclear issue because we all know Israel lied about Iraq's non-existent nuclear weapons and nobody will buy into Iran being any kind of threat.

So, Israel is changing tactics and is trying to swindle the Christians who have been raised with this biblical image of Israel into supporting a new "Holy Crusade" which is of course anything but holy.

The Israelis know that there is a seeker born every minute when it comes to religion, and this is why the Iran nuclear threat has been dropped for the present hate-the-Muslim media fest. Israel would love to trick the stupid Christians and stupid Muslims into killing each other off and leaving the Earth free for Israel to plunder at leisure.

So the question you have to ask all your friends right now is, "Just how stupid do you intend to be for Israel?