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Hawaii's volcano village wants its visitors back

JESSE TUNISON: Well Volcano village is really, for the most part, about two miles line of sight from the summit of Kilauea volcano. So certainly it is quite the hotspot but fortunately for us we are not near any of the lava that is going into the ocean about 4000 feet down below us, at the ocean, 30 miles away.

DON WISEMAN: So the lava is going down the other side of the mountain?

JT: Yeah indeed.

DW: And the attraction for a village so high on the mountain is presumably for tourism reasons?

JT: Yeah everything from cafes to fine dining, we have art galleries - some of the best in the nation, doing everything from glasswork to fine painting, woodworks, ceramics, everything and anything that you can think of. In the first month our income went down by 90%.