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Hillary Dillary Doc

Fox News analyst, Judge Janine Pirro, explains why Hillary Clinton will not be indicted for the illegal use of her email server. It boils down to politics and the fact that people in high places, including President Obama, eventually would be exposed as being equally guilty. Fox News 2016 Jul 1 (Story)

The US State Department will not release Hillary Clinton’s emails regarding the Clinton Foundation for 27 months. It is apparent that the executive branch of the federal government is attempting to protect Hillary from adverse publicity long enough to get her firmly implanted as President. Daily Caller 2016 Jun 30 (Story) (Cached)

The new report from the US House Benghazi Committee is a whitewash, as expected. The National Security Council would not allow investigators to review information about possible US action in Libya involving the covert transfer of weapons to Libyan rebels. It is plausible that the desire to cover up this story is what motivated the decision not to defend the embassy. Dead men tell no tales.