House Oversight Committee Calls for Investigation into Obama | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

House Oversight Committee Calls for Investigation into Obama

Barack Obama set the record for the greatest number of regulations enacted during one presidency – but when it came to government surveillance, he was more than happy to deregulate away the hurdles that agencies would need to spy and share surveillance with one another.

In fact, one of the last things Obama did while in office was sign off on new rules relaxing NSA rules that hampered their ability to share surveillance intelligence. In effect, the NSA can now share a whole trove of their raw data with other agencies. Previously, if they were to spy on someone, and captured a conversation their target had with a friend, the name of the friend would have to be redacted to protect his or her identity

This opens up a backdoor, where the government can spy on someone by proxy. Suppose someone wanted to spy on Trump for instance, but it would be far too obvious to file a warrant with Trump’s name on it for surveillance. Instead, one could try to get a warrant to spy on an associate of Trump that has a high chance of communicating with Trump, thus picking up him in the process.