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Humanitarian Crisis in Kashmir: India’s “Economic Opening” Has “Closed Off Kashmir”

Those many countries, including some leading Great Powers, value their trade ties with India over the human rights of the Kashmiris and respect for the same UN Charter that they all officially agreed to uphold.

The following is the speech that Andrew Korybko gave at the “Humanitarian Crisis In Kashmir: Paths To A Resolution” conference that was held in Moscow on 23 September.

We’re here today to draw attention to what’s been happening in Indian-Occupied Kashmir for the past month and a half, and from the little that we know, it’s extremely alarming. The 8 million people of the valley have been living in lockdown since early August, with a military-imposed curfew upheld by nearly one million Indian troops who have arbitrarily arrested thousands since then.

The locals have been cut off from the internet and many of their families across the Line Of Control and elsewhere in the world haven’t heard from them since. International journalists aren’t allowed to visit the disputed region, nor for that matter are opposition politicians, who earlier tried to see for themselves what’s really happening there but were turned back at the airport. The occasional news that does manage to break through the Indian information blockade is of spontaneous protests, pellet gun shootings in response, and injuries to innocent civilians that have sometimes left them blind. Just as troubling, Muslims were forbidden from publicly participating in Ashura processions, which is an indisputable violation of their fundamental human rights.

All of these worrying factors contribute to the credible fears that a genocide might be about to unfold in Indian-Occupied Kashmir, and the occupying authorities aren’t doing anything to put these concerns to rest by continuing to keep UN officials and the international media out of this disputed region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A genocide of Muslims in Kashmir, will most probably cause many Muslim countries and individuals to lend military and/or financial aid.

The status of Kashmir, has created a deep,and unhealing gash in the body politic in Kashmir; that the Indian government believes that such a state of things, can go on, unheeded and unhealed, unfortunately, is a really horrific mistake, which can, ultimately, wind up coming back to punish India for its tin ears, in a very awful way.