Hungary Strikes Back Against E.U. ‘Open Borders’ Propaganda | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Hungary Strikes Back Against E.U. ‘Open Borders’ Propaganda

The Hungarian government has rejected new calls for open borders, insisting on the right of sovereign states to control their own borders.

Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs responded sharply to a Bloomberg op-ed by Andreas Kluth Tuesday, which called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán a “saboteur” of European Union (E.U.) immigration reform who had failed to open his nation’s borders to waves of migrants in 2015.

“Perhaps ‘journalism’ like this is to blame for the tragedy at the Moria camp,” Mr. Kovacs responded on Twitter. “Reporting that it’s wrong to require migrants to request asylum in first safe state, claiming PM Orbán ‘blocked’ refugees, pushing the ‘open borders’ position as if it were a human right. It’s not.”

In his September 11 essay, Mr. Kluth urges the E.U. to “strong-arm” leaders who resist, starting with Orbán, in order to “fix” its migration system, or risk a further series of humanitarian disasters like the recent fires in the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.