Integrity Initiative 'a Cheapjack British Troll Factory' – Commentator | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Integrity Initiative 'a Cheapjack British Troll Factory' – Commentator

Not everyone in Britain is enamoured with the government-funded Integrity Initiative (II) psy-op run by the Institute for Statecraft, political commentator David William Norris told Sputnik. According to Norris, this operation is likely to invoke sharp opposition from Britons who are tired of the anti-Russian propaganda in the media.

"Accusing Russia of meddling in the affairs of others, the UK is actively seeking to do precisely that and not even trying to hide the fact!" David William Norris, political commentator and former college lecturer, told Sputnik, commenting on the UK-funded Integrity Initiative (II) psy-op orchestrated by the Institute for Statecraft.

On 5 November, the hacktivist group Anonymous started leaking information about the UK-funded operation, which kicked off in 2015 and aimed at combating "Russian propaganda". However, as it turned out, the II was targeting not only Russian "disinformation", but prominent political figures in EU member states, including the British leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Bernard Corbyn.