Iran Foreign Minister: We Believe We Are ‘Very Close’ to Nuke Deal | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Iran Foreign Minister: We Believe We Are ‘Very Close’ to Nuke Deal

Ian’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, spoke with NBC News’ Ann Curry Wednesday (March 5th 2015).

Iran's FM: I read the American constitution, I believe the– executive has the prerogative over foreign policy and for any foreign government, it has to lead with the executive. That’s the only way you can have international affairs. So I will accept the commitment of the U.S. government, the U.S. administration, about what– going to do. And I will– I mean if they have an agreement, I will hold them accountable.

ANN CURRY: Where’s the area of the major stumbling block?

JAVAD ZARIF: Well– as we have been saying for the past, I think, year and a half– nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. This is a puzzle. And all pieces of this puzzle should come together in order for us to have a picture of what lies ahead. But I think the major stumbling block– is a political decision that needs to be made. And– and that is that we have to choose between– either pressure or an agreement. And it seems that there is a lot of pressure– particularly within the United States, from various courses, and we’ve seen some recently– not to have an agreement. And– there are those who simply see their– hopes– and– their political future in conflict, tension and crisis. And as– as long as that is the case, it’s a very difficult environment to make political decisions.

ANN CURRY: Some of the pressure against the deal has come as recently as Tuesday from Ira– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He caused quite a stir in Washington on Tuesday when he told Congress that this deal paves the way to war, not peace, as it would allow Iran to eventually procure nuclear weapons.