Israel and the assassination of Palestinian childhood | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel and the assassination of Palestinian childhood

The Israeli occupation authorities have transformed the images of joy, play and education that should be the norm for Palestinian children into a shocking number of violations committed by the army against them in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Around 1.3 million Palestinian children in the West Bank are affected daily by Israel’s policy of arrest and detention, as well as attacks by gunfire, beatings and illegal settlers. Another 1 million children in Gaza are considered to be the most affected by the restrictions imposed by the occupation. This includes the siege, aggression and multiple military offensives. Children under the age of 15 make up 42 per cent of the entire population in the Gaza Strip; Israel has basically assassinated their childhood.

The Palestinian prisoner issue, including hunger strikes, has been significant for the Palestinian cause since 1967, affecting a large number of people across the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This issue remains connected to the ever-expanding colonisation by Israel as its occupation encroaches on the Palestinian territories by force of arms and state terrorism.